In Search of the Messiah

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In Search of the Messiah

Postby Amir » Sun Aug 06, 2006 9:43 pm

In Search of the Messiah

It always was foretold
In every corner of every land
That soon a savior would arrive
And extend God’s helping hand

Every nation and every culture
Had one to call its own
From ancient to modern times
To each his savior was known

This world has been so bleak
Full of injustice, full of pain
Hope of deliverance from grief
Is the hope of sunshine after rain

The Messiah is that sun
Promising to lift the dismal cloud
Which filled men’s lives with gloom
And made them scream so loud

The Messiah will bring all justice
Something so desperately needed
The Messiah will bring all joy
With open arms he will be greeted

That’s why the world demands
This mysterious masked man
Anticipating his arrival
Like a long devoted fan

Mithra was one such idol
Promising to deliver salvation
A favorite of the Persians and the Romans too
Transcending the borders of each nation

Abraham’s tribe promised one as well
Though his identity was in dispute
The need for deliverance
Was beyond any refute

Jesus the Christ was a Messiah
Who came when needed most
Roman oppression of the Jews
Allowed him to fill that empty post

And then there was the Mahdi
A kid stuck down a well
Once he decides to come out
The wicked will swiftly go to hell

These are just the famous few
Who played the Messiah games
The list is far too long;
Over a thousand Messiah names

God has been too kind
Offering so many choices
With such variety and selection
Will echo his many voices

With so many a candidate
Comes too many an impostor
Who’s the real savior
From such a heavy roster?

And so commences
The journey of each seeker
In search of the Messiah
A journey of bliss yet meeker

The day of his arrival
Will be sure and unmistaken
Armageddon will accompany him
Earth and mountains will be shaken

Such fury, power, and destruction
Will be unleashed upon mankind
The end of days and time
For both the wicked and the kind

But when the end?
Wonders each curious man
When will God unveil
This Messiah and his plan?

Many a prophet had his suggestion
Foretelling the awaited day
Many a date has come and gone
And yet no end, no fray

So where is the Messiah?
When will he save one and all?
Patience is a virtue, yes
But so is heeding a beckoning call

Some are so impatient
Of awaiting such salvation
That they’ll force this Armageddon
With a thirst for war and devastation

Others take an approach
Of the opposite extreme
Spreading song, love, and flowers
A fake joy of hot air and steam

Both reaping a hollow plant
Fulfilling a foolish fate
Too blind to see the truth:
The Messiah is neither love nor hate

Salvation cannot arise
From a meager human emotion
Deliverance requires more
Than a simple magic potion

More than a silver bullet
Will be needed for the task
More than a single person
With a hero’s lonely mask

The human mind
With its curiosity and reason
Carves an endless path
Every day of every season

Combined with ethics
To guide the uncharted way
Curiosity will circumvent
The need to bow and pray

Thus the long search
Ends at the point of start
Where the seeker had embarked
To find the Messiah, his way, his part

The search for the Messiah
Is wrought with one surprise
Once the seeker finds Messiah
In the reflection of his own eyes
I am Dariush the Great King, King of Kings, King of countries containing all kinds of men, King in this great earth far and wide, son of Hystaspes, an Achaemenian, a Persian, son of a Persian, an Aryan, having Aryan lineage

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