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Twilight Zone

Twilight Zone
by Amir Arsalan

Submit for your approval, the following hypothetical world. A world centuries into the future. A world where Adolf Hitler is considered the "messenger of God" for the Jewish people. A world where Jews name their children after Adolf Hitler, Josef Mengele, Rudolf Hess, and Heinrich Himmler. A world where these men are regarded as Saints for the Jews. Where the images of these men are hung as portraits with halos behind them in all pious Jews' homes. Where their images are also carved on small pieces of gold, and hung around the pious Jews' necks as a necklace. Where the anniversary of Hitler's death is commemorated by Jews with self-flailing and self-mutilation, to feel Hitler's pain in his final hour. A world where Mein Kampf is regarded as the Jewish Holy Book, and Jews fast every year to commemorate the time when Hitler got his inspiration to write this book while incarcerated. A world where Jews greet each other with the salute of "Heil Hitler." Where the truly devout Jew dresses in a traditional SS uniform. Where growing a funny looking square mustache is honored and revered. A world where the law of the Jewish land is based on the fascist ideology of Mein Kampf. A world where Jews gather in their place of worship every week on Saturdays to discuss and recreate Hitler's speeches. Where any Jew that speaks against any of the above is tortured and killed.

Derafsh Kaviyani
Does this hypothetical world seem ridiculous, bizarre, and impossible? Of course it does! Fortunately, you will only find it in the Twilight Zone. Now, wake up from this eerie slumber.

Yes, wake up from that nightmare, and join my reality. Open your eyes to present day Iran. Mohammad, and his "saintly" successors were Iran's Hitler and his henchmen. We are worshiping and idolizing the very people who sent out to destroy, oppress, and annihilate us. We have forgotten the Blitzkrieg with which they entered Iran. We have forgotten the tens of thousands of loyal Persian soldiers who gave their lives at Qadissiyah and elsewhere to defend our homeland from the foreign barbarians. They were trying to prevent exactly the calamity which befell Iran. We have forgotten the plunder, devastation, and murder which occurred at Ctesiphone, Istakhr, and numerous other cities and provinces in Iran. We have forgotten the death and destruction that accompanied Allah.

The hundreds of thousands of our ancestors who bled the battlefields and streets of those cities red have been forgotten by most of us. Even worse, we have become the sympathizers of their enemy. What shame we have brought upon our ancestors! A true slap in their face; the ultimate betrayal.

History is what it is. The true facts can never be changed, no matter how hard anybody tries to do so, or to deny them.

The Islamists cannot reconcile these historical genocidal events with the fact that the religion that a nation practices should at least not despise the people of that nation. Instead, they have chosen to ignore history, not mention it, and focus on other trivial matters. And most Iranians have fallen into their trap, like zombies.

So why is the first world I showed you impossible, but our world of Iran a reality? I can think of two reasons. First, Germany lost the war in 1945, whereas the Arabs unfortunately did not in 651. The world is mostly molded by the victors. No-one can or could have any control over this first cause. Second, and most important, the Jews undertook an information crusade. They all vowed to never forget or allow their descendants to ever forget Hitler's crimes; as well they shouldn't. Rightfully, they have erected countless holocaust museums, and openly discussed and condemned those events. They honor and respect their ancestors. Millennia from now, Hitler will still be viewed as the criminal that he was. This is an area where we do have control, but so far have not been as forthcoming as we should. We the present day Iranians must remind ourselves and our descendants of the historical events surrounding the Islamic conquest of Iran.

I am glad there is no afterlife. For if there was, Kourosh, Dariush, Xashayar, Ardeshir, Shapur, Khosro Anushiravan, and countless other heroes would have wept in 651, and again in 1979. Instead, I weep for them.

Welcome to my Twilight Zone.

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