The Story of the Emperor Ardashir I to Emperor Yazdgerd III

Pre Islamic Era (before 651 AD). 8000 years of Persian History, the oldest civilization in the world.

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The Story of the Emperor Ardashir I to Emperor Yazdgerd III

Postby Jaff Sassani » Sun Aug 02, 2009 2:09 am

Yet another article about our people (Persian, Kurds, Taylsh, Baluch, Lor) and other branches of our people in the "Airyanem Vaejah Nation's past glory days and today demise in the hand of the Arab agent the Shi'a Sayyied families in Iran, Turkey and our brothers by blood the Western Imperialist.

We hope that our people will read the author opinion and comment in civilized way so we can understand our past, and look forward to get united to form the "Aryan Economic Union" with independent country for each sub-nations within that Economic Union, like the European Union instead of trying to control each other and be slave of Arabs through the religion.

The world changed let join the world civilizations by treating each other with dignity, lie and cheating each other never get us any where.

To be liberated from Islamic Republic of Iran and have stable region we need Economic Union like EU.

We need plan not fake election's, the Mullah could trick us in Iran. They are probably not have differences. They are using our people. There are possibilities just playing with our mind and mind of western power.


Jaff Sassani
From the SKDC

The Story of the
Emperor Ardashir I
to Emperor
Yazdgerd III of
Sassanid Empire

Hamma Mirwaisi

Colorado, America

the Investiture of Emperor
Ardashir I at Naqsh-e Rostam

The Airyanem Vaejah nations were going through another decline after a long period of Parthian Empire rule across the region and were in need of change. During that time Ardashir was born from a Parsu mother, Rodhagh who was the daughter of a Zoroastrian priest and historian named Pāpak or Babake and Madayu father from (Jaffi Kurd). Ardashir’s father was Sassan who was a descendent of the Median royal family. He had come from the Bakhtaran region to work for Papak as a shepherd. He later married Rodhagh and had a son named him Ardashir. Sassan died when their son was less than one year old. The grandfather, Papak, raised Ardashir and taught him the values and beliefs of the Zoroastrian religion and the history of the Airyanem Vaejah nation’s glory days during the Median Empire and the reign of Cyrus the Great. Papak taught him about the injustice of Emperor Darius and what he did to the children of Cyrus.

He taught him about his origins and told him that his father, Sassan, was indeed a descendent of Emperor Diyako who was known for his justice, for his success in uniting the Madayu (Kurd, Lor and others) and Parsu people and for liberating the Airyanem Vaejah nations from Assyrian Empire aggressions. Ardashir learned about the past of his nation, its glory days and its bad days early on in his life. His grandfather Papak ruled a small region when he passed away. His son Shapur became the ruler but he suddenly died in an accident and the people asked Ardashir to become the ruler of the region.

The Airyanem Vaejah nations were tired and exhausted from the Parthian Empire administrations failed policies. They were looking for someone with vision and energy to lead them to a better future. Ardashir was there and was already famous among the Parsu, Lor and Elam people for his justice and wisdom. The people followed him just like they followed Emperor Diyako.

I, the spirit of Queen Mandane told Emperor Yazdgerd III, that King Ardashir Sassani has come up with a mandate for the Airyanem Vaejah nations to unite them again as one nation. He has called on his people to no longer call themselves Parsu, Kurd, Elami and other names. “We all came from one nation called the Airyanem Vaejah nation and belong under one flag, the flag of blacksmith Kawa or Kaveh!” He declared. “I am going to reform our Zoroastrian religion and liberate our people. Then we will reclaim our land from Europeans.”
The people loved his visions and followed him by the millions, that is how your forefather was successful my dear Emperor Yazdgerd III.
Emperor Yazdgerd III said “I love your stories, my dear mother of Airyanem Vaejah nation. I wish I met you a long time ago and understood how to unite our people. What else did my forefather Emperor Ardashir do for us?”

Emperor Ardashir defeated the last Emperor of the Parthian Empire after they ruled the region for 480 years and started a new Empire which lasted for another four hundred years to serve our nation. The Parthian Empire had divided the land into loose confederations of many small regions and each region had their own Shah. The families of the Shahs took over the lives of people and ruled them harshly generation after generation. Emperor Ardashir tried to give good lives back to the people.

He wanted them to be ruled by laws and rulers accountable for their wrong doings. The task was very difficult. Many local rulers resisted the changes and Emperor Ardashir, but he defeated them one by one. The people should be blamed because they are not united to improve their own lives. They always follow thieves and corrupt politicians instead of following decent people.

Emperor Ardashir formed the foundations of the Sassanid Empire. He chose the teaching of Prophet Zoroaster as a base for the salvation of the principles of good thoughts, good words and good deeds. Emperor Ardashir was against any lie and liked the truth, he preferred justice over unjust practices. He liked hard work and earning instead of manipulation and corruption. He emphasized honor instead of betrayal of one’s friends and family members. He loved people and never hated anyone. His destiny to improve the lives of the people in Airyanem Vaejah was his priority instead of providing himself luxuries. The Airyanem Vaejah nations loved him for his accomplishments. At the same time the Zoroastrian Magi gained back their status with the Sassanid royal family.

The Magi predicted that the Shah of the Parsu region by the name of Mithrak, a descendent of Darius the Great, would have someone from their blood who would restore the Achaemenid Empire, just like the kinds of Empire build by Emperor Darius the Great. Emperor Ardashir was aware of the Achaemenid Empire’s unjust practices in the land of Airyanem Vaejah nations. He ordered the elimination of the Shah Mithrak’s family in Parsu region. Unknown to Ardashir, one of their girls survived and was raised by a peasant. Prince Shapur, son of Emperor Ardashir, went hunting in that region one day and saw her. Prince Shapur fall in love with her and they married. He had a son with her who they named Hormizd. He was destined to be Emperor after the death of his father.

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KurdistanPost thanks Mr.Hamma Mirwaisi for the outstanding articles he has submited on the topic of the Median Empire and Kurdish history, and we hope that our readers value this highly and reads them as they are important pieces of history and knowledge that every Kurd needs to know.

The Sassanid Empire was derailed by a descendent of Darius the Great one more time. The majority of the Sassanid royal family was possessed by Ahirman, like Darius the Great. They worked for self interest instead of the principles of the Emperor Diyako of Median Empire, Cyrus the Great of Median Empire and Ardashir I of Sassanid dynasty who all served the Airyanem Vaejah nation’s interests.

Emperor Ardashir I with his son Shapur I tried to reclaim the old territories from the Europeans occupiers in Mesopotamia and Syria. The Armenians allied with the Roman Empire and resisted his attempts which led to war with the Roman Empire. After many years of war he passed away and his son Shapur became the new Emperor after his father death.

KurdistanPost thanks Mr.Hamma Mirwaisi for the outstanding articles he has submited on the topic of the Median Empire and Kurdish history, and we hope that our readers value this highly and reads them as they are important pieces of history and knowledge that every Kurd needs to know.

Emperor Shapur followed his father’s policies by trying to gain back the territories lost to the Europeans. Emperor Shapur allowed freedom of religion. He appointed a Zoroastrian high priest by the name of Kartir Hangirpe as his adviser. Emperor Shapur was mentioned in the Jewish holy book of “Talmud” as King Shabur of Sassanid Empire.

The Jewish communities had a good relationship with Emperor Shapur, especially “Shmuel, one of the most famous of the Babylonian Amoraim in the region. Emperor Shapur allowed the Prophet Mani’s teachings to grow during his reign and the Emperor himself seems to have favored the Prophet Mani’s ideas.

Emperor Shapur continued to build like his father and gained back some territories, but he lost the conquered lands back to the Roman Empire before his death. After his death his son, Hormizd became the new Emperor of the Sassanid Empire.

Emperor Hormizd died after one year and his son Bahram I became Emperor of the Sassanid Empire. The unfortunate internal power struggles came back to the Airyanem Vaejah nations and destroyed the unity among the populations.
Emperor Bahram I reversed the religious tolerance and under the guidance of the Zoroastrian high priest Kartir he executed Prophet Mani, the founder of the Manichaeism religion. He died after three years and his son, Bahram II became the new Emperor of the Sassanid Empire.

Emperor Bahram II was at first a tyrannical ruler, the nobles were greatly disgusted and tried to put him to death but the chief of the Magis interfered and alarmed the Emperor. He was warned to change his policies which he did. The Emperor became a very wise man and became known for his wisdom. He was supported by the nobles after that, and the Emperor went to war against Sakasthan and Afghanistan successfully. The Roman Empire attacked and took the capital while Emperor Bahram II was in war in Afghanistan. Later the Romans withdrew but during his reign Armenia, under the rule of King Tridates, defeated the Sassanid army and took large territories from the Sassanid Empire along with the help of the Roman Empire. Emperor Bahram II died after that and his son Bhram III became Emperor of the Empire.

Emperor Bahram III lasted four months. The nobles thought he was weak. They supported Narseh, son of Emperor Shapur I, to be Emperor of the Sassanid Empire.
Emperor Narseh went to war against the Roman Empire and Armenia. He defeated the Romans and took back the Armenian region but later was defeated by the Romans. His wife, sister and children were taken prisoner by the Roman army. He gave up large territories in a peace deal with the Roman Empire. Emperor Narseh did not survive for long after the conclusion of these humiliating treaties and was removed in favor of his son, Hormizd II.

Emperor Hormizd II died after seven years and five months. His older son, Adarnases was killed by grandees. They blinded his second son, and his son Hormizd was held prisoner. He later escaped from prison with the help of his wife and found refuge at the court of Conetantine I. He served the Roman Empire against his own people of the Sassanid Empire. The throne was reserved for the unborn child of one of Hormizd II wives based on the Magi predictions that the child will be a boy and will be very good leader. While Hormizd II’s wife was pregnant she was made to wear a crown over her pudenda so that the baby would be born as a king. The Jewish mother gave birth to Shapur II, who later became the Emperor of the Sassanid Empire.

The Airyanem Vaejah nations did not follow the reforms set by the founder of the Sassanid dynasty, honorable Ardashir I. His son, Shapur I, supported other religions and entertained other ideas from Semitic Judaism as well as self declared Prophet Mani’s religion, Manichaeism. People with the mentality similar to that of the Emperor Darius the Great gained back access to the royal family and stopped the ideas of the Emperor Ardashir I. They went back to assassinations, tricks and treacheries, greed and self service instead of the nation’s service.

Emperor Shapur II’s Jewish mother was running the country with the help of magnates until Shapur reached an age to be Emperor of the Sassanid Empire. He turned out to be a great Emperor as the Magi predicted.
“He did make many mistakes however, some that we are paying for now during our time my Emperor Yazdgerd III.”
The Emperor smiled and said, “Please continue on my beloved old mother with the truth about my family’s mistakes.”
Emperor Shapur II’s first problem came from the Arab nomad tribes crossing the Persian Gulf for the first time from Bahrian to the region of the “Ardashir-Khora” of Pars. They raided farther into the interior to steal and kill civilians. In retaliation Emperor Shapur led the army to punish outlaw Arab nomads. He defeated them and went all the way to the Najd region. He resettled these nomad Arabs in the place of the Elam people in Ahvaz and took part of them to the Kerman region farther east. The Arabs named him “Shabur Dhul-aktaf,” which means the Emperor with two shoulders to carry the people, after the battle. These same Arabs are now helping the Islamic Arab army against our army in the current war. They know the details of our country internally.

Before the death of Emperor Constantine I of the Roman Empire, Shapur II broke the peace treaty signed between his grandfather Emperor Narseh and Emperor Diocletian of Rome which kept peace for forty years between both Empires. The conflict started over and lasted for another twenty six years. He stopped wars with Rome to fight nomads of the East. He convinced their King Grumbates to support him against the Roman Empire. Emperor Shapur II retook Armenia and Amida, but the Roman Emperor took the Sassanid Capital, Ctesiphon. The Roman Emperor was killed during retreat and his son Jovian made peace with Emperor Shapur II and promised no interference in Armenia. Emperor Shapur II was successful in the east and hosted great captives from the Roman territories into his dominion. Most of them settled in Susian. Emperor Shapur II rebuilt Susa, after having killed the city’s entire rebellious inhabitants of Elam people. He almost eliminated the Elam people in the region by killing large numbers of them and gave their land to the Arab and Roman captives who then settled in the area. Emperor Shapur II died and his son, Ardashir II became the next Emperor of the Sassanid Empire.

From Emperor Ardashir II to this day, the royal family has been involved in a power struggle, wars with the Romans and Armenians, fighting off the Huns and later the Turks from the east. The people have never seen stability and peace. The unity disappeared among the Airyanem Vaejah nations and continues even now. They followed the policy of Darius the Great instead of the vision of the founder of Sassanid Empire, Emperor Ardashir I.

I, the spirit of Queen Mandane, told Emperor Yazdgerd III that I will continue with the stories in our next meeting. The Emperor thanked me for the stories and said that destinies are true. Our Magi have not informed him of what is going to happen to our nation in the hand of the Arab conquerors. It must be a very bad outcome, which is why they are hiding it from him.

The Magi wise Men, astrologists, religious people and forefather of the Kermanji Kurds (Kuri-Maji or Magi, meaning son of Magi in Madayu language) used to be very well educated and knowledge. They knew the Arabs would take over the Airyanem Vaejah nations land under the name of Islamic teaching. They predicted that, the take over would be led by the Turks. After thousands of years of abuse by Arabs, Turks and traders from Parsu, the Madayu people will rise one more time, united and stronger than before to liberate the Airyanem Vaejah nations.

The Jewish scholars know of “the Magi predictions” that say the Airyanem Vaejah Kurds will unite the Madayu, Parsu, and other branches of the Airyanem Vaejah nations soon. They know the children of Kurds from Madayu people will unite the Airyanem Vaejah nations one more time, just like Diyako, Cyrus the Great and Ardashir Sassani did in the past to liberate the land from Arabs and Turks. They are going to get united with the Europeans, American and Australian people from the Airyanem Vaejah nations and eliminate the influence of Semitic people in the land of Airyanem Vaejah nations for good. The outcome will be a stable world to live in, peace with each other, without mischief of the Semitic people’s evil doctrines that they allied with Turks nomads’ evil practice in the land of Airyanem Vaejah nations.
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