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Postby Ahreeman X » Sat Jul 26, 2008 1:22 pm

Camran Mirza Frenchman :french: :

I. What America had established in 232 years, the combine ancient civilizations of the globe could not establish in tens of thousands of years. The first true republic, democracy, federalism, secularism, and true free nation with equal rights for all. In only 232 years, America is a unique system of democracy as a role model for the globe and as the envy of the non-democratic world. America had established in 232 years what Iran could not establish for 8000 years!

II. If it wasn’t for America, the country you are living in (at the present time France) and the rest of the world would have been under Nazi and Fascist balls and boots today! There would have been no free world today, if it wasn’t for America, today you would be polishing some SS Officer’s boots in Chanse lise Paris, singing Deutschland Deutschland Uber alles …. for his pleasure! Instead of an eBay merchant, you would have been a Nazi pet!

III. America has more culture than rest of the world, because we (Americans) have gathered the best of the world cultures in one place named America.

IV. If you go to anywhere in the world, they would not accept you as one of their own (specifically in France), but only in America we accept everyone as Americans.

V. Today’s Europe is moving towards conservatism (Angela Merkel in Germany, Nicolas Sarkozy in France, etc.) and moving closer to America. It is not America and Americans who are moving closer and taking after Europe, but it is Europe who is moving closer to America.

VI. Dollar being weak is a phase. No doubt it will pick up and lead. The world’s economy and all global monetary system revolves around the dollar. The dollar is the international language to all.

VII. The results of our actions speaks a thousand words. That is called culture. Thanks to America the global culture exists and flourishes. America saved the world in WWI and WWII. Today, America guarantees the survival of freedom and democracy in the world.

VIII. The world owes America their freedom, not vise versa.

IX. America is the greatest nation to live in.

X. Since you moved to France from UK, you are becoming more and more “Liberal Reformist” and Anti any type of war with IRI (Iranian politics) and Anti American.

Can you blame us (Americans) assuming that it is all about America and the rest of the world does not exist?! For instance look at Europe: Each European nation is as large as one of our states! I mean for God’s sake France is the second-largest country on the continent of Europe, with an area (including the island of Corsica) of 260,558 sq mi (674,843 km²). France is smaller than Texas 268,820 sq mi (696,241 km²)! Only California is 163,696 sq mi (423,970 km²).

Paris is the size of my estate! French president’s palace is the size of my bathroom! Arch de Triumph is the size of my toilet!

You see, us Americans are 8 cylinder people unlike Europeans who are 4 cylinder or 1 cylinder (scooter) people! We own big cars, big houses, we are big people who love large foods, large quantities, we even own large schlongs!

Our measurement system is different, our sports are different, our political system is unique and basically everything about us is different. That’s why they call us the God Damn Yankees!
:fthrow: :fspin: :woot:

It is not our fault that we can’t see the rest of the world. We are too large and the rest of the world is too small! We are Giants! Can you blame us?! It just slips our eyesight!

In the future we will try to be more observant, and politically correct about the global issues and relations!


Just so you will not be denied from listening to it:

God Bless America! :sarcas:

:lover: O! say can you see by the dawn's early light
What so proudly we hailed at the twilight's last gleaming.
Whose broad stripes and bright stars through the perilous fight,

Adios Frenchy :swave: !

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