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Fine Shiite Tradition of Chain Banging (Zanjir Zani) when Shiite bangs the chains on their backs until the flesh wounds and bleeds so they can feel the martyred Imam Hussein's pain!

C this:

There has not been a holy revolution which was distorted
as much as the shi'ites distorted the revolution of
Al-Hussain in the pretext of loving him

Miranians have always GOH-zadand to anything they've touched!

He who cries or tries to cry for Al-Hussain,
Heaven becomes obligatory for him

K-Kesh mullahs have always INVENTED their own version &
have spoken in behalf of GOD to make themselves POWERFUL!

In the Safawi palace, every year the first ten days of
Muharram used to be declared as days of mourning and the
Shah used to receive the mourners on the day of 'Ashura'.

Safaviyeh GOH!
They started the SHIIT!

Shah Abbas Al-Safawi, whose rule lasted for fifty years
..., used to wear black on the day of 'Ashura' and put
mud on his face as a sign of mourning for Al-Hussain.

GOH be saresh!

However, there is no doubt that striking the heads with
swords and causing blood to gush out as an act of mourning
for Al-Hussain on the day of 'Ashura' came to Iran and Iraq
from India during the British occupation of those countries.

The British exploited the ignorance, simplicity and the
great love the Shi'ites had for Al-Hussain. They even taught
them to hit their heads with sharp objects. Until very
recently, the British embassies in both Tehran and Baghdad
used to finance the demonstrations for Al-Hussain. This
demonstration portrayed an ugly image in the streets and
neighborhoods. The purpose behind the British colonial
policies in their support for this ugly tradition, which
has been grossly exploited by them, was to provide an
acceptable justification to the British people to counteract
the opposition by some independent newspapers and by some
countries against the British occupation of India.
The people of these countries were made to appear as
savages who needed a civilizing force like the British to
teach them human values and liberate them from ignorance
and savagery.

The pee-pole should've NOT been STUPID enough to be fooled.
If u live/behave like a COW, u R a COW & will be treated like a COW!

an independent scholar asked me "what is the matter with
these people who have inflicted this disaster and pain on
themselves?" I said : "you have asked this question as if
you are not listening to what they are saying, which is,
'O Hussain,' expressing their grief for him. Then he asked
again: Isn't Al-Hussain now 'firmly established in the favor
of a Mighty King.' I said yes. Then he asked me again: Is
not Al-Hussain now at this moment in a 'garden whereof the
breadth is as the breadth of the heavens and the earth,
which is the reward for those who ward off evil'? I said
yes. Then he asked: Aren't there in paradise 'fair ones with
wide, lovely eyes, like unto hidden pearls'? I said yes.
Then he took a deep breath and said in a forceful way with
pain and sadness: Woe to them, stupid, ignorant, for what
they do to themselves, for an imam who is now in the
'gardens of delights, there wait on them immortal youths
with bowls and a cup from a pure spring.'

But we can NOT expect LOGIC from gaav/olaaq.
The F*ing Mullahs have deliberately & systematically
brained-washed pee-pole for centuries. They have
invented all sorts of ceremonies to prevent them from
THINking & make them hyperactive savage FANATICS at
their full control!

Not only these ceremonies makes them POWERFUL, they also
make a lot of money out of it!

When u can make animals beat themselves with chains & cut
themselves, u can make them do ANYTHING!

Therefore, We must enrich ourselves in memory of Al-Hussain
rather than destroying ourselves. we must give to Al-Hussain
his respected place in the arena of struggle instead of
tarnishing and defaming status.

Not to mention that WORSHIP should be for GOD & NOBODY else.

If GOD decided to STOP sending more prophets, he will NOT
change his mind & start sending DIVINE IMAMs after the last prophet!


C this:

To lay down one's life for the cause of Deen is the
ultimate sacrifice. Hence being the ultimate sacrifice,
martyrdom naturally has the highest honour as well.
Allaah Ta'ala describes the martyrs as "living" in the
verse: "And say not to those who have been slain in the
Path of Allah that they are dead. Nay, they are alive and
receive sustenance by their Master." (S.3 V.169 )

This is a very important point.
This shows that Mullahs don't really respect God!
They use God for their own purpose: POWER & WEALTH.

If people believe in God, then they should follow God, not the filthy Mullahs!

Rasulullah also witnessed some heart-rending
martyrdoms. His beloved uncle, Hamza was martyred in
the battle of Uhud. After he was martyred, his body was
defiled and severely mutilated. His ears and nose were
cut off. The body of the beloved uncle of Rasulullah was
then ripped open and his liver removed. This was then
taken away to be chewed. Rasulullah was greatly disturbed
and grieved over this. So great was his grief that when
the killer of Hamza accepted Islaam, Rasulullah requested
him not to come in front of him as this would remind him
of his uncle and bring back the grief. However, Rasulullah
did not observe any day as the day of Shahadat-e-Hamza

This is very important.
Did the Prophet go on every year crying, beating his head,
tearing off his cloths, describing how his uncle was butchered?

Indeed our hearts bleed when we recount the incident
of the Martyrdom of Husain .

Nevertheless, despite our grief, we will refrain from
all things alien to the Shariah. Let us consider that
if we observe the day of the martyrdom of Hussain ,
then what about the rest? In that case almost every
day of the year would be spent mourning.


It is therefore absolutely clear that the tenth of
Muharram is not a day to observe as the martyrdom of
Hussain . It's significance lies solely in what has
been explained in the Ahaadeeth. Ibn Abbaas narrates
that Rasulullah came to Madina and found the Jews
fasted on that day of Aashooraa. Hence he enquired of
them, 'What is the significance of this day on which
you fast?' They replied: 'This is a great day. On this
day Allah Ta'ala saved Moosa (AS) and his people and
drowned Firoun and his nation. Thus Moosa (AS) fasted
on this day as a token of thanksgiving, therefore we
also fast on this day.' Rasulullah remarked, 'We are
more worthy of Moosa (AS) and closer to him than you.
' Thereafter Rasulullah fasted on this day and ordered
his companions to do the same. (Sahih Muslim vol.1 pg.359)

But Miranian Mullahs like to muddy the waters to FISH!

It is therefore clear that the day of Aashooraa is not a
day of mourning. Indeed, our hearts bleed when we recall
the martyrdom of Hussain. It also bleeds when we hear of
the martyrdom of the other great personalities of Islaam.

RATs don't follow LOGIC.

>However we have not been taught to perpetually mourn.

But Miranians have been brained-washed by their F*ing power
hungry Mullahs that they must pay the Mullahs to make them CRY!

>Yes. we have been taught to take a lesson from the lives of the martyrs.

Yes we should use LOGIC to see if they were any GOOD,
if so, then we should celebrate their LIFE & what they stood 4,
not make them into bichaareh/yatim looser dead victims!


C this:

>, it is regrettable that despite the huge amount of
attention the subject of Karbalâ enjoys, the event is
persistently portrayed as two-sided. It is always
depicted as Husayn against Yazîd, Right rising up against
Wrong, the Quest for Justice against the Forces of Oppression.

Miranians r Xpert in yek-kalaaq-chel-kalaaq & GONDEH-GUZI!

It was in Ramadân 60AH that the letters from Kûfah started
to arrive at the house of Abbâs ibn Abd al-Muttalib in
Makkah where Husayn ibn Alî was staying after his flight
from Madînah, letters urging him to lead the Kû fans into
revolt against Yazîd ibn Mu âwiyah, and assuring him of
their loyalty and allegiance.

On certain days there would be as many as 600 letters,
with messengers who enthusiastically described the
support he would receive from the Kûfans.

After the reconciliation between Hasan and Mu âwiyah
in 41AH many of those who had been in Sayyidunâ Hasan's
army settled in Kûfah. At the time of Mu âwiyah's death
in 60AH pro- Alid sentiments were still to be found in
abundance in Kûfah. At the time of Mu âwiyah' s death in
60 AH Kûfah was still very strongly pro- Alid. Thus when
the opportunity arose the Kûfans, who still regarded
themselves as the Shî ah (supporters) of the Ahl al-Bayt,
turned to Husayn to lead them against Yazîd.

Sayyidunâ Husayn decided to send his cousin Muslim ibn
Aqîl to investigate the situation in Kûfah. If he found
it feasible he would write to inform Husayn, who would
depart with his family from Makkah to join him in Kûfah.

Soon there were 12 000 Kûfans who had given their solemn
pledge to support and protect Husayn with their lives and
all they possessed. When this number rose to 18 000 Muslim
felt confident enough to dispatch a messenger to Husayn
informing him of the bay ah of the Kûfans, and urging him
to proceed from Makkah.

Rumours of what was happening in Kûfah soon reached Yazîd
in Damascus. He immediately replaced Nu mâ n ibn Bashîr,
the governor of Kûfah, with the ruthless Ubaydullâh ibn Ziyâd
with orders to find Muslim ibn Aqîl and kill him. Ibn Ziyâd
entered Kûfah early in Dhul Hijjah, accompanied by seventeen
men on horseback. With the end of his turban drawn over his
face he was unrecognisable, and the people of Kûfah, who were
expecting Sayyidunâ Husayn, mistook him for Husayn. " Peace
upon you, o son of Rasûlullâh," they hailed him. Thus it was
that Ibn Ziyâd learned the truth of the rumours. It was only
when one of his mounted men shouted at them, " Stand back!
This is the governor Ubaydullâh ibn Ziyâd!" that the Kûfans
realised the seriousness of their blunder.


Of all those who had so anxiously and enthusiastically
written to Husayn to come and lead them in revolt against
Yazîd, and out of the 18 000 men who but days before
placed their right hands in his, solemnly pledging
allegiance to the cause for which they had invited the
grandson of Rasûlullâh , not a single one was there to
offer Muslim ibn Aqîl the solace of their company or
refuge from the night.


Muslim knew his death was at hand. He begged Ibn
al-Ash ath to send someone to Husayn with the following
message: Ibn Aqîl has sent me to you. He says to you:
Go back with your family. Do not be deceived by people
of Kûfah. They are those same supporters of your father
from whom he so dearly wished to part, by death or by
being killed. The Kûfans have lied to me and have lied
to you, and a liar has no sense.


Upon receipt of Muslim s letter, Sayyidunâ Husayn
started making arrangements to travel to Kûfah. He
immmediately despatched a messenger, Qays ibn Mus-hir,
to inform the Kûfans of his imminet arrival. This messenger
was captured by Ubaydullâh ibn Ziyâd, who ordered him to
mount the walls of the fort and publicly curse Husayn and
his father.

In Makkah, a number of the eminent Sahâbah and children of
Sahâbah tried to dissuade Husayn from going to Kûfah, and
reminded him of the fickleness of the Kûfans with both his
father and his brother. Abdullâh ibn Abbâs, Abdullâh ibn
Umar, Jâbir ibn Abdillâh, Abû Sa îd al-Khudrî, his own
brother, Muhammad, and his brother-in-law and cousin ,
Abdullâh ibn Ja far all remonstated with him and tried to
persuade him not to go to Iraq. His mind, however, was made
up. He set out from Makkah on the 8th of Dhul Hijjah, not
knowing of the sad end of Muslim ibn Aqîl.

After an arduous jorney of almost a month, his party reached
Iraq. It was there that he first heard of the treachery of
the Kûfans and the death of Muslim ibn Aqîl. Later he also
learned of the death of Qays ibn Mus-hir. A large number of
desert Arabs had by that time attched themselves to his
party, thinking that Kûfah was already practically his.
Husayn addressed them, saying, " Our Shî ah have deserted us.
Therefore, whoever wants to leave is free to do so." Soon he
was left with only those who left Makkah with him. With them
he continued towards Kûfah.

Isn't this a classic kalleh-shaqqi of people of this region?!
The urge to NOT-THINK & not-use LOGIC/SENSE & get urself KILLed

1-If he was DIVINE & holy, then he should've known everything,
so there was no need for message/messenger.

2-Obviously he wasn't DIVINE, coz he didn't expect it, coz he
said "Our Shîah have deserted us".

3-So what was the point of getting his family KILLed?
1 should LIVE for 1's cause, coz DEAD can't do nothing!

Meanwhle Kûfah was placed under heave surveillance by Ibn
Ziyâd. When news of Husayns appraoch reached him, he
despatched a 4000 strong contingent, which was on its way
to fight the Daylamites, to stop Husayn.

There can be little doubt that the Kûfans witnessed the
departure of this force from Kûfah with their own eyes.
This would be their last chance to honour the oaths of
allegiance to Husayn which they had taken upon the hands
of Muslim ibn Aqîl. This was the final opportunity to
rush to the side of the grandson of Rasûlullâh . It was
after all their invitations and assurances of support that
encouraged him to abandon the safety of Makkah for the
precarious battlefields of Iraq.

But once again faithfulness, courage and commitment was
found lacking in the people of Kûfah.

Maybe riyaa/duruq/kalak/dishonesty is a SHIIT feature.
Surely, most Mullahs have it!

Four years later the Shîah of Kûfah attempted to make
amends for their desertion of the family of Rasûlullâh .
There emerged a group of Kûfans calling themselves the
Tawwâbûn (Penitents) who made it their duty to wreak
vengeance upon the killers of Husayn. On their way to
Syria in pursuit of Ibn Ziyâd they passed by Karbalâ,
the site of Sayyidunâ Husayn's grave, where they raised
a great hue and cry, and spent the night lamenting the
tragedy which they allowed to happen four years earlier.

Had they only displayed that same spirit of compassion
for Husayn when he was so much in need of it the history
of Islâm might have taken a different course.

Yes indeed!
So this is where the whole SHIIT comes from. ******

I'm surprised that they even bothered admitting their mistake!

This is what we see TODAY in Iraq too.
They sat back doing NOTHING, kissing Saddam's ass for over
30 years, when he killed them by the thousands.

Miranians r much smarter, they F*ed their own nation, yet went
around for 24 years, blaming others & changed the FACTs, never
admitting that they made a BIG F*ing mistake!

when one considers the large number (18 000) of those who
had taken the bay ah at the hands of Muslim ibn Aqîl. Ibn
Ziyâd, as we have seen, entered Kûfah with only 17 men.
Even the force that he dispatched to engage the party of
Sayyidunâ Husayn at Karbalâ consisted of only 4000 men.
Furthermore, that force was not recruited specifically for
Karbalâ; it was only passing through Kûfah on its way to
fight the Daylamites. It is not at all credible to assume
that Ibn Ziyâd was able to cow the Kûfans into submission
with forces such as these, whom they outnumbered by far.
It was rather their own treacherousness and fickleness that
led them to abandon Sayyidunâ Husayn.

Mullahs genes must come from Kufa!

>Where were the real Shîah when their Imâm required their help?

Maybe they "were protesting in Paris", like Miranians did in 78!

Karbalâ was not to be the last act of treason by the
Shîah against the Family of Rasûlullâh . Sixty years
later the grandson of Sayyidunâ Husayn, namely Zayd
ibn Alî ibn Husayn, led an uprising against the Umayyad
ruler Hishâm ibn Abd al-Malik. He received the oaths of
allegiance of over 40 000 men, 15 000 of whom were from
the very same Kûfah that deserted his grandfather. Just
before the battle could start they decided upon a whim
to ask his opinion about Abû Bakr and Umar. Zayd answered:
I have never heard any of my family dissociate himself
from them, and I have nothing but good to say about them.
Upset with this answer, they deserted him en masse,
deciding that the true imâm could only be his nephew
Ja far as-Sâdiq. Out of 40 000, Zayd was left with only
a few hundred men. On the departure of the defectors he
remarked: I am afraid they have done unto me as they did
to Husayn. Zayd and his little army fought bravely and
attained martyrdom.

1 should learn from past mistakes & HISTORY, so that 1 doesn't repeat them.

in the trials and misfortunes of the Family of Rasûlullâh
the role of the Shîah was as great, if not greater, than
that of their physical enemies. It therefore does not come
as a surprise that none of the supposed Imâms after Husayn
ever attempted an armed insurrection against the rulers of
their times. Karbalâ had taught them the fickleness and
treacherousness of those who claimed to be their Shîah.
It is about them that Imâm Ja far is reported to have said:

No one bears us greater hatred than those who claim to love us.

Imâm Ja far is also reported as having said:

No verse did Allâh reveal in connection with the Munâfiqîn,
except that it is to be found in those who profess Shîism.

Before Sayyidunâ Husayn, his elder brother Sayyidunâ Hasan
was the victim of the treacherousness of the Kûfans.

.... the following remark of Sayyidunâ Hasan:

By Allâh, I think Mu âwiyah would be better for me than
these people who claim that they are my Shîah.

When Sayyidunâ Hasan eventually became exasperated at the
fickleness of his so-called Shîah, he decided to make
peace with Muâwiyah. When someone protested to him that
he was bringing humiliation upon the Shîah by concluding
peace with Mu âwiyah, he responded by saying:

By Allâh, I handed over power to him for no reason other
than the fact that I could not find any supporters. Had
I found supporters I would have fought him day and night
until Allâh decides between us. But I know the people of
Kûfah. I have experience of them. The bad ones of them are
no good to me. They have no loyalty, nor any integrity in
word or deed. They are in disagreement. They claim that
their hearts are with us, but their swords are drawn against

"They have no loyalty, nor any integrity in word or deed."
Just like Miranians!

Imâm Mûsâ al-Kâzim, the son of Imâm Ja far, and the seventh
of the supposed Imâms of the Shîah, describes them in the
following words:

If I had to truly distinguish my Shîah I would find them
nothing other than pretenders. If I had to put them to the
test I would only find them to be apostates. If I were to
scrutinize them I would be left with only one in a thousand.
Were I to sift them thoroughly I would be left with only
the handful that is truly mine. They have been sitting on
cushions all along, saying: " We are the Shîah of Alî."

If today Âshûrâ will be commemorated as a day of struggle
and sacrifice, let it also be remembered as a day of
treachery and desertion. When the names of Yazîd ibn Mu
âwiyah, Ubaydullâh ibn Ziyâd, Umar ibn Sa d and Shamir
ibn Dhil Jawshan are mentioned and curses invoked upon
their memories, then let us not forget the treachery of
the Shîah of Kûfah. The time has long been due for the
Shîah to reintroduce into their Âshûrâ ceremonies an
aspect that was in fact part of the very first
commemoration ceremony of the Tawwâbûn. That lost aspect
is the admission of their own guilt, along with that of
Ibn Ziyâd, Yazîd and others, in the shedding of the holy
blood of Sayyidunâ Husayn ibn Alî radiyallâhu anhumâ.

RATs don't follow LOGIC!


C this:


Thus, immediately after the demise of the Prophet,
insurgencies raised their ugly heads against the
Islaamic state. False prophets and defiants of Zakat
challenged the central authority and waged wars
against the state of Al-Madinah Al-Munawwara. These
were the counter-revolutionary forces, determined to
disintegrate the newly established Islaamic state;
but through resolute and prompt action, Abu Bakr
Siddique , the first Caliph, defeated them and
consolidated the achievements of the Prophet's
Islamic Revolution. It was a great service to
Islaam rendered by the first Caliph who had a
short but glorious reign.

How could people go against their TRUE GOD?
So they must've been like Miranians:
nun beh nerkheh ruz khor!

In the next twenty years which include the reigns
of Omar and Uthman , the second and third Caliph
of Islaam, many more countries were conquered under
the banner of Islaam and the Muslim empire extended
over a vast expanse of the globe, comprising Iraq,
Syria, Iran on one side and a large part of North
Africa including Egypt and Morocco on the other.

Of course nobody was ever KILLed or RAPEd, they just
saw a holy light in the sky & rushed to join it!

If you believe this, then you'll believe that pigs can fly too.

Abdullah Ibn Saba, a Jew from Yemen, under the garb
of a Muslim, took his sojourn at Madeenah. He had all
the trappings of an expert plotter and the Jewish
genius at intrigues, an attribute of his clan. He
planted subversive ideas among the people. He pleaded
for the usurped rights of the house of the Prophet
Muhammad , carried out a propaganda campaign against
Caliph Uthman and incited the people to revolt. He
declared Ali to be the rightful successor to the
Prophet Muhammad and dubbed Uthman as a usurper.
He told people that every Prophet has a wasee and
Ali is the wasee of Prophet Mohammad and,
therefore, entitled to be the caliph after the Prophet.
He also preached the divinity of Ali , thus striking
at Tauheed, the very root of Islaam. The Iranians, who
had embraced Islaam only a few years before, were taken
in by this propaganda because they had a long history
of kingship and hero-worship. They were familiar with
the divine rights of kings, and hero-worship was
diffused in their blood. They readily accepted these
ideas and became their champions. Similarly Abdullah
Ibn Saba floated another viewpoint related to the
second appearance of Prophet Isa (AS). He argued that
Prophet Muhammad , who is the best amongst the prophets
of Allaah (SWT), would also appear with Christ, for the
contrary would imply that he is inferior to Prophet Isa
(AS). This was the same argument used by the Qadianis
in later years, who invented the notion of the death
and burial of Prophet Isa (AS) in Kashmir. They argued
that it was illogical for Prophet Muhammad to have died
and for Prophet Isa (AS) to be alive in the heaven.
Unsophisticated and illiterate Muslims saw a point of
adoration in it for Prophet Muhammad and fell an easy
prey to that sort of propaganda.

Very interesting!
Y was a jew called "abdullah" (one who does ebaadat to Allah)?

Miranians still do hero-worship!
But many of their heroes turn out to be not he-row, but he-CROW, like Mosaddeg!

Abdullah Ibn Saba travelled all over the Muslim lands
and set up his propaganda centers at Basra and Kufa,
but his attempts failed in Damascus. Then he went to
Egypt where he formed a party of his supporters.
Consequently, the last two years of Caliph Uthman's
reign were filled with machinations, intrigue, and
turmoil all over Muslim territories.

He must've been a Mullah!

in the words of the Qur'ân:

Even if thou stretch out thy hand against me, I shall
not stretch out my hand against thee to kill thee;
lo! I fear Allah the Lord of the worlds. (Al-Ma'ida 5:28)

NOT the F*ing Mullahs, they KILL anybody!

An instance from the authenticated record of the battle
of Jamal is narrated here to illustrate how Muslims fell
victims to the traps laid by the Sabayees. After the
occupation of Basra, Umm Al-Momineen [Mother of the
Believers] Aa'ishah received a message from Caliph Ali
for talks and negotiation. It should be remembered that
she was never a claimant for the caliphate. Her only
demand was that the murderers of Uthman must be punished
immediately. Ali offered to accept her demand if his
hands were first strengthened by a declaration of
allegiance to him by her group. Both the armies of
Aa'ishah and Ali were facing each other and camping
on the battle field when these negotiations started.
The news of this negotiation reached Abdullah Ibn Saba
and Malik Ibn Ashter Nakhey. They immediately pursued
their nefarious plot to undermine the peace talks.
Accordingly, under the cover of darkness, they, along
with some of their followers, mounted an attack on Umm
Al-Momineen Aa'ishah's camp and the rumor was spread
that the attack was made by the forces loyal to Ali.
At the same time, they sent the word to Ali 's camp that
Umm Al-Momineen Aa'ishah's forces had initiated the
attack. Consequently the opposing armies clashed with
each other with all their might, leaving thousands dead
on the battle field. It is a very painful part of Muslim
history that no investigation to discover the truth in
time was ever successful. The same thing happened at the
battle of Siffeen. When a stage for peaceful negotiations
was set, the Sabayees undermined it and a new scion of
dissidents, the Khawarij, appeared on the scene, opening
another front for the warring factions.

Wow, so much hostility among followers of the same GOD,
in a religion that means 'peace'?!

During the reign of Caliph Ali , the Muslim empire
did not exist as a single state under one central
authority but broke up into various power centers.
Ameer Mu'awiyah , the governor of Syria, demanded
avenge of Uthman's murder. "The assassins of Uthman
are in your camp and they are your advisers. I will
not declare allegiance to you unless they are
punished," he insisted.

So much tafraqeh, no 1der there is so much division among
all Muslims today. Even most Arabs don't like 'other' Arabs!

Caliph Ali was killed by a Khariji, and his son
Hassan accepted the allegiance of the people at
Kufa, a big army base. It appeared that another
conflict was in the making. Hassan Ibn Ali ,
leading a forty thousand strong contingent, marched
to Medina where he had to confront Ameer Mu'awiya ,
the governor of Syria, who faced him with a huge army.
A small squad was leading the army of Hassan It was
rumored that the squad had a clash with the enemy and
suffered a defeat. The persons responsible for
spreading this rumor were never identified. Upon hearing
the rumor, the Kufi forces revolted against Hassan
and not only looted his camp but also manhandled him.
He had to take refuge in Chosroes' palace. But this
incident shook the confidence of Hassan Ibn Ali in
his Kufi supporters; he therefore sent a word to Ameer
Mu'awiyah for peace talks. Ameer Mu'awiyah not only
accepted the offer but also sent a blank cheque, so to
say, for a settlement in accordance with the terms of
Hassan , who laid down the following conditions:

The tax collections from the province of Ahwaz shall be
paid to Hassan .

A grant of two million dirham shall be paid annually
to Hussain , his younger brother.

Banu Hashim shall be preferred in the distribution
of allowances and grants.

Y would DIVINE IMAMs need money for?
They could touch anything & it would turn to GOLD, no?!
Y would a DIVINE IMAM, who was sent by GOD to follow the
LAST-Prophet, accept defeat?!!!
DIVINE IMAM could do anything, nobody could fight a DIVINE IMAM!!!

Ameer Mu'awiyah accepted all these terms and peace
was restored in the sprawling empire. Strife and
civil war came to an end and the state was unified
under one central authority as he forced allegiance
from all the dissidents. Hassan Ibn Ali , commenting
on the transfer of authority, said, "If Mu'awiyah was
the rightful successor to the Caliphate, he has
received it and if I had that right, I, too, have
passed it on to him; so the matter ends there." This
was in accordance with the prophecy of the Holy Prophet
about Hassan when he had said, "Through my son Hassan,
Allah will bring about peace between tow warring
factions of Muslims." It was an honor bestowed on
Hassan Ibn Ali by Allah (SWT), but the Sabayees
were highly indignant at his peace move. They called
him names and taunted him with the words "Ya Aar
Al-Momeneen" (O, Shame for the believers!) and
"Ya Mozill Al-Momineen" (You, the debaser of the
Believers!). Ostensibly they were his supporters,
but in fact expressed their utter resentment at his
action for peace making which ushered in an era of
twenty years of unity and tranquility in the Muslim empire.

Poison of Mullahs at work again!

Hassan Ibn Ali lived for ten years during the
reign of Ameer Mu'awiya , and after the peace
agreement between the two, they had a very close
and friendly relationship. However, Hassan was
poisoned to death, ...

No DIVINE IMAM could ever be poisoned!

the concept of the Infallible Imamate maintained by
the Shi'ahs is unacceptable because it strikes at the
very root of the concept of Prophethood. Only the
prophets were continuously guarded against and protected
by Allaah (SWT) from any sin, and with the termination of
Prophethood the privilege of infallibility has been taken
away by Allaah (SWT) from all the progeny of Adam. The door
of personal judgment (Ijtihad) is open while the door of
Divine Revelation (Nabuwwah) has been closed forever.

No GOD would send DIVINE IMAMs right after he decides NOT to
send any Prophets!!!

Ijtihad, the exercise of personal judgment within the
framework of the guidance provided by the Qur'ân and
the Sunnah (the sayings and doings of the Prophet) is
a privilege vouchsafed to every Muslim who is well-versed
in the teachings of Islaam.

Not true, GOD has sent the DIVINE Mule-of-Allah (Mullah),
to be the absolute judge & jury, they can KILL anybody &
do ANYTHING they want!!! They have even Re-invented their
own version of Islam!

Such creature could only be DIVINE to have lasted for so
long, or their pee-pole r nothing but gaav/olaaq to believe them!

Now let us look at the issue of Yazeed's nomination by
his father, Ameer Mu'awiyah , as an heir-apparent to
the caliphate. According to authentic historical records,
it was done on the advice of Moghira Ibn Sho'ba , who
was a very intelligent and far-sighted Companion of the
Holy Prophet . He argued that on the death of Ameer
Mu'awiya ,the issue of his succession, if remained
uncertain, might plunge the Ummah once again into a war
as had happened in the pre-Mu'awiyah period; hence it was
advisable to nominate a person to wield authority in the
event of Ameer Mu'awiyah's death. He also suggested the
name of Ameer Mu'awiya's son Yazeed for the job.

If Mu'awiya was 'evil', then Hassan should've never signed peace with him!

The historic comment of Abdur Rehman Ibn Abu Bakr,
when he was asked for allegiance to Yazeed's heirship,
is well worth taking note of. He said, "Now instead of
acting upon the Prophet's and the rightly guided
Caliphs' tradition, do you want to adopt the tradition
of Caesar and Chosroes?" Also, the fact cannot be
overlooked that, except these five prominent Muslims,
many others, including a large number of the Companions
of the Prophet , swore allegiance to Yazeed's nomination.
All these people cannot be maligned and declared mala fide.
Some may even allege that Ameer Mu'awiyah bought their
loyalties. If we accept this premise, by the same token
it can also be alleged that Hassan Ibn Ali too was bought
over, and the Shi'ahs consider Hassan to be an Imaam Masoom
(an infallible guide or leader). Obviously this is not the
right course of thought and argument because, if pursued to
the logical conclusion, it would tarnish many illustrious
names among the Muslims. The only right conduct for us could
be to absolve all those who supported Yazeed as well as
those who opposed him of all blame because they all acted
according to their convictions and for the good of the
Muslim Ummah.

Even if GOD wanted to send DIVINE people, Y would he select
1 son to succeed the father? He didn't even do this for the Prophets!

Now let us examine the stand which Hussain Ibn Ali took
in the situation. As said earlier, he sincerely believed
that the nomination of Yazeed to the heirship of the
Caliphate would destroy the spirit of democracy and
republicanism nurtured and developed so assiduously during
the Prophet's era and afterward, and that it would lead
to hereditary kingship which was repugnant to the original
political teaching of Islaam.

GOD would've known this to happen, so would've NOT wanted
Hassan, his 'DIVINE' IMAM to make peace with Mu'awiya.

Now let us examine the stand which Hussain Ibn Ali took
in the situation. As said earlier, he sincerely believed
that the nomination of Yazeed to the heirship of the
Caliphate would destroy the spirit of democracy and
republicanism nurtured and developed so assiduously
during the Prophet 's era and afterward, and that it
would lead to hereditary kingship which was repugnant
to the original political teaching of Islaam. He
therefore resolved to oppose this with all the resources
at his command. The bag load of communications, sent
to him by the people of Kufa, not only approved of his
stand but also promised support and loyalty to his
cause. Kufa was a military base and a very strategic
city situated at the crossroads to Iran and Syria.
He thought that if the people of Kufa supported him,
as their letters written to him indicated, it would
be possible to effectively neutralize the change being
brought about in the body politic of the Muslim Ummah.
So he argued and resolved to act for that cause. Abdullah
Ibn Abbas also shared his thoughts but he opposed
Hussain's going to Kufa because he knew the Kufis better
and warned him not to repose his confidence in their
loyalty. The Kufis had earlier betrayed Ali and his
son Hassan .

DIVINE IMAMs won't make mistakes, coz they know everything!

Abdullah Ibn Omar and Abdullah Ibn Abbas pleaded
vigorously against his plan and entreated him to at
least leave women and children in Makkah if he was
determined to proceed to Kufa. But Hussain ignored
their suggestions. On the way he received the report
of Muslim Ibn Aqeel's death at the hands of Ameer
Yazeed's men and the apathy and indifference displayed
by the people of Kufa at this incident, and also the
news that the Kufis had shifted their loyalties to
Ameer Yazeed, pledging support to him against Hussain
and his followers.

Y would GOD want to have the family of his DIVINE IMAM killed?

Now Hussain was in a dilemma should he continue his
journey towards Kufa or return to Makkah? The Arab
tradition of avenging the murder of their man, at all
costs, was too strong for him to resist. Besides, the
close relatives of Muslim Ibn Aqeel , who were
accompanying Hussain , declared their resolve to punish
the assassins and continue their march. For Hussain ,
it was below his dignity to abandon them and return to
Makkah. So, he decided to continue his march to Kufa.
Meanwhile Auon and Mohammad, the two young sons of
Abdullah Ibn Jaffer Tayyar, a cousin of Hussain ,
arrived with their father's message: "For God's sake,
don't go to Kufa." However, Hussain continued his
journey with these two boys joining his camp and
arrived at the desert of Karbala. Ibn Ziad, the
governor of Kufa, arrived there with one thousand
soldiers under his command and offered one option to
Hussain in accordance with the instruction from
Ameer Yazeed: "You can neither go to Kufa nor return
to Makkah, but you can go any where else you want."
Obviously, the only course open for Hussain was to
Damascus, the capital. It is very unfortunate that
he turned down the offer and continued his sojourn
at Karbala trying to win over the support of Ibn
Ziad's men because in his addresses to the Kufis
under Ibn Ziad's command, he mentioned the persons
by name who had written letters to him pledging
loyalty and support and pleaded with them to honor
their pledges. The Kufis, fearing the possibility
of ensuing persecution and punishment, disowned their
letters and denied their authorship.

Meanwhile, a reinforcement of four thousand soldiers,
under the command of Amar Ibn Sa'd, arrived at Kufa
from Damascus. Amar was the son of Sa'd Ibn Abi Waqas,
the conqueror of Iran, and was also related to Hussain
for whom he had all the sympathies. Talks of
reconciliation continued but the Kufis, fearing
reprisals in case of a reconciliation, forced their
leader Ibn Zaid to toughen his attitude. Realizing
this, Hussain placed three options before them:
"Allow me to return to Makkah safely, or allow me
to proceed to the frontiers of the Muslim empire
so that I may continue my campaign against
non-Muslims, or allow me a safe passage to the
capital, Damascus, where I may settle the issue
with Ameer Yazeed in person."

The conspirators, however, succeeded in undermining
the reconciliation talks and forced Amar Ibn Sa'd
to corner Hussain . "Either surrender unconditionally
or get ready for war," they demanded. Obviously an
unconditional surrender by Hussain was a tall order
and a challenge to his honor and dignity. He was
constrained to fight the enemy though heavily
outnumbered and under-quipped. Thus, the Sabayee
conspiracy that sabotaged the peace talks just before
the battles of Jamal and Siffeen was successful
once again, and Hussain and all his camp followers
were slain mercilessly on the sands of Karbala.
However, all of them displayed unflinching courage
and valor on the battle-field.

"his honor and dignity" ?
DIVINE IMAM does GOD's work & doesn't care about "honor and dignity" !
What happened was nothing short of SUICIDE!
GOD would NOT want his DIVINE IMAM to commit SUICIDE!

From the assassination of Uthman right up to the
tragic event at Karbala, one can easily discern the
hidden hand of Sabayee agents who successfully
plotted against the solidarity of the Muslim Empire
and plunged it into senseless bloodshed. The entire
blame must be placed on them,

GOD gave humans BRAIN so that they would use it!
1 must never become a VICTIM!

When Ali defeated Umm Al-Momineen A'aishah
at the battle of Jamal, he treated her with the same
reverence and decorum to which she was entitled as
one of the "Mothers of the Believers."

DIVINE Imams will never be fooled by anybody's 'plotting'!
HOW could these 2 have FOUGHT each other?!!!

Y would GOD want his DIVINE IMAM be KILLED?


Ali was NOT divine, coz he was borne b4 Mohammad became
a Prophet! If he was divine, he would've been borne divine, but
then there would've been no need for a Prophet.

If pee-pole believed that IMAMs were divine, the IMAMs should
have told them that they were NOT divine. If they didn't, then
they were NOT good Muslims!

But it could be that the K-Kesh Mullahs exaggerated the facts to
turn the Imams into DIVINE to make themselves powerful & rich.

Hoseyn did NOT stand up to tyranny!
He made big mistakes:
NOT learn from history
NOT listen to good advice
NOT knowing his enemy
NOT knowing his supporters
He only got his innocent children killed.

Mullahs have made money out of his death & have brained washed
millions for centuries. They have taught many Muslims to be STUPID to follow SHIIT!

Y is it that Mullahs r never among those who inflict PAIN into themselves by beating/cutting?

Y is it that MF Khomeini encouraged millions of young Miranian
gaav/olaaq to walk on mines to get themselves killed so that they
could have SEX with virgins in heaven, but he never told anybody
in his own K-kesh family to do so?!

* * *

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