Nostalgic Rare Documentaries about Iran

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Nostalgic Rare Documentaries about Iran

Postby Atusa Qajar » Mon Jan 16, 2017 7:35 am

Nostalgic Rare Documentaries about Iran

Persian Sunrise
Persian Sunrise shines all over the Persian Girl
Reflection of the Persepolis on the Persian Girl’s Sunglasses, Iran

(From Plastic Persian by Ahreeman X)

2500 Years Celebration of Iranian Monarchy Special & Fall of Shah
Party, Decadence and Fall

The Last Shah (BBC)

Life during Pahlavi Dynasty

Iran 1973 Doc – Part 1

Iran 1973 Doc – Part 2

Iran (1973 Home Film)

Iran (1971 Doc)

Inside Niavaran Palace of Shah

National Car Museum of Iran (with Shah’s cars)

Related Persian Literature

Plastic Persian Chapter I: Persian Sunset ... /index.htm

Plastic Persian Chapter II: Persian Sunrise ... /index.htm

Darkness sets all over Persepolis
Persian Sunset at Persepolis, Persia

(From Plastic Persian by Ahreeman X)
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