Persian Gulf & Israel Intentionally Inaccurate Collins Atlas

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Persian Gulf & Israel Intentionally Inaccurate Collins Atlas

Postby CR » Fri Feb 06, 2015 11:22 am

Persian Gulf & Israel Intentionally Inaccurate Maps
Collins Atlas of Middle East!

Persian Gulf Forever

Dear Friends:

Here is a letter that Ahreeman wrote to Harper Collins Publishers and exposed them for publishing false information on Persian Gulf and Israel maps:


Intentionally Inaccurate Atlas


Harper Collins Corrections

Harper Collins Publishers

Collins Middle East Atlas ... iddle+east

I am the founder and publisher of Iran Politics Club, the largest Iranian website in the world.
Here is a review I wrote for your fabricated Atlas of the Middle East:

Intentionally Inaccurate Atlas

Collins Publishers is a disgrace to the Science of Geography and the scholarly world! As an Author, Journalist, Geographer and a Historian I strongly emphasize on this statement. Collins Publishers stated that this atlas has been made specifically for the students in the Middle East! What Collins reluctantly failed to state was that this atlas was made specifically for the Arabs! There are other people living in Middle East than Arabs. There are Persians (Iranians, Afghans, Tajiks), Turks, Turkmens, Uzbeks, Armenians, Georgians, Kurds, Jews, etc.

It is one thing to make an atlas specifically for the needs of the Arab students but it is another thing to make an inaccurate atlas, twisting and revising the world’s history and geography to please the Arabs and keep them in the dark!

There are various examples of the inaccuracy of this atlas such as:

I. Collins refers to the 2500 years old body of water which all of us have learned in schools as the “Persian Gulf”, the “Arabian Gulf”! There exists no such gulf in the world as the “Arabian Gulf”! Arabs like to refer to it as the Arabian Gulf but Arabian Gulf only exists in some rich Arab’s mansion or palace as a pool, spa, or a flushing toilet! Rest of the world knows this body of water as the Persian Gulf. For millenniums it has been called the Persian Gulf. Collins cannot pander to the Arabs by referring to it as the Arabian Gulf! It is an insult to the Persians (Iranians), the World and the Human History to call this body of water the Arabian Gulf! This body of water has seen many actions and battles throughout the history and the name Persian Gulf started 2500 years ago by the Persian Empire who ruled the known world of the time, while the poverty stricken Arabs (oil was not discovered then) were wondering in the deserts of Arabia aimlessly!

II. Israel does not exist in Collins Map! The present land which has been named Israel starting 1100 years ago in history as far as King David’s era and beyond does not exist in Collins maps! Palestine exists which is a British made fabricated nation to begin with; however, Israel does not exist! Not on a single page of this map, the land is named as Israel! The existence of Israel is denied by Collins!

Question to the Thinking Minds:

Is there any wonder why Arabs live in fantasy and away from the realities of this world? In their world, Persian Gulf and Israel do not exist. Arabs see the world that does not exist. Arab children grow up in fantasy fabricated by companies like Collins and learn to hate the Jews, Persians, West and the civilized world! This is how Islamism starts and Global Terrorism starts! Companies like Collins by pandering to the Rich Arab governments help teaching misinformation to little Arab kids and raising them to hate the rest of the world and living in a fantasy land! Google tried this policy of pandering to the rich Arab states on their maps and they failed, Collins should learn from Google’s mistakes! The only reason I gave it one star is for the graphics.

IPC Founder
IPC Office


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