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Fanoos, Persian Electronic Rock
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Fanoos, Persian Electronic Rock Band

Fanoos, Persian Electronic Rock Band
Ahreeman X
May 25, 2007

Do you like Pink Floyd? Do you like Genesis? Then you will surely like Fanoos! An Iranian Electronic Rock Band, Wow! How about that? Totally different, ha? Let's dig in.

Fanoos Music

Classical Rock = Classical Music + Rock
It is a combination and a mixture of Classical Music with Rock Music

Examples of Classical Rock
Genesis, Yes, ELP (Emerson, Lake and Palmer), Jethro Tull

Electronic Rock = Electronic Music + Rock
It is a combination and a mixture of Electronic Music with Rock Music

Examples of Electronic Rock
Pink Floyd, BJH (Barclay James Harvest)

Now, try combining the two:
Classical Rock + Electronic Rock

What will you get?

You will get an awesome orchestral, psychedelic massive sound of Fanoos!

Folks, make no mistake, this has not been done before! This is something new in Persian music. Now, you may question me:

Q: Why should we bother listen to Fanoos, why don't we just listen to Pink Floyd and Genesis?
A: Because:
- Fanoos is the combination of both classical rock and electronic rock.
- Pink Floyd and Genesis do not mix "Persian Classical" music with the electronic rock!
- Pink Floyd and Genesis do not put "Sohrab Sepehri" poems as lyrics on their music!
- Pink Floyd and Genesis do not sing in Persian!

Is that enough reasoning and logic for yous or do you want more?

Folks, believe me, this is something new in Persian music and is surely worth buying and listening to.

Fanoos Band

Fanoos is basically made up of:

Behzad Rashedi: Vocals, Electric Guitars, Tar
Ramin Azadmehr: Vocals, Acoustic Guitars
An Iranian Swedish Band

L. Behzad Rashedi
R. Ramin Azadmehr

Behzad Rashedi
Behzad actually had taught himself how to play guitar in Iran. He started at age 15. He moved to Sweden in 1987 and studied music in University of Gothenburg. Behzad is a musician and he also teaches music.

Ramin Azadmehr
Ramin was also born in Tehran. Ramin grew up in a musical and artistic family. He also moved to Sweden on 1990 and studied music at the School of Music and Musicology at University of Gothenburg.

How Fanoos was formed?

Ramin and Behzad met on 1993. Throughout the years, they were members of the "Anonymous" and "Euriadne" Bands. More or less on 1997 they formed the Fanoos project. They continued their education and participations with other bands but they also worked on developing the Fanoos Project.

What you see today as the Fanoos Band and the album Abe Ravan (Running Stream Water), has not been made overnight, yet this is the result from years of study, work and creativity. Eventually Bahzad and Ramin had developed their musical skills to the level of creating their own music, arrangements and feeds. As lyrics, they have chosen the poems of the one and only master Sohrab Sepehri, the great modern Persian poet.

Sohrab Sepehri Index

They figured, with the type of music in which they had in mind (Classical Electronic Rock) and with the epical and massive orchestral and electronic arrangements, nothing would be suitable for lyrics, better than the classical works of the master Sohrab Sepehri.

Fanoos uses up to a ten piece classical orchestra as the background band playing violin, viola, chello, piano, flute, drums, bass, synthesizers, organs, other keyboards and background vocals.

Amongst some of the musicians working with Fanoos are,

Babak Mohseni or Organ
Sofia Johnsson on Violin
Sven Johansson on Synthesizers
Elham Qal'ei on Back Vocals

Folks, these guys are no garage band, but they are trained classical musicians who have decided to mix classical, electronic and rock music to produce something worthy of listening.

Listen to Fanoos and you will discover a world way different than some Kos Mashang or Bache Soosool playing 6/8 beat and singing Bull Shiite songs on Persian cheesy programs and on Persian TVs!

Fanoos Sound

Fanoos sound is a heavy duty synthesized orchestral electronic music. Synthesizers accompanying electric guitars with the orchestra at background, while Behzad and Ramin lead the band and sing Sohrab Sepehri poems as songs! Now that is what I call synthesized, psychedelic and scientific music.

Fanoos plays a type of music which sooths your souls and makes you take a ride in a wonderful Sci-Fi and psychedelic world of Persian poetry and romance! This music has been made to trip, so take a sit on the Fanoos train and let them ride this train to a different world, the psychedelic world of the Persian Poetry! Now this, I call art.

Fanoos provides the music, but bring your own lazer light show, black lights, psychedelic lights and night glow posters for the trip!

Listen to Fanoos Samples

Website to check

Fanoos Website

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Dr. X

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