8000 Years of Iranian History

Pre Islamic Era (before 651 AD). 8000 years of Persian History, the oldest civilization in the world.

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8000 Years of Iranian History

Postby Ahreeman X » Wed Jan 19, 2005 10:34 am

8000 Years of Iranian History

Historical Enthusiasts, Persians and Friends:


Today, most of the Iranians are not aware of their own history! They are clueless of all their historical characters and Heroes who sacrificed their lives for Iran! They lost their lives for Iran, so Iran would live.

For instance, today, many Iranians do not know who was

"Rostam Farokhzad"
coming soon

But they surely know, who was

"Hussein The Arab Bandit"
http://www.pcpages.com/ani/polgr/inani/ ... shura4.htm

Rostam Farokhzad, gave his life to defend Iran against Arabo_Muslim Savages:
http://iranpoliticsclub.net/library/eng ... /index.htm

Hussein The Arab, slaughtered Iranians by Tens of Thousands:
coming soon

Culture of Captivity

Today, Iranians do not remember and never heard of their Persian Heroes who died for Iran, but they surely remember and worship their Arab Oppressor Masters who killed them by tens of thousands like cattle! Furthermore, Iranians worship these False Heroes, these Arab Bandits and they raise them to the level of Sainthood & Imam! This is what we call "The Culture of Captivity"!

When the Captors (Arabo_Muslim Invaders and Their Half_Breed Mullahs), enslave and oppress Iranians for so long and so severe that the Slaves (Iranians) start to identify and Glorify their captors (Arabo_Muslim), then The "Culture of Captivity" replaces the "Independent Culture"!

Please read:

Domestication of Persians
http://iranpoliticsclub.net/politics/do ... /index.htm

Psychological Aspects of the Culture of Captivity

In psychology, there is an argument which teaches us about the "Culture of Captivity". Once the Captor, holds the Slave for so long and treats her so harsh with violence, yet from time to time, steals her heart with random acts of good, this becomes a habit. In a way, the Slave sees this abuse as her fault and sees her Captor as her "Master". The Slave becomes a Trained Puppy Dog and learns the Ways of "Rewards and Punishments"! Eventually the Slave stops resisting or attempts escaping her Master, and becomes conditioned and properly trained to become Slave to her Master!

This is what Arabo_Muslim done to Iranians. Is there any wonder why Today's Iranians, even after 1400 years since the Arabo_Muslim Invasion, still Worship Arabs?! Also, never underestimate the 26 years of Arabo_Islamic Occupational Government (AIOG) since 1979 AD. The AIOG Period strengthen the leash & yoke of Slavery around Iranians Neck! Arabo_Muslim have used Islam as a Yoke [a wooden bar or frame by which two or more draft animals (as oxen or bull) are joined at the heads or necks for working together!] to control Iranians.

As soon as Iranians started to breath some fresh air (since the first Islamic Invasion of 559 BC), suddenly the AIOG refreshed their memory that Iranians shall remain Slaves to Islam (1979 AD)! The 26 years and adding of Islamic Brainwash has decapacitated the Iranian Resistance from the within! That's what we call:

"The Culture of Captivity" via enforcement of Islam as the "Ideology of Slavery" by the AIOG "The Enemy Within"!


22 Years of Brainwash!
coming soon

Yes friends,

This is how the Captors (Arabo_Muslim), occupied Iran, once on 559 BC and once on 1979 AD, and enslave Iranians; furthermore, brainwash and teach them to identify with Arabo_Islamic Sub Culture and morely to Arab Worship! At this point, The Victim (Iranians), cherish their Captors (Muslim)!

Teaching Persianhood

Today, we are trying to Enlighten The Iranian youth with their own history and culture. This tactic would help us revive the Persianhood amongst our people and return their Persian Identity, back to them, so they can fight the Arabo_Islamic Occupiers of our land! Today we stand our own ground by preaching and teaching Persian History and Culture.

Many are not aware of Iran being the oldest civilization in the world by having 8000 years of history. That's because the majority of people are not historians!

History as a Science

As a historian, I look at history as a progressive science. Every day, we discover more historical facts which in the past, we were not aware of them! Every day we discover more archeological, anthropological artifacts and evidence which changes our knowledge of history. Therefore, we shall evolve our knowledge according to the latest historical discoveries. We shall uptodate our information with the latest scientific facts. Otherwise, our historical information will be outdated!

For instance,

40 years ago, they considered Iran to have 2500 years of history starting with Achaemenid Empire.

30 years ago, they considered Iran to have 2700 years of history starting from Median Kingdom.

So on, during the later years, they discovered 5000 and then 7000 and so on years of Iranian history.

Today, we are aware of 8000 years of Iranian History; therefore, we know that the Iranian History is the oldest in the globe. Observe these periods.

Periods of Iranian History:

1. Ancient Civilizations Era: 6000 BC - 2000 BC
2. Vedaee Era: 2000 BC - 850 BC
3. Pre-Avesta Era: 850 BC - 728 BC
4. The Kingdom Era: 728 BC - 559 BC
5. The First Imperial Era: 559 BC - 651 AD
6. The First Arabo-Islamic Invasion-Occupation Era: 651 AD - 873 AD
7. The Second Imperial Era: 873 AD - 1979 AD
8. The Second Arabo-Islamic Invasion-Occupation Era: 1979 AD - present

Iran, The Oldest Civilization on Earth!

8000 Years of Iranian History

What we need to know is that, all the great ancient cultures of the world by the order of their historical age, including:

Egypt with about 6000 years of history
China with about 5200 years of history
India with about 4600 years of history
Peru (Aspero) with about 4600 years of history
Greece with about 4000 years of history
Mexico (Olmec) with about 3200 years of history
Lebanon (Phoenicia) with about 3100 years of history
Tunis (Carthage) with about 2800 years of history
Italy (Rome) with about 2500 years of history
Japan with about 1700 years of history

Are no match & by no means even near the:

8000 years of Iranian History
The Oldest Civilization in The World

Please read this historical book to enlighten yourself:

8000 Years of Iranian History (3 parts = 8 chapters)
8000 Years of Iranian History! - Part One
http://iranpoliticsclub.net/library/eng ... 00-years1/

8000 Years of Iranian History! - Part Two
http://iranpoliticsclub.net/library/eng ... 00-years2/

8000 Years of Iranian History! - Part Three
http://iranpoliticsclub.net/library/eng ... 00-years3/

Afterwards, read more historical books, series and articles about the Iranian and world history over here:

IPC History

An Iranian without "Persianhood" is like an Animal without a "Soul"!



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Postby reza » Tue Feb 08, 2005 9:13 am

Rostam Farokhzad was never a hero, he managed to lose what should have been a simple battle. when he came into danger he fled like a little girl and was cut down as he ran away. If you want a real persian hero try mardonius, if you even know who he is...

and for goddsake no one is going to believe you anymore if thry read YOUR book. try to quote a real historian rather than a childish immature fool who bilittles older and wiser civilisations than his own just because he wants to have the best history to brag about. Where were you when cyrus conquered the lydians? did you help shapur in the cavalry charge of Nisibis? was it you who convinced Bahram V to launch a suprise attack on the huns?

DO not stand on the shoulders of others to achieve fame. Do something worthy yourself and then i'll follow you.
"Merit lies more in dying for ones master than in striking down the enemy" - Yamamoto Tsunetomo
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Reza Jan!

Postby Ahreeman X » Tue Feb 08, 2005 4:08 pm

Hello Prince Ali Reza Pahlavi:

How are you? Nice of you to drop by This House O Evil!

I can picture your face right now, most likely paled white color, mouth wide open, surprised as hell, asking yourself:

How the hell does he know who I am?

Hee Hee Hee Hee Haw How Howl (Ahreemanic Laugh)!

Looking @ both your posts on this topic & also your post here:

http://iranpoliticsclub.net/club/viewto ... a9977d342f

Well, there are two possibilities:

I. Common sense

Ahreeman is extremely wise! Just put two & two together!


* Possibilities: There are very few Iranians who have this much knowledge about Ancient Persian History, as you posted in IPC. Iranians are extremely illiterate when it comes to Ancient History. I am aware of almost everyone's identity, who has this much knowledge on Persian Empire.

* Quoted Scholar: Your Role Model, Guru, Richard N Frye is a professor in Harvard. By the way how is he? Is he still teaching there? Even though I disagree with some of his views, yet his last book was very interesting!

* Screen Name Factor: Your ID is Reza!

* Timing Factor: You posted this respond, right away after the IPC Office posted my:
"Reza Pahlavi II vs Fidel Castro, a case study!"
all over the net & E-mailed it to everyone!

* Behavioral Factor: The respond was directed in a field that the poster obviously has some knowledge of it. The poster did not just write rhetoric (usual Iranian Style) in respond to my political articles or philosophical articles, but he directly went to the History Hall (the only area of knowledge that he would think that he can challenge me) and tried to dismiss my research by his views recently learned in Harvard!

You tried to find the weakest spot (in your mind), due to the amount of knowledge that you have in this field, but:

"You thought you Thaw a Puddy Cat, but you didn't (Looney Toons)!"

* Attitude Factor: The response (both posts) were more like a personal attack than a scholarly disagreement!

Put 2 & 2 together & Wollah!

II. Alternative Possibility!

The second possibility is that:

Ahreeman is really everywhere and Sees All!
In that case, he is right now looking @ you through your Cam!
After all, he is a Technical Specialist (Scientific Factor) & he is also The Ahreeman (Metaphysical Factor)! Go figure!

Hee Hee Hee Hee............

Now, you figure, which possibility is correct!

So, tell me, I know you are going to deny it to save face, but between you & I, ain't I good?!

A Few Words

Now, tell me,

a) If you disagree with me on historical bases, is it necessary to attack me & without any evidence or document, simply due to dissagreement of Your Professor with me, just go ahead & insult me? These two posts to two topics in the Hall of History were exactly personal attacks.

b) I do not want to discuss history with you, because:

I. I said what I had to say in my online book. The reader can decide for himself.

II. You my dear are in no level to debate on this issue with me. Maybe your professor is, but not you. You are a Music Major, who turned to History during the last few years (most likely my writings were a factor to attract you to continue your higher education in Ancient Iranian History). I, on the other hand studied & research history since age 10!

If you cared about sources, they were all listed on the last page of the online book. No need to dismiss me as a historian and put me down!

But do not misunderstand me. Music & History Majors do not make money. They are not real majors! I, myself studied history on the side & as a hobby, cause some of us need to work for money to make a living (unlike Pahlavis)! But you do not need to worry about money, you just go to college as a hobby & Billions taken out of Iran, would support even the next 4 generations of your family! However, I have to give you credit sir. You are the only schooled person in that family! At least you have a college education. Yet never forget:

Many are schooled, yet only a few are truly educated!

Are you finally graduating or not?

III. You sounded like you are so hostile towards me! Obviously the roots of your hostility, is not because of your cheesy argument on your baseless statements of not considering anything before Achaemenids as Persian (Iranian) History, specifically not considering Susa as a local Iranian City State/Kingdom. You went further and denied Susa to even be Iranian!

The roots of your hostility is to first divert attentions from other major articles written on your brother's incompetence & published in IPC. Secondly, you posted a respond in the only field that you have semi knowledge of it, yet your argument was the most cheesy argument possible! But @ least you tried! Third, these posts were to divert attention from our real agenda which is the Creation of The Iranian Resistance Army Corp!

IV. Say Hi to Mom and ask her how come she has a section for everyone (Even Yasmin) on that website except Farahnaz?! Is the relationship totally down in the gutter now?!

V. Do you always fight your brother's fights? There is no doubt in my mind that you are much worthy than him, but this is not the way to fight his fights! If you had anything to say about my statements, just come out & say it like a man! Don't go in the history hall & post a cheesy argument, due to statements from your professor who happens to disagree with me!

VI. Iran has 8000 years of history; however, I look @ history as a scientist & I progress with discovery of evidence. Your professor, looks @ the history in a old fasion dogmatic way as a field of humanities & social studies! If you have a problem with that, go tell him (your bozorgtar) to come and debate the Mighty Ahreeman! But I doubt it, cause he is an old ill man & very hard for him to enter a heavy duty historical debate!

Dear Prince Ali Reza Pahlavi, good try, but do better next time!

Now your first reaction to my post was your face turned white & you couldn't believe that I seen your true identity!

But your second reaction would be denial of me discovering your identity to save face!

De_Nile is not only a river in Egypt! It is also a state of mind to save face in Harvard & in Pahalvi Family!

Anyhow, Loved chatting with you. Its always a load of fun to pull Pahlavis' Shorts!

Oh I forgot, you are another Reza, just an average Joe, a regular Iranian history enthusiast, right?!

Anyhow Reza Jan,

I am dead busy these days, as you know we are fighting a battle & a WAR (unlike your Bro)! So pardon me but must cut it short!

Best to you & family

I am just pulling your leg, aren't you big on sense of humor?!

PS: Trashing me is OK, Ahreeman is forgiving, but trashing Legends like Arteshbod Rostam Farohkzad is a sin!


Ahreeman Mirzaye Qajar
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Postby reza » Wed Feb 09, 2005 10:49 am

first off ahreeman i would be lucky to be reza phalavi, i would be in a posiion to actually do something for iran then. Secondly, you say i personally attacked you and condemn me for it. But then you write reems of rubbish discrediting my knowledge when you know nothing of me.

Lets get one thing straight, i dont have a problem with you or your ideology. You are right to fight for your country and preserve its culture. I also appriciate your sense of humour - you're a funny guy. But if you are as serious about history as you say then stop diverting everyones attention from the real argument - it makes it seem like you are losing. I can quote from over 15 historians if i have to, you have quoted 1, and it doesnt count if its yourself.

There are clay tablet records which prove the elamites and sumerians dominated the middle east including iran before anybody else had shown up. You cannot claim they are persian.

Prologicam, when i use yamamoto's quote i am not saying "look how great i am because another man of my culture said something intelligent". I am not japanese. I am merely showing a lesson that can be learned, it has no reflection on myself.
"Merit lies more in dying for ones master than in striking down the enemy" - Yamamoto Tsunetomo
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Postby Ahreeman X » Wed Feb 09, 2005 11:35 pm

Camran I thought you were going to handle this kido, what happened?! OK as long as I had to be dragged here, then let me reply to the kid.

Listen up Mr.

I am sick and tired of every little two bit kid taking a history course, comes around here to dispute years of research! And even then, they have not even read the first page of my book, yet they are ready to refuse it!

If you even had read the first page of the book, you would have known that you do not even know what are you arguing with me about!

Let me clarify this issue for once and for all for "All". This is so stupid that I have to explain my book to you! Why don't you @ least go read it and then dispute it so you know what are you talking about?

Listen up boy:

When I say Iran has 8000 years of history, it means that every single dynasty, ethnicity, culture and civilization who had lived in Iran during the last 8000 years and they were of the Local areal civilizations of Iran, were naturally a part of the Iranian history.

I have never said civilizations such as Susa were Aryan! Way before Aryans (Parthian, Persian and Median) entered the Iranian Plateau, there were local civilizations living in Iran. amongst some of them, there were:

Susa (Khuzestan)
Casia (Lorestan)
Gils (Gilan)
Tapurs (Mazandaran)

Above people lived in the locations listed in parenthesis. They lived in states of the present Iran. Non of them were Aryan. But they were of the Local Ethnicities and Races of Iran. Non of them were Hemites or Semites. Specifically Susa people were not Semite or Hemite. Susa people's races were different than Semitic Elamites, Sumerians, Akkadians, Babylonians and other Mesopotamian civilizations. Susa people were of local Iranian race but not Aryan. At times, they conquered the whole region of Mesopotamia including sumer, Elam and Akkad. So for your information any local civilization or tribe or city state or kingdom who lived in Iranian territory during the last 8000 years and they were "originated" from Iran, then they were considered Iranian Cultures.

Susa people did not come from Mesopotamia, but they were local races of Iran living in present Khuzestan State of Iran. They were 100% Iranian but not Aryan; therefore they are considered Iranian & all their dynasties are considered Iranian. So are Casians, Gils and Tapurs who lived from 8000 years ago until this day, in various states of Iran.

Now do you get it or not? If you don't, then just go read the damn book first & then waste my time.

When I reject Quran or Bible, @ least I make sure that I have read the whole books before I dispute them. I don't just go & open my mouth and reject something without reading it! @ least go read my book before you open your mouth!


Check this out,

You come to my house.
You start insulting me and assaulting me.
Then you demand to have a historical discussion with me!
Boy you got balls!
You, like your bro (Reza Pahlavi) think that the rest of society owes you something and people are your slaves!

If you want to discuss history with me, then come here & speak to me like a human being! I am not your slave & I do not owe you anything. I don't even have to talk to you!

Learn how to talk to people. This is not the Shiite Hole that you grew up in to!

So now that I have clarified everything for you, then please do not waste anymore of my time before you read my books. Go read them first, then ask questions about them, set aside disputing them!

These days every two bit kid with a six shooter pulls out his chest and demands a duel with the Big Honcho! Kids these days!

PS: There is no pride in wishing to be your brother Reza Pahlavi! He is dime a dozen! I cannot stand weak pacifist weaklings!

Ciao Kid

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Postby reza » Thu Feb 10, 2005 1:19 am

Ok ahreeman, if you want to sound like you have the moral high ground then you can at least stop the personal attacks on me i have at least shown you some respect.

You claim that because people have been living in iran for 8000 years then its history is the oldest. Firstly this statement is wrong because the sumerians are the worlds first recorded civillisation and they originated in mesopotamia, you can at least acknowledge second place for YOUR logic. Secondly if i were to use your logic then i could claim that english history is well over 8000 years old because of all the different cultures that have lived there right back to neolithic times. This is why i dispute your logic. Note i am not saying you dont have the knowledge i just dont agree with how it has been applied.

The reason iranian civilisation is around 3000 years old is because the course of history follows cultures not countries. You are right in that the iranian country has been inhabited for 8000 years but, it was inhabited by different civilisations during these periods so persian civilisation does not transcend over the full 8000 years.

oh and btw you should check your facts before you make your overblown statements to. I have read your book and i did like it. However if you remove the propaganda from it and attach scholarly opinion to it it would carry far more respect. not that i dont like the propaganda, you are completely right to want to reawaken persian culture and i am behind you 100% on this one.
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Postby Ahreeman X » Thu Feb 10, 2005 11:05 am

Hey dear Led Foot,

Hold on Kimo Sabi, =;
wassabi? [-X

Hold it right there before you charge like Alexander The Grape around here and claim prophecy! :D

The key word here is "Originated". Nothing was originated in British Islands, not even Cats & Dogs, maybe Hyenas! Every civilization that formed there were not local, they moved from somewhere else to Britain. Therefore the English History cannot claim that the History of the British Islands is the English History. English History starts with English History only, therefore its not 8000 years old! Get it Kimo Sabi?

Now check it out Tonto,

However, until there is proof available, Susa originated in Iran. Therefore Iran has 8000 years of history.

Of course every one came from somewhere and Susians must have came from somewhere too! But the questions are:

Where they having a "Civilization" before they came to Iran or they were nomads?

If not, then they are an Iranian Civilization!

If yes, then from where?

There is no proof that Susians were Mesopotamian. susa has a older history than all Mesopotamian Civilizations.

So as of today, Iran has 8000 years of history, until proven different.

got it?

Now go ahead and post another cockamamie respond to my logic!

But I will not be dragged here again to reply! Unless you pay me!

Time is money, you know? =P~

Why are you insisting to discredit Iran & Iranians so much?
Are you Iraqi, expanding the history of Mesopotamian cultures?
Even if you are Iraqi, you are Persian Rooted, because Iraq was one state of Persian Empire, called Mesopotamia!

But keep on drinking your milk and read your history and stop bashing me in other Iranian forums due to your lack of knowledge, and then maybe only maybe one day you grow up to become a Big Potater (Southern Potato)! And even then, I will eat you up because I likes eating up Taters! :D

OK Kimo Sabi, gots to go now.

Adios :-:

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Postby reza » Fri Feb 11, 2005 5:18 am

Ok i took england as a random example, perhaps not the best one but instead lets choose africa. Human life originated fom there, no one can dispute the origins of man here, as such africa has the oldest history. But this is not my quarrel with you, if the susans were the oldest as you say then thats all fine and dandy untill the fact that they dont exist anymore, they faded into obscuity after alexander and such their civillisation ends when the persians took over the area and this is the point at which persian civillisation's history begins.
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Postby Ahreeman X » Tue Feb 15, 2005 3:04 pm

Reza, Alexander, Rambo, Ram-Bone or whatever your name is:

Just stop it, stop it right now! There must be a Law Against Irresponsible Release of Rhetorics!
I have came to a conclusion that you have major issues! Why don't you take a pill?!

Here we are, going back to step one of our discussion! Round & round we go........

I really do not believe that you even comprehend, what are you talking about! You contradict yourself!

We are talking about history of civilization, not history of man!
We are talking History, not Anthropology!

I believe we already went over this!

The history of man maybe started in Africa, but the history of civilization never started in Africa!

Oldest African Civilizations:

1. Egyptian Empire
2. Carthaginian Empire (Tunis)
3. Siranaeek Kingdom (Libya)
4. Nubian Kingdom (Sudan)
5. Ethiopian Kingdom

are no match for 8000 years of Iranian Civilization.

The oldest one is Egypt and it is far younger than 8000 years. Besides, Egyptians who invented The Egyptian civilization, were not African Blacks, yet local races of Egypt. Carthage was the same way. They were not Black Africans, yet Phoenician (West Asian) races.

Majority of Africans were running wild in jungles then, and they are still doing the same thing! African Civilization my Axe!

So what I am trying to say is that:

You do not have a base, not even a foot to stand on! You are also aware of this fact, better than anyone else! But you are hopelessly trying to create a historical debate with no column for yourself to stand on!

First you started from general to specific & now back to general & history of man & Africa! Next thing you know, you will be exploring possible civilizations in other Gallaxies to compete with Persian History! Give it up, will ya? Get a clue, can you?

You have no argument! Why are you arguing?

That's it! I hereby take a solemn oat that I will not return to this room to continue this baseless argument with you. Now I am sure you are going to post another Off Shoot Bang & Salavat respond to this post! This time maybe you will compare life on Mars with Persian Civilization & you claim the life on Mars is older!

I just want to know one thing!

What type of Drug are you exactly on?! And how can the rest of us get a hold of some O that?!

I am drowning in your Residue Bull Shiite water! I cannot keep my head above the water!

Someone who is getting loaded Full of your Bull Shiite!
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Postby reza » Tue Feb 22, 2005 4:15 am

once again your totally mature answer has blownme ut of the water :roll: ...

First you claim that this is anthropology and a history of nations but then you say that africa cannot compare because it's CIVILISATIONS are not old enough? what are you arguing for?

It is a proven fact that the first recorded existence of man is in africa - hence thay have the oldest country. Secondly the first recorded civilisation is in mesopotamia so the persians lose on both accounts. And what is this obsession of yours to have iran as the oldest country? maybe you need to decide on your issues...
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Postby erajdarafshi » Wed Feb 23, 2005 12:45 pm

What about before 8000 years? What were the Iranian people then?
(Are we assuming the validity of the theory of Evolution?)
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Postby reza » Mon Feb 28, 2005 7:10 am

the persians were part of the indo - european tribes of the caucasus
"Merit lies more in dying for ones master than in striking down the enemy" - Yamamoto Tsunetomo
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Postby alimostofi » Sun Apr 17, 2005 5:55 am

reza wrote:You claim that because people have been living in iran for 8000 years then its history is the oldest. Firstly this statement is wrong because the sumerians are the worlds first recorded civillisation and they originated in mesopotamia, you can at least acknowledge second place for YOUR logic.


You might state that the Sumerians originated from Mesopotamia, but you failed to understand is that the principles that the Sumerians used were actually very akin to modern astrology. To understand this you need to consider http://www.wsu.edu:8080/~dee/MESO/SUMER.HTM. Read the bit about the astrology and the law. Now what I think you need to know is that their principles of life was very similar to present day astrology as practiced around the world (eg: India and China). But more importantly what happened to the Sumerian Code of Law is that it was transformed to the Hammurabi Code of Law. I won't go into the similarities here.

We have in the Iranian plateau predominantly two kinds of people. There were those that viewed life in terms of heaven and hell, and then there were those that looked at life as an interplay of twin forces of Ahriman and Ohrmazd or Yin Yang in China. Today we scientists call it as positive and negative. The Sumerians were astrologers and as such Iranian. They did not worship dogma, and did not believe in heaven and hell in the way that dogmatic religions do. Anthropologists explain all this by the fact that the Tigirs and Euphrades rivers were very unpredictable and so produced such dogma. But the Iranians were originally from other areas where nature was more predictable. They were more intelligent and never accepted or view God in the same way.

There is a lot of work that is being done, and discoveries are popping up everyday now that dogma of the fertile crescent cannot kill people anymore. The world history is being rewritten as we speak.
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8000 Years of Iranian History!

Postby IPC » Fri Dec 08, 2006 1:45 pm

8000 Years of Iranian History!

To be distributed around the net globally


Please review this new book:

8000 Years of Iranian History!
The Oldest Civilization in the World
a book by Ahreeman X
December 8, 2006

Which is the oldest civilization in the world?
How old is Iranian Civilization?
How old is Iranian History?
When were the first civilization lived on Iranian Plateau and Continental Shelf?
Who were these people who lived there first?
What race were they?

We have been hearing about this endless argument and debate going on and on for years, and specifically among the Iranian people. For once and for all, we need to clear this issue. I can see that many argue over this issue restlessly…….

8000 Years of Iranian History! – 3 Parts (8 Chapters)

8000 Years of Iranian History! - Part One
http://iranpoliticsclub.net/library/eng ... 00-years1/

8000 Years of Iranian History! - Part Two
http://iranpoliticsclub.net/library/eng ... 00-years2/

8000 Years of Iranian History! - Part Three
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Postby CR » Tue Dec 19, 2006 6:56 am

I am sharing this with you:

A friend in Faith Freedom Forum tried to dispute this research based on 2 points:

1. This is a nationalistic piece
2. Iran did not have a continuos civilization for 8000 years

This was my respond:

Dear Friend:

This is not a nationalistic propaganda, but this is years of research in history and months of latest archeological and anthropological scientific discoveries. This is a scientific research.

Read the whole book. All the latest scientific and archeological evidence, which you need, is in there. Then you have two choices:

1. Refute the book with reason and logic
2. Accept the book because you cannot scientifically and logically refuse it.

This is not a matter of opinion or nationalism, but this is a matter of science, archeology and scientific history.

The book is based on scientific historical evidence and latest archeological and anthropological evidence. If you can’t deny it, then you must grasp it.

Civilization has a definition and it starts with established system of social life in city-states, which continued for 8000 years non-stop. Civilization does not stop in different periods of history because Arabs or Mongols invaded Iran!

FFI server seems to be down at the time, so I can’t post the link for you.

Catayoun Razmjou
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