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Persian Mythology by Professor John Hinnells

PostPosted: Wed Dec 05, 2018 11:37 am
by Ahreeman X
Persian Mythology by Professor John Hinnells

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A New Book

Space Faravahar
Faravahar the Persian Emblem of Ahura Mazda & Ahreeman in Space
Faravahar represents Ahura Mazda the human (Upper Half) and Ahreeman the beast (Lower Half). Ahura Mazda and Ahreeman are 2 sides of the same coin or 2 faces of the same entity. Ahura Mazda is the light side and Ahreeman is the dark side. The Duality Factor was an original Zoroastrian concept of Zarathustra the great Persian philosopher.

New Book

John R Hinnells
Professor John Hinnells, historian and authority in Persian Studies and Zoroastrianism

Persian Mythology
1985 version of the book
In depth research and pictorial history of the Persian Mythology

Persian Mythology ... hology.pdf

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