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Plastic Persian - Part 1: Persian Sunset
Epic Iranian Photo Literature with No Hero!


Plastic Persian
Epic Photo Literature with No Hero!
Chapter I: Persian Sunset
Ahreeman X
November 18, 2013

And the sun has set on the Persian Empire, this turn for the centuries to come!
Homa observes and mourns while the Persian Sunset spreads all over Persepolis, Persia

The Plastic Persian Came with the Persian Sunset!

Plastic Persian Chapters Index
Chapter I: Persian Sunset
Chapter II: Persian Sunrise

No Heroes Here!

This is an epic photo literature piece
This episode has no heroes
This is no epic poetry
Poetry died long ago
This is no epic Persian history
Persian history seized to exist decades ago
This is no heartwarming epic of humanity
Humanity is meaningless in this land
This is not an epic of heroes
Heroes are half a century late
This is just an epic photo literature piece
A piece with no hero …

Plastic Persian Enters with the Persian Sunset
Plastic Persian came with the Persian Sunset

Plastic Persian was an Achaemenian Immortal

The Plastic Persian

I opened the door of my second story home office facing the street. My office has no shortage of view. Three small windows on one wall and one large window on another, creates a perfect view of the street below. The complete street is clearly visible from the office windows of the second floor of my estate.

I sat on my tall black leather office chair, behind my desk, staring at the monitor, waiting enthusiastically for the inspiration to appear; that’s when I glanced at him!

The Plastic Persian stood tall at the corner of my window sill.  He held a Persian long spear in one hand and a gerron wicker shield in the other. The Plastic Persian was an Achaemenian Immortal. He was roaring and proud. It was obvious that he represented a once blooming and proud ancient civilization which for centuries had dominated the globe, but what now?

I stared at him and then I smirked at him. Suddenly the Plastic Persian turned his head, gave me a frightful look and then a sneer. To my surprise, he opened his mouth and gently stated:

“At least I had my glory days, I lived, I loved and I ruled the world, how about you? I’m not responsible for what has become of the Persianhood now! You exiled wolf, thrown out of your land and dumped halfway across the globe are mocking me?! How bold to mock me! I lived a golden life when we were masters of the world, but what now?”

Plastic Persian’s words were not only a response but a one ton punch in my face! I guess Islamic Republic of Iran is a mockery of the Persianhood!

“IRI is a mockumentary of the Persian Civilization!”

I wanted to mock the Plastic Persian, but it ended up in a way that the Plastic Persian mocked my whole existence!

“Are you speaking to me?” I inquired?
“No, I’m speaking to Cyrus the Great! Of course I’m speaking to you, who else is here?” he replied.
“Is this a delusion? Am I hallucinating?” I whispered.
“Your whole existence during the IRI Era has been a hallucination! I believe by speaking to you, I am hallucinating!” He responded.

The boundaries between the reality and fantasy had suddenly become obscured! What’s real and what’s fiction?

Ahreeman X: Are you alive?
Plastic Persian: Are you?
X: But you are a toy!
P: And you’re not?
X: But you died millenniums ago!
P: And your heart died decades ago precisely on 1979.
X: I must be losing my head, I’m talking to a toy soldier!
P: I surely have lost my mind, because I’m speaking to a Dead Man, a man who died on 1979.

Who is dead and who is alive?
To be or not to be,
That is the question?!

I will put this moment over here,
I will put this moment over here and move on …
Moving on ……

Persian Sunset sets all over Pasargad
Persian Cellist gently plays a lament to mourn the Persian Sunset setting all over Pasargad
Persian Dark Horse mourns at Cyrus’ side
Cyrus sleep, thus darkness is all around you!

The Persian Sunset

The Plastic Persian clarified it that today we are in the “Persian Sunset” phase. We have been in the Persian Sunset phase for over three decades. Will there ever be a “Persian Sunrise”?

Oh Persian lady, oh Persian cellist, perform a lament, mourning the decline of the Persian Civilization.
Oh Persian cellist, name this lament, the Persian Sunset.
Oh Persian Dark Horse, dance away the lament of the Persian Sunset.
Oh Persian Dark Horse, shed tears for the Motherland in the Persian Sunset.
Oh Persian Dark Horse, shed tears because no one else will!
Oh Persian Dark Horse, this lost tribe is having an Allahic immaculate orgasm!
Oh Persian Dark Horse, this tribe has lost its meaning in translation.
Oh Persian Dark Horse, no one dares, no one listens, no one even cares …
Oh Persian Dark Horse, is this tribe lost or are they simply dead?!
Oh Persian Dark Horse, shed a tear at Pasargad for Cyrus,
Oh Persian Dark Horse, shed a tear at the Persian Sunset,
Oh Persian Dark Horse, shed rivers of blood for tears,
Thus if you don’t, then no one else will …
May your tears of blood, become a river,
May this river of blood feeds the barren lands of Pasargad with life!
May this Pasargad revives the ways of Cyrus,
May this Pasargad revives the tradition of Darius.
May this blood be a new beginning, a new breath, a new life …
May there be life again, love again, songs again, dance again …

I still can hear the Persian lady cellist playing the lament …
I can hear it fading away in the Persian Sunset …
Far and far away distance, a slow mourning lament …
Mourning the Death of the Persian Civilization replaced with the Iranian Degeneration!
… and a slim slight possibility of life, revival and hope …
… a slight hope for the future …
Alas it is so small, so fading and too little too late …
Will there be hope?
It is up to you and I …
Only the time will tell,
Only the time in space and eternity …

I will put this moment over here,
I will put this moment over here and move on …
Moving on ……

Darkness sets all over Persepolis
Persian Sunset at Persepolis, Persia

Dark Years

There is a Sunset in my land.
Persepolis is in Darkness.
Sunset brings darkness.
The darkness which covers my land,
The Dark Days become Dark Years,
The Dark Years become Dark Decades,
Hopefully the Dark Decades don’t become Dark Centuries!
There is a Sunset in my land.

Homa in Darkness
Homa Column Top at Persian Sunset, Persepolis, Persia

Homa in Darkness

Homa is in the Dark
Homa doesn’t fly anymore
Homa sits in the darkness
Homa ponders of lost prestige
Homa ponders of lost colors
Homa ponders of lost loves
Homa’s heart is heavy
Homa cannot fly
Homa sits in the darkness
Homa is in the Dark …

The Lost Tribe

The tribe lost its way,
Lost its way from Ariana to Mecca!
An explosion, a catastrophe, a nightmare,
The diversion of 1979 …
Death of Iran, Birth of Islam!
Death of Dance, Birth of Mourning!
Death of Song, Birth of Azan!
Death of Colors, Purple and Gold …
Death of Royal Blue, Birth of Black …
Deep Black, deep in to the Darkness…

Civilization Collapsed

Arabo-Islamic Tazified Arabtoxicated Degeneration in Inxile,
Materialistic Mass Consumption Shallow Westoxicated Degeneration in Exile,
Inxile or Exile?
Disaster both ways!
This tribe is infected inside and outside, inxile and exile,
Any way out?
Is there any way out?
Any light? Any Sun? Any hope? Any life?
Relax, night is dark, night is long, night is silent …
Absolute curtains
Absolute night
Absolute abyss
No one gets out of here alive!

Inxile or Exile, makes no difference,

“Persian Civilization is lost in its own dust!”
“Iranians are people lost in their own dust.”

Mullah City AKA Inxiled Tehran

People at exile in their own country!
This is life in inxile!
Living in Mullah City
Dying in Tehran

“Be a plastic surgeon, be a politician, be a holy man, join the IRGC Sepah, make a life for yourself, be somebody …” mother tells her son!

Security? None Existent!
Safety? None Heard!
Economy? Collapsed!
Persianhood? Is it edible, wearable, fantasy or poetry?

Brother kills brother …
Sister betrays mother …
Son stabs father …

Say goodbye to Mother Persia
Say hello to Umma’ of Islam

Welcome to Islamic Republic of Iran!

Whore Town AKA Exiled Tehran

Welcome to Tehrangeles,
Welcome to Exiled Tehran,
Welcome to Whore Town!

Where man has no value,
Where dollar is God,
Where shallow is the key word,
Where Corrupt is the Culture,
Where over dose, over load, over dress and over act is hip!
Where spirituality, modesty, empathy and humanity is unhip!
Where all the animals show up at night in the Hollywood Boulevard.

Where the part time and full time sluts, lady boys, boy whores, chicks with dicks, boy toys, old farts with dollars, old bags with diamond rings, plastic surgery stretched old whores in miniskirts, Persian Cougars, transvestites, transsexuals, gay toys, bull dykes, alcoholics, junkies, sex addicts, show offs, shallow holes, career exilists, Up-Position Feeders, Up-Position Leaders, Desk Ballers, Wankers, Jackers, Trashers and Up and Cumming Rising Stars in the skies of Tehrangeles, all will come out at night and decorate the streets of Tehrangeles with their infection at night!

Up-Position Feeding Desk Ballers play with their balls behind their large size desks at the day time and wear their disco suits and dance the nights away at the night time!

Everybody is a star in Tehrangeles.
Fresh Out of Plane or Veteran Career Exilist makes no difference,
In the Whore Town, everyone is politically correct
In the Whore Town, everyone is a star
Everybody is a star …
You can smell their stench a mile away in,
Westwood, Hollywood, Sunset, Wilshire, and surely in Beverly Hills!
Stench of the rotting core of their souls,
Stench of the decaying roots of their spirits,
Stench of the staled infection of their brains,
Stench of the stretched skins of their plastic surgeries!
Stench of their head to toe fake hybrid bodies!
A perfect representation of their rotting core is “Shahs of Sunset”!

Everyone is a star,
Everyone gets a 3 minutes of fame,
Everyone lives a perfectly shallow life,
Everyone struggles to hardly rise and then quickly falls,
Everyone plays the Rat Race and the Dog eat Dog life,
Everyone goes round and round deeper and deeper in this quicksand marsh named,
The Hollywood Boulevard
One Big Show,
In the Cesspool named,

… and the mother tells her son or daughter to become a businessman doctor, a plastic surgeon, an accident injury lawyer, a showman, a pop star or at least a call girl or a gay toy in the shinning skies of Tehrangeles!

Welcome to the Whore Town!

Plastic Life

This here is Plastic Town,
We are Plastic People,
Living in Plastic houses,
Going to Plastic Beach,
Having Plastic dreams,
Turned to Plastic Surgery,
Thinking in between Plastic walls,
Dare to cross our Plastic ceiling,
Happy in our Plastic environment,
Safe in our Plastic bubbles,
Living with our Plastic partners,
Enjoying our Plastic families,
Thriving in our Plastic community,
Counting our Plastic blessings,
Praying to our Plastic God!

“Don’t speak of politics, philosophy, history or intelligence,
Don’t disturb our Plastic Lives!”

We are having a Good Plastic Life …
Any wonder we have become the Plastic Persians?!

“Ahreeman, Do not damage my good name and connect me to this lost tribe!” demands the Plastic Persian. “Do not, and I mean it ….” Yelling and pointing his plastic finger at me while still standing tall and proud on my window sill!

The Cesspool

Another day, another dollar,
Another day in the life of Swamp Persians,
Another day of going round and round, deeper and deeper in this quicksand,
Another day of chasing our tails and never reach,
Another day of showing off our cars, house, jewelry and lifestyle to our neighbors,
Another day of playing the Community Organizer, the Do Gooder and the IRI Lobbyist,
Another day full of pretense, lies and deceit,
Another day of living in this cesspool …

Father Forgive Me!

After we do all the crimes,
Then we do all the confessions!

Father forgive me cause I have sinned!
“Don’t worry my son, just deposit dollars in the Holy Temple ATM and all your sins will be forgiven!” Priest, Rabbi, Mullah and Mobaleq screamed together!
“Lord, Jehovah, Yahweh, Allah and every other God bless you my child!” declared the Holy Men!
Christianity, Judaism, Islam, Baha’ism, etc. all and all are garbage,
Religion is infection of the mind.
Religion is a business.

The Father has blessed you with a Double Entendre Polyphonic Prayer!

Your Community Elders have given you their blessings.
Your Holy Men have given you the Salvation Keys to Heaven.
Your Family and Friends are proud of you.
Now kneel on the ground,
Let me get my Knighting Sword and declare you officially The Honorable Resident of the Whore Town.
Welcome to the Machine
Welcome to the Herd
Welcome to the Cattle
Welcome to the Whore Town

Homa Always Cries Alone
Homa cries alone in the darkness
Persian Sunset on Homa Column Top, Persepolis, Persia

Homa Always Cries Alone!

Homa Always Cries Alone …
In Inxile, Homa cries …
Homa sits in the darkness under the dark clouds
Dark clouds of doubt and wonder obscures him
Homa always cries alone …
In Inxile, Homa cries for the Motherland
You can hear the cries of Homa from far away
Cries turn to screams and mourn
1000 needles and pins in to the heart of a sparrow!
Can you hear the screams of the sparrow?

Going Downhill
Persian Sunset at Countryside, Iran

Going Downhill …

Going downhill full speed …
From Ariana to Cesspool
Going downhill full power,
From Persianhood to degeneration
Going downhill by the speed of light,
Hitting the Rock Bottom!


Metamorphosis from Human to Insect is in full gear, get the picture?
Are you still in the picture?
Are you enjoying the show?
Welcome to the Show, welcome to the Show!
Metamorphosis is in its last stage,
Now we shall fully lose our humanity,
And speedy grasp our insect-hood!

Fallen Angels

We are the fallen angels of Ariana
Why did we fall?
How did we fall?
How did we get from Cyrus to Khomeini?
How did we get from Darius to Khamenei?
The same way that,
We got from Nowruz and Yalda to Ashura and Tasua!
We got from Babak and Yaqub Leis to Hassan and Hussein!
We got from Ferdowsi and Khayyam to Kamran and Hooman!
We got from Kasravi and Aryamanesh to Bache Kunis and Lady Boys!
Now we cheer for Jendeh-jate Ba Dool va Bi Dool
Now we cheer for Chicks with Dicks and without Dicks!
Now we are down to this!   
Full speed towards the absolute abyss ….
Full speed towards the Downfall of the Persian Civilization …
Gong Ho …

The Invitation!

Hey Haji?
Have you heard the news?
Another famous Old Man Whore, respectable Iranian resident of the Whore Town,
Has imported,
Another patch job frontal virgin and rectal veteran Bimbo from the Mullah City!
Mr. Old Man Dollars engaged Miss Veteran Analist but Frontal Virgin!
Mr. Career Exilist engaged to the Miss Sewed Virgin …
Mr. Old Man Tehrangeles is marrying his child bride from Tehran …
Mr. Cunnilingus was fishing but hooked by his cunning bride!
Another cheerful, colorful, massive bling bling Persian Secular Wedding …
With a Mullah marrying the fortunate couple, reciting verses of Quran!!!
After all, the Mullah must bless the lucky couple,
Thus it has been and it shall be the Persian Tradition!
Thus it hast written that thou may slaughter, thus shalt not thee wed without thine Mullah’s blessing!
So, have you heard the news?
We must go, cause if we don’t go, then it will be a catastrophic calamity for the family!
We must wear our bling blings and fashion getups, jump in our sports automobiles and zoom …
We must drive all the way from San Diego to Los Angeles!
I got my invitation in mail.
Have you got your invitation in mail?

Plastic Persian Exits the Persian Sunset
Plastic Persian was an Achaemenian Immortal

“Will there ever be a Persian Sunrise?” Plastic Persian asked gently …

Will there ever be a Persian Sunrise? Continued on the Next Page

Chapter I: Persian Sunset
Chapter II: Persian Sunrise
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