Israel is going to face more opposition in the USA and aroun

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Israel is going to face more opposition in the USA and aroun

Postby Jaff Sassani » Sun Jan 25, 2009 1:56 am

Israel is going to face more opposition in the USA and around the world. There are many writer especially writer from American’s Jewish communities are critical of the Israel policy toward Palestinians. As one of the writer said below:

“But when Israel responded to months of daily rocket fire with its campaign in Gaza, the usual crowd of unthinking critics immediately denounced the move as the moral equivalent of a war crime. They argued that Israel’s response was out of proportion to the Hamas provocation. One wonders if they would say the same thing if they were on the firing line in southern Israel.”

The truths are; that the Israel owns foreign policies are wrong in the Middle East, EU, world at large and America. They are not careful who they are supporting and who they are allied with.
They are an ally of Turks of Turkey whom committed Genocides against millions of the Christians’, Armenian, Greek and now Kurds. All these communities do have educated people in America and EU; they are going to write about the Israel unjust practice in the media.
The writing will mobilize the public opinions against Israel. Israel is not that strong to fight for long time. When the US Government under the pressure of the public opinions’ is going to stop helping Israel; the Turks of Turkey will be the first one to attack them with the Arabs.
We at the “Jaff Sassani organizations” were pointing out to Israel and Jewish people. What kinds of the future are going to wait for them? The future could be against them if they are going to continue with the current policy. We are an Iranian people with historical relationship to Israel and Jewish people for over three thousand years now. We are captive by the Arab imperialist Islamic ideologies; and their agent the Arab origin “Sayyied families in Iran” whom they are running our country using Islam as a tool to control our people in Iran. We are asking Israel and Jewish people to help us because we are their friends and helped them when they are used to be captive. But they are not helping us because we do not have money and control of our wealth in Iran. But they are helping Turks of Turkey because they are killing our Eryan or Aryan Kurds and taking our wealth. And they are paying Israel and Jewish lobbyist some percentage of that stolen wealth from our people.
Israel and Jewish people should wake up and correct the wrong doing against other nations. The wrong policy will hunt them in the future. Look at the USA and learn the listen.
The USA was very popular and respectable around the world before. But because of the Bush administrations’ bad treatment of other nations around the world; even the Europeans’ ally do not like them any more.
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