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Postby Liberator » Tue Nov 15, 2005 6:37 am

Using Satellite Television to harass Muslim emigrants to the west


Ansar Hezbollah, which is under the direct supervision of Ahmadinejad, is engaged in establishing a multi-lingual (with a concentration on Arabic) satellite television network specifically soliciting resistance in Muslim emigrants affairs in the west. The intention is to use the recent events in France as the perfect launching ground to rouse Muslims against western governments.

ILNA, the regime-run news agency reported that Mojtaba Beegdeli, spokesman for Hezbollah said that the latest episodes of violence in France has awakened Muslims and the disgusting behavior of the French government and police with the young Muslims has created a wave that indicates that the people of the world are entirely enlightened and are looking to create a society ruled by a central "guardianship"*; the movement that has begun is the spark that is meant to lead to the creation of just such a society. Under such conditions Hezbollah, other forces such as ours and the canonical sphere should get involved and actively work to promote 'enlightenment' in the Muslim public opinion. The KHAYBAR Television network, in its first phase, plans to cover Europe, North America and Northern Africa. The programming will be in Farsi and Arabic and the demographics are the 'devout' of the world."

*This is nothing more than another typical regime euphemism in which the regime is laying claim and appointing itself the ultimate architect and master of the wave of the Islamic movement.
"Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable" -J.F.K
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Postby Ahreeman X » Mon Dec 05, 2005 5:38 pm


This is indeed a glorious day for you, thus after a year of making comments & remarks on my articles, I am finally going to post a reply to you! You have now the privilege of Ahreeman's Response, so never take it for granted. Ahreeman is graceful my son!

Primarily, I am going to make a few comments about you.

I. Long ago, if my digital memory is correct, you have made a suggestion to IPC Office. This suggestion was made in private & it was in regards to IPC Operations. My digital memory is often correct; however, it is correct when I directly (in person or on the net) speak to someone in regards of a matter. In your case, we have never had any contacts before. I have only heard about this issue through the Office (3rd party), so I hope, I am talking to the right person.

Without mentioning the contents of your suggestion in public (obviously you did not suggest it in public; therefore, I respect your privacy), I am going to tell you why it will not work. And that is why the office told you to post it in public & put it for debate, so maybe we All, come up with something useful.

What you have suggested to the office, has been done before. There were plans, in 2 separate occasions to do what you have suggested & more!

a) Once in 1980, Nozhe Uprising, General Mohaqeqi & other comrades had it all planed. They had the part, which you have suggested, & furthermore, many other additions to take the plan & kick it up a notch! It was in the plan to do what you have suggested & much much more, but it was to be done, once they had gained control.

b) Second time, & later on in 80s, once again there was a similar plan which parts of it were what you have suggested plus much more details & additions. This time we have learned from Nozhe & made a great plan. The masterminds of this second uprising were a few Ex Imperial Generals. Amongst the participants there were a number of Ex Imperial Officers, Professionals, Commandos, and Businessmen and of course yours truly! I was right there in the middle of it, ploting to make the second uprising a reality & by all means avoid it to once again fail the same as Nozhe had failed. On the first uprising, I wrote an article (old IPC Site), & once again it will be published in the new site; however, I cannot reveal the names of the planners of the second uprising (security reasons), because comrades of Nozhe are all dead but most of the comrades of this second uprising are alive & well!

The second uprising had also failed. I wrote an article about this uprising & I explained that it had never become a reality, because the Generals could not supply enough funds to make it a reality. Only a few people supported the second uprising. Amongst them was Princess Ashraf & a number of Businessmen & Generals. I have openly asked Reza Pahlavi (in that famous letter), of why he did not support this second uprising? I have documents & papers in my possession, which proves RP, did not lift a finger to support the second uprising. Everything was planned to the detail & RP could make it a reality. All he had to do was to fund it & preach to a number of other Persian Billionaires to also fund it!

Until this day, Reza Pahlavi has failed to respond to that letter. Until this day I publicly accuse Reza Pahlavi of failing to commit to his duties as the crown prince of Iran. What Reza Pahlavi had done in 80s, by not supporting the second well-planed uprising, was a step short of a crime. Some Relevant Ex Imperial Generals & other Comrades even call it Treason! That was the moment, which I have lost my respect for Reza Pahlavi!

That was our last chance to commit an uprising & a coup. Back then we had the right people in the right positions, right inside Iran. Back then, they had not yet islamically purified & cleanup the military, government & related organizations (if you know what I mean)! When 80s were over, also our chances to commit an uprising or a coup was also over! After the 80s, we have lost our connections inside the regime & military. RP destroyed our hopes, Iran's hopes!

I am directly holding Reza Pahlavi, The Ass Kissers around him & The Pahlavis, responsible for this catastrophe. The history will forever judge Reza Pahlavi as an unworthy son of Alahazrat, who failed to free Iran, when he could in the 80s!

I still have the documents & one day I will make them public! I cannot do it now, because I have given my oath & word of honor to a number of Ex Imperial Generals, other high ranking Officers and other comrades, not to go public with this. As you know, we have still not lost all hopes!

So as you see, the parts in your suggestions, have been planned before & not once but in two separate occasions! Did you possibly think that we had not thought of all these episodes before? Do you know how many hours, days & weeks we have spent to develop a perfect plan? Do you know how many people were working on it back then? I had the pleasure of working with both Monarchists & NAMIR of Nehzat Moqavemat Meli. We been there & done that but RP Fragged it up (so what's new)?

II. I want to make it clear to you that Ahreeman is everywhere & sees All. Ahreeman knows All, he is aware of people's moves, on & off the net. The relevant people in Iranian politics are perfectly aware of Ahreeman's wisdom. Ahreeman is a great collector of information on All.

Long ago, once again for the tenth time or hundredth time, SMCCDI closed down & opened up again! I have heard through the grapevine that you had made this statement in some Iranian forum:

"Liberator, Ali Mostofi and myself have been participating in SMCCDI Forum, once again the forum is back up & we will be posting over there, so please join us there."

Allow me to make a few comments:

a) When you advertise for Aryo Pirouznia's Grocery Store (Dokan) of "The Censorship of the minds", are you aware of what are you truly advertising for?

b) Are you also the Counselor for Liberator and Ali Mostofi? Do you also speak on behalf of them?

Check it out,

During 27 years of my political activities & during almost 6 years since the creation of IPC, not even once, not ever, I have spoken on behalf of anyone in my life! I never gave myself the right to speak on behalf of my comrades, Monarchist or Nehzati, IPC Operation members, IPC Club members or any other person in Iranian opposition! I have always clearly stated that I am only speaking on behalf of myself & that is all!

c) I recommend to you to first, be fully aware of what or whom you are advertising for & second, then go ahead & connect yourself with a movement with no respect for freedom of speech! Third, make sure you have the right to speak on other people's behalf before you do so!

d) Watch what you see, what you say, what you do & what you write, because it might one day come back & bite you on the ass! Your reputation follows you & who knows, maybe one day you might run for an office. Be very careful about your statements! You may pay dearly!

III. On this one, my word is not only with you, yet also with All, including Lori, Kaafer, Liberator & others .............. . When a respectable Gentleman of Honor asks you a question, then have the courtesy to respond. When a bozo asks you or makes a stupid remark to you, then ignore it; however, never, ever fail to respond to a Gentleman of Honor. Answer a valid question cause it is expected of you to do so.

To not respond to people, to be late for a gathering, to be late for a dinner reception, etc. are idiotic superficial Persian Shiite Behavior! By doing above actions, Iranians assume that they will become more important & respectable!

When you cannot answer a question which has been asked from you, then this does not make you a wise man, but this will clearly announces that "You are incapable to respond" because you "do not have the knowledge or courage to respond".

When Doctors of Jebhe Meli or Desk Baller Monarchists had failed to respond to my questions, this did not make them Higher Intellectuals, yet this made them look like "Imbeciles" & "Ignorant" balloons full of air, who cannot answer my questions. They cannot respond because:

a) They do not have the knowledge.
b) They have nothing to say because they are guilty as hell.
c) They are wrong & I am right.
d) They are cowards.
e) They do not have the courage.
f) All the above.

It is only common courtesy to respond to a valid questions asked by respectable gentlemen of honor.

You people, have failed to respond to some valid questions raised by Camran Mirza, Myself or both. If you have bad Analog memories, then take Ginkgo (Chinese Natural Medicine) to practice your memory! Absent Mindedness is not an excuse! Answer the questions cause by not answering, you send a message that you are possibly a, b, c, d, e or the f! If you people do not know what am I talking about, then go read the back posts & go figure. Ahreeman has digital memory!

IV. Therefore, before I make a single remark about your latest comments on my article, you need to answer a question, which has been asked from you by us! There are people in this world who know Camran Mirza's true identity & they only wish to speak to him. When he asks you a question, you do not ignore him. The man's mind is so valuable. Same goes to Lori, Kaafer, Liberator & others ............, answer the questions which has brought up to your attention by Camran or myself. Answer the questions or risk the chance of being ignored in the future! This is called common courtesy! Try to forget for a second that you are from that Shiite Hole, named Miran!

V. I would like to give you a friendly advice:

So you want to play with Big Boys?!
To play with Big Boys, you must know how to play The Game!
You talk the Talk, but can you also walk The Walk?
Can you play the Chess?
First show what it takes to play The Game, then you can play with The Big Boys!

Ey Arash-e Kamangir,

Allow me to remind you that,
This here is IPC, hang out of The Big Boys!
If you can't take the Heat, then maybe you need to continue consorting in the usual Bang O Salavat Eye-Rainian Forums, playing the post-i-post games with Mentally Challenged! Back to Iranian Personals, DC Persian & other Bull Shiite forums you can go! Dime a Dozen!
You make the comments, but tell me,
Do you walk The Walk?

VI. To almost end this love letter, I will give you the pleasure to only respond to one of your remarks:

"Get a grip on reality man!"

Well, Arash Jan, pardone moi, but since age 11 when I first masturbated & then age 12 when I first had sex, I have been trying hard to "Get The Grip" on something! So finally I got the Grip on Haji & believe me it cannot get more Real than Haji! After all these years, I believe I have finally Got The Grip on Haji Kuchike! Let me check, hmmmmmmmmmm, Ye, Aha, Ohhh Yeeeeeee, I believe I have finally mastered in getting The Grip of it! I even got it in a ChokeHold! I gots The Grip alright! Yes Sir-i Bobby! Gots me The Grips all right! But sometimes, when Haji rebels & riots a lot, stands straight, arises in public & waves Derafsh-e Kaviyani, then I gots to hold him down with both hands cause he is such a Big Boy! Sometimes I am in need of The Hammer to bang on him, put him down & make him humble! Haji standing fully erect in public can be embarrassing! That's when I will be in need of The Hammer, to get The Grip!

Arash I am Getting The Grip on Reality all right!
Well All Righty then!

Hee Hee Hee How How Howl!

Back to web design of the new site we go. This maybe the final post of Ahreeman for a long long time, until the new site comes out! Ahreeman exits the room now .............

For now,

Adios Amigo

The Hammer Head X
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Postby Liberator » Mon Dec 05, 2005 7:46 pm

Dr X-jaan,

I believe this 2nd plan that you've addressed is the one that Mr Fooladvand was part of as well. If not, excuse my ignorance. :roll:

Ba Sepaas
"Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable" -J.F.K
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Chief Warrant Officer 4
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Postby Ahreeman X » Tue Dec 06, 2005 7:07 am

Haj Viking:

Pay attention. I am not @ liberty to speak about this issue. I can neither confirm nor deny anything. Lets say that no one who was involved or had a major role in that operation/movement is allowed to talk or brag about it! If one was involved in it, then one must keep his mouth shut because this is an ongoing prospect. Let's also say that my problem with Fandoq goes way back!

Now, have in mind that I do not watch Iranian Televisions, I do not listen to Iranian Radios & I do not read Iranian Forums. My eyes are too precious to be wasted on them. Specifically watching Iranian TVs, gives me the runs! Every time I turn on an Iranian Television & I take one look @ Ahura Yazidi, NagooZia, Anook, Jame Pashm, Dr. Fandoq & others ............, right away they give me the runs! Iranian TVs work as Lavashak-e Alu, Black Alu Bokhara, or Ex-Lax! They cleanup your system! Once you turn on the TV, there is no stopping in Diarrhea!

I have never seen a bunch of untalented fools, conducting Radio Talk Shows on TVs, as Iranians do! It is simply chaos! They talk on the phone, cell phone & to the viewers @ the same time! There is no reason why these shows cannot be conducted on radio! These untalented men, give a new meaning to Television Entertainment! Iranian TVs surely work as Lavashak-e Alu or Ex-Lax to stomach! I am allergic to these Iranian Show-Ans!

Now I want to know what has Dr. Fandoq been saying about the operations in 80s? Has he erected himself as the centerpiece of those days? I would not be surprised if a Megalomaniac such as him have taken credit for the hard work of the Generals!

Now, I want you to jump in your raft, row to London, go tell Foofool, stop sending his Counselors here! He has been officially asked to come here & speak for himself, so there is no need sending all these counselors here! He needs to come out clean, so people can take him seriously!

You, also need to come out clean! A Bermuda Love Triangle between you, RP & Foofool does not work!
Either your old love Reza Junior Mint or your new love Foofool, but you cannot flirt with both loves!

Torn between two lovers,
Feeling like a fool,
Loving both of them,
Is breaking all the rules,

Torn between twoooooo lovers,
Feeling like a foooool,
loving both of them,
Is breaking all the rules,

Lay Lalay Lay Lalay,
Lalay Lalay Lay,
Lala Lala La,
Bam Babam Babam,

Lay Lalay ...............

You dig Haji?

You can go:
Na Sharqi, Na Qarbi, Jomhuriye Eslami!

But you can't go:
Ham Sharqi, Ham Qarbi, Jomhuriye Dooli!

Get it Chuck?

Also, once you reach London (with your Viking Raft), I need you to tell Dr. Fandoq, for Gods sake shut his mouth about anything that we did those days! Does he know about oath of secrecy? That is why back in those days & even today in IPC Op. we have the "Rule of 4". The Rule of 4, tells us that each person must only know 3 others, so in an operation, the maximum number for each person to know is 3; therefore, each 4 persons from the Op. know each other! Why you ask? So when one gets caught & tortured, he can only fess up 3 other names, not the whole Operation! got it Chuck? Rule of 4 is the key! But then again Fandoq was never that bright back then, & surely not now!

I also want you to tell him, for God's sake, stop it! Paleeeeeese:

"Enqadr Kos O She'r bare khalq nakon! Ye Break bedeh, ye kam kutah bia! Enqadr Khali naband! Aqa Khali Bandi baste! Poquito-Mas Kos O She'r Por Favor!"

And for God's sake, let go of the rental wardrobe suit & studio! Mix some class!

You know, I feel sorry for Iranians!
You do not have decent Showmen, so you think these bozos are Tom Jones!

Shoma nadarid o nadidid!
Shoma Farokhzad o Mir Motehari ro nadidid!
Shoma nadarid, vase ine ke fekr mikonid, in Chalquz-ha Jay Leno hastand! Shoma fekr mikonid inha Show hast va inha Showman hastand! Iraniha vaqe'an adamhaye badbakhti hastand ke bayad in Kos O She'r haro bebinan!

Dahati Paris ro nadideh, fekr mikone Qom che Shahre por shokuhi hast!

Only if all these Iranian Show-Ans would put together their money & mouth to create one decent Iranian 24 hour TV worth of watching, then Iranian people would not get the runs watching these pathetic garbage TV programs! But then again Miranians are Masters of Fraggups! If they do not Frag up everything, then how would the world know, they are Miranian?!

One last thing, I do not want to hear this man's name any more, until he comes here & come out clean. He has been officially invited to come here & redeem himself. If he has something to say, then say it?!

At last, allow me to inform you:

Let go of my shorts, will you? Let me go, I need to get on with getting this damn site going! Will you let go? And don't burn a piece o my hair. Once you burn one of my hairs, I must appear like a Jinn! I cannot afford to appear in IPC until I put this site back on the air. So for the meanwhile, play amongst yourselves & exclude me!

You speak such beautiful English, did you get an English Girlfriend?
I believe everytime one wants to learn a new language, he must get a girlfriend who speaks that language & is from that country! That's the fastest way to learn new languages & also get burned out in bed!

Adios Haj Viking


Someone fed up with the Iranian Bull Shiite Community!
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Postby Liberator » Tue Dec 06, 2005 10:01 am

Dr-X Jaan,

I will not refer to him by his name as to not "piss you off". Yes I believe "IranBaan" :marine: was part of this movement and he has talked of it in the same general terms that you have - that it was a movement that had great potential to succeed but that did not get the required attention/funding from important figures. It's a shame that those "important figures" did not carry out their duties and i'm sure it has lead many to rethink their stances. It is indeed a shame if Reza Pahlavi did not assist with something that could have potentially been a great victory. I hope that one day all of these past events will come into the spot light and that we can judge for ourselves, and hopefully also hear what the other side has to say. I don't know if you remember but I used to be quite an advocate of Reza Pahlavi but as the years passed and as I heard stories like the above..it started shrinking. I still consider him as an important part of the "opposition" but have on numerous times addressed my concern that he isn't doing even a fraction of what he could be doing. As a Constitutional Monarchist I find "IranBaan's" suggestion that the best man/woman of Iran to be elected Shah or Shahbanou is interesting. We'll see were it goes. Right now it won't go anywhere because our motherland is under the 2nd Arabo-Muslim occupation and our primary concern is to end this occupation and save Iran from cultural destruction.

If you deem it necessary you can reply to this whenever you have time; if necessary that is...

More power to you Dr-X.
More power to the resistance!

Ba Sepaas
"Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable" -J.F.K
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Postby Ahreeman X » Tue Feb 14, 2006 11:01 pm

Why we may lose the war on terror!

Do you want to know why we may lose the war on terror?
Here is why:

Incident one:
42 British Troops on Trial for Doing Their Job!

A video has been discovered which shows a bunch of British Troops are beating on some Iraqi Teens with clubs. Of course the video is taken out of context & does not show why are they doing such beating! First, for days in & days out, the teens were throwing rocks & even hand grenades @ British Compound for a long while! Afterwards, the British got fed up & finally went & grabbed them & beat the crap out of them.

Now, Muslim are enraged! Another Abu Grab Episode! British Government arrested them & is going to court marshal 42 British Troops participated in this beating! Why? Because they defended themselves & democracy!

Muslim are enraged because British Troops were beating on some brats! But Muslim are not enraged of @ least one beheading & bombing a week by Islamists!

Do you think Israeli soldiers in Palestine or Russian soldiers in Chechenya would slap these kids on the hands & say "Bad, Bad Kids"?! They would've beat the living shiite out of them brats! The West is getting too soft & it is all due to Liberals!

Carter is the reason for creation of Islamist Fundamentalism in the globe! Carter is the reason for Khomeini getting to power, loss of Iran & loss of Panama canal! Now he goes to Mid East Nations & badmouths America!

You see, this is the work of the Liberals! This pressure is because of people like Carter & Gore who go overseas & badmouth America in front of an audience of Arabs!

Muslim are beheading our troops, that's how they are fighting this war!
We beat some cockroaches who are future prospects for terrorism, & Liberals @ the top of the government, court-martial our boys! We are fighting a politically correct war with an enemy who does not play by any rules & fights the dirtiest of all battles!

We are fighting Liberals @ home-front & we are fighting Islamists abroad!

Islamism & Liberalism go hand in hand!

Incident two:
UAE wins bid on US port management!

I was just informed that a United Arab Emirates' company won the bid & appointed by port authorities to manage a number of important ports on East Coast of United States! A UK company was in charge in the past, yet now a UAE company will take over. Do you realize that all the Arab Terrorists from 9/11 used to use UAE ports to get to USA?!

Now are we so sure that UAE is our ally in war against terror that we allow them to run our major ports such as DC, NY, Philly, Baltimore & Miami? This is like showing the green light to Terrorists to come & frag us up the shiiter! You know how easy it will be for Hezbos to now cross into USA from these major ports?

How can such thing be possible without Congress' approval? Is this how Bush is running the war on terror?! And then Cheney shots a poor guy by accident in a hunting episode! I bet with you, Al Qaeda is now laughing @ our Asses!

Osama is probably telling Al Zawahiri: "Americans are a gang who can't even shoot straight, but they grant Arabs to run their ports! C'mon boys, we have a green light to send sleeper cells to States now! Gong Ho..........."

What a joke!

Liberalism is a mental disorder & it will cost Britain & USA to lose the war on terror, unless the deaf ears open up & listen to people such as myself!


Reality Check
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Postby Ahreeman X » Fri Mar 03, 2006 3:24 pm

The Fall of The Western Civilization by Islam!
Part Four: The Bull Shiite Factor (Conspiracy Theories)!
March 3, 2006

Ladies and Gentlemen:

Please welcome,
The Bull Shiite Factor (Conspiracy Theories)!
The Bull Shiite Factor, both, Homegrown & Middle Eastern Style!
Specifically the,
Conspiracy Theorist, Mellow Dramatic, Psychotic, Middle Eastern, Muslim Mentality!
Hidy hidy hidy ho & a pipe full o opium!

Out there American Nut Job Radical Left and Nut Job Middle Eastern Conspiracy Theorists are convinced that Bush Administration in cooperation with Sharon's Government had killed 3000 of our own people in 9/11 to create a green light to invade Afghanistan and Iraq!

Just go anywhere in Middle East and you will see this thought pattern is very popular! Conspiracy Theories are parts of everyday life in Middle East, even in Iran!

I have one question to these nut jobs:

Do you really believe that Bush Administration needed or needs an excuse to military invade anywhere in the world?

We just lock & load & go, that's all! We don't need any excuse! It has been done before! What kind of sick twisted mind would actually believe that in a civilized (not Muslim) nation, where 3 major powers (Judicial, Legislative and Executive) over see each other & their power limits, such as United States, The (Elected) president of the greatest democracy on Earth would actually plot to kill 3000 of his own people to create an excuse?

Let's for arguments sake say that Bush had done this plot. But how in the hell, was he able to actually commit this crime without the participation of all or some of the other US power sources such as Military, CIA, Pentagon, FBI, Congress, Cabinet, Aviation Industry, Air lines, & other organizations?

Or are you claiming that it was a Grand Conspiracy?!

So one day Bush woke up in the morning, his penis got erected & he called Cheney on the phone,

"Hey Dick, lets provide some planes & some Arab Suicide Bombers, blow up various targets around US, kill 3000 Americans & use Israelis as co architects to succeed. Afterwards, we pretend Arabs & Al Qaeda done it, so we can invade Afghanistan & Iraq! What do you say Dick?"

"What a great idea W, I'll be right over @ the White house with Condey, we bring over the 6 pack, Explosives & Arab Pilots!"

Zip a dee doo da de & a bottle of Rum!

And for what? For oil? Then how come so far we have been spending an arm & a leg in Iraq & we haven't seen a dime of Iraqi oil yet? And forget Afghnaistan, they do not have jack shiite as natural resources for us to pilage, except Opium & Poppy fields!

You see, Islam has infected the brains of the Middle Eastern people! I honestly have doubts if there are any sane Muslim amongst us! But then again, only Allah knows!

Dear Brain Drained Muslim:
In a complexed democratic system such as United States, you simply cannot commit a plot of this magnitude without using a great a number of co conspirators, & by doing so, you open the air to get caught primarily by the ever nosey American Media! The Bloody Liberal Biased Media! And if by an odd chance, the CNN, CBS, ABC & New York Times don't get you, then for sure Senator Hillary The Bull Dyke Clitoris will!

Middle Eastern Coocoo Nut Jobs, please get a clue & please study the American System before you make wild accusations such as this one!

And what about Al Qaeda & Osama who accepted the responsibility for 9/11?

And for the American Radical Liberal Whacked Jobs, oh boy oh boy, you are beyond help! You are the homegrown nut jobs of America & unfortunately we cannot even deport you, because you are American Citizens! You are the Bacterias which we have no choice but to co exist with!

Allah bless America, cause with Internal Whacked Jobs (Radical Liberals & Michael Moores) & External Psychos (Islamists & Ahmadinejads) we could use Allah's help!

You see folks, :magnify:

Good old Iranian American Home boys such as myself are indeed like "Two Headed Shiite Sticks"! We are stuck in between the "Shiite" & the "Bull Shiite"!

You got Shiite: Muslim Psychos overseas! :hezboz:
and then,
You got Bull Shiite: Home Grown whacked Jobs @ States! :wow:

A Prayer: [-o<
Praise The Lord O Mighty, Ale Luya, There are some Tough Shiite ahead! We are riding this boat through Shiite Waters! Our Boat's window shield is covered with Shiite & wipers don't work! Help us get through these Shiite waters & land safe @ shore!



A Master Conspiracy Theorist, Whacked Job Leftist and Loony Muslim "Detector"!
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Winston Churchill on Islam!

Postby Ahreeman X » Mon Sep 18, 2006 12:20 am

The Fall of The Western Civilization by Islam!
Winston Churchill on Islam!

Big Shot politicians like to make themselves seem strong when responding to Muslim terrorism by joining themselves to the ghost of Winston Churchill, it would be appropriate to see what Churchill himself thought about Islam. This is from his 1899 book, The River War, written when he was 24 years old:

"How dreadful are the curses which Mohammedanism lays on its votaries! Besides the fanatical frenzy, which is as dangerous in a man as hydrophobia in a dog, there is this fearful fatalistic apathy. The effects are apparent in many countries. Improvident habits, slovenly systems of agriculture, sluggish methods of commerce, and insecurity of property exist wherever the followers of the Prophet rule or live.…A degraded sensualism deprives this life of its grace and refinement; the next of its dignity and sanctity. The fact that in Mohammedan law every woman must belong to some man as his absolute property, either as a child, a wife, or a concubine, must delay the final extinction of slavery until the faith of Islam has ceased to be a great power among men.

Individual Moslems may show splendid qualities ... but the influence of the religion paralyses the social development of those who follow it. No stronger retrograde force exists in the world. Far from being moribund, Mohammedanism is a militant and proselytizing faith. It has already spread throughout Central Africa, raising fearless warriors at every step; and were it not that Christianity is sheltered in the strong arms of science, the science against which it had vainly struggled, the civilization of modern Europe might fall, as fell the civilization of ancient Rome."

[The River War, first edition, Vol. II, pp. 248-50.]

Please note that the Islam that Churchill is describing as inherently a slave system, as inherently presenting an ongoing threat to Europe, is not “radicalâ€
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Re: Fall of The Western Civilization by Islam!

Postby Atusa Qajar » Tue Jan 13, 2015 11:35 am

Ahreeman Was Correct!
Ahreeman was correct and his predictions came true. Take a good look at France and Europe today. America is next. These are the results of Multiculturalism without a major traditional dominant culture and language.

Mass migration of Muslims to France and granting welfare, housing and benefits to them without Frenchize them has resulted in to Islamic Republic of France! Now they have to deal with it and I promise you this is only the beginning. There will be many more terror attacks on France and America. These terror attacks will be by the hands of French and American Muslims well planned by Al Qaeda, ISIS and IRI. Never forget that Islamic Republic of Iran is still as always the Master Terrorist Mind and state sponsor terrorist.

Right now, Mullahs are laughing in Qom!

Ahreeman probably says:

See I told you so! :badgrin:

I am a Liberated Woman.
I am a Danger to Islam and Muslims.
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