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Epic Iranian Photo Literature with No Hero!

Plastic Persian
Epic Photo Literature with No Hero!
Chapter II: Persian Sunrise
Ahreeman X
November 18, 2013

Sunrise sets all over the Persian Empire, hopefully this turn forever
Homa guards and gently watches over the Persian Sunrise slowly capturing the Persepolis, Persia

Is Persian Sunrise possible?
Without you and I, is it probable?

Back to the office, back to the keyboard and back to the work I went …

Glancing at the window sill, the Plastic Persian was still standing at the corner …
He was gazing at me. He looked like he is studying me and analyzing my social behavior! I was looking at his body parts and craftsmanship, studying military history but he was staring at me, social studying my every move while typing every word. It seemed like the Plastic Persian was my historical conscience!

Plastic Persian Immortal Enters the Persian Sunrise

The Dialogue

Ahreeman X: Are you my historical conscience?
Plastic Persian: Are you still here?
X: Of course I’m still here, this is my office! Why are you still here?
P: Waiting to see the Persian Sunrise …
X: Now I know that you’re not just a toy Achaemenian Immortal.
P: Haven’t you just decided that I am your historical conscience?
X: But what is the truth?
P: The truth is that I have been waiting for over a millennium to see the Persian Sunrise.
X: But why are you in my office?
P: I have a feeling that you can be of help to me, aiding me to reach my goal.
X: Are you in rush?
P: Isn’t a thousand years enough waiting?
X: I have to admit that you waited longer than I, thus I have waited only over three decades.
P: Three decades is nothing compare to a millennium plus centennials …
X: Patience my ancient one …
P: I’ll be here, standing at the corner …

… and the Plastic Persian kept on watching me …

Imagine waiting a millennium and centennials plus to see the Persian Sunrise!

I put this moment over here
I put this moment over here and I move on …
Moving on …

Culture of Slavery

Took a break, back to the office, sat on my chair, stared at him, he was still there,
The Plastic Persian …

Ahreeman X: You will stick around until the end, won’t you ancient one?
Plastic Persian: The Ending is the best part, can’t wait to see the Ending!
X: Excited?
P: Enthusiastically and anxiously awaiting the End!

Homa came with the Persian Sunset
Homa left with the Persian Sunrise
Homa enjoys the Persian Sunrise setting all over the Persepolis, Persia

The Question?

Plastic Persian: I got a question for you?
Ahreeman X: Shoot?
P: What is this upside down culture?
X: What do you mean?
P: Do you see Jews worship Hitler?
X: Of course not!
P: Do you see Blacks worship Ku Klux Klan?
X: Don’t be silly!
P: Do you see Cambodians worship Pol Pot and Khmer Rouge?
X: In a cold day in Hell!
P: Do you see Russian Free Thinkers and Intellectuals worship Stalin?
X: Maybe in Bizarro World!
P: Then why do Persians worship Arabo-Muslim Murderers?
X: Wow an interesting issue you brought up!
P: Why do Persians worship Muhammad the Arab pedophile, polygamist, enslaver, rapist, torturer, and murdering prophet and his thug saints such as Ali, Hassan and Hussein?
X: Mind blowing, ha?
P: Then what is this bizarre upside down culture?
X: What culture?
P: The Iranian culture …
X: This is where you go wrong.
P: What do you mean?
X: The Iranian Shiite Islamic Sub-Culture is not truly a culture.
P: Then what is it?
X: A disease, a disorder, a syndrome, a form of Stockholm Syndrome.
P: I never looked at it that way!
X: When a people have been slaves for so long, they start identifying with their captors.
P: Wow!
X: When a people have been oppressed, tortured, raped and enslaved for centuries …
P: Then they identify with their captors …
X: Furthermore, they begin to worship their captors.
P: You gave me a new perspective!
X: This is called seeing the Big Picture.
P: Now I can see the Big Picture.
X: Yes indeed my Plastic friend, yes indeed …
P: What do you know? I learned something from you!
X: I’ve learned a whole new world from you!
P: So it is not a culture but it is a disease, the Stockholm Syndrome?
X: A Sub-Culture of Slavery …
P: Slavery?
X: Iranians are slaves to the Arab God, Arab Prophet and Arabo-Islamic Sub-Culture.
P: Are they aware?
X: Iranians have been slaves for so long that they forgotten that they are slaves!
P: Over a millennium of slavery, almost as long as I have waited for the Persian Sunrise!
X: The real question is: How will we break the Chains?
P: That’s why I am here …
X: Why?
P: To inspire you, so you can seek solutions.
X: A Plastic Persian with a mission!
P: To seek an end to the Arab Worship of the Iranians …
X: To end the Persian Slavery …
P: To find the Persian Sunrise …
X: Oh how warm and sweet thee, the Persian Sunrise!
P: The Persian Sunrise I’ve been waiting for …
X: Oh Plastic Persian, you surely inspire me!

We laughed, we enjoyed, we chatted and we traded opinions,
The Plastic Persian and I …
Back to my keyboard, back to my destiny, back to writing, I went …

I put this moment over here …
I put this moment over here and move on …
Moving on ….

Persian Sunrise over Gates of All Nations where once, all the world ambassadors entered under, to enter the Persian Emperor’s Palace, bringing gifts and to greet the Persian Empire’s Shahanshah, the strongest global leader.
Gates of All Nations, Persepolis, Iran

Essence of Madness!

What is madness?
Trading dialogues with a Plastic Persian?
From millenniums back?
Discussing history, culture, politics, philosophy and salvation with a toy?
Is he mad?
Am I mad?
Or the whole world gone mad?

Is there a method to my madness?!

What’s Real and What’s Fiction?

Is the Plastic Persian real?
Am I real?
Is Plastic Persian’s universe real?
Is my universe real?
Is he fiction and I’m real?
Am I fiction and he’s real?
Or …
Plastic Persian and I live in two parallel universes which have just collided?
Is this the intersection of two parallel universes?
Are there two realities?
Are we both real?
Who’s real and who’s fictional?
Is my reality really greater and more important than Plastic Persian’s reality?
Is Plastic Persian a figment of my imagination?
Or am I a figment of Plastic Persian’s imagination?
Is he a fraction of my mind?
Or am I a fraction of his mind?
We are both here!
What is real and what is fiction?
Don’t be so sure!
There are two realities,
One is the reality that we are aware of …
The other, is the reality rarely seen or felt by the most,
This second reality is a dark parallel copy of the first reality!
This dark parallel copy is a shadow reality!
But who’s the real McCoy and who’s the shadow?
Welcome to the Other Reality!
Welcome to the Shadow Reality!
Welcome to the Dark Side ……

You and I

Without you and I, there will be no Persian Sunrise!
You and I are the lock
You and I are the key
You and I are the problem
You and I are the solution
You and I can generate …
The Persian Sunrise!

Persian Sunrise over Persepolis, Persia

Oh Persepolis Arise

Oh Persepolis, Oh Persepolis celebrate in joy
Better days are the future
Joyous days are the future
Once center of the world,
Live again …

Persian Sunrise over Gate of All Nations at Persepolis, Iran

Oh Gates of All Nations Arise

Oh Ancient Gate, Oh Ancient Gate celebrate in joy
Better days are the future
Joyous days are the future
Once ambassadors of all nations,
Walked under you to enter the Persian Emperors’ palace and …
Bring gifts and greetings to the Persian Shahanshah,
Live again …

Persian Sunrise over the Holy Persian Bull column top at Persepolis, Iran

Oh Holy Persian Bull Arise

Oh Holy Bull, Oh Holy Bull celebrate in joy
Better days are the future
Joyous days are the future
Once wisdom and guidance to Zoroastrians,
Once producer of Food (Milk) and Fertile Land (Labor) rejoice,
Once provider of Earth (Materials) and Above (Spirituality) rejoice,
Live again …

Old Persian Glory
Persian Sunrise over Homa and Gate of All Nations at Persepolis, Iran

Oh Old Persian Glory Arise

Oh Old Persian Glory, Oh Persian Glory
The Lost Glory
The Lost Prestige
Lost to Muslim Beasts, Arab Worshipers and Half Breeds
Lost to Tazis, Degenerates and Immoral Neanderthals
Lost to Zarathustra, Ahuramazda and Ahreeman
Lost to Motherland, Aryans and Parsa People
Lost to Persians,
Be found.
Live again …

Homa Arise
Persian Sunrise over Homa at Persepolis, Iran

Homa Arise!

Oh Homay, Oh Homay, Oh Ancient Homa
Time to sing
Time to dance
Time for colors
Time to replace the Islamic Dark with the Persian Light
Time to replace the Islamic Gray with the Persian Colors
Time to replace the Islamic Black with the Persian Gold and Purple
Time to replace the Islamic Mourn with the Persian Joy
Time to replace the Islamic Cries with the Persian Laughter
Time to replace the Islamic Death with the Persian Life
Time to pack up Allah, Islam, Muhammad, Ali, Hassan and Hussein,
Time to pack up the Tazi Infection and the rest of the Arabic rubbish,
And shoot this ball from Iran all the way to inside the Mecca Goal!
Send the garbage back to Arabia,
Return the Infection back to the Source!
Oh Homay, Oh Homay, Oh Ancient Homa
Time to celebrate,
The Rebirth of the Mother Persia
Time to Celebrate,
The Persian Sunrise …

Persian Sunrise
Persian Sunrise shines all over the Persian Girl
Reflection of the Persepolis on the Persian Girl’s Sunglasses, Iran

The Persian Sunrise

Good morning Persian girl
Happy happy, joy joy
Wake up to the sound of the Persian celebration
Awake my darling
Awake from a millennium long sleep
Awake from the deep sleep of the decades
Awake from the coma of 1979
Awake from the prolonged unconsciousness
Awake from your lack of response to stimuli
Awake from your death
With a kiss
With a Persian Kiss you can awake from thine decades long, old Arabo-Islamic Nightmare!
Awake Persian Girl
Awake and allow me to see the reflection of the Persepolis in your shades
Awake and allow the world to see your Persian Smile
Awake and allow the Persian Sunrise in
Awake and witness the long awaited Persian Sunrise

Islam is gone and Iran is here
Death is gone and Life is here

Is everyone in?
Shall the ceremonies begin?
And there shall be light
And there shall be joy
And there shall be laughter
Let the Persian Sunrise in ……

Eternal be the Persian Sunrise ……

Plastic Persian and I

What wondrous knowledge have I gained from the Plastic Persian!
What ponderous thoughts have I produced via the Plastic Persian!
What inspirations have I welcomed through the Plastic Persian!
It feels like I have known him for millenniums,
Millenniums of Darkness,
All the way in to the Light!
What Enlightenment and Joy he has brought to my life!
I was in the daze and he brought me mays
I was in the haze and he brought me rays
I was in the slope and he brought me hope
I was in decline and he made me recline
I was falling and he made me climbing
But mostly,
I was in Abyss and he brought me Bliss!
Plastic Persian seems like my long lost Wise Mate
He brought me all of this enlightenment,
And you tell me he is not real?!

The One Who Came and The One Who Left …

Plastic Persian, like a slight beam of thunder lightning,
One day he came in to my life,
One day he departed from my life.
One day he brightened my day,
One day he left me with a gift,
A gift of inspiration.

I walked slowly towards my office
I opened the door gently not to rattle him or break his concentration
I sat on my tall black leather office chair
I sat behind my desk
I glanced at the monitor
My Literature piece was almost done
My work was done
I am now finishing the final touches and then I shall proof read it
Next I will input the photos which I photo-shopped earlier
I will design and publish the piece
I’m almost done
I raised my arms in the sky and stretched, made a loud yawn due to hard work and …
I laid back
Glanced through my literature piece and then,
I turned around and looked at him
“So what do you think?” I inquired.
“Ancient one?” I anxiously asked.
There was no reply at all
None what so ever!
He was not there anymore!
His physical body was still standing tall and proud on the window sill, but …
His adventurous spirit was not there anymore!
Absolute silence
No reply
No reply at all
His job here was done
He inspired me
We had an amazing historical soul searching
We had a wonderful socio-cultural trade
We had a meaningful philosophical dialogue
And now his job was done
He left me in a flash, the same way that he came to me in a flash!
It’s funny
I’m reminiscing about a lifeless plastic toy!
But was he only a plastic toy?
Or maybe something or someone much much more?
It felt like I known him for millenniums and centuries long …
But I can always state that once up on a time, I have known an Old Soul,
A Wise Old Soul who still stands tall and proud on my window sill …
An Old Soul named,
The Plastic Persian …

The wondrous stories he had told me!
We had an amazing time!
Plastic Persian and I …

He came on the defensive with a long spear but he left on the offensive with a Persian Sword!

Plastic Persian Immortal Exits the Persian Sunrise
Plastic Persian Came with the Persian Sunset!
Plastic Persian Left with the Persian Sunrise!

The Plastic Persian gave me something to preach about …

The Plastic Persian Came with the Persian Sunset!
The Plastic Persian Left with the Persian Sunrise!

In hope of better days ……


I, The Preacher

Dr. X

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