Only in Iran Funny Photo Album Series: Part 15

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Only in Iran Funny Photo Album Series: Part 15

Postby Atusa Qajar » Thu Feb 16, 2017 8:34 pm

Only in Iran: Part 15
:chef: Hot out of the oven! :fry:

:drum: At last it is out! :announcement:

:cheer: This is what you want, this is what you get! :monkey:

Ahreeman X presents:

Persian Duff
“Iran is the primary destination in the world for inexpensive plastic surgery, cosmetic procedures and sex change operations.” (Media)
“Persian Duffs are taking over North Tehran!” (Media)

“Duff (Persian Duff) = (1) Sexy Fashionable Blonde Persian Girl, (2) A Fashionable Airhead Persian Girl, (3) A Persian Girl (usually inside Iran) often head to toe fake (due to cosmetic procedures), Western looking, shallow and superficial." Source:
Persian Slangs Dictionary of IPC Alternative Terms
Ahreeman X: Ladies and Gentlemen, your average Persian Duff (Fashionable Airhead) from head to toe fake:
Dyed Blonde Hair
Eyebrow Liner Tattoo
Eyeliner Tattoo
Colored Contact Lenses
Nose Job
Cheek Bones Job
Chin Job
Silicon Lips
Silicone Boobs
Allah knows what else!

Soosoo (formerly named Sakineh): Khak tu saret Ahreeman, may you rot in Allahic Hell for exposing us Persian Duffs!

Those funny crazy Persians are back!

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“Behnaz Shafiei the Iranian Biker Girl dreams of becoming women’s Motocross world champion but the Islamic Regime doesn’t even believe that the women should participate in Motocross sports!” (Media)
“Behnaz Shafiei Iranian Motocross Biker Girl splitting at the pits!” (Media)

Ahreeman: Behnaz jan I understand that you are in sulk with the Muslims and Mullahs and this is a political gesture but please have mercy on your Suzie! Splitting like this, specifically on top of the bikes can rip that Suzie apart, then we have to take you to the clinic to patch it up or else no one would marry you in Iran! No virginity = No Marriage!
Behnaz: Stop fingering me Ahreeman! Am I your new subject of mockery?
Ahreeman: Darling as a biker I feel your pain. Dear I dare to mock you, but it is the nature of Ahreeman to finger all!
Behnaz: Well I don’t need to marry, I have married to sports!
Ahreeman: Is Sports, a buffed Persian Female Body Builder Butch Girl named Shirin Nobahari who just got arrested by the Moral Police for posing nude and posting the photos on the Instagram?
Behnaz: So what if I’m a Dyke? What’s wrong with that?
Ahreeman: Nothing at all! In fact I am fond of Dykes, even Butch Dykes and Bull Dykes! There is nothing wrong with a little Tabaq Zani (Suzie on Suzie Action)! More power to the Suzie! Long Live Lesbians! Down with Islam and Muslims who do not allow women to do Sports and Little Sports Action in the pits or in the bed!
For more information on Tabaq Zani and Modern Islamic Sensual Guide for the Pious Muslim:

Islamic Encyclopedia for Proper Masturbation (Book of Jalq) in 2 Volumes
I am a Liberated Woman.
I am a Danger to Islam and Muslims.
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