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East and West

Postby yaninikolai » Wed Feb 24, 2010 2:38 pm

I usually have a preference to write political essays than to compose poetry, but in recent months it has become something of a growing interest to me. I have no intention to stop writing essays indefinitely (in exchange for poetry) but at the moment I am in the latter stages of my quest to improve my standard of written English. In the meantime I have started to express myself in the form of poems, with some inspiration from Ahreeman's works. This is one I call 'East and West', I apologise if it is somewhat amateur but please bare in mind that I am not a professional.

'East and West'

From the sands of the desert a message had sprung,
Attentive they were to the sword from his tongue.
To their breasts it struck and minds it corrupted,
From East to West their Empire constructed.

An impostor he was and enemies he'd warn,
Whose tale not dare be spoken with scorn.
An illiterate, a liar with blood on his hands,
Above he now is than the kings of their lands.

Submitted his foe to the will of the master,
Kingdom and nation end in disaster.
But winds from the East now blow to the West,
Sending this sand that freedom detest.

Rise in the East and set in the West,
Darkness will loom as the Sun does rest.
Shining no more on freedom of thought,
Submit to the ways that wind hath brought.

- Aryan (2010)
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