Atheist Wisdom!

Science vs. Faith / Materialism vs. Idealism: How has everything started to exist, the fundamental question of philosophy!?

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Atheist Wisdom!

Postby Ahreeman X » Sun Jun 12, 2005 5:32 pm

Atheist Wisdom

"Fear of things invisible is the natural seed that which everyone in himself calleth religion."
(Thomas Hobbes)

"It is not really sensible to rely on something that has not yet happened and may not ever happen."
(Author Unknown)

"Religion is the opiate of the masses."
(Karl Marx)

"All religions are sick men's dreams, false .. demonstrably false .. and pernicious."
(Ibn Warraq) Â Â

"Belief in the sickness as the sickness - It was [Religion] which first painted the Devil on the world's wall; it was [Religion] which first brought sin into the world. Belief in the cure which it offered has now been shaken at its very roots: but 'belief in the sickness' which it teaches and propagates continues to exist."
(Friedrich Nietzsche)
"Nothing is absolute; God, Angels, Prophets, Saints, Messengers, Church, Mosque, Synagogue, Temple, Laws, Rules, and Regulations are no exceptions to this. The only element which is absolute is the Change in itself."
(George Politzer)

"Three elements has put the last nail in the coffin of Philosophical Idealism (religion):
1. Theory of Evolution in biology by Charles Darwin
2. Theory of Relativity in physics by Albert Einstein
3. The Conservation Law of Matter and Energy in physics
Finally religion is scientifically dead."

(George Politzer)

"Religion is designed for stupid people.
Science is designed for stupid people
who are embarrassed by their stupidity,
who want to do something about it."

(Paul Lutus) Â Â

"Religious people are usually tend to be:
a) Uneducated, because if they had any studies in physics, biology, or philosophy, then they would not be religious!

b) Illogical, because if they have ever taken a course in logic and argumentation and truly studied it, then they would have changed their chain of thought!

c) Irrational, because they just continue in their belief by only the blind faith rather than asking for proofs and logical explanations!

d) Superficial, because they are not often readers, they just follow because of the word of mouth rather than doing some investigation and reading of their own!

e) Superstitious, because they are too deep into matters of destiny, omen, faith, lords will, evil, luck, bad seed, good fortune, and other nonsense that they cannot even think with a free mind!

f) Emotional, because they are easily emotionally influenced by their leaders, to be forced into religious excitements, disturbances, riots, or holy wars!

g) Ignorant, because they often do not want to learn something new every day or have tendency to change things; however, they are just happy to maintain the Status Q as it has been for decades and centuries!

h) Weak, because they have to escape towards supernatural in times of crisis rather than strongly rely on themselves to take the most logical step towards finding the solution!

i) Fanatical, because their belief in their blind faith is unshakable, not for any logical reasons what so ever, yet because their parents believed the same and their grand parents taught their parents so!

j) Dogmatic, because they will not accept any change, ration, logic, or anything different from their norm, no matter how pleasantly acceptable it will seem; therefore, they will stick to their ways as if it has been written to be the unchangeable law!

k) Dangerous, because they often are willing to prove their point by the use of violence, they will oppress anyone who says anything different, some are even willing to fight and die to become a martyr so they can buy their key to the heaven!

Conclusion: Mind is a terrible thing to waste, study, learn, examine,
experience, experiment, use dialogue, discuss, and educate yourself."

(Dr. X)

"Holy Books are nothing but story books made for adults by the charlatans called the prophets and their sidekick saints; furthermore, when sitting at the dinner table and thankfully praying to some invisible myth for giving you the food, try thanking your brain and arm muscles for working hard and providing that meal."
(Dr. X)

"Critical Thinking is the key to open the door towards the scientific and logical ultimate alternative; therefore, this key will save us from sliding down towards the depths of ignorance, superstition, supernatural, and the dark pits of the Religious Abyss."
(Dr. X)

"Scientific Knowledge is the key to freedom, Religious Superstition is the key to infection!"
(Dr. X)

I guess it really comes down to:
"people of intellect vs people of faith!"
"Science/Logic vs Faith"

May the wisdom be with you...

Compiled by Dr. X
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