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US 2020 Election

Postby Ahreeman X » Wed Jun 19, 2019 8:16 pm

US 2020 Election

Trump 2020 Kick Off Rally Orlando Florida
20,000 People Attended inside the Stadium
20,000 People Watched the Rally on Giant Screens from Outside
People Waited in Line for 2 Days Before the Trump Rally Doors Open

Trump vs. 24 Democrat Socialist Clowns
Democrats Cannot Put Together 500 People in 1 Rally!
Trump Rallies have no Room to Allow Everyone In



US 2020 Election had officially kicked off with Trump 2020 Kick Off Rally to start his campaign at Orlando, Florida.

For the First Time in History
America is Run Like a Business and by a Businessman

That is Why Trump Made America Great - MAGA

Rest of These Losers have Never Held a Job in the Private Sector
How Can They Run a Country?

From The Desk of Dr. X

Dearly beloved we are gathered here to celebrate America


Do you know what I say to piss off Democrat Socialists? You should see the expression on their faces when I state these remarks:

“In 2020 US Election we have the Emperor God Trump on one side and the 24 Socialist Clowns on the other!”
(Ahreeman X)

“Not to worry Socialists, this will be the future:
8 Years of Trump
8 Years of Don Junior
8 Years of Eric
8 Years of Ivanka
At least we will have 32 years of Trump Dynasty
Just for you guys, we will make it a Monarchy!”

(Ahreeman X)

You guys know how much I love Sex and Violence but Pissing Off the Liberals tops both! The expression on their faces when I hand them these remarks are priceless! Seeing Liberals to lose everyday of the year while Trump wins every single day is better than Sex and Violence.



It simply arouses me and it is erective to see Angry Democrat Socialists blow fuses, scream in agony, throw protests, pull their hairs, scream death threats, insult National Populists and bash and trash Trump and Patriots every day in Universities, Media, Social Media, Hollywood and DC. Socialists are getting heart attacks everyday while I get erections and satisfaction from their pain, agony and screams! The more I see Democrats in pain, the harder I get! Ain’t I a Great Sadist?!


I am Addicted to Trump Rallies

Trump Rallies are not political rallies but they are love fests.
National Populists Stadiums Full of Love
There is nothing better than Trump Rallies

I am addicted to Trump Rallies. Last election, at one point, I used to see between 1 to 4 Trump Rallies a day! Nothing in the world comes close to the Trump Rallies. Better than Trump Rallies is afterwards when Media, Hollywood, Academia and “In-Tell-Egg-Chew-Alls” of the left pull their hairs. Trump wins, Socialists lose. Story of the past 2.5 years.

Trump Made America Politically Incorrect Again!
Only for that, he will go in the history as the greatest president ever!
Well, after George Washington!


Kick Off Orlando Rally

In this particular Rally Trump really showed off and stated some of his services to the nation which made America Great Again. Never in the speech (unlike that Baboon Obama) he refers as “I did this or that” but he states “We, did this and we did that”. Trump sees himself as the “spokesperson for the Movement”. Trump states “Our Movement” and “Our 2016 Revolution” but I refer to it as the “2016 Revolution of Trump and the People”.

Trump Victories of Past 2.5 Years

Without Democrats’ help and Media’s aid, he had done all this. Just imagine what he could have done if the Democrats and Media would also cared about America and helped him!

National Populist Revolution of Trump and the People
Trump Achievements in 2.5 Years

* Creation of the Greatest Economy in History of USA
* Creation of the Greatest Economy on Today’s Earth
* All time Low Unemployment
* All Time High Employment Rate
* Astronomic GDP
* Mass Cutting of Regulations
* Mass Creation of Jobs including Manufacturing Jobs
* Return of Factories, Corporations and Companies back to USA
* Balancing the Trades with Tariffs on Foreign Countries
* Better Trade Deals in History
* Building the Wall on Southern Border
* Prison Reforms to Give Second Chance to Non-Violent Criminals
* Building the Ghettos
* Schools Choice for Minorities and Blacks
* Lower Drugs Prices
* All Time Low Unemployment for Blacks, Hispanics and Asians
* 60 Year Low Unemployment for Women
* Stock Market Up the Roof
* Semi Destruction of Obamacare
* Preparation of the Great Future Healthcare Plan
* Making America the 1st Exporter of Energy in the globe
* Booming the Energy Industry including Oil, Gas, Coal and others
* Making United States the Cleanest Environment in the world
* US Air and Water are now the freshest and crystal clear in the world
* Breaking Away from Paris Climate Change Accord Nonsense
* Breaking Away from Iran Nuke Deal Nonsense
* Breaking Away from Climate Change Hoax Nonsense
* Ending NAFTA and TPP Pacts
* Creation of USMCA Trade Pact
* Massive Tax Cuts for All Americans
* Mass Tax Cuts for Corporations so they could create mass employment
* Vocational Schools and Hand on Technical Education Boom
* Educational Reforms
* War on Drugs, Gangs, Human Traffic, and Criminals Crossing Border
* Mass Deportation of Illegal Aliens
* Mass Deportation of Gang Members
* Tough Criminal Justice Laws and Enforcement
* Draining the Washington DC Swamp
* Cleaning GOP Swamp
* Fight Against the Establishment
* Cleaning CIA, FBI, NSA and Deep State
* Fight Against Enemies of the People: Media, Hollywood, Social Media, etc.
* Fight Against Globalist International Corporations
* Fight Against Wall Street Special Interest
* Great Foreign Policy
* Destruction of ISIS Caliphate
* Winning the War Against Islamic Terrorism
* Great Diplomatic Victories
* Making America Respected in the World Again
* Making America Feared by Enemies Again
* Creation of the Greatest military in the World
* Returning the Power Back to the People
* Promises Made, Promises Kept
* Actually, doing as he Promised in Campaign and more
* Environmental Reforms and Cutting EPA Nonsense Regulations
* Making American Business and Manufacturing Great Again
* Made in USA Products are Revived
* Booming Steel and Other Industries
* Veteran Affairs are Cleaned Up and Veterans are Taken Care of

Should I keep on going or what?
I can go on all night!

And this is only the beginning!


No president in history of America had done more than Trump in his first 2 years.

I would love to see any of the 24 Socialist Clowns to challenge Trump’s Record of Greatness!

After 30 Years, America is Great Again, Secure Again, Safe Again, Prosperous Again, Wealthy Again, Powerful Again and Righteous Again.

30 years of Democrat, GOP Establishment and Deep State Rule is Over
Trump Returned the Power to the People

Great Things are coming in the future. Once GOP takes over the House, Senate and White House, then the great new Health Care, Infrastructure, Border Security, Permanent Tax Cuts and Actual Progress continues. The Real Progress, Mass Industry and Booming Business will come. This is only the beginning.


For 2 years, Democrats seized progress and greatness. They have achieved nothing. Their report card is “F” and a Big Zero. This is what happens when Democrats take control. They kill jobs, business and livelihood. Look what they have done in California, New York, Chicago and anywhere they rule!

Democrat’s Governing Plan for 2 Years

A) Continuation of Bull Shiite Investigations
B) Sabotage Trump’s Work
C) Sabotage America’s Greatness
D) Do-Nothing Congress

Democrats are a Bunch of Losers with No Plan!

Democrats are Anti America, Anti-Business, Anti-Industry and Anti Americanism.
Democrats want to flood America with Illegal Aliens, put them on welfare, food stamps and healthcare as prospect future Democrat voters, while American citizens are homeless and starving in streets of LA, NY and Chicago! Democrats cannot win elections, so they change the rules and change the American population fabrics.

Democrat Legacy is Death, Disease, Homelessness, Poverty, Food Stamp, Welfare, and Screwed Up Healthcare.

Medicare for All means Medicare for None!

If they win, Democrats will bankrupt the Medicare.

Medicare for All means Medicare for Non! Seniors will lose their benefits because the country cannot afford Medicare for all and illegal aliens. Socialist take over of healthcare is not the solution. The quality of healthcare will go down to Shiite, 180 million Americans will lose their private healthcare, government will create socialist low-quality healthcare like Canada and Europe.

The solution is Free Market Competitive Healthcare, Co Ops and Outside the State Insurance. Trump will have Great Healthcare in plans. Put GOP in charge and the new Great Healthcare Plan will be established.

The only reason that the disaster of Obamacare is still half alive is because of that Dead Bastard McCain who voted No on killing it. RINO Republicans and Neo Cons are worse than Liberals. They are all Establishment.

Great Things are Coming.

Do not forget the Disaster of 8 Years of Obama and Democrats
Do not forget the Do-Nothing Democrat Congress of recent 2 years
Elect Democrats to any office and that will be the End of Progress and Industry
Democrat Control means Mass Taxation and Bad Management
Democrats Put America in the Poor House

Rag Tag Liberal Socialists

Do you know what is really going on?

When Trump started his presidency, there were 6 % Black GOP voters, now there are 35 % Black GOP voters! How about future?


Blacks and Hispanics are getting off the Liberal Plantations because Trump got them jobs and security. Liberals have no Dependant voters left, so they need to import Dependant voters on welfare and food stamp. That is why they are now flooding the country with illegal aliens and Muslim Refugees. 1000 illegal aliens a day cross the border. At this rate, America will lose its identity and culture. America will become a third world nation! Democrats do anything for power including destruction of America and Americanism.


Democrats do not care about America and Americans. Look at Silicon Valley and Hollywood mansions and look at all the homeless a mile away from them!


Make Liberals Cry Again


I am a Sadist and nothing gives me better erection than seeing Democrat Socialists in pain and agony. Nothing gives Democrat Socialists more pain and grief than reelection of Trump.


Help Make Democrats Cry Again
Help Make Media Pull Their Hairs Again
Help Social Media Choke Again
Help Academia Cuss Again
Help Deep State Get Cardiac Arrests Again
Help Tech Giants Scream in Pain Again
Help Hollywood Throw Fit Again
Help Liberals get Seizures Again
Make RINO Republicans and Neo Cons Sick Again

4 More Years of Trump will do all that!


We have already made America Great
Let’s Keep America Great.
Help Make America Greater than Great
MAGA Tomorrow
MAGA Forever


Safe Keep Our National Populist Revolution of 2016 by Reelection of Trump.

More Power to the People


Ph.D. in conservatism,
Defender of patriotism,
The believer in optimism,
Dr. of passion and eroticism,
Column of National Populism,
With a truck load of magnetism,
Disciple of charm and romanticism,
The one and only, yours truly, Dr. X;

Ahreeman X


2020 US Election Campaign Kick Off

Don Junior Explosive Speech

Lara Trump Remarks

Mike Pence Opening
Melania Introduction
Trump Speech

Trump Rally 2020 Kick Off Orlando, Florida June 18, 2019

Trump Speech

Sarah Sanders Farewell Speech

Outside Trump Rally

Trump Supporters Speak

Line Outside Trump Rally

Crowd Outside Trump Rally

Trump Supporters

GOP YouTube

























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Trump Sites and Legacy in Short

Postby CR » Fri Jun 21, 2019 4:41 pm

Trump Sites and Legacy in Short
:usapat: :trump: :usapat:
Let’s Kick it Off
:usaflag: :perfect: :usaflag:
Trump for 2020

Trump the Great Disrupter of the Business as Usual.
Trump became the President
People took back America

… And then. Trump changed the Status Quo, Deep State, America and the World.

“Give me 5 years and there will be nothing left of GOP except the name. GOP will become party of the labors, the American Workers Party.”
(Donald John Trump 2016)

Trump Runs America Like a Business
Trump Made America Great Again
God Bless Donald Trump


Trump Sites

Trump Site

Trump Org.

Trump Store

Trump Wikipedia

Trump Facebook

Trump POTUS Facebook

Trump Twitter

Trump POTUS Twitter

Trump Instagram

Trump White House

White House
Make America Great Again
Keep America Great
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Ahreeman X on Liberal Bias Media & Establishment

Postby Ahreeman X » Tue Jun 25, 2019 7:31 am

Ahreeman X on Liberal Bias Media & Establishment


More Fake News Media Cartoons:

Fake News Liberal Media Cartoons

Trump Interview with NBC Chuck Todd: Liberal Media Bias


I want you to see this interview (if you already have not) and notice these factors:

* Constant interruption of Trump by Chuck Todd
* Hardball questions for Trump (never done with Obama and Liberals)
* Rudeness and hostility towards Trump (never done with Obama)
* Fake narratives, twisting the realities and blending in the Fake News
* In parts debating and talking point rather than interview
* Extreme bias towards Trump

There were times that if I was Trump, I would have slapped this little Liberal Boy Toy Faggot of the Democrat Party, but that is why Trump is president but me and my temper are not president!

I try to be civil about the Fake News Media which are 95 % Liberal and Despise Trump. I try not to use profanity about Media which are flat bias and belong to the Establishment, but is it possible?

How can you actually sit down and watch garbage like CNN, MSBNC, NBC and the rest of the trash attack Trump and release lies 24 hours a day, without actually shoot the TV screen?!

Have you noticed all of these lying liberal little faggots like Anderson Cooper, Don Lemon, Chuck Todd, George Stephanopoulos, and other Schlong Lovers lecturing the public with their liberal narratives and feed the ignorant with their fake talking points? Now I am really trying to control myself not to use profanity and harsh language but, how can I?

Media and Hollywood talks down to the people and educates them with their liberal talking points like they are better than the people!

Let us be frank. American Media (95 %) hates Trump more than any GOP candidate came before, because Trump is Anti Establishment and changing GOP, Democrats and complete Establishment of DC. Media on the other hand is part of the Swamp Establishment.

It seems like every day; Democrat Party sends out the memo for all media and you can see and hear the Democrat version on the talking point on every news channel. Next time listen carefully on the Evening News. ABC, CBS, NBC and every single one of them repeat the same talking point which comes from the Democrats DNC! That is why the Media is garbage.

Except FOX, Some Talk Radio, Breitbart and a few other sites, the complete American Media including TV, Radio, Newspapers, Magazines, Social Media and specifically Tech Giants (starting with Google News) are all Swamp, Establishment, Liberal and Fake.

Naturally the Establishment is Anti Trump because Trump is here to drain the swamp and destroy the Establishment. That is why People love Trump.

The only people who hate Trump are the ignorant Millennials plus Californians and New Yorkers who are all heavily under the liberal propaganda since the Kindergarten by the liberal Educators and Academia. Kids being indoctrinated starting in Kindergarten, then by Nickelodeon, next by MTV and lastly in college by the Marxist Professors!

Once fully grown up (physically not mentally), they get their news from CNN and MSNBC. Is there any wonder that they hate America, Americanism and Trump? Is there any wonder that they love Socialism? Decades of Brainwash does that!

Who’s Worse: Liberals, Neo Cons or RINOs?

Enemies of the People in this country are Liberal Establishment but worse than liberals are Neo Cons and RINO Republicans who are major parts of the Establishment. The coalition of RINOs, Deep State and Liberals runs this country but there is a new sheriff in town who is actively cleansing the swamp by draining it.

Primarily Trump is cleansing the GOP from the Establishment. At the same time Trump is cleansing the Deep State. One by one, Trump will cleanse this country off of Establishment. Only one factor will keep Trump to continue cleansing and cleaning the country from the filthy Establishment. That factor is the People’s support.

We, the people must stand by Trump so Trump can clean up the system from the filth of the Establishment.

Stand by Trump or your American values will become Hollywood, Silicon Valley, Tech Giants and Media’s value which is liberal trash filth.

On 2016, we started this Revolution. Let us stand solid with Trump to finish our work. National Populist Revolution will continue.

Trump Interview with NBC

President Donald Trump sat down for an exclusive interview with Meet the Press moderator Chuck Todd on Friday, June 21st, 2019

President Trump's Full, Unedited Interview with Meet the Press | NBC News

Important Related Articles

Think outside the box. I would like you to read these crucially important articles (if you haven’t already). They will give you a new perspective on how illogical, hypocritical and indoctrinating are the liberals:

Liberal Groupthink but Cultural Diversity! ... /index.htm

Welfare States of America: WSA ... /index.htm

Liberals Bend Over Backwards for Muslims! ... /index.htm


MAGA Lives


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Re: US 2020 Election

Postby Shahrzad BB » Tue Jun 25, 2019 12:38 pm


Liberal Media could be very annoying. If you have no other choice, then you become captivated audience. It’s good that now in information age we have alternative media.

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Dr. BB

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Eric Trump Explains Why Democrats Will Lose 2020

Postby CR » Sat Jun 29, 2019 8:57 pm

Eric Trump Explains Why Democrats Will Lose 2020

Interview with Judge Jeanine




Trump Organization executive Vice President Eric Trump weighs in on the field of 2020 Democratic presidential candidates.

Eric Trump sounds off on Dems in exclusive interview with Judge Jeanine
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Trump Super Rally Minneapolis Explosion of Love

Postby CR » Fri Oct 11, 2019 5:38 pm

Trump Super Rally Minneapolis Explosion of Love
Support for Trump Up the Roof After Impeachment News

Trump Destroyed the Unholy Alliance
Democrats, Deep State, Media and RINOs

Trump Blew Up the House
20,000 People Attended the Rally
25,000 People watched the Rally from Giant Screens outside
80,000 people applied to attend the rally but No Room

Democrats cannot get 500 people to attend their rallies!

Trump’s Super Explosive Speech
Trump’s Most Politically Incorrect Rally
Trump Demolished Establishment
Trump Rolled All Over Democrats
Already Check Mate, Game Over!

Watch the Rally and Find Out Why Trump Will Win 2020 with Landslide








Pence Opening
Trump Rally Minneapolis

Trump Rally Minneapolis

Patriotic YouTube Channels

Trump YouTube Chanel ... Ei2nMYsqOA

Diamond and Silk Chanel – Trump Black Girls ... oOjXyHjsxQ

Right Side Broadcasting Network Chanel

Golden States Chanel ... -4xCJzgMuw

White House Chanel

Related Articles

Deep State Coup Against Trump and the People ... /index.htm

How Conservatives and Liberals Celebrate 4th of July? Part 1 ... /index.htm


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