Sohrab Sepehri Poem: Footsteps of Water in English

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Sohrab Sepehri Poem: Footsteps of Water in English

Postby Atusa Qajar » Wed Jul 15, 2020 3:03 am

Sohrab Sepehri Poem: Footsteps of Water in English & Persian
Best English & Persian Versions with Graphics & Calligraphy

Wonderful Sohrab Sepehri poem in Persian
Lovely Ahreeman X English Version
Beautiful Graphics




Being a big Sohrab Sepehri fan, I have to admit this piece is a wonderful attempt and the best results in translation of this magnificent poem. Giving credit to Ahreeman, this is the best English translation of this legendary poem. Footsteps of Water is an epic poem, so difficult to translate. The translator must transform this poem to English in a way to make sense, so the translator must be a poet to begin with.

Ahreeman translated this wonderful poem in a way that he wrote poetry in English to bring out the true meanings of Sohrab Sepehri’s poem. Footsteps of Water is one of the most controversial, symbolic, metaphoric and difficult modern Persian poems to translate in to English. Footsteps of Water is a very lengthy poem which in itself makes it hard to translate while bringing out the true meaning of the poem.

Ahreeman done a fabulous job on this poem and preserved the true concept of the Sohrab Sepehri’s poem. Ahreeman’s introduction to the poem, Persian graphics, graphic arts and English version is top notch. He has the experts in both languages and then the complete poem in both languages.

Footsteps of Water Index
* Experts in Persian
* Experts in English
* Complete Persian Version
* Complete English Version


Enjoy the poem:

Experts in English:

Footsteps of Water Experts

Wherever I live, it does not matter, I will be there,
I will always own the sky,
The window, thought, air, love and earth are mine.
So, what does is matter,
If from time to time,
The exiled fungus of solitude may grow all around?

I do not know,
Why people say,
Horses are noble and doves are beautiful?
And why no one keeps vultures in the birdcage at home?
What does the clover bud, have less than a red tulip?
Must wash the eyes,
Must view with a different perspective.
Must wash the words.
Words must become the mere essence of the wind,
Words must become rain, on their own.
Must close the umbrellas,
Must walk under the rain.

Must wash our thoughts and memories under the rain.
With all the people of the city, must cleanse under the rain.
Under the rain, must see the true friend.
Under the rain, must find the true love.
Under the rain, must make love.
Under the rain, must play games.
Under the rain, must write words.
Speak of words, plant lotus flowers,
Life is a continuous saturation,
Life is swimming in the pond of this moment,
Let us take off our clothes,
Water is only a step away,
Let us taste the illumination!

Recite the complete poem in English and Persian:

Footsteps of Water ... /index.htm

Sohrab Sepehri Index ... /index.htm

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