Darius the Great and his Language in our history

Pre Islamic Era (before 651 AD). 8000 years of Persian History, the oldest civilization in the world.

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Darius the Great and his Language in our history

Postby Jaff Sassani » Fri Oct 16, 2009 11:33 am

The Sassanian Kurd Defense Committee (SKDC)

We are at the SKDC extending our gratitude to honorable Professor Hamma Mirwaisi for his exultant work of translating Darius the Great inscriptions and his effort to unit Persian, Kurds, Elmiate and other branches of our nations.

We are proudly believe that this kind of work will help our people to realize that we are indeed coming from the same blood (same family), let our enemies know that we are fully educated people now. We are in Europe, America and the world in large. The internet communications and educations are helping our people to know more about our own origins. No more we believe on Greek, Jewish, Arabs and Imperialist so called scholars to get us in fight and make us enemies of each other.

Yes proudly we know that we have scholars like honorable Mirwaisi who knows Old Persian language and now producing the meaningful text from the Behishtan inscriptions thanks to Dr. Roland G. Kent, Old Persian, 1953 and his work from University of California Berkeley/USA which is giving Latin alphabet to be used by honorable Mirwaisi to come up with meaningful text in our old languages.

These languages are showing us Kurds, Persian, Elamiate and other branches in our nations that indeed we are one nation with one language. No more Persian, Kurds and other languages, we are happy to claim our past and going forward to the future. Long live union of our people for ever.

We thank Kurdistan post for the publications.




Darius the Great and his Language in our history
Hamma Mirwaisi
16/10/2009, Colorado, America


Darius (Dāraya-va-huš, meaning sea of thinking), indeed he had sea of thinking with all of his Good and Bad actions in our history; he left us the Aryan or Iranian people valuable heritage.
He is the founder of the Achaemenid Empire, changed the name of Median Empire after he took over the Empire and butchered Madayu, Parsu, Elamite and other branches of our Aryan people. He ruled like today Islamic Republic of Iran. He killed hundred of thousand of people. He made our people to be enemy of each other for thousand of years. That was his bad actions.
But he left us valuable treasurers in those inscriptions at the Behishtan, Naqshe Rostam and other inscriptions, which is very good actions for what he left us.
The more I study and translate the inscriptions, the more I am one hundred percent sure that we Madayu, Parsu, Elamite and others came from the same family and same origins. The language he was speaking and used is ninety percent are used by Kurdish people today. The Persian people call it Old Persian language; it is modern Kurdish language especially for northern Kurds in Turkey and Syria.
The good news is we can build our union using that language for us Madayu, Parsu, Elamite and other branches within our nations.

Those Persian, Kurds, Elamite and others who are working in linguist science they should use Darius the Great inscriptions as the base for unified language for our people.
What is stopping our scientist to claim back our own heritage and culture? We should start new chapter and go back to the time of Madayu, Parsu and Elamite time and rebuild our language, history, culture and heritage based on truth.

Madayu royal family, Achaemenid royal family was from the same family, they killed each other because of power struggle within their own family, they are our forefather if we like it or not. There are no differences between Madayu, Parsu, Elamite and other branches. They spoke one language, but lived in different regions like today.

Those written inscriptions are acceptable by the entire nations, and then let use that inscriptions as a base to come up with unified language in Europe for our people based on Latin alphabet.

The peace and stability will come when we understand our origins. Majority of our people are homeless now. We fight each other for thousand of years; the only benefactors are Arab and Turks plus Imperialist.

Our union is the key for our liberations. We have to know our enemies, those who are pretending to be one of us and then calling us to fight each other is not one of us, let identify them and know who they are and why they want us to fight each other. When we know those kinds of people and understand whom they are and who they are working for then for sure our people won’t listen to them any more.

The enemy number one is Arabs and Turks within our societies, in one hand they are clamming to be one of us and in other hand they are using us to fight each other. The Iranian ruler of the Islamic Republic of Iran is an example.

I am calling on the political organizations and civilian public organizations to read and adopt our old language as starting point for our people union.
It is easy to find out the origins of rulers and those families within our societies whom they do not wish to see our unions.

Hamma Mirwaisi
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