Alexander, falsification of history by Oliver Stone!

Pre Islamic Era (before 651 AD). 8000 years of Persian History, the oldest civilization in the world.

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Alexander, falsification of history by Oliver Stone!

Postby Ahreeman X » Wed Aug 03, 2005 3:04 pm

Alexander, falsification of history by Oliver Stone!
(A Historical Critique)
August 3, 2005

Alexander Official Site

Alexander (IMDB Site)

Please read this document before beginning to read this thread:

Alexander, the True History ... /index.htm

Historical Critics

I have just finished watching Alexander on DVD. I often do not go to theatres, because they are often uncomfortable, noisy & I simply cannot concentrate on the content of the movie; therefore, I wait till the movie comes out on DVD, so I can rent & watch it. I often do not buy DVDs, unless they are Persian DVDs or select foreign works. For instance, I only collect the best of the Persian Cinema. I practically own the history of Persian Cinema on VHS & DVD.

On Oliver Stone

Stone is a liberal director with a history of falsifying the history! Nixon, was the perfect example! Stone is not qualified to release a verdict on history, yet obviously he done it & it called Alexander!

On Alexander, the movie

This movie was yet another big budget box office flop, which now the producers/studio wish to somewhat make-up for it on DVD rental & sales! I doubt that it will happen.

This movie was yet another falsification of history based on exaggeration & lies of Greek Historians such as Herodot, Petolemy, Aristotle, Plutark, others........., made on Greeko_Persian Wars, & produced by Hollywood! But this movie was far worst than "The 300 Spartans" & "Esther and The King" & others. This movie was a flat out fabrication of history! Oliver Stone needs to stick with theatrics, scene graphics, cinema tricks, neo style of filming & let go of the history!

The artistic value of the movie becomes unimportant when the whole movie is not historically accurate!

Almost the whole movie is practically falsification of history! Allow me to mention a few points amongst many, shall we start from the beginning?

Historical Fiction and Facts

I. Unlike what has been portrayed in the movie, in every battle, 40 or 50 thousands Greeko_Macedonian did not defeat an army of 250 to 300 thousand Persians!

II. Greek Historians, fathers of Western Civilization, may had called Persians, The Barbarians, but Oliver Stone insisted on referring to Persians, over & over as Barbarians! Aristotle & many other Greeks called Persians Barbarians in this movie! Persian Empire was the sole Super Power of 4th, 5th & 6th Century BC. Persia ruled the globe. Persian Cities of Persepolis, Pasargad, Susa, Hecatompylos, Ecbatana, etc. were hearts of global civilization but according to Greek Historians & a Liberal Piss Ass Director, Olive Oil (Oliver Stone), Persians were Barbarians & Greeks were civilized!

III. According to the movie, Greeko_Macedonian invaded Persian Empire to teach them "The Civilized Ways"! Persians were Barbarian Slave Owners, Savages, Nomads, Offensive, and Brutes! Greeks were civilized, democracy lovers, humane, just, Free Men! The reality is that amongst "All" Ancient Civilizations, Persia was the sole culture, which never practiced Slavery! Before entrance of Islam to Iran, there was not a single slave in Iran! On the other hand, Greeko_Macedonian practiced slavery same as Rome! When they taken over Persia, they enslaved many! Greeko_Macedonian were a group of scattered City States in Greek Peninsula who sat around, discussed philosophy, fought amongst themselves & Banged each other's Butts! Sparta, Athens & the rest were amongst them! Until Philip the Macedonian, united them & made them one, they were inferior scattered cultures of South East Europe. In comparison to Persians, they were far inferior. They were practicing slavery & they were irrelevant in global hierarchy! But of course Greeko_Roman Culture is the base for the Western Culture & From Herodot all the way to Stone, Westerners need to falsify the history to earn global respect for their civilization!

IV. Until this day, the greatest historical theory is that Alexander & her Mother Olympias plotted the murder of Philip (his own father), but according to the movie, Darius III sent an assassin to murder Philip or @ max, Olympias plotted it without Alexander's knowledge!

V. Greeko_Macedonian, before invasion of Persia, did not have a pot to piss in, & they were killing each other in 101 battles amongst themselves! Before Philip, they were not even a single nation! According to the movie, they brought civilization, knowledge of military, & education to the Persian Empire, which practically owned the known world back then!

VI. According to illiterate, uneducated, faggish, sissy liberal pinko, Stone, The Mighty Persian Infantry, the glorious armies of Darius III, wore cheap dirty rags on their heads! But Greeks wore sophisticated helmets with feathers! Persians wore no armor, cheap cloths but Greek wore full body armors! Let's be logical, shall we? How can the armies of the richest & only super power in the globe, wear rags on their heads? Historically, there were a group of elite Immortals who used to wear a scarf looking head-gear, short in front, long @ the back, with a head band which held it & a mouth piece which covered their mouths to avoid the desert dust. These Immortals & some Desert Units wore these headgears which were often in yellow-gold colors. They were 3 piece headgears in gold which they were desert units' head covers. In the heat of the desert, they could not wear helmets but they had to wear these gears.

This does not mean that the complete Persian infantry did not wear helmets! Oliver Stone, put some dirty white rags on Persian Infantry-men's heads which was far more similar to Arab Rags than Immortal's Gold-Fabric Gears! Historically, each part of the Persian Empire had their own unique local uniforms. The Persian Armors were far heavier & sophisticated than Greeks! What happened to legendary Persian Infantry's various helmets? The Feathered Heavy Helmets (similar to Greek commanders), The Funnel or Cone shaped Helmets, The Crooked, bent forward, cone shaped Helmets, The Cylinder shaped Persian hats, etc? Even the original Persian Desert Unit's Fabric-made Head-Gears of gold, did not look anything like the dirty white, cheap Arabic head-scarves of Qutrah (traditional Arab headgear of skullcap and scarf) & Iggal (headband holding the qutrah) Palestinian type o deal!

VII. Alexander portrayed as a forgiving hero to Persian Imperial Court! Lets review history:

* Estatira (Darius III's sister) did not beg forgiveness from Alexander!

* Alexander chased Sissy Cambis (Darius III's mother) around. He had a thing for her. Movie did not even show Sissy Cambis!

* Alexander burned Persepolis to the ground. This happened in one of his epileptic, drunken, homosexual manic depressive rages! Movie did not even show the destruction of the major Persian capital by Alexander!

* Alexander, later on had so much shame for destroying Persepolis, that granted amnesty to Darius' family!

* Alexander's behavior was far from civil in Iran!

VIII. Alexander was a Homosexual, Alcoholic, Epileptic, Bloodthirsty, Maniac Warmonger who invaded the heart of civilization, the Persian Empire & destroyed it! In the movie, Alexander becomes a Philosopher Genius who civilized Persians!

IX. Alexander had great sexual perversions. He spent most of his time with Hephaistion, his Gay General or other gay boys, such as gay dancers & pretty boys! Alexander was a flaming Faggot! In the movie, he becomes an International Playboy who breaks Roxana's heart!

X. Roxana was a Persian Princess, a respectable lady noblewoman who was forced to marry Alexander & bear him children. Politically, she had no other choice! In the movie, Roxana becomes a low-key irrelevant figure in politics of the time; furthermore, she becomes a Gypsy looking character, almost black skinned!

XI. Olympias was daughter of King Epirus, a Greek Rooted City State Monarch, but in the movie, Olympias also becomes a Barbarian rooted (same as Asians & Persians) broad! Actually Alexander marries Roxana for her resemblance to his mother Olympias! Roxana was almost a common poor woman, not worthy of Alexander! The only reason Alexander married her, was because she looked like her mother & also Alex wanted to marry an inferior Persian to capture the Persian hearts! All the Greeks openly disputed this, because they considered themselves superior to Persians! The reality is that Alexander knew that Persians were a superior race & Roxana was politically, too important to ignore! Oliver Stone fabricated this whole Roxana_Olympias deal!

XII. Darius III took military command of his own armies in many different campaigns & battles but according to Stone, he was a coward. He escaped Gaugamela to fight another day, but Stone portrays him as a coward! Darius III in Stone's movie, becomes a Paper Monarch!

XIII. There is no trace of the other side of the story, The Persian Side, in the movie! There is no trace of braveries of Aryo_Barzan or other Persian Military Braves! Greeks are supreme Warriors & Persians are Savage Coward Dogs! And if you think that's bad, then wait till you see what Stone done to Indians!

XIV. Indians become sub-human in Stones movie! In one scene, he brings a few Polynesian locals of Australia, which they do look like Monkeys & Stone makes them play Indian roles! They play the locals in jungles of India! Indian Kings, soldiers & Armies become very similar to Monkeys of jungle! The reality is that, even though, Alexander took over Today's Pakistan & parts of Sind & Punjab, but Indians were the ones who finally seized his campaign & war machine! Indians fought the bloodiest battle of Alexander's life in Indian Peninsula. Indian Elephants crushed Greeko_Macedonians but in the movie, Alexander on horse-top single-handedly battles a War-Elephant Unit! This black horse is the same wild horse that Greek veterans could not tame but a pre-teen Alexander tamed this beast in early days in the movie!

XV. Philip was a rough man & in his final years, he became insane. He was an alcoholic semi maniac but in his final years he became a full-blown drunken psychopath! Alexander inherited Alcoholism, Brutal nature & Insanity of Philip. Alexander in his final years, became a paranoid, schizophrenic, maniac, and worst than his father. He started killing his own friends & generals. In the movie, Stone, remotely mentions this issue & passes on by to other chapters! Stone, gently slides this fact under the Persian Rug!


Alexander, was a Homosexual, Alcoholic, Epileptic, Paranoid, Delusional, Brutal, Blood Thirsty, Savage Beast who invaded a Superior, Sole Super Power of back then's world (Persia) & destroyed it. He murdered, slaughtered, raped, pillaged & even burned the Persian Capital to the ashes! Alexander was head of an inferior barbaric Greeko_Macedonian Tribes who invaded the Civilized worlds of Persia, Egypt, India & Bacteria brutally & destroyed them. Alexander was a step short of Hitler, Napoleon or Genghis Khan, but in this movie he becomes God & son of Zeus or preacher of Civilization!

Oliver Stone is a modern day Herodot. Biased, Dishonest, Con Artist, Illiterate, Charlatan, Hero Maker & a Fraud.

And that's how Alexandra The Grape becomes Alexander The Great!

This movie is "The Ultimate Hollywood Lie", ever made on Greeko_Persian Wars or Ancient History. Any two-bit person, who knows anything about history, will clearly see through Oliver Stone's Lies & Falsifications of Ancient History. No one but no one can be so ignorant, out of research & naive to twist the whole history in the manner that Stone done!

It is impossible for me to believe that Stone, actually researched the history & concluded as he did! It is pretty obvious that Stone is historically illiterate, but it is far more obvious that Stone selectively twisted many facts & decided to totally hide many other facts! Stone fails to speak of many atrocities of Alexander & intentionally, he hides them! This movie is a historical cover-up!

Thanks to Alexander & later on Arabo_Muslim (Omar & Ali), almost "All" our historical books & documents were burned to the ground & turned to ashes & that's why the world cannot hear our voice today! Volumes & Volumes of Persian Historians' Books & Journals were destroyed in fires of invaders who invaded our land & burned our books. Barbarians such as Alexander, Omar, Ali, Hussein & others invaded our land, burned our history, raped our women, killed our men, took our children as slaves, & destroyed our culture, but today, Greeks claim that they have civilized us & the Arabs claim that before Islam, we were savage Fire Worshipers! Thanks to Greeks, Arabs, Turks, Mongols, others.................. we have become civilized!

Not that we had any civilization before these bozos! Not that we have anything to show for it! What do we have to show for it?

Only 8000 years of Persian History, the oldest culture in the globe!

@ the moment I am so disgusted with Oliver Stone's Movie, that I am ready to tear him apart! It is a good thing that he is not near me! It is simply sickening!

It is bad enough that we have to put up with IRI, Westoxication of our youth abroad, Arabtoxication of our youth inside Iran, & now we have to witness, lampoons like Stone, trash our history!

Mr. Oliver Stone, you might fool the average Jane & Joe with your rubbish fabrication of history, but beware of the historians exposing your pack of lies! This movie's historical value is equal to garbage!

It is a plain shame.

Dr. X
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Postby CR » Thu Aug 04, 2005 3:54 am


Dr. Kaveh Farrokh's opinion:

The Alexander Movie: How are Iranians and Greeks portrayed? ... rrokh6.htm

Dr. Kaveh Farrokh: Writings ... ehFarrokh/
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Postby Qambujiye » Thu Aug 04, 2005 6:09 am

Greeko_Macedonian were a group of scattered City States in Greek Peninsula who sat around, discussed philosophy, fought amongst themselves & Banged each other's Butts!


That sounds like Jebhe Melli Iran & their forum! Is there a corolation or connection?

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Postby Ahreeman X » Thu Aug 04, 2005 9:29 am


You actually have a sense of humor! I didn't know you had it in you! :badgrin:

"Greeko_Macedonian were a group of scattered City States in Greek Peninsula who sat around, discussed philosophy, fought amongst themselves & Banged each other's Butts!"


That sounds like Jebhe Melli Iran & their forum! Is there a corolation or connection?"

Q jan,

I absolutely resent that false remark & I pretend I did not hear it [-X !
Why you ask? :question:

Jebheists do not discuss philosophy, thus their brain capacity is too limited to ponder on philosophical issues; however, they do discuss politics, fight amongst themselves & bang each other's butts or shall we say Butt Bang (BB)! Sometimes they pat each other on the back or on the butt (whichever comes first) & give each other credit for being these Giant "In_Tell_Egg_Chew_Alls" (Adamzad's Term); however, sometimes these pattings on the back or the butt, leads to other extracurricular activities amongst the Mosadeq-ites! :hystery:

Allah bless their Mellio_Mazhabi Passionate souls! :yeees:

Now, The Greatest contribution of Greek Culture to the Iranian Culture was BB! All those years of colonialization under Solukids, we have learned the fine art of BB from the Greeks! [shake]

As you are aware, Arabo_Islamic contribution :ayatollah: to Iranian Culture were:

Pedophilia, Polygamy, Perversions, Pretence, Dual Lives, Corruptions, Superstitions, Savagery & ignorance.

And of course Greeko_Macedonian contribution to the Iranian Culture was But Banging! [shake]

For Allah's sake, before Greeks, we were using our rectums, only for Bowl Movements; furthermore, after Solukid Era,

Men started fingering women, up the Shiiter! :jahel: :fingering: :lachak:

Men even started fingering other men up the Glory Hole! :jahel: :fingering: :newbee:

Women even started fingering other women in the buttocks! :nurse: :fingering: :lachak:

All of a sudden, we became a nation of Butt Bangers; furthermore, we Mastered this fine art, to the point of superseding the Greeks & even inventing a few Neo Positions! Today, many, even mistakenly call the art: "Persian Style" rather than the "Greek Style"!

All of a sudden, we had whole cities, devoted to this fine art! Today, Cities of Qazvin & Qom are far more Analist than Athens & Sparta! Today, we have documented Analogy as a science! See what Alexander started in Iran!?

:doctorF: Now, shall we analyze the Anal Relations (BB) between below peer groups?

So lets get a logical factor:

Greeko_Macedonian discuss philosophy, fight amongst themselves & then BB
Liberal Jebheists discuss politics, fight amongst themselves & then BB!
Qom-ites discuss Shari'a, Qur'an, Islam & then BB!
Qazvin-ites do not discuss or fight or do anything but directly go to BB!

:newbee: :jahel: Qazvin-ites, cut through the chase & go straight to Butt Banging! Allah bless their souls, they are passionate people!

And that was a brief history of Anal Relations in Iran! Say, by the way, in the future, remind me to write the complete history of Analogy in Iran!

For now, all you boys & girls, :paranoid: make sure, while crossing Qom, Qazvin, Downtown Tehran, Iranian Mosques, Religious Studies Universities, Hozat al Elmiyat al Qom, & other shady areas of Iranian cities, ..................................., you will have one hand covering your front & one hand covering your back while crossing these geographical points! Thus folks around these areas are very anxious to get to know your Habibatis! :scared: :pervert:

Keep Safe :paranoid:

Loves, :heart:

Someone concern about your sexual integrity!
Brother X
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Postby Ahreeman X » Fri Aug 05, 2005 9:41 am


I have posted this in Alexander, the movie (UK Site) Forum & The Admin deleted it right away. Check this out:


Alexander, falsification of history by Oliver Stone!

Dear Fans of Alexander & Oliver Stone:


Majority of you will be offended by this article. A slim minority of you, those who know anything about Ancient History will be thrilled about this article. And obviously Greeko_Macedonian History lovers will want to argue against this article!

The other day, for the first time, I have seen this movie on DVD. As a historian, this movie made my blood boil! There is always a Hollywood version of history & then there is the True History! Hollywood version is often twisted but this movie was the absolute fabrication of history!

I will not actually post this article on this board, thus due to blunt nature of the tone, the moderators will delete it, so I will link to it in a forum where Absolute Freedom of Speech Rules.

For those who seek the true history, bon appetite,

For those who love to believe in Hollywood LaLa Landish version of history, get enlightened,

For those who will have their dreams crushed, well what can I say, deal with it, thus it is the true history!

I simply could not stop myself to block the transformation of true history, by not making a comment on this Hollywood spoof!

This is the Very Politically Incorrect, Unpolished, yet True Historical Critics on this Hollywood Box Office Flop, Alexander.

Here you go:



Admin's response:

<deleted by admin - if you want to advertise your site email me to discuss costs>


My response:

As I have predicted, the Admin of this site could not even tolerate an opposing view, even via a link! Not that he deleted the link, yet he also deleted the link in my personal profile!

To read the true history, obviously is not good for the DVD sales of this spoof, runners of this site & prestige of Oliver Stone & cowardly admins of this site.

To Admin:

Now, like good old liberals, delete this post & ban me.

History cannot be revised & Voice of truth cannot be silenced.

How pathetic are Hollywood Liberals!

I do not need advertising for my site! But you need to learn to respect Freedom of Speech.

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Postby Liberator » Wed Oct 26, 2005 9:56 am

I believe this article would fit in well with this thread.


Civil empire
At it’s Zenith the Persian empire ruled over 30 countries which paid tribute to it

Cyrus Raft
Ocotber 26, 2005

Mr. Jonathan Jones author of article “The Evil Empireâ€
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Postby IPC » Tue Aug 01, 2006 7:35 pm


..... This genius translated into military success and the birth of the Persian Empire. Kourosh, the military genius, organizational genius, political genius, and ethical genius. How many men exist in history which were a genius in all four areas? None other.

And they say Alexander the Gay was a military genius. That may be true, but he was not the only military genius. In fact, his genius pales in comparison to the person that invented the implementation of military units. Furthermore, Alex was a military genius, but nothing more. That’s why all he did was spend his life going from one place to another, killing and plundering. He could capture everything, but could hold nothing. Hence, as soon as he died, everything immediately fell apart and soon returned to the way it was before his gay ass ever arrived.
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Postby Aurioles » Sat Aug 18, 2007 6:51 pm

i agre with almost the hole first post, but in point XII i will habe to disagre a bit, manly becaus Darius the third was indeed a bit un smart, lets not forget that he was chosed because, of his lak of will, (then he regained control, and all that, but he was still not very capable of beeng ruler of an empire as great as persia, he was still smarter than alexander from my point of vew)

i will like to ad a bit of things.

1.- the succes of alexander was to some point due to the many nomadic enemyes the empire was facing at the time, (not only greeks) so it was amasingly hard to control, Alexander harashed the empire, but at the sime, there were also masaget, estityans, arabs, Africans, indians harashing the empire, there is no way a lexander culd have betan the empire by himself. similar to the muslem invasion (huns, bizantines, kushites, amongst others)

2.-there were universities all around the persian empire befor the hordes pilaged it, pitagoras spent 20 years studing in babylon as well as many forengiers the odest livary is no way the one there was in alexandria.

3.-the books lost in the burnig of persepolies were not only destroyed, but some of theme were copied and atributed to greek athors.

4.-iran population in the time was far biger than todays, moslems, greeks and mongols, made slauthers of which the country has not recobered entierly. in karasam, mulims kiles 4000 of the smartes (literate) civilians, and in kazeroum a thousend non muslems were slaugther for several days in order to destroy knolege ad books Greeks did not counted their murders so i can not find similar information

5.-there are thablets like the ones of the plimton tablets, more debeloped algebra and geometry than any greek or roman equibalentwhich are 1000 years older than the persian empire, in other word greeks burned that that they cudnt understand.

6.-persian nobles did not stayed in greece because whene they took athens they realised that the place was not worth it, they belebed other wise becaues greek emigrants tend to exagerate, and told tales to persians of their cities.

7.- the qants suport 75% of irans water needs, even if some of thise are more recient, most of them are of persinan time, and in the hole empire there culd have lived many people.

the persian empir culd have had 300 thousand soilders, but they were spread trwo the empire, so no enemy ever faced them.
in all civilisation culd have lost a coplue centuries of exsistance in both invasions.
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Postby SeRDarVonMakedon » Fri Feb 12, 2010 4:15 am

i agree that Oliver Stone has no idea about the Ancient Civilisations and Cultures, but in your text i see so much hatered and so much wrong interpretations...

if you are interested, i could try before all, to explain you the diferences between "greeks" and Macedonians.

later we can discuss all other things...

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Postby SeRDarVonMakedon » Mon Feb 15, 2010 10:03 pm

one of the biggest mistakes Oliver Stone made, is made here again.

noone ask US, the Macedonians, what we think, and how we concider some things.

there are many of us who are very proud on Alexandro´s campaign, but also there are many of us who are ashamed from the bad things he made on his campaign. (like burning Persepolis and few other cities)

Before all, i would ask the author of this text here, is he aware about the non-sense and the level of hatered he is writing in his articl?

Before i write anything else, this MUST be cleared.

If Alexandro and his Macedonians were a blood thirsty monsters as he is trying to describe them, WHAT could STOP them from killing everything on their way???

The Persian Army, that was defeated in 3 Major Battles and several others?

I understand it is hard to accept a defeat, but hey, if you try, maybe it is easier than you think.

As an example, we, the Macedonians, have to face the fact that the Romans came and kicked our buts, destroed our Kingdom and Empire, and ruled over us for some period. (we were betraed from the greeks, like many times in the history, later about that)

So, here are some facts that you guys probably dont know

Macedonians, just like the Persians, are WHITE race. PURE white Race, and the DNA test in the last years confirmed that.

Ancient Greeks were a "newborn rase and culture", a mix of SETTLERS from Africa and parts of Asia, who migrated to some of the Aegean Cities, with part of the native Aegean PRE-GREEK Folks.

The "panhellenes" are claiming that their migration started some 1200 to 1500 years before our Era (before Christ Era or in further text bce)

Friedrich Neubauer

Friedrich Neubauer, Bernhard Seyfert, Lehrbuch der Geschichte 1. Teil (1922)

Er war Geheimer Studienrat und seit 1904 Mitglied der Akademie gemeinnütziger Wissenschaften [1] zu Erfurt. In der Zeit von 1913 bis 1923 war er der Vorsitzende des Verbandes der Geschichtslehrer Deutschlands.

in short: German Historian who was Chairman of the German Assotiation of Historians / History Scholars

He published the Book "Lehrbuch der Geschichte" used on many universities, a pro-hellenic book, but still full of precious informations

page 39, talking about the greek colonization

„Charakter der griechischen Kolonisation. Indessen hatte seit dem achten Jahrhundert eine neue Periode in der griechischen Entwicklung eingesezt. Griechenland, bisher ein Bauernland, in dem die Interessen des Ackerbaus und der Viehzucht alle anderen überwogen, wurde ein Land der SEEFAHRT und des HANDELS.

page 42:

Während die kolonisation die griechische Kultur über einen großen Teil der Mittelmeerküsten trug und auf die eingeborenen Völker allenthalben bedeutenden Einfluss ausübte, entwickelte sich das w i r t s c h a f t l i c h e L e b e n in gewaltiger Weise. Es Enstand ein lebhafter Seehandel"

short free translation: in the 8th century bce, a new period began, the greek society turned from Agrar to Seeman and Traders.

the colonisation had not big cultural effects, but it had social-economic effects.

map of the Aegean Cultures from Copper / Bronze age / era


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Herbert George Wells, 21 September 1866 – 13 August 1946

Postby SeRDarVonMakedon » Mon Feb 15, 2010 10:08 pm

Herbert George Wells, 21 September 1866 – 13 August 1946

"A Short History of the World", 1922, H.G. Wells

page 113, speaking about Iliada and Odisea , the "homeric" eps

"Diese Epen Wurden Irgendwann im achtem oder siebten Jahrhundert v. Chr. Niedergeschrieben, als die Griechen von ihren kultivierten Nachbarn den Gebrauch eines Alphabetes erlernt hatten, doch vermutet man, dass sie schon viel frueher enstanded seien."

short free translation:

those eps were writen in the 8th or 7th century bce, when the greek learned to write from their NEIGHBOURS, but it seems that they were made much earlier.

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Ancient Sources - Diferent Races

Postby SeRDarVonMakedon » Mon Feb 15, 2010 10:21 pm

Diodorus Siculus
Ancient Greek Historian

- For many days the king lay helpless under his treatment, and the Greeks who had been settled in Bactria and Sogdiana, who had long borne unhappily their sojourn among peoples of ANOTHER RACE and now received word that the king has died of his wounds, revolted against the Macedonians. They formed a band of 3000 men and underwent great hardship on their homeward route. Later they were massacred by the Macedonians after Alexander’s death. 17.99.5-6.

- The commandant of the garrison of that city, Archelaus, who was a Macedonian by RACE, welcomed Attalus and surrendered the city to him… 18.37.3-4.

Аρχеλαος, Μακεδоν τὸ γеνος = Makedon to GENOS = Makedon by RACE


Quintus Curtius Rufus
Roman Historian
The History of Alexander

- Patron, the Greek commander, speaks to Darius III:

"we few are all that remain of 50,000 Greeks. We were all with you in your more fortunate days, and in your present situation we remain as we were when you were prospering, ready to make for and to accept as our country and our home any lands you choose. We and you have been drawn together both by your prosperity and your adversity. By this inviolable loyalty of ours I beg and beseech you: pitch your tent in our area of the camp and let us be your bodyguards. We have left Greece behind; for us there is no Bactria; our hopes rest entirely in you - I wish that were true of the others also! Further talk serves no purpose. As a foreigner born of ANOTHER RACE I should not be asking for the responsibility of guarding your person if I thought anyone else could do it." [p.112-13]

if a Greek say to Darius III Kodoman that he is born of another RACE, and we know that Darius was white race, what is the conclusion?

the fact that 50 000 greeks fought on Persian Side - one more of the things that not Oliver Stone, nor many other "historians" are talking about.

to mention, it is writen that Alexandro had at most 7000 greeks in his lines, most of them were hostiges from the conquered Athen and her allies, and most of those who survived the campaign were later killed.


Ancient Greek Historian
The Campaigns of Alexander

- [Book II - Battle of Issus]

"Darius' Greeks fought to thrust the Macedonians back into the water and save the day for their left wing, already in retreat, while the Macedonians, in their turn, with Alexander's triumph plain before their eyes, were determined to equal his success and not forfeit the proud title of invincible, hitherto universally bestowed upon them. The fight was further embittered by the old racial rivalry of Greek and Macedonian." [p.119]

NO more comment needed i think

last quote for this post

Diodorus Siculus

speaking about the greek destiny in Persia

- For many days the king lay helpless under his treatment, and the Greeks who had been settled in Bactria and Sogdiana, who had long borne unhappily their sojourn among peoples of another race and now received word that the king has died of his wounds, revolted against the Macedonians. They formed a band of 3000 men and underwent great hardship on their homeward route. Later they were massacred by the Macedonians after Alexander’s death. 17.99.5-6.

to repeat it, the DNA test confirmed that the greeks had ethiopian blood

and we, the Makedoni, are members of the WHITE race

more to come

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Postby Ahreeman X » Mon Feb 22, 2010 2:04 pm

Greetings Macedonian:

Assuming that you are talking to me,

I have been extremely busy with the website, so I did not have time to read any of the recent posts. Without reading your posts, I will post this document. Later I will read your posts and respond.

I am assuming that you read this:

Alexander, the True History ... /index.htm

and I am hoping that you read this:

Civilization, Persia vs. Greece and Rome ... /index.htm

Now, are you pondering that I don’t know the difference between Macedonia and Greece? Macedonian and Greek? So I am in need of learning it from you?!

For this boldness, we will make Shish Kabob out of you!

As you know, us Persians love our Kabobs!
Filet Mignon Kabob (Barg), Ground Beef Kabob (Kubideh), Chicken Kabob, Lamb Kabob, Shish Kabob and indeed the rare Macedonian Kabob! We love to make Shish Kabob out of Macedonians (Persian Style)! It is very tender! Yum yum!

If you think that my articles and books are full of hatred, then you had to see me in my recent trip to Greece, making outrageous but funny remarks to Greeks!

My Books and Articles may be harsh but truth and nothing but the truth. I do not care if they hurt some people’s feelings as long as I can inject the west with a breath of fresh scientific history + a spice of Reality!

Anyway, welcome to IPC and thanks for your remarks. I will read them all and then reply.

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Alexander, True History – Chapter II

Postby Ahreeman X » Tue Feb 23, 2010 1:33 pm

Alexander, True History – Chapter II

For history buffs, consider this debate the sequel to:

Alexander, the True History ... /index.htm


I have read your posts. You made a few interesting points, so allow me to respond to your points by the order:

I. I stand behind every single word written in all of my history books and articles. They are truth and nothing but the truth. I am a scientific historian and my writings are based on the latest archeological, anthropological, historical and scientific discoveries. I do not follow tales of grandeur told from generation to generation by Roman and Greek historians.

II. In fact my writings are not nonsense, but Greek historians’ biased and exaggerated writings are rubbish.

III. Macedonians are White; however, they are Slavs.
Macedonian Race: Slavic
Macedonian Language: Macedonian (Southern Slavic Family)
Macedonian Alphabet: Cyrillic Slavic

IV. Persians (Iranians) by a great number are Aryans. There is a big difference between Slavic Race and Aryan Race. Both are White but as a Persian expression states: “Every round object is not a walnut!”

Social Darwinism and Science of Raciology ... /index.htm

V. You are correct, not many people are aware of the difference between Greek and Macedonian. But I am not your daily average person. I have studied history, geography, philosophy, politics, raciology, linguistics and science since age 10.

VI. The reason that many interlink Greece and Macedonia is because your culture / history and Greek culture / history has been interlinked for so long throughout the various historical periods, that an average person assumes that they are the same or just a bit different. Many assume that Macedonia is and was a state of Greece. Many still assume that Macedonia should become once more a state of Greece!

VII. The reality is that your culture and language and race are much closer to Bulgarians than Greeks! You are Slavs but Greeks are Aryans, Semi Aryans and Mix.

VIII. You are correct, Greeks have Black African and Hemite Asian race in them; however, you cannot deny that all Balkans including your people have been mixed. Throughout the history, you have been mixed with Greeks, Persianized, Romanized, and finally Ottoman Turks had done their share of mixing with you. No one in pure.

IX. I do not understand why you go on and on about your race and its difference with the Greek race? Yes, they are different; however, historically, it was a Greco-Macedonian Invasion, Empire, and Culture. That’s why they are combined together.

X. Worldwide Macedonian speakers are a bit above 1.4 million. Your modern structured Cyrillic writing has been only established since 1945. You have been an independent country since 1991 fall of Communism in Eastern Blocks. Before 1991, you were a small microscopic state under the boots of Serbs, Turks, Romans, etc. The glorious era of your history was the Greco-Macedonian Empire which that was even interlinked with Greeks. Macedonia of today is as large as a small state of Iran, maybe Khuzestan. Of course Macedonia of pre Alexander Invasion was much larger and included some of the areas from your neighboring countries. You can’t blame the average Joe for not knowing your history and Geography.

XI. I am just curious, are you from Scopje? Were you born in Macedonia and do you live there? If not, what is your nationality (not ethnicity) and where do you live? (don’t make me cheat and check the IP)

XII. Yes, Alexander was bloodthirsty and Greco-Macedonians in comparison to Persians, were a minor nomadic tribe! Face it, we were the sole superpower on Earth and all Greek states including Macedonia were microscopic pieces on our borders which from time to time were causing border unrests and trying to separate some of our border states from us!

300 Spartans, the Real Story

XIII. I am not a sore loser (Alexander) but I am sore about how the West has been living a lie for thousands of years, based on lies of Greek and Roman Historians. In their hights, neither Greece nor Rome were anywhere near the Persian Civilization. But according to Western scholars and uninformed public, Greco-Roman culture was the base for democracy and civilization. The reality is that we invented the global civilization. We have 8000 years of solid history of civilization.

XIV. Of course I am aware that some Greeks were fighting for Persia. Some belonged to our border states in the west and some even belonged to Greek Isles fighting against their own. Back then we had a huge number or Greek Persians which were citizens of the Persian Empire mainly in Anatolia. Of course they would fight for Persia. Who else would they fight for? Greek Isles were a Hodge Podge pack of city states, each singing their own tunes! We owned the world!

XV. Now no disrespect to your culture, history and humanity, but let us be sincere. Except the highlight of your history (Alexander’s Empire) which more or less lasted a couple of centuries (which that was even shared with Greeks). You have been a microscopic state in Balkans with no effects in global civilization. Neither you nor Greeks had anything to offer Iran. You destroyed Iran and then even back then tried to Persianize yourselves by marrying Persians, act like Persians, talk like Persians, live like Persians, etc. You Persianized the Greek Isles and Balkans by Persian souvenirs inherited from Asia. We introduced you to civilization, not vice versa!

XVI. On the other hand, Iran has been the oldest civilization on Earth (8000 years) and always a determining factor in global history, civilization, politics and economy, even now in its chaotic state; Iran is a Regional Power (Middle East) and a Continental Power (Asia).

XVII. So your glory days ended after a couple of hundred years by Parthian Persian Empire swallowing you from the east and the Roman Empire swallowing you from the West. It wasn’t Romans who occupied you but primarily we revived the Persian Empire and kicked you not just out of Iran but out of Asia. That was the end to your shenanigans!

XVIII. There has been nothing left of Macedonia except epical mythical tales of Alexander fabricated by Greek Liars (Historians)! In reality Alexander was a nothing but a bloodthirsty, drunken homosexual sissy!

XIX. Now you ask me, if Alexander was only a blood thirsty thug, then why he didn’t kill more people and burned more cities? Your answer is very simple:

a. There are different levels of savagery, insanity, melancholy and thug behavior! For instance Genghis Khan was an advanced barbarian who destroyed more, Mohammad was a medium large (intermediate) size barbarian who destroyed mediocre and Alexander was a small thug who destroyed less of the world!

b. Why on Earth would Alexander level the Persian Empire? Persia was his bread and butter, school of education, civilization to learn from, science to inform himself, riches beyond his imagination to own, massive prosperous empire to rule ………

Alexander just killed and destroyed enough of Persians and Persia to set an example for the Iranians not to rise up against him. He would never destroy Iran because Iran was his ticket out of the dump that he came from (Macedonia and Greece). He kept Persia intact so him and his sons and grandsons could live like kings of the world for a couple of centuries until finally Parthians kicked them out!

Why Alexander did not kill more and destroy more?
Because Alexander was not an idiot. Alexander was a smart bloodthirsty savage! You do not piss and poop where you eat! Why would he destroy Iran? He would not destroy his feeding ground! Alexander was a leech who fed on Iran!

XX. What are you trying to achieve here? Are you trying to change the face of Alexander from Hitler to Mother Theresa? Maybe you can change his face to RuPaul the Drag Queen or GayLa the SheMale Queer, but not Mother Theresa!

XXI. Yes, Alexander was a Great Military General but that is all that he was. He took advantage of the weakest moment of the Persian Empire to invade and to destroy Iran. That’s all he was. He was no hero, no father of democracy, no center of culture, no great philosopher, no amazing intelligent being and surely no great human being!

XXII. I deal with scientific history. I don’t deal with western mythical Bull Shiite produced by Hollywood and Greek Historians! This is why I run the largest Iranian website on the net and this is why hundreds of thousands of people religiously read what I write and trust my words, on daily basis!

For 8000 Years, Iran has been a determining factor in global civilization. Persian Empire did not die out by Alexander, it only went in to coma! Couple hundred years later she had waken up again. Since then Persian Empire had changed face to the Persian Colonial Empire, to Iranian Empire, Imperial Iran and now Republic of Iran; however, always a large Empire consisting of many cultures and ethnicities and always a relevant factor in the global economy, politics, culture and surely civilization. This statement is not said due to the blind nationalism but this is a historical fact. I only deal with facts.

Now, you got my response. Please proceed and inform me what is it that possibly I am missing about Macedonia, Alexander and History. I am always ready to learn a new …..

More related readings:

8000 Years of Iranian History ... /index.htm

Civilization: Persia vs. Greece and Rome ... /index.htm

History of Federalism in Iran ... /index.htm

Iran History


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Alexander and Roxana

Postby Ahreeman X » Mon May 17, 2010 8:55 am

Alexander and Roxana

Here is an interesting e-mail relative to this topic.

from: Blake D < …@..... >
date: Sat, Apr 17, 2010 at 12:08 PM
subject: Alexander and Roxana

Mr. X,

I was reading through your website and I couldn't help but notice the general disdain with which you write concerning the "West." I too agree that there are many unjust and inaccurate portrayals of Persians here in the United States, as well as other nations. With many ideologies however, there comes a time when passion can override the overarching need for education and accurate understanding. Your reference concerning Rosario Dawson is one of those comments that can further entrench individuals that may in general agree with what you have to say. To get to the point, the actress is of mixed heritage, as so many in the world are. She is not a black woman, and her skin is not black, it is an olive complexion that may be darker than the ancient Roxana, but I think you would agree it is within the spectrum of skin tones representative of people in that region. You are a passionate man, too be sure. But bad mouthing Americans as well as other nation's populations, as opposed to creating a site based on accuracy and educating those not well informed, defeats what I believe is your goal--educated discussion concerning the greatness and restoration of greatness of a proud and acheived society, the Persians. You say that you base your pronouncements on science. Well, your quite unscientific and subjectively based criticism of others does not match with science's greatest principle of objective empiricism. Please understand that your passion for your people is honorable, but unguided, and comes across like the messages of those that you vehemently disdain. Brother, do not be like those people, be better than those people. I believe that Mahatma Ghandi said it well, "Be the change you wish to see in the world."

Respectfully I write,
He who seeks wisdom

* * * * *

Dear Blake:

Thank you for your kind words and critics. Pardon me for late response but have in mind that we receive hundreds of e-mails in our 5 e-mail accounts per week and my share is plenty. I assure you that I read everyone’s mail but there is no way that I can respond to all. To make up for my late response on your well written mail, I will make it up to you by publishing it in IPC Forum.

Every human being is somewhat a mix race of various races. There are no 100 % pure racial beings. Review:

Social Darwinism and Science of Raciology ... /index.htm

However, each person must eventually identify himself with a race. The race that one identifies himself with is the race which has the most percentage in the racial makeup of that person. Eventually one race becomes the race which the person identifies himself as. This winning race becomes the race of that person (so is said). It doesn’t matter if Rosario Dawson is a mix of many races, so are everyone else, but what matters is that Black is her highest percentage race. She is a Black woman.

Roxana was not black; furthermore, she was a White Aryan Persian. This makes Oliver Stone’s movie a fabrication of history.

People of that region of the world are not olive skinned! What do you mean by that region? Middle East? Central Asia? Where? This statement is illogical. It is the same as if I say people of Africa are black! There are Arabs and Mix living in North Africa, White in South Africa and Indians in East Africa, so Africans are not Black!

You are racially generalizing the Middle East! Forget the Middle East, only in Iran we have Blacks, Orientals, Indians, Arabs, Jews, Mix, Mix Aryans, White Aryans and etc. So not everyone in the region is Olive Skinned and surely Rosario Dawson is not olive skinned! You are making flawed in flawed statement!

First you are denying Rosario Dawson’s Blackness which she is proud of.
Second you are generalizing Middle Easterners as Olive skinned.
Third you are stating that Roxana was olive skinned.
Fourth you conclude that Rosario Dawson and Roxana are both Olive Skinned which neither were and are!

This is a statement consisting of 4 flaws!

Now about my passion for Persian Nationalism, I don’t deny it. This is why I built IPC, to protect and serve the Persian Culture which is in danger of extinction by Arabo-Muslims (from inside Iran) and Western Biased (from outside Iran). I am not here to preach One Big Happy Family, Brotherly Loved, Gay Liberal Style! I leave that to Liberals to hold hands and sing Kumbaya!

My mission is to protect and serve the Persian Culture which Had basically invented the global civilization. Without the Persian Civilization, both Westerners and Arabs would have been living in the caves today! So of course I am passionate about my culture.

This does not mean that I lose objectivity. I may sound Ultra Nationalistic due to my Persian passion. But, I stand behind my wittings as pure scientific, truth and nothing but truth. I challenge and dare any historian which can deny anything that I wrote about history, and not just about Alexander but all my history books and articles! Do not make general statements that I am biased but bring me evidence and specific tales of me being biased.

I maybe over protective when it comes to Persian Civilization but still scientific and objective.

Being a scientific historian is my style of research and it shows in my writings. It has nothing to do with my Persian Passion or Objectivity. Being scientific means that I do not just tell the same old tales which I have heard from Greek Historians or my fathers, but I look at history as a living and updating science.

Dear good fellow, I am the agent of change. On daily basis, hundreds of thousands of readers do read my writings. My writings make people think. Those in the west starting to open their eyes to another view which makes sense. Those in the east starting to open their eyes to what they have been denied for millenniums! I am just a preacher who preaches Change, and for doing as I preach, I surely do not need Gandhi’s wise words as a code of conduct because I am neither a pacifist nor a brotherly loved liberal! To be a Scientific Historian and an Objective Journalist, I do not need Gandhi’s bits of wisdom! Allow me to hand you one of my bits of wisdom:

“Liberalism is a weak immune system which invites the Virus of Islamism to enter and destroy a healthy and civilized, democratic social body!”
(Ahreeman X)

For more information about what this e-mail is all about, readers can review:

Alexander, the True History ... /index.htm

Alexander, Falsification of History by Oliver Stone Thread

Thank you kindly for your input.

Ahreeman X
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