History of Slavery in Iran Started with Islam!

Post Islam (651 AD - 1925 AD)

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History of Slavery in Iran Started with Islam!

Postby CR » Sun Sep 13, 2015 1:32 pm

History of Slavery in Iran Started with Islam!

New 2nd Edition

Persian in Chain
Islam approves and promotes slavery.
Branding of Persians: A Muslim Iranian is nothing but a slave to his own ignorance.

Did you know:

Pre Islamic Iran was Slave Free?
Arabo-Muslims exported Slavery to America?
Blacks were originally slaved by the Arabo-Muslims?

Read all about it:


History of Slavery in Iran
It All Started by Islam!
Ahreeman X
1st Edition: April 21, 2007
2nd Edition: September 13, 2015

Friends, Comrades, and Fellow Persians:

Due to the popular demand, I shall put this issue under the microscope! This is an issue often obscured by the clouds of Liberalism, Shiite and tradition!

Black Slavery is an Islamic Product
Arabo-Muslim Slave Traders capture and transport black slaves from North Africa to East Africa to be sold to the Middle Eastern and Asian Merchants and to West Africa to be sold to the European and American Merchants.

There Were No Slavery in Iran before Islam

Slavery was basically non-existent in Persian Empire before Islam. Persians, unlike Romans, Egyptians, Greeks and many others, had never openly practiced slavery. As a matter of fact Persians were anti slavery and the best example was freedom of 42,000 Jews from slavery of Babylon by Cyrus The Great. There were differences in social classes in Iran before Islam, but that was the norm of the world back then! However, there were no slavery practiced in Persian Empire before Islam.

Read more:

History of Slavery in Iran Started with Islam!
http://iranpoliticsclub.net/history/his ... /index.htm

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