Iran Politics Club is back on the air!

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Iran Politics Club is back on the air!

Postby IPC » Thu Nov 18, 2004 9:03 pm

Dear Compatriots:

Below, is the official announcement by the founder of IPC in regards to the revival of the IPC Club & the events surrounding this issue.

IPC Office

Iran Politics Club is back on the air!
November 16, 2004

Dear Fellow Persians, Scholars, Friends & Comrades:

Greetings to all.

Before I start the announcement, I would like to inform you of these URLs:

New IPC Club

IPC Website


Absolute freedom of speech for "All The People" was our motto from the beginning. Freedom for all indeed.

As you know, no political party, is allowed operations inside Iran, except the Party of Allah (Hizbollah)! All Iranian Political Parties are exile based & illegal inside Iran. Naturally by political parties, I do not mean "Reformist & Islamist apologist groups"! Islamic Republic of Iran is the central heart to harbor, support, fund & train most of the global Islamist Terrorist organizations. We (IPC) & Iranian Opposition are destined to fight for human rights, democracy, secularism & freedom of Iran; therefore, we (External, Internal, Liaison teams) are bound to overthrow Islamic Republic of Iran by all means possible. Any person with any political ideology who is picking up a pen or a gun and uses it against the Global Islamist Terrorists, is our brother or sister.

I (for 25 years) & IPC (for 5 years) have been fighting the Islamist Regime which has been occupying Iran for the past 25 years. The Arabo_Muslim Regime has started its occupation of mother Persia since 1979.

IPC is not a political party, yet she is an operation consisting of opposition members belonging to various different political parties & organizations of Iran. IPC members are members, affiliates or sympathizers of all sides of the Iranian political spectrum from the right to the left. IPC members are of Nationalist, Monarchist, Republican, Islamic, Socialist, Communist & many other ideologies.

IPC welcomes all the people with all kinds of ideologies, even Hizbollahis were allowed to openly state their minds & preach their rhetorics in IPC. The same Hizbollahis who sabotaged IPC, were granted the rights, same as others to bring on their argument & discuss their debates in IPC; however, they have never managed to come up with a logical & a practical argument or even have the ability to maintain a civil argument! Hizbollah always manages to skip the debate, escape the logic & dance around the issues rather than face the direct discussion, remain logical & conduct a civil argument. Hizbollah prefers to hit & run, rather than taking parts in a civil discussion.


As you know, we had a heavy trafficked, censor free & a democratic forum on yahoo. This forum has been operating for 5 years & its activities were crucial to our operations. Our members & Iranian opposition inside & outside Iran were communicating with this entity.

For 5 years, Islamists tried all kinds of tactics including; technical malfunction, survey fraud, hacking, sabotage, interruptions & other tactics to eliminate this forum. They could not filter & block us inside Iran, so they scooped to these petty tactics of hitting below the belt! Everything has failed. Finally they mass complained via E-mails to yahoo, to stop hosting our forum. They screamed that "Islam has been insulted" & liberals @ yahoo bent over backward to save Islam! The step that yahoo took, were the exact same steps that liberals took by bending over backwards for Islamists, which it had resulted in 9/11. Liberals & Islamists make a great couple! So yahoo deleted our club! As of this action, not that yahoo eliminated a democratic censor free environment, yet 5 years of hard work such as tons of articles, books, animations, cartoons, graphics, photos & other documents by various Persian authors, animators, cartoonists & graphic artists has been deleted, many of them lost forever, because we did not save backups!

We are still involved with yahoo about this catastrophe! You see, the reason that we had our club (Forum) on yahoo, was because IRI could not block yahoo (IRI censors Internet)! To block IPC Club was to block the whole Yahoo network & that was not what IRI & its ISPs desired to do! Now, we purchased a domain to create our forum on it. This may cause inconvenience for our members inside & now they have to use filter breakers to log on IPC Club. We would also have less viewerships from inside, due to the fact that, many new viewers would have not know about IPC. However, we had no other choice but to create this new forum on our own private domain. We have done a vast research & we came to the conclusion that this is our sole logical choice.

Valuable works of great scholars has been deleted & some are lost forever. Unfortunately, we did not keep backups of these documents. We been hit & we been hit badly but we are still standing & still alive. Islamic Republic of Iran & its Information Operations, care to only damage & eliminate "Relevant Opposition". The Relevant Opposition, are groups & persons whom are of threats to the existence of the regime. Groups whom are actively fighting the regime & bound to overthrow the regime "By All Means Possible". IPC is obviously an open threat to the existence of the regime. After 5 years, Islamists managed to finally get the IPC Club, off the air. IPC Club & Club Operations were an essential factor to our communications. A damage to "Club Operations" was well felt in "Web Operations" & "Political Operations" of IPC. We congratulate the Islamists for their success; however, the blow was only a victory in a battle & in a long crucial WAR. The battle has been lost but not the WAR.

Islamists had damaged us. They eliminated the IPC Club, Great Amounts of Books, Articles, Graphics, Cartoons, Animations, photos & other Documents. They cost us many members & readers. Many IPC Operations & Club members had left us. We been hit but we have not died out!


Creation of the new IPC Club has taken a while. I would like to thank everyone who has been IM & E-mailing us with concerns about the IPC Club. I would like to apologize to all the friends who have been inquiring via E-mails about the status of the IPC Club & never been responded back. We have lost many members, we have been shorthanded & I did not have any time to respond to your many E-mails. Instead, I worked as fast as I could to get the new IPC Club, up & in the air. I hope you forgive me. I would also like to thank everyone who has been a help to me. Some friends have been a good help for creation of the new IPC Club. I would like to specifically thank these friends:

Vic D'Elfant for technical support

Dr. Ali Sina for directions & consultations

Sam Ghandchi (Engineer) for technical inputs

among other friends.

Our Duty

We have a duty to the Opposition, to the Resistance, to Mother Persia & the civilized world. We must regroup, reorganize & fight back. My duty was to research, decide on what type of hosting, database, software & configurations to use. Configure & structure the club. I practically compiled or created, formatted & handpicked the avatars, smiles & ranks. Creation of the new IPC Club was not an easy task to do. My duty was to create the new IPC Club. I have created the Environment & a Tribune for you. I will tell you right off the bat that personally, I will not have much time to input to the Club.

Now, its your turn to gather all the material which has been lost (thanks to Islamists & Yahoo Liberals). I can clearly inform you that almost all the valuable works of scholars such as:

Graphic Arts, Cartoons, Articles by Admzad,
Graphic Arts by Zen James,
Animations by Bee,
Articles, Mini Series by Lori Forouzandeh
Articles, Books by Nima Hazini
Graphic Arts by Mandana
Articles by Queen (Elizabeth)
Articles by Camran
Articles, Analysis, Graphic Arts, Animations by LOP (Lawrence Of Persia)
Historical Photo Album by myself

& many other articles, cartoons, graphics, photo albums & other exposing documents by other members are lost forever. I have to rebuild many of these sections myself.

I am asking you to gather everything that you have, send it to IPC Website or post it in IPC Club. I am reaching my hand forward. I am reaching to all of you IPC members. I am reaching not to only the comrades which I have named above, yet to all IPC members. I am asking you to gather everything that you have backed up & saved. I am asking you to regroup, reorganize everything & lets get back to the fundamentals & basics. Lets revive IPC. This Club, This Operation, is a Censor Free Environment, which I do not need to remind you of how rare is the concept to The Iranian Culture!

If we fail to get the IPC Club back on her feet, not only we give the pleasure to the Islamists & Enemies of IPC, yet we accept defeat & hopes of Iranian Resistance, specifically inside, will be greatly trashed. Members inside Iran, will now have a harder time to participate, so I urge them to use Filter Breakers. However, members outside Iran have no excuse, not to participate.

IPC Club Structure

IPC Club => Halls => Rooms

My goal was to create a complete club with 13 Halls (Forum Groups) & 38 Rooms (Forums) to cover the basic needs of the Iranians & friends of Iran for debates, discussions, information & assembly.

Political Parties can directly post their events & announcements in the proper room of:
Political Announcements & Events

Parties & Members can also directly post their news in the proper room of:

Members can post their comments on the club & website, in the proper rooms of:
Comments on IPC Club & IPC Website

Now, there are basically a room for every need, so I urge you not to send mass E-mails to IPC Office. Instead, directly post your information in the Club.

IPC Office's E-mail is specifically for friends who want to be published in IPC Website, so they can send their material to the office.

WebMaster's E-mail is specifically for problems with the Website.

My E-mail is specifically for private political issues & private contacts.

So I am urging you to directly post in the club rather than filling up our E-mail spaces.

Take your time & get familiar with IPC Club. My hand is reaching to you. I urge all IPC members, old members, new members, past members, non members, & readers to get with the program, get back to the Club & reach for my hand. I invite all political parties & organizations of Iran to participate in IPC Club. All ideologies are welcomed. Lets together seek & reach for freedom. It is indeed reachable.

During the past 5 years, It has been my pleasure to work with you & I am looking forward to keep on working with you.

Eventually, the complete IPC Website will transfer to a new domain; however, this will not occur until a later date & its time period will be announced. This is a huge task & it seems like no one else is willing to do it but myself! Eventually I shall find the time to do this task.


We have been hit many times before & each time, we managed to come back stronger than before. We are survivors & this latest hit was the ultimate hit so far. Islamists managed to completely eliminate the IPC Club & our ways of communications, yet we can see that the Club is coming back much stronger, much complexed & more organized. This is simply a powerful punch in the face of the regime. IPC is like The Phoenix. She gets burned down to the ground, yet she manages to return to life, more powerful & more experienced. IPC has risen from the ashes of defeat to explode the fire of life. They simply cannot eliminate the will to achieve freedom. I promise you one thing. In the future, we will witness the fall of IRI. We will witness the IRI free Iran. Islamic Republic of Iran will be dead & gone, but we will still remain in the political scene of Iran. Personally, I have no intention of throwing in the towel, are you?! The Battle must go on until the ultimate victory in the WAR. They simply cannot get rid of us! This is our calling & we shall overcome. Welcome to the spirit of IPC!

Links of the Chain

I would like to direct your attention to the new logo of the IPC Club (on the Forum Index page). The symbolic tricolor links (green, white & red) of the Iranian Flag's Chain on the background of skys of blue! We are each, a link of the chain. For the chain to operate, all the links must come together. It is not necessary for the links to sing harmony & maintain a unified color, but it is essential for the links to maintain locked together; therefore, the chain will function as a solid unit. We do not preach unification of thoughts, thus variety brings on creativity; however, we do preach solidarity as a tactic to achieve our common strategy which is the ultimate freedom of Iran. To overthrow the Islamic Beast, solidarity is essential.

I appreciate & thank you for your time.
More power to the resistance,
More power to all of you & see you in The Club.


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United we stand against evil

Postby Liberator » Fri Nov 19, 2004 8:24 am

Dear members of IPC operations and Dr X,

Thank you for bringing the forum back to life. As much as the islamists want to remove this website, even if they are successful as they were, you/we will always rise from the ashes, just as Iran will once again rise from ashes like a Phoenix ten times stronger than it was before. Do they really think they can silence the voice of 70 million Iranians?! Iranians will continue this war against the Islamic Republic until the last one of us is breathing, we will fight evil by all means available to us. We will fight evil even if it puts our lives at risk.

I hope that the revival of this forum serves as a strong counter-punch in the heart of the Islamic Republic and those who serve this savage islamic regime occupying Iranian soil.

More power to our compatriots inside Iran fighting the Islamic Republic by all means. And more power to our compatriots abroad who are tireless in their work to assist their oppressed people inside Iran.

We are ready to give our lives for our country.



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"Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable" -J.F.K
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