Immortal Guards, Then and Now!

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Immortal Guards, Then and Now!

Postby Ahreeman X » Wed Feb 09, 2005 4:35 pm

Immortal Guards, Then and Now!
Part One
February 9, 2005 = 2564 Shahanshahi PIY (Persian Imperial Year)

The Immortal Guard's Day
(Ruz-e Gard-e Javidan)
February 9th, 1979 = Bahman 20th 2538 Shahanshahi PIY (Persian Imperial Year)

Lets celebrate our Immortals from Achaemenid Era all the way to Pahlavi Era and Today's Modern Day Immortals!

They maybe dead and gone, but their memory is alive in our hearts! They were the Freedom Fighters of Iran on 1979 and We (IPC Operations & All active freedom fighters of Iran) are the freedom fighters of Iran today!

As a dedication to The Immortal Guards of yesterday who were "almost" The Only Imperial Forces who stood up and fought for Iran and as the dedication to The Immortal Guards of Today inside, outside and in liaison to Iran, who are fighting your battles today, 5 years ago, IPC had invented and since then, celebrated "The Immortal Guard's Day".

On the February 9th of each year, we shall celebrate The Spirit of The Immortals in Exile, and once we overthrow The Islamic Beast and establish a legal regime in Iran, then we will officially add this day to the Iranian Calendar and replace the present Arabo_Islamic Calendar with a complete Iranian Calendar. The IPC Calendar would be a good start.

The IPC Calendar

The Immortal Guard's Day
February 9th, 1979 = Bahman 20th 2538 Shahanshahi

On this day on 1979, the great Imperial Immortal Guards fought with the traitor Havaniruz Air Force personnel (Homafar air force technicians ), later on, Immortals fought with the combined forces of the Islamic Guerrillas & Palestinians who were aiding them and fighting side by side with them! Immortals fought in many fronts.

During those sensitive days of February and sensitive year of 1979, the Immortals had fought many battles with the reactionary Islamic nomads. They fought many organized major battles or random local areal battles in various areas of Doshan Tapeh, Military Academy (Sepah Avenue), Baq-e Shah, Tupkhane, vicinity of Imperial Palaces and other locations.

They fought bravely, killed many of the barbarians & Muslim savages. Immortals were faithful to Iran until the end, many fought to the last drop of their blood, but once their Generals and Commanding Officers had surendered, they stopped fighting and many got arrested & executed by Islamic Executioner's Death Squads. Thousands of Immortals had fought and died or got executed by the Islamists. Immortals gave the most casualty amongst the Armed Forces. Remember and cherish the memory of The Immortals ......

The Real History of 1979

Lets together review the true uncensored history of 1979, so we can get a logical conclusion and plan the future battles of the Today's Immortals!

This is the history which is unrevised and pure from the pollution and censor of your Career Exilist so called Monarchist Ex Statesmen and Ex Imperial Generals and Officers who did not stand up and fight for Iran on 1979! This is not the history that your fathers preach to you and brain wash you with it! These are the actual events which has happened on those uneasy days of 1979, told by an unbiased voice of a fair historian such as myself.

December 29, 1978

On those crucial final days of 1978, I was getting ready to leave Iran. I was forced by my parents to leave Iran, because they knew better that if I was allowed to stay, then most likely I would have died in the Street Battles! During those uneasy days of 1977 and 1978, I was a hot headed 15 /16 years old Ultra Nationalist roaming the streets of Tehran with my gang of Rag Tag Buddies! The same as any other week night of late 1978, my comrades and I were rushing the streets, painting over the Islamist slogans on the street walls and rewrite Pro Imperial Regime slogans over them. If we weren't doing this, then we were entangling and street brawling with Hizbollahi Thugs in the dark alleys or streets of Tehran. We were simply hot headed teenagers, going to the edge to defy these Muslim thugs and we were doing it, despite our parents strict orders for us, to not go in the streets!

On the later hours of the evening of December 29th, General Badrei, commander of the Imperial Guard, escorted Dr. Shapour Bakhtiar in The Niavaran Palace to visit the Shah's private office. an important meeting took place.

This was the 2nd meeting of Alahazrat with Dr. Bakhtiar. Alahazrat wanted Dr. Bakhtiar to form a cabinet right away; however, Dr. Bakhtiar needed more time, @ least 10 more days. They came to the agreement for Dr. Bakhtiar to form his cabinet as soon as possible. At this point, the complete leadership of Jebhe Meli and its affiliate organizations (Dr. Sanjabi, Dariush Forouhar, others) had abandoned Dr. Bakhtiar.

According to Dr. Bakhtiar's memoirs:

"I was much tempted to state to the Shah to go look for someone else to accept the position of the Prime Minister. Yet, the truth is that it no longer concerned the Shah, not even the Constitution, but Iran. Iran, a reality superior to all other considerations."

Dr. Bakhtiar was the best man and the only man who could have saved Iran in those dark days of 1979. At that point, he did not care for Shah, the Constitutional Monarchy, his position or any other issue! Otherwise, he would have never taken the position. He would continue his comfortable life in the quiet of his house or would have left Iran. But the only factor that kept him in Iran to take the position, was "Iran" itself! Love of Iran made him to stay and accept the position from Alahazrat to save the nation.

Dr. Bakhtiar sincerely believed that the Imperial Regime is reformable and can be turned from an Absolutist Monarchy to a Democratic Regime of a Constitutional Monarchy. Even though the regimes were not important @ that point, yet he believed that if he would have not taken the position, then the Intellectual Left, Jebhe Meli, Hezbe Tudeh, Meli Mazhabi Groups and Islamists would destroy Iran and turn it to a Theocratic Dictatorship.

Dr, Bakhtiar was Shah's last hope and if an understanding would have not be reached, then Shah would have ran out of candidates for Prime Ministership. No one in opposition wanted to take the position and no one around Shah would be approved by the masses!

Amir Abbas Hoveyda, the most devoted Nationalist of Iran had been put to jail, by Shah's blessing, as an escape goat to cover up the corruption of the corrupted elements of the Pahlavi Family and The Hand Kissers around the Monarch! Hoveyda became the sacrificial lamb for the Coward Corrupt Monarchists to later on quietly fly out of Iran with bundles & billions of dollars to live a comfortable life of luxury in Exile! Check:

The Orchid Man ... /index.htm

Right before the Islamic Take Over, when they opened up the prison's doors, same as many others, Hoveyda could have left Iran or Alahazrat could send a few officers to make the wrong, right by kidnap an forcing him to live Iran. Yet Alahazrat never corrected his great mistake and Hoveyda was too disappointed and broken apart to think straight! He wanted to stay & go to a fair trial and defend himself because he had done nothing wrong! Amir Abbas Hoveyda with decades of sincere service for Iran, a true Iranian Nationalist, The Prime Minister of Iran, a ture comrade, had been betrayed by Alahazrat! Thats how Pahlavis treat their closest comrades!

General Manuchehr Khosrowdad, a patriot

January 1, 1979

Dr. Shapour Bakhtiar went on the air via television and reaffirmed that Alahazrat intended to leave the country, as soon as he had formed a Cabinet. The reaction from the Generals was harsh! One of these Generals was General Manuchehr Khosrowdad, a paratrooper hero. General Khosrowdad stated: "His Imperial Majesty has no intention to leave the country, not even for a holiday, at such a sensitive time!"

At this point it was obvious that Generals were:

a) Unhappy and disappointed about Shah's future departure.

b) They were not going to cooperate with Dr. Bakhtiar.

January 16, 1979

Shah stated that he was sick, he needed top medical care, Imperial Family needed a holiday to rest and later they would return. When Shah was leaving Iran, @ the airport, a number of Imperial Officers thrown themselves on his feet and begged him not to leave and abandon Iran. This was a disgraceful scene. Commander in Chief leaving the nation in the middle of a chaos! Shah had cancer and clearly was going to die, then why not remain in your country to give soldiers hope? Why not stand your ground and die in your own nation? Win or lose, Alahazrat could have stood his own ground!

February 1, 1979

Ayatollah Khomeini had refused to meet with Dr. Bakhtiar and flew to Tehran. Government was undecided on diverting his plane to Kish Island in the Persian Gulf or allowing Ayatollah to land.

Some of the Generals and Officers including The Air Force Legend, the brave Pilot, General Ayat Mohaqeqi had volunteered himself to crash their jet fighters to the Air France plane carrying Khomeini! Finally the permission was granted and Khomeini and his followers had landed. Check:

Ayat Mohaqeqi of Nozhe Uprising, portrait of a legend

February 9, 1979

Day of destiny indeed! Havaniruz Homafar air force technicians at Doshan Tappeh Air Base, just outside Tehran, poured out of their station screamed religious slogans, waved their hands in the sky, & marched in support of Ayatollah Khomeini. Havaniruz Religious Fanatics and Opportunist Traitors of the Air Force attacked the outnumbered faithful Imperial Officers. Air Force had sent a unit to arrest them but they over whelmed the Air Force Units. Iranian Air Force was loaded with Traitors and one of these traitor groups were the Havaniruz!

The Imperial Guards had entered the picture in the later hours. By this time it was too late to destroy the rebellion! The General Commands of The Imperial Guards have handled the planning of this situation poorly. Immortals had failed to overcome the mutiny! Imperial Guards had put up a fierce battle with the Havaniruz. Immortals had hopelessly fought to the end but too little and too late of an effort! Momentum was lost and now the battle seemed hopeless!

February 10, 1979

Havaniruz Air Force Personnel opened the ammunition storages and tons of weapons were distributed to the massive combined forces of Islamist Guerrillas, Palestinian Commandos and Hizbollah standing outside the air base. At that point, it was obvious that the Immortals were fighting a losing battle! but they fought bravely and they died standing up!

The military curfew was broken, Masses of uninformed Iranians rushed the streets, took the law in their own hands, barricaded the streets and picked up an axe to chop their own future & their own roots! Forces been sent to enforce the Martial Law but the whole situation turned to a stale mate between the two sides!

Dr. Bakhtiar had ordered the head of Air Force, The Air Force General Rabii to bomb the defense, storages and ammunition factories. General Rabii refused to do such! He stated: " Dr. Bakhtiar, your plan is insane and impractical!".

The SAVAK General Moqaddam created a list of the Islamist & Leftist characters to be arrested. The arrest plan was leaked to the Islamists. The plan never carried out. At this point there was house to house street battles, mostly between the Immortals and the Islamists! Nobody cared about enforcing the curfew because the masses of Islamist Gav O Guspandan Cattle did not even care about the curfew, democracy or law! General Mehdi Rahimi, the military governor, stood by and observed hopelessly as the Cattle captured the Ministry Buildings, Armed Forces Barracks, Police Stations, Government Buildings and other important strategic locations.

February 11, 1979

The Generals were indecision and running around like panicked Roosters before the slaughter! Generals were not cooperating with Dr. Bakhtiar. Shah had strictly told the Generals to obey and work with Dr. Bakhtiar but they never obeyed Shah's orders! The conflict and differences of opinion was too deep! Generals simply did not recognize Bakhtiar's authority! They recognized Shah's authority but Shah had abandoned them! Complete Chaos had ruled Iran!

Dr. Bakhtiar searched for General Khosrowdad who was nowhere to be found! Dr. Bakhtiar searched for General Rabii and he also was nowhere to be found! At last they informed Dr. Bakhtiar that the generals held a meeting @ General Gharabaghi's quarters. General Gharabaghi was supposedly The Chief of Staff and the head General. Dr. Bakhtiar then ordered General Gharabaghi to right away get in touch with him.

General Gharabaghi never got back to Dr. Bakhtiar. He never bothered to call back! General Gharabaghi was put in charge of the Armed Forces! He was practically performing the role of Alahazrat as the Commander in Chief of Armed Forces, but General Gharabaghi was a wrong man @ the wrong time and in the wrong place to perform this duty! Generals did not care to follow his orders and they were hesitant to obey his plans; however, despite his unpopularity among the generals, finally he compromised & negotiated with the Bazargan & Imam Khomeinis camp!

One Country and Two Government!

At this point, Iran, had two governments and two cabinets! One, the legal Cabinet of Dr. Bakhtiar trying to save Iran and one cabinet of Mehdi Bazargan appointed by Imam Khomeini!

Dr. Bakhtiar waited for General Gharabaghi to report to his office, but @ this time General Gharabachi had a meeting with the Top 27 military Generals of Iran, the largest meeting of this magnitude in the history of the Imperial Iranian Armed Forces. Generals conducted a heavy duty meeting to analyze their options and make a final decision. Generals did not even bother to include the Prime Minister of Iran, the head of the government, in this meeting! History shall decide if this action is called mutiny or not!

Generals combinely declared that they were no longer in charge of their forces. The Generals combinely decided to round up their soldiers from the streets and retreat to their barracks. Generals were totally confused, simply because they were not trained to Think on their own! Alahazrat was the Big Father and with him out of the picture and abandoning his Generals, they were like indecisioned children, incapable of making up plans to take any constructive action.

Discussion dragged on for hours and The Brave Imperial Generals of Iran had decided to release an announcement that the High Council of the Imperial Iranian Armed Forces will declare "Neutrality" and abandon resistance! The Generals prepared an official form. General Hatam wrote this form and every single brave Imperial General and High Leveled Imperial Officer had signed this disgraceful form, except General Shafeqat, Dr. Bakhtiar's Minister of War! General Shafaqat simply refused to put his signature under this disgraceful document so he crossed out his name.

General Gharabaghi got in touch with Mehdi Bazargan, Imam Khomeini's prime minister. General Gharabaghi as the commander of Chiefs of Staff, declared "Neutrality" and every single brave Imperial General signed this neutrality document!

After This Treason was debated, planed and carried out, then General Gharabaghi called Dr. Bakhtiar and informed him of the Generals' decision! Jamshid Amouzegar, the Information Minister was boxed in to helplessly authorize the radio to play the General's Declaration!

I want you to now, picture Dr. Shapour Bakhtiar sitting on his office chair behind his desk! Dr. Bakhtiar told everyone to leave. He sat alone, fell back in a faint-like position on his chair behind the desk! The look on his face was The Look of Death! The Death of his beloved Iran in sight! He done everything to avoid the total destruction of Iran but:

Shah had left and abandoned Iran.
The whole Pahlavi Family fled Iran with suitcases full of billions!
The complete set of Courthouse Jesters & foney Leeches around the Monarch had left Iran.
The complete Band of Hand Kissers and Ass Kissers officials of the Imperial Regime were gone.
And now,
The Imperial Generals independently, without his consent, committed Treason!

I want you to picture Dr. Bakhtiar's face @ that moment. He lost his will to live! He left his lunch untouched. Machine Gun bullets have been shot to his office by the Islamists outside, marching & rallying to capture government offices. Everything was lost!

Dr. Amouzegar called him and offered him a car to leave as soon as possible, but Dr. Bakhtiar refused the offer. Dr. Bakhtiar's voice was voice of a broken man, ready to cry for his nation!

The Lone Ranger, in his dark lonely room, took his winter coat and waved farewell to Ms. Pari Kalantari, his loyal secretary. The lonely man walked alone down the stairs, while Ms. Kalantari asked him if he was coming back. Dr. Bakhtiar replied: "I will be back"!

Dr. Bakhtiar was indeed always planing to get back. For years he struggled in Exile, Dr, Bakhtiar and NAMIR his political organization planed many political moves, coups and uprisings. Hundreds of NAMIR Comrades died so Iran would live! That day, Dr. Bakhtiar decided that it was useless to stay and it was better to fly and fight another day, so he fled & ran away and dissapeared. General Gharabaghi changed into civilian clothes and left his Headquarter. He caught up @ Senator Jafroudi's house to have a meeting with Mehdi Bazargan to surrender the complete authority to him! Then he went to hiding! Later on he escaped to Paris.

Later that night, the National Iranian Radio and Television was captured. A victorious voice came on the air and announced: "This is The Voice of The Islamic Revolution"!

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Immortal Guards, Then and Now!

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Immortal Guards, Then and Now!
Part Two
February 9, 2005 = 2564 Shahanshahi PIY (Persian Imperial Year)

The Imperial Generals

There were many brave Imperial Generals amongst the group who declared Neutrality. No doubt, there were great Imperial General Legends whom in the past have shown great bravery and trained many soldiers and fought many battles for Iran.

Individually, these Generals had a history of good deeds. Some of these good men were General Nader Jahanbani of Air Force, General Khosrowdad of The Paratroopers, General Rabii, General Badrei of The Immortals, General Neshat of The Immortals, etc.

The Facts

Individually, many of these Generals had done good deeds for the nation; however, as a Group, they Betrayed and Abandoned Dr. Bakhtiar and Iran!

Dr. Jamshid Amouzegar have said: "The Generals may have betrayed us, but the rank and file soldiers were loyal and waiting for their final orders. The poor adjutant sergeant came to me and put his head on my shoulders and wept like a child. I was so overwhelmed that tears had dropped down my face. He insisted to stay and protect us because that was his duty as a soldier. He was put there with a number of soldiers to protect the cabinet. I told him, my friend, please leave, change in to civilian clothing and save your life. Everything has lost. There is no use for you soldiers of Iran to sacrifice your lives now! Later on, the sergeant saluted and disappeared."

While The Imperial Generals and High Ranking Officers betrayed Iran, the soldiers were still ready to fight!

Dr. Jamshid Amouzegar was the last person to leave the Ministry. He turned out the lights and left!

Later on in prison of Khomeini, Dr. Amouzegar met with many of the Generals! In later years in Paris, Dr. Amouzegar stated: " Back in jail, one of my cell mates was General Ali Neshat, the former commander of the Imperial Guard (Immortals). One day we were walking in the prison yard, and.........

Neshat: I have been forced to turn the Niavaran and the rest of the royal palaces and mansions to Islamists to save the lives of my men. This was the most humiliating affair.

Amouzegar: My heart feels for you. It had to be humiliating.

Neshat: If "The Order" has been given, then my artillery guns could have wiped out Khomeini's headquarters!

Amouzegar: "Then why didn't you do it?"

General Neshat then kept a death silence, not a word. He lowered his head, took a deep breath and sighed. then he walked away......

You see, Imperial Generals were waiting for the orders from above, even though they knew, they were committing treason to the Government, to Dr. Bakhtiar and to Iran!

Later on, Islamists mass murdered & executed a great number of the Generals and government Officials. General Neshat was one of them who faced the firing squad.

So the fact is that the Imperial Generals as individuals were mostly good people who had done many goods for the nation; however, as a group, their bottom results were:

* Indecision, because they were never trained to think independently, but they were trained to follow orders like robots and toy soldiers. No matter how illogical the order, they followed!

* Betrayal, because independently they declared neutrality and betrayed the Head of The Government, Dr. Bakhtiar.

* Treason, because they abandoned Iran, did not bother fighting @ all or abandoned their fighting without the consent of the Government.

Imperial Generals have abandoned Iran and later on they paid a great price with their lives! Many got executed and the rest fled Iran and escaped in civilian clothing! Some high ranking Imperial Officers escaped under chadors pretending they were women! This has been a tradition with the Imperial forces since WWII and Reza Shah's Era! Thats how the "Chadori Officers" became a legendary world famous group! Some of them are right here in America or Western Europe, creating Websites and Air Force Forums and sing "Ey Iran, Ey Iran" songs! Check:

Why Reza Pahlavi Cannot Lead The Iranian Opposition?

Every single Imperial General decided not to fight!

Dr. Bakhtiar's continued Struggle

How can we talk about The Immortals and not talk about the Symbol of Resistance, Dr. Bakhtiar?

In exile, he started the, "National movement of Iranian Resistance" (NAMIR)

Dr. Bakhtiar has planned many tactics to free Iran. He continued the struggle for years. Many of his friends had been assassinated. In April 1991, Abdol-Rahman Boroumand, his close comrade was killed in Paris, France.

1980 Nouzheh Uprising

July 10th, 1980 = Tir 19th, 2539 Shahanshahi PIY (Persian Imperial Year)
Nozheh Uprising's General Ayate Mohaqeqi pilot of the Iranian Air Force with the total of 250 other military & none military personnel attempted to free Iran from IRI. The great military heroes of The Coup were arrested & put to death by Islamic Executioner's Death Squad. Their memory & their big sacrifice shall light up the dark skies of Iran forever. With their blood they colored our great history.

This group of Air Force officers, belonging to NEGHAB, the military wing of NAMIR, along with other civilian and military members of NAMIR, were arrested by the Islamic Regime & put to death. The plan was to bomb Ayatollah Khomeini's residence, other important military targets and establish a coup.

Dr. Bakhtiar continued the struggle until his assassination by Hizbollah. On the night of August 6th 1991, the 77- years old Dr. Bakhtiar and his secretary Soroush Katibeh were brutally assassinated by three undercover agents sent from Tehran. The incident happened in Dr. Bakhtiar's residence in Parisian suburb of Suresnes in France. They cut his throat with a kitchen knife and left him to bleed to death on his leather sofa.

Dr. Bakhtiar and His Excellency Amir Abbas Hoveyda were both exceptional in their own ways. Both of these legends, were men of integrity, high spirits and determination. They sincerely believed that The Imperial Regime is Reformable, yet it shall be reformed from the within. Both men have paid a horrible price for their service and love of Iran.

General Jahanbani's Final Heroic words to the Islamic court

"What you are preaching is idiotic and funny, I do not see any need to respond to it. Your grand lies, clearly reveals your true intents against me and they indicate that not only you are not muslim, yet a group of faithless traitors who are carrying the order of destruction of my nation and its armed forces.

Who are you?

Nothing but a group of thugs and criminals without any humanity, are you aware of any other cult, capable as you, to inflict such razor sharp wounds to Iran and Iranians?

Gentlemen, I have lived a good life for 51 years and I belong to the skies where I always took refuge. I have no answer to your nonsense and I suggest for you to carry out your commander's orders, but do not forget that one day soon, the people of Iran will wake up and recover from the fever which you have injected into their souls with your grand lies!"

Having mention the above, I have to be fair and accept that I have the greatest respect for Alahazrat and a number of Generals who have done much good for the nation; however, as a historian, I cannot close my eyes to the facts that:

Alahazrat abandoned Iran and the Imperial Generals committed Treason by declaration of their Neutrality!

The Revised Flawed History

Your elders and your parents are shy to admit their guilt! Therefore, they twist the history! The young Monarchists who have been born in Exile or have been moved to Exile in a very early age, are often under bombardment of brain wash propaganda!

This propaganda comes from The so called Imperial Generals and Imperial Officers and Imperial Statesmen and other corrupted elements of the Imperial Regime preaching on their braveries.

Would you be the judge?
What kind of a commander in chief abandons his nation?
What kind of a Captain abandons his ship before all the passengers are safe on shores?
What kind of a soldier refuses to fight?
What kind of soldiers declare neutrality on their own and without the consent of the head of the government, The Prime minister?

Iranians are very good for not taking responsibility for anything! It is always someone elses fault and Iranians are helpless victims!

The Iranian Disease (part one) ... /index.htm

If you ask these Imperial Generals or Officers sitting in Exile:

Why didn't you fight for Iran?

They reply:

General Hoiser from America told us not to fight!
Washington told us not to fight!
CIA told us not to fight!
Gharabaghi was a traitor and told us not to fight!
Fardust was a traitor and betrayed Iran!
Homafars commited treason!
Bla bla bla............
We heard it all before!

I tell them:

How about you?
Do you take any responsibility @ all, for surrendering your troops, the armed forces, your weopons and your dignity to a bunch of Muslim Baboons?

Were you Imperial Generals or toy Soldiers?

It is time for us to finally accept our own responsibility!
My words come very harsh to many people; however, I am the voice of history.
The voice of Reality! How long are you going to shut the voice of reality?
Everyone is always ready to point fingers and blame others!
Now, everyone is ready to point fingers @ me & call me names!
They do this because their best defence is to attack me and brand me!
I am telling you, during the last 26 years of my political struggles, & 5 years of struggle with IPC comrades, I have been called:

An IRI Agent
A CIA Agent
A Monarchist
A Marxist
A Mojahed
A Fascist
A Dictator
etc. etc. etc.

They say these things to cover their own incompetence!

They say I preach because I need attention?!

Simpletons of low IQ make accusations. Some say I preach because I need attention!

If I needed attention, then I would have sat in my comfortable mansion in San Diego (like your coward leaders) and play hide and seek with a number of ladies around me!

Why the hell would I trade the life of comfort in luxury and purposely put my life in danger of being assassinated?

Why would I preach everywhere to gather a coalition, create an army, commit to an uprising to finally free your bloody doomed nation?

If I needed attention, I would have lived a quiet comfortable life the same as your erected Shahs, Presidents, Media Lords and Up_Position Leaders and Feeders!

Then I certainly must be an idiot to:

Yasin be gush-e Khar bekhunam! No?

Why the hell would I risk everything that I have for a lost tribe who does not even want to help themselves? Is it attention seeking, opportunism or greed? Ask yourselves, attention, opportunism or greed to gain what? I am giving everything in my possession for the cause? What are my gains?
Except love of Iran, what is my gain & why am I doing this?


We started IPC with nothing (5 years ago), we grew it up to the point that it was a direct threat to IRI and they had to do their best to destroy us. Last year, finally they hit us with a massive blow! Now we are recovering and rebuilding.

It is very simple for these coward forum dwellers, Garage Satellite TV Owners, Radio Hosts, Ragazine & Rag Paper Journalists, Website Preachers and Up_Position leaders to trash the true Nationalists names. It is very easy to sit on the side and bash the True Nationalists. But what is your productivity except your envy and ignorance towards The True Freedom fighters of Iran?

I take responsibility for my own mistakes and admit that everything that we as the Iranian Opposition (as a whole) have done, was wrong and resulted in a zilch!

Why don't you take responsibility for the wrong that you have done?
Why don't you stop pointing fingers?
Why don't you admit you done wrong?
Why don't you make up for it?

For how long are you going to name call and brand people?

Admit it, you screwed up!
It is nobodies fault but you!

The Imperial Generals paid for their services and wrong doings, with their lives! The rest of them fled to the west to live a comfortable life of luxury. Presently they are publishing websites, sing rhetorics and Hand Kiss their Coward erected Shah in exile!

Anyone who speaks the truth about your pacifist, passive, coward, so called erected Shah and Hand Kissers around him, will be branded as an IRI Agent!

Anyone who questions why have you wasted 26 years of our lives fighting for this opposition, suddenly becomes Evil and little nobodies tell him to Shut Up!

A minority of the Imperial Generals and Officers, the true Doers of the Armed Forces, The Brave soldiers of Iran are associating, affiliating and work with IPC.

I personaly know Imperial Generals & Officers, right here in San Diego who drive Cabs, Ice Cream Trucks and run Grocery Stores and do other hard labor, but their hearts still beats for Iran and they are willing to support The True Freedom Fighters of Iran (IPC Operations & Other Active Opposition) any which way that they can!

The truth is that:
On 1979 Alahazrat, your Shah, fled & abandoned Iran.
On 1979 Imperial Generals Surrendered Iran to Hizbollah.

Today, your pacifist wanna be Shah in Maryland, refuses to Fight for Iran.
Today, your coward Ex Imperial Generals and Officers (majority) refuse to fight for Iran.
Today they prefer writing garbage on the Internet and preach empty slogans and cowardly living a comfortable life in exile, & kissing their so called erected Shah's hand in exile.

They were cowards on 1979 and they are cowards Today!

Those true soldiers of Iran, including the Brave Immortals have fought and died on 1979. I praise The Immortal Guards and Immortal Petty Officers who fought and died for Iran. I do not praise the Immortal High Commands, Officers and Generals who refused to fight! Lets stop creating false heroes! Shall we?

Today, we (IPC Operations) have given a second chance to True Soldiers of Iran to redeem themselves and change the wrong to right! Today, we have given the youth of Iran a second chance to correct the wrong that has been done to them! Today we call to draft soldiers, thus we know that there is no peaceful solution to this problem.

We must commit to the creation of the Iranian Resistance Army Corp, to infiltrate borders of IRI, rush Armories and distribute weapons to the masses & combinely commit to an uprising. A Major Bloody Revolution is needed to overthrow IRI.

My comrades and I have committed ourselves to the cause. A number of good soldiers of Iran, the Ex Generals and Officers of the Imperial Forces and other groups and individuals have been working with us, and are still actively working with us.

In 1979, The True Immortals have fought and died for Iran.

Today, our student connections inside Iran, our exiled activists, our Ex Imperial forces, and our other comrades in our Inside, Outside and Liaison Teams of IPC Operations consisting of members of "All" Opposition Groups are the true Immortals of Iran.

Any person who truly is willing to fight and die for Iran from all sides of the political spectrum is responding to our draft.

The Doers of Iran are building the future of Iran.

The rest of the All Talk and No Action Pacifist, Self Serving cowards, your erected exiled Shahs, erected exiled presidents, your Toy exiled cowards so called Imperial officers, your opposition leaders, opposition feeders, 101 Toy Political Groups, Your TVs, Radios and Websites who done nothing but to bash each other for 26 years, your self serving feeders on CIA Payroll, and the rest of the Fraud Nationalists are doing what they have been doing for the past 26 years:

Sit on their butts and shout slogans of:

Cho Iran nabashad, tane man mabad .........
Javid Shah ...............
Zendeh Bad Mosadeq ...........
Ey Iran, Ey Marze Por ................
Long live this and death to that ...............

and other garbage which we have been hearing for 26 years.

To all of you Fake Nationalists:

If you really mean business, then get off of your Ass and Help us, cause we are well organizing, we are raising funds, we will create the Iranian Resistance Army Corp and we will make the move. No matter how long it will take and how hard it will be, we will make our move and we will work with anyone from any political ideology!

If you have balls, then join up. Everything else is garbage and you know it.

The Ball Less people will keep on shouting their tiring slogans. Practically people are tired of your idiotic ideological empty slogans.

what you really shouting is:

Cho Iran nabashad,
Be tokhmam ke nist!
Ravam jaye digar,
Zamin qaht nist!

Nothing is sacred!
Nothing is absolute!
Your Ideology, your Shah, your president, your God, your Guru, means nothing,
If you & I do not have a free nation to live in it, then everything else is garbage!
Its all garbage!
Stop shouting slogans.

Stand Up and Do something about Freedom of Iran.

What I really cannot stand are big mouths with little balls and no action, shouting slogans! Either Do something or for god's sake Shut The Hell Up! No one cares about your erected Shahs and Presidents and Leaders. People want results and people want to go back and live in a Democratic Iran.

Today, no one is buying your rhetorics any more.

Today, people will look that who is actually Doing something. Talk is cheap, take action.

Today we celebrate the Spirit of The Immortals.
Today we cherish our Immortal comrades who fought & died for Iran.
Today our student members in universities of Iran are Modern Day Immortals.
Today My comrades are The 2005 Immortals.
We sacrifice anything and everything to free Iran.
We are here to overthrow Islamic Republic of Iran.

Join us,

We, The Immortals

No Deals
No Reforms
No Pacifism
No Sweet Talks
No Compromise
No Peaceful Solutions
No Political Correctness
No Beating Around The Bush
No Dancing Around The Issues
Only Absolute Overthrow of Islamic Republic of Iran,
By All Means Possible!

More power to Resistance

Watcher in the woods
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Postby Liberator » Wed Feb 09, 2005 5:50 pm

The truth hurts and there is a lot of truth in this article.

God bless the souls of those Imperial officers/guards who fearlessly gave the ultimate sacrifice for their motherland, I salute you.

More power to those who have filled your shoes today! Immortals don't seize to exist, they live forever! They live in each true Iranian's soul!
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"Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable" -J.F.K
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My Mother and The Immortals!

Postby Ahreeman X » Wed Feb 09, 2005 7:21 pm

My Mother and The Immortals!


Let me tell you an interesting story about My Mother and The Immortals!

By the time of these events, I had left Iran. These events were told to me by my dear Grand Mother. My Grand Mother was the head of the family & a very powerful woman (before 1979). Check:

DeChadorization Day! ... /index.htm

My mother had a very sensitive position in the Ministry of Health. Her second job was also working directly under Empress Farah in one of the organizations that she supervised. she was a solid believer that the Imperial Regime was reformable and we had to do it from the inside. Same as Hoveyda, but not as much, she had done many goods in the Ministry of Health. She used her power to do many goods for the poor people. She used to practically force the doctors to visit the poor people for free! Later on, some of these every day people, became key figures to help her escape from Iran! What goes around, comes around!

Hoveyda was very impressed with my mother. My mother is a German educated, very brave, blunt, straight forward, aggressive woman who was always against the norm of Hand Kissings and Ass Kissings during the Pahlavis! She was where she was, due to worthiness and not due to Family's social status!

When the battle was lost, my mother took action. Our main house was logistically perfect! To the right, there were sensitive government offices, to the left, there was Senate, to the further left, one of Imperial Palaces and right in front, cross the street was the Military Academy. This house was more like a two story huge mansion made of white marble stones. Geographically, this house was very sensitive! The house was very huge & practically a full block.

During those uneasy days of battles and house to house street fights, one time, the Palestinians wanted to come in to our house and use the Teras (roof) as a higher ground, to shoot the guards and military academy's soldiers across the street. Before the Islamic Reaction, we used to hold parties on our roof & it was a massive higher ground, perfect for targeting the Military Academy! My mother simply refused to allow them to use our roof as a target ground! She told the shaufer & servants to kick them out! They wanted our house because of its location, but they ended up using neighbor's house (a Fat Haji Bazaari)! But the bad location did not provide easy access for them to easily over come the guards!

When everything was lost, a good number of Immortal Guards had escaped and refuge in our house in Sepah Ave. My mother hid them in the basement and in different floor's storage rooms. Later on my Grand Mother told me all about this episode! My mother was practically hiding and moving so many Immortals that as a joke, my Grand Mother used to tell her, are you running an "Immortal Hotel"! The family was truly concerned about her own safety, but my mother is an extremely brave woman to the point of radical insanity (Kaleh Khari)! After a number of days, hiding and making sure that our servants well prepared for them, she used to move them from our house to safety. This episode continued for weeks! Every week she was hosting a different group of immortals until she could direct them to safely & security! She was even making sure that our cook would cook his best recipies for them!

Few times the Muslim Baboons & Palestinian Commandos rushed our house in hopes of capturing some Immortals, but my mother was too wise for them! On each episode, before the Islamists would rush the house, My mother and her weekly Immortal guests would move to another location @ night! Eventually her amazing actions & Nightly Hide and Seeks, had become popular amongst the guards men to the point that some people in my family used to ask about my mom in this manner: "So how is Ms. ------ & her Immortals?!" then everyone would crack up laughing! After all these years, everytime I look back on my mother's actions on 1979, the degree of my respect for this amazing woman, expands!

Sometimes we get together in San Diego and she tells me stories about the Immortal Rescue Days! We reminisce a lot! She had a very exciting life and so many memories from the Imperial Regime! Many times I encouraged her to write her diaries or @ least record them on the tapes, so one day I can publish them, but so far she has refused my requests! I tell her: Mom, these days, every Bozo who was a nobody, writes a book, why don't you @ least think about recording your highly interesting diaries and exciting life on tapes! She changes the subject quickly! She is not the glory seeking type. I believe I have inherited many of her qualities. I admire my mother!

bless Immortal's Spirit
May their great spirits rest in peace.
I believe their spirits are watching over us,
In the up coming days,
They shall look upon us and judge us.
Comrades, we have very Large Shoes to fill!
I hope we will be worthy of their legacy.
We shall carry on their legacy......

More power to all of you.

Watcher in the woods
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Postby Amir » Sun Apr 16, 2006 12:33 pm

The recount of these events surrounding the revolution is very chilling. It opened up that old, dark cellar which we all hate and wish to deny, but know will never go away. The wounds we received in that cellar will stay with us for life, even though we don’t like to remember them. The wounds are refreshed and bleed again with your reminder. Painful as this reminder is, I say bleed, for it is the sight of blood and the pain of the knife that must be recalled if we are to avoid being cut again.

The facts of history are what they are. Facts are indisputable. The interpretation of facts, however, can differ. The historical facts you presented are very solid and unquestionable. Indeed, most of the interpretations of those facts which you presented are also sound. However, perhaps additional interpretations can give a broader perspective.

1. Foremost, let’s not forget that hindsight is 20/20. It’s easy for us to sit and criticize others’ shortfalls and mistakes after the fact. Clearly, time proved what many of those mistakes were. However, at the time, the people making those mistakes did not have a crystal ball and probably did not anticipate events as they unfolded. Who among us is perfect, and has not ever made a mistake?

2. Our Shah was no different. Though he wanted the best for his country and people, he had no shortage of mistakes. The biggest mistake he made was to surround himself with a bunch of yes-men who were dishonest. This single event in poor choice of advisors and subordinates was the greatest shortcoming of Shah and what sealed the doom of Iran as well as that of Shah himself. This doom was prescribed decades prior to the actual revolution. These yes-men were indeed quick to fly the coup at the first hint of trouble.

3. Shah himself was not corrupt and did not steal from Iran. However, he turned a blind eye to some around him who unfortunately were corrupt. This was another big mistake. Mind you, the scale of that corruption was not even one percent of what’s occurring under the Mullahs.

4. The arrest and scapegoating of some of his high ranking officials (including Hoveyda) just for damage control and appeasement of the mobs was pitiful. This was very disappointing indeed. Of all his mistakes, this is the one that I cannot forgive, because it was the most dishonorable one.

5. The characterization of Shah as a dictator (though not done in this thread) is a laughable one. A dictator is one who stays in power at all costs, and specifically oppresses his own people to achieve his goal. A dictator never relinquishes power voluntarily because of the will of the people. Power has to be taken from a dictator. As we all know, Shah still had command of a mighty military at the time of the revolution. The core and bulk of the military and its generals were still loyal to Shah. The military’s resolve only fell apart after Shah relinquished command voluntarily in the interest of avoiding bloodshed and abiding by what he believed to be the popular will. An alleged dictator who relinquishes command of a mighty, ready, and willing military was never a dictator.

6. Was the above choice to relinquish command and leave to exile a mistake? This is hard to say. Deep inside, I wish that he had stayed behind and crushed these Islamic traitors like the cockroaches that they were. I know that many wished the same thing. This nightmare would have been avoided. However, had he done that, he would have been easily judged as a dictator by history. Even if he would have become a dictator with that action, who cares, so long as the best course of action was followed for Iran, right? Again, keep in mind that we are looking at events with hindsight. It is easily understandable that Shah miscalculated and did not foresee the extent of the calamity which would be unleashed upon Iran. Furthermore, who’s to say what the future would have held for Iran had Shah stood firm? What if Shah had crushed this rebellion? What would the costs have entailed? What kind of political climate would have existed in Iran in the aftermath? What type of division would have rifted the country? What type of silent unrest would have continued in our nation? What would have been the future consequences? I can’t imagine that this possible future would have been any worse than what we actually got with the IR, but no-one can say for sure, and no-one can predict the future. But let me say this. The revolution was a horrible thing in the short term for Iran, and nothing could have been worse. However, for the long term of Iran, it may prove to be a blessing. After the despicable conditions that Iran faced under these Akhounds, Iran may have hope for denying islam once and for all after this mess is over. The islam that was jammed down everyone’s throat so forcefully will prove to be its own undoing in Iran’s future. Today, more Iranians despise islam than at any other time since that filth arrived on our soil.

7. Was the act of Shah leaving Iran the same as “the captain who abandons his ship?â€
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