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Amazon Cyber Censorship Cartoons

Postby IPC » Wed Apr 11, 2018 8:11 am

Amazon Cyber Censorship Cartoons

Internet Censorship by Tech Giants Cartoon of Ben Garrison
Google, Facebook, Twitter, Apple and Amazon Silence American People’s Voice
Trump, Man of the People stands firm

Amazon Community ANTIFA Censorship Cartoon by Ahreeman X
Amazon ANTIFA: Hear No Evil, See No Evil, Speak No Evil
Amazon ANTIFA controls Amazon Customers’ Minds!

Gladiator Battle of the Billionaires!
Jeff Bezos Amazon versus Trump MAGA, Battle of Billionaires Ben Garrison Cartoon
Lex Luthor vs. Superman!

Lex Luthor (Jeff Bezos) fighting with his limp WAPO Sword (Washington Post Rag-Paper) and his Amazon Shield, under the “Banner of Globalization” for his “Our Democracy” Shenanigan Crowd; while Superman (Trump) is fighting with his Straight Sword and Solid “Better Deals for America” MAGA (Making America Great Again) Shield under the Banner of America for his MAGA crowd. This will be a gladiator Battle of the Billionaires!

As Trump is looking more and more like Superman who is singlehandedly taking on the Washington DC Establishment, Liberal Establishment, GOP Establishment, Deep State Establishment, Media Establishment, Globalist Corporate Establishment, Wall Street Establishment, Academic Establishment and Hollywood Establishment; equally, Jeff Bezos of Amazon is looking more and more like Lex Luthor, his arch enemy who is trying to take over the world via his globalist agenda. Jeff Bezos, the richest man in the globe, now worth about $ 114.2 Billion, is trying to sell everything on Amazon by drafting monopolistic tactics, globalist practices, tax loopholes, cyber censorship, taking advantage of the USPS and dropping cost to the most efficient ways.

Jeff Bezos purchased the Washington Post for $250 million cash and now uses it as the Amazon Lobby and Anti Trump propaganda rhetoric rag-paper. At one-time, Washington Post had some prestige but now it is an Amazon Mouthpiece spewing lies 24 / 7.

I love it when Billionaires such as Jeff Bezos, Bill Gates and George Soros shed tears for the hungry African children and release rhetoric about wanting to end the world hunger! If they really meant it, then they could easily spend a few billions and truly end the world hunger! These leftist globalist monopolist billionaires, shed crocodile tears, while at the same time reduce the world’s population via hunger, Disease and death; gain financial control; and monopolize the markets. For God’s sake, Amazon has killed thousands of jobs and even mistreats its own employees.

The complete hoopla and charade of “Our Democracy” Movement shenanigan, blasting out loud from the globalist speakers and shouting puppets of Jeff Bezos such as his off-line lobby “Washington Post” and his online lobby “Twitter”, accusing Trump of “Eroding Democracy” is a gimmick. It is all mob control, mind control, lobby votes and concentration of power into globalist monopolies to ride the masses and divert them like cattle, away from the facts and into slaughterhouses of globalism.

While Trump pushes MAGA for the American Workers; Jeff Bezos cuts corners, uses tax loopholes, abuses the bankrupt USPS by throwing him a bone rather than paying his fair share, to bring the cost down and kills the competition.

It is surely interesting to see what will develop in the upcoming months out of this Battle of the Billionaires: Superman vs. Lex Luthor!

Amazon Community ANTIFA Censorship Banner Cartoon by Ahreeman X
Amazon Community’s Foundation is based on Censorship and Intimidation
ANTIFA, Communist and Muslim Employees are solid bases of the Amazon ANTIFA
Notice the Amazon ANTIFA Employees are faceless cowards behind the monitors. When things get hot, they are afraid to put their names and surveys at the bottom of their e-mails!

Amazon Community ANTIFA Badge Cartoon Graphic by Ahreeman X
Amazon Leftist Globalist Internationalist Badge of Honor!
Amazon ANTIFA: All Amazon Employees line up, hold hands, sing Cumbaya and Enforce Censorship because Free Speech (1st Amendment) and Gun Rights (2nd Amendment) are American Diseases, fight and ban both!

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