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Memory of Major Alipour Abassi

PostPosted: Thu Mar 03, 2005 12:28 pm
by Ahreeman X
Memory of Major Alipour Abassi

Old IPC Files

March 2000,
We just found out that the IRI terrorists took the life of another sons of Iran's resistance. Major Alipour Abassi is the latest name among the hundreds of thousands of the names of human beings slaughtered by the  inhuman regime of Islamic Republic since February 12th (22 Bahman) 1979 (National Mourning day of Iran).

Executioners of IRI as usual could not stand the voice & actions of a free spirit Major Abassi, & they had to silence him.

Picture this, Major Alipour Abassi's mother enters her sons house & his room, she observes that her son is hanged from the ceiling of the room. The mother in state of shock passes away after a while. This is the latest IRI terror in Europe.

IRI done this at the time of holidays at Nourooz (March 2000), Eid for Ms. Sahereh became disaster. Death of the brother & death of the mother.

Dear Ms. Sahereh, accept our condolences for the murder of your brother, Major Alipour Abassi, the soldier of Iran, & accept our sorrow for the death of your Mother in result of this action. We hope that you will be brave to continue your struggle. As a poet & a writer you broke many barriers, we hope that you will be brave enough to continue the struggle to free our nation.

Ms. Sahereh is the chief of the temporary assembly of the organization of Constitutional Monarchists in Leipzig, Germany, & Vice President of Lion & Sun Party outside of Iran.

Mansour Kalali, Mahmood Tehrani, Hamburg branch of the org, Leipzig branch of the org, & rest of the opposition are mourning for this lost.

Major Abassi left us to join the list of the heroes of the opposition, he is the latest name addition to the names of Shahpour Bakhtiar, Fereydoon Farokhzad, Sarhang Tavakoli, Amir Abbas Hoveida, & thousands of other Monarchists, Republicans, Social Democrats, Kurdish Fractions, Derafshis, Democrats, Nehzate Moghavemate Melis, Shoraye Moghavemate Melis, Mujaheds, Fedayeens, Communists, Marxists, Socialists, etc.

The history of Terror, the history of blood written by Islamic Republic will come to an end, we soldiers of Iran will make sure of it. Mullahs will pay dearly, as we are taking care of them & their pasdars, basijis, & hezb Allahis one by one.

Any member of opposition who dies will feed the blood fed lands of the revolution, & each filthy Islamic Republic dog which will die will get us closer to our ultimate goal of Free Iran.

More power to Resistance


PostPosted: Thu Mar 03, 2005 12:49 pm
by Liberator
Terrible news. My condolences to Major Alipour Abassi's family.
Roheesh shaad. For every Iranian patriot that they kill a hundred new ones will arise!


Ba Sepaas