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Chapter 5. Iran Historical Maps
Sassanid Empire, Roman Empire, Byzantine Empire, Hun Invasion

Chapter 5. Iran Historical Maps
Sassanid Persian Empire 1
Roman Empire
Byzantine Empire
Hun Invasion

077 Sassanid Empire 270 AD Map
Extent of the Sassanian Empire in 270 AD
Shapour I The Great (241 AD - 272 AD)

078 Sassanid Empire 570 AD Map
Extent of the Sassanian Empire in 570 AD
Khosrow Anushirvan (531 AD - 579 AD)

079 Sassanid Empire Map 1
Sassanid Empire (224 AD - 651 AD)    
Sassanid Empire at its greatest extent. The glory of Shapour The Great and Khosrow Anushirvan Sassanid, the glory of Ctesiphone, the most luxurious city of the world back then ...

080 Sassanid Empire Map 2
Sassanid Empire's land mass, when Shapour The Great defeated and captured Valerians The
Roman Emperor, Persia became once more, the sole super power of the known world

081 Sassanid Empire Map 3

082 Sassanid Empire trade routes Map
Persian Sassanid Empire
Sassanid Dynasty: 224 AD - 651AD
Sassanid Dynasty started by Artaxerxes I (Ardeshir) at 224 AD and ended at 651 AD by the last of Sassanids, Yazdgird III. This brought the end of 427 years of Sassanid dynasty. The 60 years of Roman-Persian Wars had made both of the Superpowers weak and set the scenery ready for an invasion by the barbarians. And The Arabo-Muslim Barbarians finally invaded both Empires. Ctesiphone, The glorious Sassanid capital (near Baghdad) was absolutely destroyed and pillaged by savages. Yazdgird III the young brave Persian Emperor fought the invading occupational forces of the Arabs alongside his General in charge of Persian Forces, Arteshbod "Rostam-e Farokhzad". Both fought bravely in different areas, both died like Heroes and did not surrender to Arabo-Muslim Savage Barbarians. They died so Iran would live and the legend went on...

083 Roman Empire 117 Map

084 Roman Empire Division 285 AD by Diocletian Map

085 Eastern and Western Roman Empires Map

086 Roman-Persian Wars, Julian Unsuccessful Campaign 363 Map
Julian's unsuccessful campaign in 363 resulted in the loss of the Roman territorial gains under the peace treaty of 299.

087 Roman-Persian Conflicts 477 Map
Roman and Persian Empires in 477 as well as their neighbors, many of whom were dragged into wars between the great powers Roman Empire and Sassanid Persian Empire.

088 Roman-Sassanid Persian Empire border conflicts 387 - 591 Map

089 Hun Invasion of Persian Empire 450 Map

090 Byzantine Greatest Extent during Justinian 527 AD and Sassanid Empire Map
Since the Division of Roman Empire 285 AD, Justinian 527 - 565 expanded the Byzantine and revived the Roman Empire to its greatest extent; however, Sassanid Persian Empire had remained the master of the East and Asia.

091 Sassanid, Byzantine and Gupta 320 - 550 Empires Map

092 Byzantine and Persia 626 AD Map 1
Byzantine Empire 626 AD under Heraclius. Striped areas are lands still threatened by the Sassanid Empire.

093 Byzantine and Persia 651 AD Map 2
Byzantine Empire 651 AD. By this point the Sassanid Empire and Byzantine territories of Syria, Palestine and Egypt has been occupied by Arab Muslims.

094 Roman-Persian Empires 502 - 628 conflict Map

095 Roman-Persian Wars 580 pre-campaign Map 1

096 Roman-Persian Wars 581 - 583 campaign 1 Map 2
Roman Persian Wars 581 - 583
The Roman-Persian Thirty Years War (60 Years War Overall)
Red = Movements of Sassanid forces in the first attack (581)
Orange-Red = Movements of Sassanid forces in second attack (583)
Light Purple = Movements of Roman forces in first attack (581)
Dark Purple = Movements of Roman forces in second attack (583)
Brown = Avar Raiders Movements
Red X = Sassanid Victory
Purple X = Roman Victory
Black X = Draw
Blue = Sassanid Territory Occupied by Rome
Yellow = Roman Territory Occupied by the Sassanid Empire

097 Roman-Persian Wars up to 588 campaign 2 Map 3

098 Roman-Persian Wars 588 - 590 campaign 3 Map 4

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