What is wrong with us, the Iranians

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What is wrong with us, the Iranians

Postby maziar » Sun Oct 02, 2011 4:26 pm

We Iranians, throughout our long history, have shown that we could become converted into just about any kind of ideological beliefs with the edge of the sword. But our problem is that after a few generations we go crazy about the forced ideology. We start developing a great deal of love for it and becoming “Kaaseh garmtar az aash” no mater how ridiculous that ideology could be or how it came about.

For example; in 7th century AD the barbarian Arabs forced their primitive ideology upon our ancestors. Credit to our ancestors of 7th through 9th centuries, they resisted it in any which-way that they could but after that; the new generations of Iranians became devout Sunny-Muslims and by using their talent started promoting Islam all over the Asia.

The Samaanied dynasty for example is responsible for converting the Turks, Turkmen, and Mongols of Southeast Asia to Sunny-Islam. The funny thing is that, within a few decades, the Turks became more enthusiastic activist devout Muslims that Khalifeh preferred the new overzealous Turks over the Samaanied and helped the Turks to over-through the devout sunny Samaanied.

Apparently in khalifeh’s eye, the “ass licking” Samaanied has served their purpose and was not needed any longer. As we know now; Khalifeh was correct in his assessment. The Turks in later centuries became the promoters of Islam converting people, in Islamic fashion, as far West as Eastern Europe to the border of Austria.

This incident in Iran’s history reminds me of the one that happened in our own life-time; in 1953 the Americans/British overthrew the democratic government of Mossadegh and installed the Shah. The British got their oil and so did the Americans but more importantly, the Americans also could form a dictatorial regime in Iran needed to curtail the advancement of the USSR’s communism. In a dictatorial regime there is no independent parliament to deal with. All they needed was the dictator to handle and a few money grabbers in his administration to bribe and get the things done.

In mid 1970s, after their defeat in Vietnam, American strategy against communism has changed. This time they did not need the Shah; they needed Islamic ideology to counter the Communism ideology. Let the fanatic Muslims create a shield around the Soviet Union. It would be a religious ideology against godless communist ideology. It would be much cheaper for the U.S.
Consequently, as far as the Americans were concerned, Shah had served his purpose and was not needed any longer. This time Khomeini would serve their new strategy real well. So; Shah was out Khomeini was in; as were Samaanied out and the Turks were in for serving Khalifat strategy. Who said that history does not repeat itself!

The new generations of Iranians, completely unaware how Islam was forced upon their ancestors, continued promoting Islam in their own country. In some cases they resorted to murders and rapes, in the same fashion that Mohammad, Aboobakr, Omar, Osmaan, Ali, and the rest have done it in the passed.

Until the end of 15th century AD, about 85 percent of Iranians were Sunnis. In early 16th century, for the first time after the 7th century invasion of Arabs, our country got the opportunity of having an Iranian king who unified most of old Persian Empire lands and for the first time after the invasion we became an independent nation again to be proud of.

But the celebrations did not last long; this new 15 years old great king, namely Shah Ismail, was an idiotic, fanatic Shiia who decided to convert the 85% Sunny Iranians to 100% Shiia Iranians with the edge of the sword in a very short period of time; so he started the savagely killing of his own countrymen in city of Tabriz. Not just he killed all prominent sunny Tabrizys, but he also killed half population of the city. He did not stop to that either; he ordered to bring out as many pregnant women out in the street, insert dagger into their sexual organ killing the fetus because the fetuses were conceived by a sunny man. One of his general asked the young Shah; why, your majesty, should we kill people who do not object to your demand? Ismail answered; “I do this for the rest of the country to learn about it and do not dare to resist me”.

Ismail continued his atrocities in the rest of the country. At that time there were not enough Shiia mullahs in Iran, so he imported several dozens of Shiia mullahs from Lebanon which at that time was the center of Shiia sect activities.

To name a few of these imported mullahs, who later-on, became prominent and influential citizens of Iran and started the very first “Shiite Foghaha system” in Iran is as follows:
1-Shykh Ali Korki
2-Shykh Lotfollah Missi; a masque on his name still exists in city of Isfahan
3-Shykh Hussein Abdolsamad; he is the father of famous Shaykh Bahai who built the historical masque in Isfahan which at the present time is an important tourist spot in Iran.
4-Shykh Mansha
5-Mir Ghiyasaldeen Mansour Shirazi
6- Mir Daamaad
7-Mollah Mohammad Majlessi
8-Mollah Baagher Majlessi

These entire imported mullahs were given top administrative jobs, nice houses, lands and more. Ismail, with the help of imported mullah continued converting the rest of the country in Islamic fashion; murder, torture killings, rapes, and confiscation of properties, “Ghanaim”.

Ismail ordered hiring axmen called; Tabardaaraan” who used to go into the neighborhoods and out-loud sending curses at the four imams of the four different sunny sects. The people inside their houses and yards were supposed to say “Beeshbaad”. If the axmen would not hear the “Beeshbaad”, they would go in and kill all the members of the family. This tradition of cursing to sunny imams and then saying “Beeshbaad’ has continued in Iran for centuries. I remember when I was a kid in Iran, people used to repeat those words aimlessly, even though there were not any Sunnis in my town or even in my state. It was just a habit that sons heard from fathers and it continued from generation to generation.

Other barbaric acts of Shah Ismail were; throwing the victims in boiling water, skinning a person by making a small cut on the body then inserting a straw under the skin and blowing air into it until the person dies out of extreme pain or shock, kebabing people alive, tying one leg of the victim to one young branch of a tree then bending another branch inward and tying the other leg or an arm to that branch then letting the branches go which would cut the person in two.
Ismail did not have even a speck of Iranian nationalism tendencies in his blood. His father and grand father married Ottoman Turkish women and all of them used to speak Turkish at home and all of his solders were Tatar Turks. He was just a fanatic Shiia Muslim who hated everything ells. The Ferdossy mausoleum that even the Turkmen Ghaznavied used to cherish it was destroyed to the ground by him. It has been said that Ismail has killed over 250,000 Iranians.

These barbaric acts of Ismail were continued in Safavied dynasty. Shah Abbas for example had “man-eaters” in his palace called “Chigin” who used to cut and eat the victims alive. The head Chigin during Shah Abbas was a man named; Malak Ali Soltaneh Jaarchi who had a prestigious ministerial position.

So; this is how the sunny Iranians became the Shiia Iranians, but the funny thing is that these forced newly Shiiaed and the yesterday’s devout Sunnis, are now devout Shiia who are ready to give their lives for Imam Zamaan.

What is amazing is; these shiias, as we now know, did not use their brain in accepting Shiagarry, it was the ax of Shah Ismail not any reasoning or intellectual discussions, as it was the case in 7th century AD; the sword of the Arabs was the mean not any books or intellectual discussions.

What puzzles me is; why humans fall in-love with their parents’ blood enemies! For example; Ali the son of Abbootaaleb who was the cause of slaughtering hundreds of thousands of innocent Iranians just in two cities of Gorgaan and Neyshapour, including women and small children, during the short period of time that he became the fourth Khalifeh of Islam, or his son Hussein who hated Iranians so much that he said: “These Iranians are from an inferior race, beneath Arabs, their men should be taken as slaves and their women must be sold in Arab cities”. Both these men are the most revered Imams of Iranians of today who cut their own kid’s head and chest in month of Moharram to show the degree of their devotion and have given the title of “Mazloom”, meaning Saint or innocent to these two men. How innocent is it beheading 700 men (prisoners of war) while their hands were tight behind their back?

I am not a psychologist consequently there are more questions in my mind than answers about this unusual human behavior. This behavior is not exclusive to people of Iran; it has been seen among humans in deferent races, countries, and cultures. The Americans, for example revere the British who committed atrocities against Americans in colonial years and even after the U.S. independence the British attacked and burned the “White House” to the ground. Or a great numbers of African Americans whose grandparents were taken slaves by the white Americans still carry American names and are devout Christians. I even have seen bond has been formed between the hostage and hostage taker. Patricia Hurst is a good example who joined the Sambiani’s Liberation Army in 1970s that she was the hostage of.

Today I see Iranians who live abroad with no pressure from the Islamic regime or any other source to force them to stay Muslim. They hear all the bad news about violent acts committed by Islamists from different countries in different parts of the world and the barbaric acts of the Taliban. they have seen and heard about the barbaric acts committed by the IRI in using Islamic “Shariat” laws such as; stoning people, cutting limbs, denying fundamental human rights to half a population of the country, treating the adults as children by creating dress codes for men and women, etc.

Yet the great majority of Iranians still stayed Muslims, some devout enough to give plenty of good business to merchants of Mecca, Karbala, and Najaf. A few of them who are still refugees, escaped from the Islamic regime, grow beard in the month of Ramadan and wear black attire with long beard in month of Moharram. Then they are brave enough to curse at IRI and call themselves Iranians taking pride of Cyrus the great who invented the concept of “Human Rights” but at the same time they worship Mohammad who has more than 25 verses in Kuran which instructs torture killings of “Kaffars” and Kafar is a person who simply disagrees with what Mohammad had to say and refuses to become Muslim.

These Iranians in abroad still worships a group of Arabs who themselves have admitted murdering people and are proud of their barbaric acts such as Ali who took pride of beheading 700 men in one day and Hussein who, the Shiias pride themselves, that he has killed so many people, from early morning till mid day, that the blood of the fallen have reached the treadle of Hussein’s horse. Yet they turn around and call Hussein “Mazloom” because he was killed in the battle in the afternoon of the same day.

My question from these misguided people is: Who are you! What is your identity! Are you the sons and daughters of those civilized ancient Iranians? If you are, then why at the same time are you taking pride of being the followers of barbaric people and have accepted a barbaric ideology which instructs you that any running water or standing water “Kor” is clean enough to drink and wash your dishes in. Or a man is allowed to marry a woman as a temporary relationship, as short as 15 minutes but not longer than four months. (Sigha).

But if a child is conceived from this temporary relationship, the father has no obligation toward this child what so ever and the child can not inherit anything from his father. To make things even worse for this innocent child, who had no vote for coming to this world, is that the label of “Bastard” officially is given to him/her even though his parents have got marred according to the Islamic law. This is called Islamic Justus.

My question from those Iranians who stayed Muslim is; who are you? An Iranian with great rich culture to be proud of or an Arab with a culture that illiteracy is considered virtue, beheading 700 prisoners in one day is acclaimed as bravery; stoning, slashing, cutting limbs of humans are considered good laws.
This is something to think about before passing your beliefs to your beloved children. Thank you.

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