About Ebi, What Needed to be Said Long Ago!

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About Ebi, What Needed to be Said Long Ago!

Postby Ahreeman X » Fri Mar 27, 2009 11:14 pm

About Ebi, What Needed to be Said Long Ago!

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To: Ebrahim Hamedi
From: Ahreeman X
Date: March 27, 2009

Ebrahim Hamedi, Listen Buddy,

For the record, I am going to state a few points here.

Why do I respect your political views?

Regimes come and regimes go, but so far there has been no democratic regime established in Iran. So far, you always have been blackballed, blacklisted and unpopular with the regimes, yet popular with the masses of Iran. The reason is that you have always stated your mind clearly, never sucked up to any regime; furthermore, criticized all regimes and their followers for their undemocratic ways. Throughout the years, you stood solid to your views, never switched sides and always remained faithful to freedom and democracy. You never sold out, never kissed butt and always remained pure and clean. You always remained a free spirit. The only things you care about in politics are Nationalism and Democracy, that’s all.

Why do I respect your music?

Anyone who reads my music articles, knows that basically I believe that except the Persian Classical masterpieces (Aminollah Hussein, Shahrdad Rohani, etc.), Persian Traditional masterpieces (Parissa, Shajarian, Nazeri, etc.), a few pop legends (Dariush, Farhad, Simin Ghanem, etc.) and a few talented new Rock, Rap and Blues meaningful bands, the rest of the Persian music, specifically the modern commercial Persian music is garbage. As a scientific musician, music critic, music collector and a music lover, I barely even listen to the Persian music, simply because, mostly it is garbage. Artists and bands are basically either copy cats of the western counterparts or simply cannot match up to the western artists. You my friend are another story. I don’t want to make you feel old, but I grew up with you, your music and your generation of legends. You have a voice which can continue forever. You can continue a note forever ……, barely anyone in Persian Pop music can match up to your voice. The lyrics and music are superb and the soul in your music is in a separate class. I barely have any respect for anyone in the Persian music, either because they sold out musically or politically or they simply sing rubbish. Let me put it this way: It is because of a few artists like you that I still listen to the Persian music or else I would have completely dumped it in the trash can of history, because my time is too precious and my ears are too gentle to be wasted on Persian Commercial 6/8 beat!

Why do I respect you as a human?

Throughout the years, you have always been a true friend to the friends, a solid supporter of the underdog, underclass and the voiceless. You are a working class entertainer, always been, always are and always will be. You feel the ups and downs of the everyday Persian Adam O Hava.

Why do I respect you?

Let’s put it in formula:

Nationalism + Democracy + Meaningful Music + Angelic Voice + Modesty + Humanity = Ebi

Soon or late, I must find time to write a music article about you and your music.

You need to replace the link to your homepage on your MySpace site to:


Because this link:


does not work.

Even this link:


has flaws and many buttons go to nowhere. You need a new webmaster! Anyway, your links are properly posted in the:

IPC Music

and your select videos and audios are properly posted in:

IPC Multimedia

Daramet Ebi, damet garm!

Who loves you baby?
Ahreeman indeed!
Who else?!


Best to you and the family my friend.
You are always close to my heart.
Always your comrade,

Pure Persian Pride

Ahreeman X
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