Islam, a Dangerous Political Ideology!

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Islam, a Dangerous Political Ideology!

Postby CR » Mon Jun 13, 2016 12:38 pm

Islam, a Dangerous Political Ideology!
New 3rd Edition

Islam, Religion of Peace (Force)!
Proposed Neo Flag for Islam! Force is The Islamic Way!
Flag of Islam: Crescent, Star and The Sword!


Please review the new third edition of the classic series by Ahreeman X:

Islam, a Dangerous Political Ideology!


Islam, a Dangerous Political Ideology!
Ahreeman X
1st Edition: September 28, 2001
2nd Edition: November 11, 2006
3rd Edition: June 13, 2016

Part One


"Many are schooled, yet only a few are truly educated."

Many worship this dangerous political ideology posing as a religion without even once reading the Quran, Nahjol Bilaqah (Ali's Book), any Hadith (Prophet and Islamic Scholars' quotes), nor the history of Islam! Majority of Muslims are Muslim by tradition! They have never studied Islam or Quran. What they believe that they know of Islam, is what their Ayatollahs, Hojatol Eslams, Marja'e Taqlid, parents, clerics, schools, text books, authorities and society in general had told them about Islam! It is even specifically said in the past that "One cannot and should not read Quran in Arabic"! One should always listen to the second hand stories made up by Akhunds and interpretations of Quran! For a long time they were recommending not to read Quran in Arabic! What were they afraid of?

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Islam, a Dangerous Political Ideology! – Part 2 ... /index.htm

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Child with suicide belt, posing with a gun. Picture of former suicide bombers in his Hamas head band.


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