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The story of Darius the Great, the founder of the Achaemenid

PostPosted: Sun Jul 12, 2009 5:26 am
by Jaff Sassani
The story of Darius the Great, the founder of the Achaemenid Empire, the Emperor who destroyed the unity among the Airyanem Vaejah nations

by Hamma Mirwaisi

Re-published by Jaff Sassani organizations
We believe to get united, we need to go back to our root as one nation based on truth not lie.

The differences between Cyrus the Great and Darius the Great

Cyrus the Great

The Emperor of the Median Empire
who declared human right for the first
time among the Humanity.

He truly believed Ahura Mazda (God).

Known as father of Truth

Never betrayed his family or Friend

Married only one woman

Worked for the United Madayu and Parsu

He loved the Airyanem Vaejah Nation

He did not killed his own people or others

He was loved by People

He planted the seed of Unity

His honor are respectable by humanity

His human right record speaking for itself

He never conspired up on others

His legacy helping the humanity

Kind and forgive


He is symbol of honor in humanity

His life story is cherished by nobles

The people loved to be conquered by him

Darius the Great

The Emperor of the Achaemenid Empire
Who did not respect human right During his rule?

He pretended to be believer of Ahura Mazda (God).

Known As father of Lie

Betrayed family and friends

married multiple women for politics

Divided Madayu and Parsu People

He Divided the Airyanem Vaejah Nation

He murdered his own people and others

He was hated by the people

He planted the seed of Divisions

He did not have any honor, no one respect him

He did not respect human right

all his live revolving around conspiracy

His legacy hurting the humanity to this day

Resentful and take revenge


He is symbol of dishonor in humanity

His life story is cherished by evil doers

the people hated his rule

The story of Darius the Great, the founder of the Achaemenid Empire

The people doing evil deed are called possessed by Ahriman (Devil), how about the people doing good deed, and then we should call them possessed by Ahura Mazda (God), what ever the reasons are there. There are people who love to hurt others, for jealousy, greedy, selfishness, hatred, revenge, powers you name it are out there since the existence of humanity on earth. The opposite are true, there are people who want to help others by all means. Then the majority must be the people who want to help others, that are the reasons, we the human on earth are increasing and survived so long.

Darius the great committed so much crime during his life to have power over others. He is not alone; many others before him and for sure after him will practice the same method to grab the power or wealth, the method he used and practiced during his struggle for grabbing the power as Emperor of Median Empire, was bloody and dishonorable, he harmed the unity of the Airyanem Vaejah nations for thousand of years to come, the hopes are there for the people to take time, read and analyze the truth without others interference so they can understand the differences between Cyrus the Great and Darius the Great. When one truly understands the truth, then that person will work hard to bring the unity for the Airyanem Vaejah nations again. Just like what, Emperors Diako of Mede, Cyrus of Anshan and Ardashir Sassani did for their own Airyanem Vaejah nations in the past.

I, General Harpagus of Median Empire, received news that Darius son of Hystaspes killed both Cyrus the great sons and one of his daughter, he declared himself King of King of the Median Empire. Then he comes up with the story about Emperor Smerdis, the younger son of Emperor Cyrus after he killed him with group of his friends, while he was only Emperor of Median Empire for seven month. Darius son of Hystaspes claim that the person whom they killed was not Smerdis, because Smerdis got killed by his older brother long time ago before going to conquer Egypt. The person we killed was an impostor, a Magian named Gaumata, he look liked Smerdis and tried to take the Median Empire throne and we saved the Empire. Then he changed the name of Empire to the Achaemenid Empire, of course no one believed his story and civil war break out every where in the Empire.

Darius son of Hystaspes committed crimes, I, General Harpagus of Median Empire hear now a day that many people calling me trader because I supported Cyrus the great to become Emperor of Median Empire. We did not had the differences between the Airyanem Vaejah Nations (Madayu, Parsu, Elam, Aran and others was equal to us then) then, Cyrus of Anshan was the son of Airyanem Vaejah nations, not son of Parsu or Madayu alone. He was elected by his uncle to take the throne after death and that is what happened naturally, we never felt that Parsu are different from Madayu people, all this differences are created by evil doers like Darius and his followers. I, General Harpagus of Median Empire proud to be identified as loyal to the Cyrus the Great because Cyrus the Great served the Airyanem Vaejah nations equally and he never betrayed his own Madayu or Parsu people, he loved all of us equally, those follower of the Darius from pars regions should be ashamed to call themselves follower of the Cyrus the Great. There are differences between both Emperor Cyrus and Darius. Those who like to lie and cheat in life are belonging to the Darius camp and those who are truthful and honorable are those belong to the camp of Cyrus the Great.

Many people in Parsu, Elam and Madayu followed Darius son of Hystaspes for greedy reason only. Those who did not practice Ahura Mazda religion and obsessed with the material and wealth collections, they betrayed the Airyanem Vaejah people for personal gain, without any regards for the future of their own people, that is why the people will suffer in the hand of occupiers some day.

Emperor Darius always were clamming that Ahura Mazda helping him, but in reality he killed most of the Magi’s the religious teachers, the scientist and educated segment of the society. He destroyed the Zoroastrian religion by his actions for his own personal gain. Ahriman is with all of us always, encouraging us to hurt other and accumulate wealth, the cycle never will be ended and evil doer never will have enough in life. So if you listen to Ahriman first you think bad, then spiting out bad words and in the end you take evil deed. For sure Darius son of Hystaspes fall for Ahriman teaching. The Zoroastrian religion teaching proved the mentality of human are not perfect that is why Prophet Zoroaster emphasized on the principle of teaching good thought, good word and good deed, if any person follow that teaching faithfully then will be impossible to hurt others and lie. The truths are part of his teaching, but if people does not follow the teaching then those people are following Ahriman teaching instead of Ahura Mazda desire.

Emperor Darius fall into the Ahriman cycle without the way out, He killed destroyed, married multiple wives, personally cutting up Phraortes (he said I am Khshathrita) the grandson of Emperor Cyaxares of Median Empire who stand in his way, gained fame and become very rich, while his father and grandfather was alive but he wants to be Emperor and have them to be his subordinate. He planted the bad seed among the Airyanem Vaejah people especially among the honest Parsu people, he corrupted the Parsu people to cheat, steal, lie, betray their own people. Only educations and true religions and faith can change the parsu people to be normal again after they are no longer practicing the Zoroastrian religion we all belong too.

Emperor Darius son of Hystaspes killed most of the Nobel man of Madayu people whom joined king Phraortes (he said I am Khshathrita). He skinned (flayed and) them alive and hung out (their hides, stuffed with straw) in Ecbatana for the median people to see their own relative, father brother and heroes.

Emperor Darius son of Hystaspes planted the seed of hatred between Madayu and Parsu people for generations to come. This kind of actions never heard before, only Deaw the evil will do such thing to his own people.

Emperor Darius son of Hystaspes attacked Baboylon two time, Median people three time, Parthian, Hyrcania, Parsu, Elam, Sagartia, Margian and Armenian one time, so he killed all those people who stand on his way, because he took power illegally the people was revolting against him. He did have enough power to put down all the freedom fighters with his gangster group. In the end he ruled the Empire by iron fist, but planted the bad seed among the honest Parsu people, the thought how to betrayal your own family, backstop each other, lie, cheat, kill each other without Mersey; treat each other harshly and allow one group to enslave other group. In short become normal all bad habit within the society and become normal practice by the people. The people following Ahriman teaching, they are going to suffer for thousand of years unless the people recognize the wrong doing of the past and change themselves by admitting the wrong doing of Emperor Darius son of Hystaspes, and promise Ahura Mazda to not follow the footstep of Emperor Darius son of Hystaspes, but will follow instead the footstep of honorable Cyrus the Great who taught the humanity the listen of friendship and honesty.

The people should think about what happened was wrong and teach their own children between good and evil. And bring up Emperor Cyrus the Great son of Cambyses for good, and Emperor Darius son of Hystaspes for evil. Explain their rule and actions to prove what really good and evil means and why religions are affecting human thinking it is the teaching and practice will make better person. The truths are important because when one lies then they will change things which will lead to wrong doing.

I, General Harpagus of Median Empire in the past and king of Lycia now, enjoyed your company my dear merchant from my home Bakhtaran of Media and hope you will inform the youth of our nations the truth what I told you in the past few weeks.

I, the spirit of Airyanem Vaejah nation, pretended as merchant from Media looking for goods to buy and take it back to Bakhtaran. Listened to King Harpagus stories of the past and told the people to remember between truth and lie. Cyrus the great stand for honor, truth, Zoroastrian religious man, unionist, worked hard for the unity among the airyanem Vaejah nation with honor and die for it. In other hand Emperor Darius son Hystaspes are stand for blemish, lie (druj), pretending to be Zoroastrian religious man, separatist, worked hard for the separations among the airyanem Vaejah nation and he planted the evil seed of betrayal and murdering people for achievement which will last for thousand of years among the Airyanem Vaejah nations and especially among the Parsu people in the region.

PostPosted: Sun Jul 12, 2009 1:50 pm
by Ahreeman X
Dear SKDC Rep.

Problems with this post:

I. When you are comparing Cyrus with Darius, you are connecting each characteristic of both, side by side on each line. No separation, no space, no format, no table, no columns. On each line you have a fragment which makes no sense. It is not easy to read and confusing for the reader.

II. This essay has been written in such broken English that is not understandable for an average English reader unless the reader, like myself is familiar with how Middle Easterners think and write English, so he can read between the lines and understand it.

III. This essay has no historical sources. This is just based on Hamma Mirwaisi whoever this person is!

IV. This essay is not history but it is opinion.

V. To bash Darius The Great, one of the founders of the Persian Empire, you must provide historical evidence, otherwise any person in the street can release rhetorics based on nothing!

VI. In the history of Iran, we name someone great for a reason. We don’t just grant someone title of great for no reason! Darius is too huge to be bashed by some Kurd!

VII. The funny thing is that if Kurds got any problem with any Persian, then they should have problems with Cyrus and not Darius, because Cyrus was the one who ended the Median Kingdom and Azhidahak’s episodes. Kurds consider the Median Kingdom as Kurdish, so Kurds must have a beef with Cyrus and not Darius.

This essay is not history but personal opinion by some Kurd. So if you want to publish it, republish it or repost it or not, it does not make any difference. This is one opinion amongst millions out there. Greeks bash Darius, so why not Kurds?! No one cares and history surely will not change. The world knows who Darius was and the world respects Darius.

…. And for God’s sake if you are going to rebuttal, then do not send me an e-mail in private with some flawed reasoning or politically correct statements so you can remain loved by all sides and not to hurt anyone’s feelings. If you have a rebuttal, then say it right here for all to read.

… And for God’s sake, post in the proper room! By now, you should be familiar with IPC Halls and Rooms System! You can't post Persian history in Iran Politics Room!



The story of Darius the Great, the founder of the Achaemenid

PostPosted: Sun Jul 12, 2009 3:17 pm
by Jaff Sassani
Dr. Ahreeman X

We at the Jaff Sassani organization (SKDC) are seeking the truth. We are not re-publishing an article for our Aryan people to hate us. We like to see our people looking at the past to understand why we are divided as one nation.

The Greek scholars, Jewish scholars and Arab Imperialist plus Turks of Turkey are helping our people's divisions for sure?

We understand that Kurds and Persian used to be “Madayu and Parsu” living in the same area before the Assyrian Empire forced them to move from Lake Urmia farther east and south. Why some people calling themselves Persian are calling "Median Empire" were an occupier of the Parsu region. Who they are making all this propaganda for thousand of years under our names. Why we have to follow Greek, Jewish, Arab, Turks and Western Imperialist design of our people separations to many different sub-nations. What is wrong with our people, they becoming blind for selfish interest. We are losing our land if we like it or not. The Arab Sayyeid families are our masters under the name of Islam and Turks are taking more land, plus western imperialist and Jewish state not only taking our resources alone but they are helping Turkey and Mullah in Iran too against our people.

Who is behind our divisions, why we have to hate each others , who are benefiting from our divisions?

We at the Jaff Sassani organizations coming to existence to unit Persian, Kurds, Elam, old Azeri , Bluchi and all other Aryan branches in one united Economic Union like the European Union. We want to be free from Arab Sayyeid, Western Imperialist, Turks internally and externally.

We are calling on each individual to study our past and understand between right and wrong instead of fighting each other for ever.

The Aryan (Iranian) people should study our own people past and find out who is working to divide us. We are from the same blood, why we are proud of “Achaemenid Empire” but not proud of the “Median Empire”. We have to be proud of Median Empire's too.

We see Greeck and later Jewish scholars made up stories of our differences. We see few people claiming those differences. We are the Sassanian Persian in Iran do not believe of any differences between Kurds and us Persian people, we believe that we are the same people with little differences in our language.

PostPosted: Sun Jul 19, 2009 8:22 pm
by Ahreeman X
Median Kingdom, Important notes

Dear SKDC Rep:

Ewarat bash, Chaki? Chuni? Kachuli?

I. This topic is about Darius the Great and not the Achaemenid Empire or the Median Kingdom! Why are you switching topics, dodging the issue and changing the subject? You are republishing an article by some Kurd who trashed Darius without any evidence, now the question is that are you just reporting what he wrote or do you actually agree with these baseless accusations? You are not some Dahati Kurd from other side of the mountain, but you are a history teacher, so do not act dazed and confused here. There is a Persian expression for what you are doing here:

Khodeto be kuche-ye Ali Chap nazan!
(Don’t go off the road to the Leftist Ali’s Dead End Alley!)

II. One of Shah’s and his historical advisors’ gravest mistakes was to not include the Median History and add it to the 2500 Years Celebration of the Persian Empire and make it 3000 years! Neither Shah nor his advisors were historically illiterate, so there is no justification for this behavior except “Persian Racism”! Back then, they excluded 500 years off of our history. Back then, they only knew as much as 3000 years, but now we know 8000 years:

8000 Years of Iranian History ... /index.htm

III. Kurds and Shah had one thing in common! They were both illiterate about the racial nature of the Median Kingdom!

Shah assumed Median Kingdom were Kurds, so he excluded them from the Iranian history!
Kurds assumed that Median Kingdom was only about them, so they considered Media as Kurds.

Reality Check

Kurds were only a part of the Median Kingdom. Khashtarah (state) of Kordun which was consisting of today’s Greater Kurdistan (Iran, Iraq, Turkey and Syrian parts) was only a state of the Median Kingdom. Kordun was a major state of the Median kingdom but by no means the whole Median Kingdom belonged to Kurds!

The last I remembered was that the capital of Media was Ecbatana (Hamedan) and not Sanandaj! Hamedan City and Province, the same as Kermanshah (Kambaden back then) were and are only partially Kurd. They are not pure Kurd or even majority Kurd in contrary to the Kurdistan of Iran or Western Azerbaijan (Mohabad) which are majority Kurd!

In fact today’s Tehran (the city and province) was right in the middle of Media!

IV. Technically I am only ¼ Kurd from Kermanshah but I consider myself pure Median Persian because I am from Tehran and I am Aryan; therefore, geographically I am racially Med. Any Aryan Tehrani is a Med (Mad), so as you see to consider the Median Kingdom a Kurdish state is pure fantasy.

Reality Check II

Kurds needed a historical identity; therefore, they took the identity of Media and named it their own! Median Kingdom by no means was belonged only to the Kurds!

Shah also undermined the Median Kingdom and excluded it from the Iranian History because he was a Centralist rather than a Federalist.

Shah and Kurds were both wrong and historically illiterate to the racial makeup of the Median Kingdom.

V. Media was never an Empire so to call it Median Empire is pure fantasy. Only Nationalist and Separatist Kurds (Intentionally) and Greeks (Due to historical ignorance) call Media an Empire! The geographical land under the Median rule was never as huge and as diverse to be called an Empire. Media was a Kingdom.

VI. I am a very proud Median Aryan and extremely proud of the Median Kingdom’s history. Media was a bright moment in the history of Iran, but let’s not go overboard and exaggerate the history of Media like Kurds do!

Iran has 8000 years of history:

Iran Dynasties and Monarchs of 8000 Years ... /index.htm

VII. As a matter of fact I am so found of the Median History that I had named my Estate, “Ecbatana”, so as you see, I live in Ecbatana!

Bottom Line

In the future I am going to write an article about this issue and the history of Median Kingdom. We all need to remain factual and not fanatical. Shah and Kurds were both wrong. Today’s Monarchists and Separatist Kurds are also both wrong, one for being Centralist and other for being Separatist. They both exaggerate the history. Monarchists glorify Achaemenid and Kurds glorify Media. Both are wrong!

I glorify Iran and Iranians. Let’s focus:

Persia is the English term for Iran.
I am a Persian Nationalist.
I am as much Kurd as I am Persian, Azeri, Baluch, Gilak, Turkmen, Khorasani (Parthian), etc.

I am from every single corner of the Greater Iran, from Iraq to Afghanistan and from Tajikistan to Bahrain!

So now that I have clarified this whole issue about Media for all, one thing still remains a mystery!

What on Earth did this issue had to do with our topic and discussion about Dairus?
Why do you dodge the subject?



The dialog between those who cares about the Unity of Aryan

PostPosted: Mon Jul 20, 2009 3:02 am
by Jaff Sassani
The analysis of history by Mr. Hamma Mirwaisi are bringing up the discussions of our people past especially Madayu and Parsu people. Why they become enemy of each other? Who made them enemies? Who is behind this propaganda by calling the entire Aryan nations (Iranian) Persian?

Why the name of region Pars has to be the name of our nation while we had the name of “Airyanem Vaejah” for thousand of years before the existence of Median Empire or other Empires followed them.

The question is why few people insisting that our people be called by name of region instead be called by our real name ” Airyanem Vaejah”, what is wrong with our original name?

Do our Persian people want to be superior over other branches or simply our enemies starting with Greek Scholars, Jewish Scholars, Arab Scholars and Turk Scholars plus western Imperialist design want to divide our nations.

They come up with word “Persian” from the “Pars or Parsu” region for our nations, instead of our real name the “Airyanem Vaejah”.

Emperor Cyrus the Great, Ardashir Sassanid and Reza Shah was not insane to call us “Airyanem Vaejah” or “Iranian” instead of Persian.

Dr. AhreemanX quotations
“Kurds needed a historical identity; therefore, they took the identity of Media and named it their own! Median Kingdom by no means was belonged only to the Kurds!

Shah also undermined the Median Kingdom and excluded it from the Iranian History because he was a Centralist rather than a Federalist”

We at the SKDC believe that Mohammed Reza Shah of Iran excluded the “Median Empire” from the Iranian history because of the influence of foreign scholars to continue on with the separations of “Airyanem Vaejah” people, not other way around.

Dr. AhreemanX quotations
“I glorify Iran and Iranians. Let’s focus:

Persia is the English term for Iran.
I am a Persian Nationalist.
I am as much Kurd as I am Persian, Azeri, Baluch, Gilak, Turkmen, Khorasani (Parthian), etc.

I am from every single corner of the Greater Iran, from Iraq to Afghanistan and from Tajikistan to Bahrain!

So now that I have clarified this whole issue about Media for all, one thing still remains a mystery!

What on Earth did this issue had to do with our topic and discussion about Dairus?
Why do you dodge the subject?”

We call Kurds separatist always. We should call ourselves Separatist because we are using the name of Persian for entire “Aryan” nations which is the name our enemy’s choice for us to divide us into separate sub-nations and we are supporting their evil doing.

Since Darius Great killed children of Cyrus the great and later killed most educated people the Magi and military leaders of Median Empire by skinning them and stuffed with straw for public to see, we have the problem between Persian and Kurds. The Greek enemies then used that divisions made by Darius the great and conquered our land. We are going back to unjust rule of Darius the Great over Persian ans Kurds alike to seek the truth.

There are people following the footstep of Darius the great to this day and we at the SKDC see that problem to be divisive. We at the SKDC want to let all the branches to know that we are not supporting such actions by any group of our Aryan nations against each other. We are condoning Darius the Great actions of the past, it was not civilized actions period.

Mr. Hamma Mirwaisi is not personal enemies of “Darius the Great”, his analysis of our Aryan nations histories are bringing up many unanswered questions. He is looking for the root of animosity between Persian people and other branches of the Aryan people and he is clamming that “Darius the Great” started the separations not Mohammad Reza Shah of Iran.

We are at the SKDC looking for truth about our origin. We believe that the Greek Empire started to call us Persian in purpose to divide us first and then conquer our land.

The Jewish scholars took revenge because the Median Empire helped Babylon in the past against the Jewish people. Since Roman Empire the Jewish scholars has been feeding the Aryan of Europe with miss information about the Aryan in the Mesopotamia and Asia because of their revenge. The western countries are not our enemies for any reason.

Why we have to follow English name for our people? The western Imperialist is not our friend, do they love us or they are just dividing us to take our natural resources.

Why not let the Persian and Kurds to fight each other for ever. Do they they care about our well being or just they are after our resources.

They know what Arab’s are doing to us under the name of Islam but they are looking in other directions because Mullah serving their interest.

We at the SKDC hopping that you Dr. Ahreeman X and many other brothers and Sisters of our own Persian scholars, well look for truth instead of using names that favored by those who destroyed “Achaemenid Empire” and “Sassanid Empire” and continue to divide us to this day.

Let call our Persian, Kurds, Azeri, Baluch, Gilak,, Khorasani (Parthian), Elami, Lori and hundred more of our branches for the true union by acknowledging each other right, instead of using one region's name because of our enemies’ desire.

Long live unities of our people based on truth not lie.

Yours true partner of the liberations movement for our “Airyanem Vaejah” nations.
Jaff Sassani
From the SKDC

PostPosted: Tue Jul 21, 2009 5:33 am
by Ahreeman X
Dear SKDC Rep:

Thank you for bringing this subject up. Before I reply back to you, I would like to bring an important issue to your attention.

Do you read and review what you post? If so, then you can see that there exist no paragraphs in your post. The whole post is one big chunk of words. Your quotes from me are also mixed in there! You do know that there is a quote option in the post page, right? There is also colors option!

If the writing is not organized, separated, formatted properly and pleasant to the eyes, then people will not read your writing simply because it is difficult to read and distinguish!

My suggestion to you is to review your posts and see how difficult it is for any viewer to read your posts! This would make you look very unprofessional in the eyes of the readers and it will bring down the value of your scholarly efforts. Try posting organized and well formatted posts to save your reputation and to make it easy for the readers to read. I promise you will have more audience reading your posts! After all, this is the most read Iranian political forum on the net!

You brought up interesting points. I will get back to you and thoroughly respond to each point.



PostPosted: Tue Jul 21, 2009 5:51 am
by Ahreeman X
Something I forgot to mention in last post about your writing style: ... =6998#6998

So you started this topic about Darius, then it went about Media and now we can see that it is all about:

Iran or Persia?
Roots of the Problem:
Darius, Media, foreigners?

Is “Iran Or Persia” and “Roots of Separatism in Aryan Nation” what you try to discuss?

Is this why you titled your topic about Darius because in your opinion he was the root of the problem?


PostPosted: Tue Jul 21, 2009 6:57 am
by Jaff Sassani
We at the SKDC are looking for the root of problem between our people especially "Persian and Kurds".

Name of our country
Root cause of Problem
Who made our division
Who is behind our division
who is feeding our division from both side of Persian and Kurds
Why we not getting along
why we are not thinking like Europeans
When we are going to put our differences aside to rebuild our country back
What is the best solutions?
following blindly people like Shah or Mullah or get united under the Aryan Economic Union?

Darius the Great are part of our original disunity. He destroyed Median and Cyrus the great work.

Why we are not thinking like Cyrus the Great, even his enemies loved him except Darius the Great.

The posting are not advertising for Mr. Hamma Mirwaisi writing, it is for our people to understand the truth about our nations past and now.

Thank you for your discussions


Roots Cause of Iranian Problem!

PostPosted: Thu Jul 23, 2009 10:17 am
by Ahreeman X
Hello My Friend:

Let’s dissect the issue,

“We at the SKDC are looking for the root of problem between our people especially "Persian and Kurds".”

Persians and Kurds do not have any problems with each other. Ultra Racist Persians and Separatist Kurds do have problems with each other.

“Name of our country”

Do you want to know why the country (before 1935) was named Persia (Pars)? Because before 2568 years ago, Iran (Land of Aryans) was either a city state (Susa) or a Kingdom (Media); however, at exactly 2568 years ago, Achaemenid Persians, to be precise Cyrus had transformed the Kingdom to an Empire. Persians created the Persian Empire and to honor them, the name of the land had become Persia. The name stuck with the country through the years, even though there were times that the rulers were not Persians!

For instance, even during the revival of the 2nd Iranian Empire, the Safavid Turks (Azeri) still called it the Persian Empire. During Afsharid, still it was the Persian Empire. Even though Afsharid were part Parthian (Khorasani) and part Turk (Turkmen)! Why? Because the Empire was built by Persians. It is an honorary term to remember who built the Empire!

It is kind of like why we called Mohamad Reza Pahlavi, “Shahanshah”! He was not technically a Shahanshah (Emperor) because during his reign, Iran was not an Empire. Technically we had to call him a Shah (King); however, due to many goods that he had done for Iran, we granted him the title of Shahanshah, even though he was not one! Review:

First and Last Persian Emperors ... /index.htm

On 1935 Reza Khan changed the name of the country to Iran (Land of Aryans) which as you know this was very controversial because technically this was a Racial term and until today, when you slightly mention the term Aryan, the world freaks out!

The world did not see it as one’s (Reza Khan) love for his own race, heritage and land, but they saw it as a Racist term!

Pro Reza Khan Iranians’ logic was that the term “Iran” would cover the whole nation rather than only a region (Persia). So the correct term must be Iran.

Anti Reza Khan Iranians’ logic was that Iran is a racist term and it promotes Aryan Race and Persian Ultra Nationalism.

On the other hand, even during Reza Khan, the Separatist Kurds had problems with the central government! Reza Khan invented the Term “Iran” (as you like it); however, the conflict between Persians and Kurds went on and on. As you know Reza Khan crushed separatist movements of Azeri, Arab, Gilak and Kurd.

“Root cause of Problem”

Roots cause of problem will take for me to write an article about it. Stay tuned for my upcoming historical article about this issue. But I assure you that the Major Root Causes of the problem and conflict were not Darius or Achaemenids!

If anything, Achaemenids ran a Federal Empire. Achaemenids invented Federalism (in a primitive form). All Khashtarahs (States) had absolute internal autonomy. They even went one step further and granted semi Military autonomy to the states. Only foreign policy and trade treaties were dictated by Persepolis.

Achaemenid Empire was a Federal Empire, but later on Parthian and Sassanid Empires become less Federal and post Islam, concepts of Centralism and Slavery had entered Iran.

So as I mentioned, Kurds cannot blame Achaemenids or Darius as the roots of their problem! This Kurd author whom you quote from him is historically uninformed and so are many other Kurds!

As I mentioned, if Kurds consider the Median Kingdom as one of their own (which is false), then they have to blame Cyrus for ending the Median Kingdom’s reign. Why are they blaming Darius?!

Darius ran a Federal Empire. Cyrus started the Empire but Darius established the Empire.

Was Darius firm and brutal? Hell yes! He had to be. To run an Empire, you must be firm.
Was Darius not a nobleman and an honorable man? Hell no! He was a great honorable man.
Was Darius not fair? Hell no! He was the fairest Emperor in his own time!

What your author wrote has no historical value. It is basically some Kurdish Nationalist Rhetorics such as we heard many times before. Your author states his opinion and does not put forward any evidence!

Your author trashes Darius! Do you know what this is similar to?
This is similar to a little fly trashing Albert Einstein!
Darius is a Legend. Darius is a Founding Father. If there was no Darius, then today’s Iran would have not been in today’s shape or form!
Who the hell is this Hamma Mirwaisi?
Why should the world care what this Kurd thinks or says?
Anyone can open their mouths and spew nonsense!
Where is the historical evidence?

Go to that Pan-Iranist Forum of yours and see all types of people with no historical background, no knowledge of Raciology and no logic, spew nonsense and promote Kurd and Afghan separatism and nationalism! Who cares? The world doesn’t care!

Afghans and Kurds tend to create a historical identity for themselves rather than accept that they are nothing but Iranians!

As I stated, Media was not an Empire, but a kingdom and it surely did not belong to Kurds! The Kurds were only a major state of this Kingdom.

Media belonged to the Kurds as much as Persia belonged to Persians!
Persia belonged to 101 cultures and races! By no means Persia belonged to only Persians!
Media also belonged to many cultures and races. One of them were Kurds!

“Who made our division”

I. Historically, Racially and Culturally Ignorant Kurds who created a historical identity for themselves by naming the Median Kingdom an Empire and calling it a Kurdish Empire! Go to these cheesy Kurdish forums and listen to their separatist rhetorics!

II. Ultra Nationalist Racist Persians whom are ignorant to the fact that Slavery did not exist in Iran before Islam:

History of Slavery in Iran ... /index.htm

Historical Relation between Monarchy and Shiite ... /index.htm

Centralism, Slavery and Bigotry entered Iran via Islam. Persian Racism before Islam (1400 years ago) was at % 10; however, after Islam it had risen to % 100!

Achaemenids were not racist, slave owners or bigots!

“Who is behind our division”

Originally Islam enflamed the conflict! Why? Divide and Conquer!

Arabo-Muslim had to control and rule the Persian Empire and what better way to divide and conquer?
They divided the Persian Empire to Kurds, Azeris, Baluch, Turkmen, Gilak, Lors, Persians and etc.
Persian Empire became many states and governorships under the control of Caliph.

In today’s Iran, you see the same concept!
Before 1979 Islamic Revolution, we had only a few states!
Today, IRI had invented 30 states (Provinces)!
Azerbaijan had become 3 parts! Kurdistan scattered in many states!
Khorasan in 3 parts!
Why do you think that is?
The technical jargon is all Bull Shiite!
IRI is afraid of minorities and what better way to control them by divide and conquer?
Creating states out of their asses up to 30 states is the modern way for Arabo-Muslim (Mullahs and Hezbollah) to rule Iran.

Iran is technically an Empire of many races and cultures. Instead of granting them federalism and equal rights, they divide and conquer with Centralism!

“who is feeding our division from both side of Persian and Kurds”

Arabo-Muslim and their Iranian version (Mullahs and Hezbollah)!

To a lesser point, regional nationalists. Kurdish or Persian Nationalism is comical and flawed because we are all Iranians!

To a lesser point, other foreigners and West.

Remember that Iran has no conflict with the Jews and West, but it is Islam which has a conflict with both West and the Jews!

An Islamic Iran has conflict with both West and the Jews.
Take Islam out of the picture and the same as Achaemenid Era, Iran will become the savior and protector of the Jews and merciful to the West.

We defeated and took over Rome in 3 separate occasions (Sassanid Era) but we did not destroy Rome! The Roman Emperors burned and destroyed Rome (Caligula and Nero) but we did not!

“Why we not getting along”

Historical Ignorance, Racial Ignorance, Religious Ignorance, Sunni and Shiite Bull Shiite, Centralism, Separatism, Regional Nationalism, other petty divisions caused by Arabo-Muslim and Islam to divide and conquer.

A strong and united Iran, a massive Persian Empire is an Arab Nightmare! Arabs are already terrified of IRI (The 2nd Shiite Empire of Iran); just imagine if we revive the Greater Persian Empire as once was!

This birth of the 3rd Pars:

Pan Iranism and Islam ... /index.htm

would only mean reduction of Arabs to irrelevant economical, social and political factors. They will lose all their bargaining chips in the Middle East, Asia and the World!

“why we are not thinking like Europeans”

Because we are infected with the “Allahic Virus” (Islam)!

A Muslim is a fanatic who is blind to progress. A Muslim nation or nations cannot see beyond the tips of their noses! An Economic Union (Persian Union) or as you call it the Aryan Union is out of question! Personal greed and petty conflicts caused by Islamic mindset does not allow evolution:

The Iranian Disease ... /index.htm

“When we are going to put our differences aside to rebuild our country back”

When Secularism replaces State Religion and Theocracy.
When Federalism replaces Centralism.
When Islam goes back to the Mosque.
When Racism promoted by Ultra Nationalists and Separatists dies.
When our people not only school but to educate themselves.
When our people think with their minds rather than their hearts.
When logic rules our people rather than emotions.
When Kurdish cheesy wanna be scholars stop creating imaginary history out of their rectums!
When Persian Monarchists and Hezbollah comprehend the benefits of Federalism for the greater good of the greater Iran.
When our ignorant people stop creating a false identity for themselves around the world such as Kurds, Azeris, Afghans, Tajiks, Baluch, Turkmen, etc. and understand that they are all Iranians.

“What is the best solutions?”

Long Term: Education ….. not schooling but True Education.

Short Term: A Revolution in Iran (1st Step), Creation of the Persian (Iranian) Economic Union (2nd Step) and Revival of the Persian (Iranian) Empire (3rd Step). In other words, destruction of IRI will bring prospect of the Unified Greater Iran to the whole Middle East and Central Asia.

“following blindly people like Shah or Mullah or get united under the Aryan Economic Union?”

I think you know your answer better than I do!
People must comprehend that Ideologies are not the Goal. Monarchy, Islam, Republic, etc, are all garbage! The Goal is Reunification of the Greater Iran as an Economic and later on as a Social and Political Empire. This is a guarantee for the survival of our race and culture.

“Darius the Great are part of our original disunity. He destroyed Median and Cyrus the great work.”

This is historically false.

“Why we are not thinking like Cyrus the Great,”

Because we are Arabized and Islamicized! It is called Islamization, kind of Circumcision Islamic Style!

Because we are no more “Persians” but “Iranians”, if you know what I mean?!

“ even his enemies loved him except Darius the Great.”

This is historically false. This is blaming our misery to Darius and handing the fault to another rather than taking responsibility of our own.

The cause of our misery is our own ignorance and nothing else. Islam caused our misery but we have chosen to remain Muslim and continue to be miserable and ignorant!

Islam did not only drag Arabs behind the West but it also dragged us behind the global progress. Renaissance and Enlightenment had never occurred in Islamic nations. Why? Because Islam is such a reactionary ideology that is not reformable. You can reform a religion like Christianity, but Islam is not a religion! Islam is a dangerous political ideology. Islam is a cancer and a virus which kills and it is highly epidemic.

Islam, a Dangerous Political Ideology ... /index.htm

“The posting are not advertising for Mr. Hamma Mirwaisi writing, it is for our people to understand the truth about our nations past and now. “

Glad to hear that!

“Thank you for your discussions”

Thank you for your efforts towards progress and unity of our people.


Always your comrade,


We are delighted with your explanations as usual Doctor

PostPosted: Thu Jul 23, 2009 1:15 pm
by Jaff Sassani
We wish our nations had many people like you. We are waiting for your article about the subject, and then we will respond to your explanations with comment.
We are trying to educate ourselves and hope every individual will have little time in this busy and fast life to think about future generations, by contributing constrictive dialog to get our people union for better and more stable life in our own homeland, free from Arab influence.
Thanks again