A Selection of Poems by Dr. X

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A Selection of Poems by Dr. X

Postby IPC » Fri Feb 25, 2005 10:46 am

{Notice: Since the original time of the posting of this message, the original IPC Website has been taken off the air by Hizbollah, so some links are malfunctioning. IPC Website and IPC Poetry Section will be up and running soon.}

A Selection of Poems by Dr. X

A tribute to Dr. X

The Resistance Poetry and The Dark Poetry of Dr. X

Master, O Master (to the memory of Dr. Kourosh Aryamanesh) by AX

This next poem has inspired by the actual events of the poet's life:

Racing With The Death! by AX

What I Believe? by AX

Saqi, Poetry in Motion (A Live Persian Miniature Album): Saqi (part 2) by AX
link coming soon

And the best for the last:

Please note that, the Faravahar Sci Fi E-Collage Painting, belongs to a series of Sci Fi E-Collage Paintings by Dr.x

graphics coming soon

Shangri_La (play in 6 acts!) by AX

Do you want to read more IPC Poetry?

More IPC Poetry
link coming soon

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