Who Wants What for Nowruz? P2: Persian New Year Humor

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Who Wants What for Nowruz? P2: Persian New Year Humor

Postby CR » Fri Mar 16, 2018 3:37 pm

Who Wants What for Nowruz? - Chapter 2: Persian New Year Humor
Nowruz Shad Bad
Happy Persian New Year to Everyone
The Sequel You been Waiting For!

Ahreeman X
AX: Hello kiddies, howdy? Happy Persian New Year and Nowruz-etan Piruz. As you can see, I am still celebrating Nowruz with a couple of She-Devils, one is mixing me a none-alcoholic drink and the other is serving the cards, watch it baby, I got an Ace up my sleeve. Do not cheat or get out of line because my 38 Special Revolver is on my side. I shoot first and do not even ask questions later! Oh Lord, only if my pal, the drunken GOP Pink Elephant would behave! What can I say? It’s Zoo here in IPC! Now I got a special Nowruz present for all of yous! Try to behave and not to do what we do! Happy Persian New Year to All … Ho ho ho, hey wait a second, that’s not Amu Nowruz, that’s Santa Clause, but what the hell, in Nowruz, everything goes! Enjoy the Festivities kiddies ……

At last, it is here:

Chahar Shanbe Suri
Siozdah Be Dar

IPC Humor

Ahreeman X presents,


Who Wants What for Nowruz?
Persian New Year Humor and Galley: The Sequel – Part 2

Ahreemanic Nowruz Special
Ahreeman X
March 17, 2018 = 2576 Shahanshahi PIY

Famous Ahreemanic One Liners,
Which you gotta be quick to get it!

Persian Sweets Pastries
Let’s start with some Shirini …

Persian Chai Tea Set: Persian Tea with Fresh Mints
And of course, more tea with your sweets.
Chai bedametun Haji ……

Happy Nowruz Persian New Year 2577 Shahanshahi PIY and Happy Persian Cultural Month of March.

I always keep you in suspense and you always wonder what will I do next and what will I write next, don’t you? Well here it goes, this one for Nowruz. Don’t you ever tell me that I forgot your presents for Nowruz!

Persian Sweets: Zoolbia
And now we move on to desserts starting with crispy crunchy Zoolbia! Don’t burst yet, we have more to come!

Persian Sabzi Polo Mahi: Herbs Rice with White Fish
Traditional Nowruz Persian New Year Food
We finish the typical 10 course Persian Meal entrees and meals with this baby!

So, you boys and girls want Eydi presents again?

Nowruz Persian New Year Golden Presents, Persian Style!
Persians love Gold. Purple and Gold are Persian Colors!
Eydi mikhayn? Inam eydi Haji …… Ahreemanic Style!

So, who wants what for Nowruz?
Don’t be shy, tell Poppa Ahreeman?
Ahreeman will try to provide you with what you desire!
Well I’m not Amu Nowruz (Uncle Nowruz) or Santa Clause,
But, I can inform them of what you desire!

So, who wants what for Nowruz?

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Nowruz Shad Bad
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Persian Mix Kabob Tray, closer look but don’t touch!
No, I’m only kidding, go ahead and dig in but don’t dive in with your head!

Persian Kabob Kubideh
My favorite Persian Dish in Persian Cuisine. Without it, life is meaningless!
Nun o Kabob o Gojeh o Sabzi, to die for! Do you like Nun Kabobi? I love it!

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