Shahyar Ghanbari: Forbidden Persian Poetry Qadeqan

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Shahyar Ghanbari: Forbidden Persian Poetry Qadeqan

Postby CR » Thu Sep 14, 2017 6:02 am

Shahyar Ghanbari: Forbidden Poetry of Shahyar Ghanbari Qadeqan
Shahyar Ghanbari Great Persian Poet



Please review the new edition of Shahyar Ghanbari poem:


Forbidden Poetry (Qadeqan) in Persian and English
Introduction: Ahreeman X
Poet: Shahyar Ghanbari

You are forbidden, I am forbidden ……

Shahyar Ghanbari is one of the most sophisticated and deep spoken Persian poet / lyricist and Artist in the exile. Shahyar is an intellectual who never sold out. After the Reaction of 1979, many of our poets, lyricists, musicians, singers, and artists stayed inside Iran. Many of these artists have not been heard from since then, many kept on working yet released mediocre and a few good works too. But many sold out and wrote, composed, and performed trash in praise of The Reactionary Islamic Regime of 79.

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Forbidden Poetry

Persian Poetry

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