20 Questions On Hell

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20 Questions On Hell

Postby Messenger of Allah » Tue Jun 06, 2006 9:06 pm

Dear Ahreeman

Today is the day that has been foretold by Revelation as quite significant and signals the birth of the anti-Christ (or anti-Mohammad, etc). I therefore thought I’d inquire more about hell.

Since you are the authority on hell, I thought I should come to the source for the knowledge I seek regarding this mysterious place. Allah has told me much, but not everything (I think he suspects me and my true disloyal and backstabbing nature).

Some mysteries still remain for me. Your enlightenment is hereby humbly requested by MOA.

MOA realizes you are a busy monster, and may not have time to reply. If you do not, MOA fully understands, and will simply pose these 20 questions as rhetorical ones.

1. Has anyone ever showed up and knocked on your door unexpectedly, and his reply as to what he is doing there be: “I was told to come here?â€
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