The Biggest Oversight of Most Iranian Political Commentators

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The Biggest Oversight of Most Iranian Political Commentators

Postby Surenareal » Sun Jun 14, 2020 9:18 am

One of the Biggest Oversight of Most Iranian Political Commentators and Journalists in Media Outlets, for the past 41-Years.

These Iranian political journalists and commentators are completely oblivious and unaware of the political influences of former colonial powers.

Either because these journalists, and commentators, are brainwashed, politically illiterate, or do it deliberately, because they are foreign powers' mercenaries, do it for money, or are traitor cowards.

These foreign powers have huge past political experiences in controlling the politics and governments of third-world countries, to establish their puppet rulers, that have no choice but to follow the "advice" given to them by these foreign powers' Secret Agents, that are planted in these puppet Rulers high offices of Ministries.

These agents are planted in these puppet Rulers' own Government, formed by all foreign puppet Ministers.

In particular; Minister of Interior, Minister of Foreign Affairs, Minister of Defense, Minister of Finance, Ministers of Justice, and Minister of Energy and Oil, of these Oil Producing Middle Eastern countries, installing foreign puppet Rulers and their mafia regimes.

Such as; foreign puppet Sultan of Oman, and foreign puppet, (in Persian; "Dal-ghak-eh Aj-na-bee" ) Mass-Murderers Akhond Khomeini , and Akhond Ali Khamenei, that have made IRI a "Protectorate Regime"; in Persian ("Tah-tol He-maa-yeh", va "Mos-ta-ma-re-eh Na-vin") of foreign powers for the past 41-years.

These foreign powers have planned, now for several generations, religious seminaries and exploited cultural backwardness of Medieval Ayatollahs and Mullahs and their Seminary Schools, in the Cities of; Qum, Mashhad, in Iran, and Najaf, Karbala, in Iraq.

That have been used to train their puppet rulers, who are subservient to these foreign powers, implement their policies in their country, and serve the national interests of these Neo-colonial powers, who are their Protectors.

In highly developed advanced industrialized countries, such as; US, European Countries; and Japan, the Education System is considered as one of the most important and crucial aspect of training responsible citizens that will guard their own national interests.

From Kindergartens to Primary Schools and Secondary Schools are all run under the common rules of Law of the Land, and are required to strictly follow National Curriculum that are determine by law and constitution.

This means, subjects taught in all education systems of highly developed countries; from Kindergarten to Primary-School, Secondary-School, Colleges and Universities are common and determined by law.

Among absolutely required subjects taught in all schools in the developed nations, without exceptions; are; National History, Constitutional Laws, Government, Politics, and National Literature.

In the modern developed countries, no-one, nor individual, and no citizen is allowed to establish a Kindergarten or a School that does not follow the basic teaching curriculum of the nation. and there are no education programs and contents outside those established by the rule of law of the Land.

To make this clearer; let’s look at the example of Iran today under Medieval Ayatollahs rule; that allow 7th century-trained, backward and medieval Ayatollahs and Mullahs to teach the young Iranians, in their own Mullahs' Seminary Schools, in cities of; Qum, Mashhad in Iran, and Najaf in Iraq, completely separate from national education system.

Allowing these backward ignorant mullahs to teach medieval-ideas from the Dark-Ages of ignorance and Superstitions, to young Iranians. Backward and outdated ideas that go back to the 7th century AD.

The ignorant Ayatollahs and Mullahs have brainwash many generations of Iranian youths, especially in the past 41 years.

Significant number of Iranian children, from very early age under the rules of these backward Seminaries have been brainwashed into groups of extremely superstitious militia and become ignorant mullahs and ayatollahs today.

With their illiterate bodyguards the terrorist militia IRGC, who are indirectly assisted by the Neo-colonial foreign Powers propaganda machines discussed below, a fact that is well known by educated Iranians.

The illegitimate and a foreign powers' protectorate regime of ayatollahs and mullahs occupying Iran today, to protect itself has established several Organized-Crime-Mafia Gangs.

Members of these criminal Gangs are illiterate and ignorant militia are Cut-Throat Thugs who have no knowledge of Iranian National History, Culture, and very rich Literature.

These Thugs and Terrorists militia include; terrorist illiterate ignorant Pasdaran (IRGC), they are Bodyguards and hit-man, of regime's medieval Ayatollahs.

Including ignorant illiterate Bassijis militia, terrorist Plainclothes thugs, who are mostly foreign mercenaries, that are trained in primitive and culturally backward seminaries of regime's Ayatollahs.

With an under-developed primitive education system that has for goal to train more Foreign Powers' Puppet Ayatollahs, Mullahs and their Terrorist mercenary bodyguards the IRGC and Bassijis.

The illegitimate regime in Iran today is a Protectorate Regime of Foreign Powers, Instead of educating young Iranians and training them according to the Modern World standards of education system. they are made into subservient ignorant militia.

The Following Foreign-Powers' Financed Pro-Mullahs Propaganda Media, that have the Main Goal to Spin all News about illegitimate Regime of Ayatollahs, in Favor of their puppet Regime, to give fake legitimacy to mullahs' illegitimate regime occupying Iran to day.

To Liberate Iran, all the Following Media Outlets Should be strictly Avoided, completely IGNORED, and Absolutely Boycotted by all Patriotic Iranians

For the liberation of Iran boycott all the following media. Do not watch, Read, Listen, or participate, as commentator, or allow to be interviewed, by any of the following media outlets, run by foreign old-colonial powers and Iranian Mercenary Traitors.

BBC-Persian Services, Radio-Farda, Manoto-TV, Iran-International TV, Iran-Farda TV, VOA-Persian TV, France 24, AFP, Associated Press, United Press, Sky News TV, Pars-TV, NPR Radio, PBS-TV, Mihan-TV, Kalameh-TV, RT, Sima TV, Reuters, CNN, Independent Newspaper in Persian, Guardian, TOL, NYTimes, Le Monde, ...etc.

Do not watch daily Commentaries and Insidious Propaganda by these propaganda Machines that spin the news in favor of the Illegitimate regime of Terrorist ayatollahs occupying Iran today,.

Propaganda outlets; Kayhan London, Daily Ayatollahs News Analysis, aka "Tafsir Khabar", insidious propaganda done by Traitor Mercenaries paid by Oil-Companies, and Agents of Foreign Powers who speak Persian, and are disguised as Journalists.

Also included are; Members of Free-Mason Secret Societies, and Masonic Lodges that are heavily infiltrated, and controlled by Neo-colonial foreign powers' Secret Services.

We should make this very clear to all Iranians who may participate in these foreign powers' financed and maintained Persian speaking Media Outlets.

That any Iranian participating in the running of these foreign powers' propaganda machines, for any reason or excuse.

Including those who allow themselves to be interviewed by these foreign powers' financed Media Outlets, are Committing High-Treason, War Crime, Crime Against Humanity, are Traitors to Iran and Iranians.
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