Another Islamist Attack against IPC

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Another Islamist Attack against IPC

Postby IPC » Mon Mar 28, 2005 12:35 pm

Another Islamist Attack against IPC

Please distribute this link and message.

Times are crucial, streets of Iran are getting crowded. IPC Operation's Internal members and students are playing a crucial role inside Iran. Islamic Republic of Iran and their Islamist Agents have returned the favor!

Please read the following email from the founder of IPC to AOL

IPC Office



Dear TOS Person in charge,

I am the founder of IPC (Iran Politics Club):

This organization have been fighting the Islamist Terrorism and Islamic Republic of Iran for 5 years.

I have been on the phone for 2 hours with AOL various departments. They have been shifting me from Security to Technical to Reactivation to Community Action and back to Technical. I have been disconnected once & back on the phone to finally get an E-mail (--------------------), so I can write the problem to you. They could have given me this email in one second & @ the begining! Why waste my time for 2 hours? This case has been badly handeled by AOL. This is not customer service, this is a disaster.

I am going to for the 5th time, & once more, tell the whole story to an AOL Employee. Here we go:

Supposedly the case number is: # --------------------

My name: -------------------------
My Main Screen Name: AhreemanX

We have a huge political website on AOL. The URL is:

This website is consisted of memory space from 6 different screen names of mine. So basically I am using 6 different hometown aol web space to create this website.

One of these sections of my website is located on "ahreemanxi" screen name's web space. The URL for the hometown aol of this section is:

A single web page:

is the problem. We published this page about a week ago. This page contains graphic photos of beheadings by Islamists. We exposed the Islamist Terrorists and their crimes. Obviously some Muslim complained to AOL & TOS took the whole "ahreemanxi" section of our website off the air.

I am moving my whole website (all 6 parts),, out of AOL. We are in process of moving this whole website to our own server & hosting. It will be a few weeks until we do so. However, we need all the info in which you took off the air.


If your problem is this page:

Then why don't you get this page off the air & delete it, but reconnect the rest of the "ahreemanxi" hometown aol web space account which has about 100 other web pages of our website? In other words, we want this URL's home page:

to be on the air again, but you can delete the problemed web page, which has been mentioned above. Please reconnect our website for few weeks, until we move the site out of AOL. There are about hundred pages of important articles, documents, graphics, photos & other crucial information which you have took off the air. We need those information & data to create our new site on our server.

Iran Politics Club is one of the Top 10 most visited Iranian Political sites in the world. We have brought great number of viewership & business for AOL. You can check the counters & trackers on each page. The proof is here:

I understand that our site is a political site & the contents might not be according to your approval. Thats why we are moving this whole site out of aol & in to our own server. But the fact is that IPC (Iran Politics Club) is supporting the fight to establish Freedom, Secularism, Federalism, Human Rights and Democracy in Iran. United States of America is a step short of a state of war with Islamic Republic of Iran. IRI (Islamic Republic of Iran) is a terrorist Islamist Regime and the common enemy of the United States Government and IPC (Iran Politics Club).

Islamists have done their best to get our networks off the air. They already took our forum off the air in yahoo and we ended up creating our forum on our own server:

Now, they are trying to get our website off the air. That's why we are moving this whole website to our server. Islamists cry wolf @ a slight inconvenience & they use the American Democratic System for their benefits! Unfortunately liberal policies have caused United States Government to bend over backwards @ the requests of the Islamists Terrorists. These were the same Liberal Policies which has resulted in 9/11 & 3000 murdered American citizens. The Free World, The Civilized world including AOL cannot bend backwards for Islamist Terrorists. Islamists got us out of Yahoo. Now Islamists have started a campaign against us on AOL & the first step was to get the above page & a sixth of our website off the air.


All we are asking you is to have the decency & respectfuly accept our plead and please delete the problemed page of:

which has the pictures of murdered & beheaded human beings by Islamists, but reconnect the rest of the website for this screen name "ahreemanxi" and give us a few weeks to collect all the information & move the whole site out of AOL. Your problem is the graphic nature of that page, then why not just delete that page & put the rest of the site back on the air?

Thank you for your consideration.

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