Final Devin Word on Election Result

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Final Devin Word on Election Result

Postby alialahi » Sat Jun 20, 2009 5:08 pm


I come to you with a revelation. The word is that Imam KOMAYNEE has sent a massage to Irania Leadership: Imam KOMAYNEE has declared his support for MOSSAVI.

This massage was received in HOLLY GOM through a seance orchestrated by Supreme Islamic Counsel of Republic of Iran. This seance was mediated by well known spiritual, MADAM ZILDA.

During the seance Imam KOMAYNEE appeared in a form of apparition, at which time table and chairs in the room started levitating and few of the MOLAs in the room were turned upside down revealing their, not so impressive, DOMBALONs.

Imam KOMAYNEE showed his solidarity with MOOSAVEE and stated that he has made reservations for AHMADINEGAD and cronies in GAHANAM-HILTON.

Alaho Akbar!

ps: I have a picture of Imam KOMAYNEE's apparition which I shall post, per request.
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