Easter Jokes

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Easter Jokes

Postby Amir » Sun Apr 08, 2007 11:39 am

2 Quick Easter jokes:

1. The Blonde Christians:

One day a Priest decides to test the knowledge of his predominantly blonde flock. He poses the question: “Do you know the story of Easter?” to three blondes.

Blonde #1: Yes, father, I do know. That’s when Jesus performed the miracle of the bunny, turned himself into a rabbit and hopped around.

Priest: No, my child…please take your seat, and for God’s sake, never open your mouth again.

Blonde #2: Father, I think I know. That’s when Jesus performed the miracle of the chicken, turned himself into a small bird and laid beautiful, colorful eggs, and his apostles had to find them.

Priest: What? What the hell is the matter with you people? Doesn’t anyone here know the real story?

Blonde #3: Don’t worry Father, for I know the true story. That’s when the Son of God was sent to this Earth to cleanse us of our sins…

Priest: (Excited)…Yes…go on…

Blonde #3: The evil of certain men caused the persecution of Christ, his torture, and finally his execution on a cross…

Priest: (Jumping out of his seat)…Yes…I am so proud of you…only one more crucial part is left to the story…please continue…

Blonde #3: After he died for our sins, he was taken to a tomb and laid to rest. The following Sunday, a miracle happened. Christ arose, peaked out of his tomb, saw his own shadow, ran back inside, and predicted 6 more weeks of winter. This was the miracle of the groundhog.



2. Jesus’ M & Ms:

Q: Why can’t Jesus eat M & Ms?

A: Because they keep falling through his hands.



May your Easter be as enjoyable as that of our Lord, Jesus Christ…Happy Easter!
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