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IPC Public Clinic!

Postby Ahreeman X » Sat Feb 19, 2005 11:00 am

IPC Public Clinic with "Head" Nurse, Lori!

:scream: Hear Yee, Hear Yee :announcement:
:drum: :drum: :drum:
:intel: Hear all about it, read all about it, hear yee hear yee, latest news............... Grand Opening of the IPC Public Clinic, coming soon to the nearest cyber location near yous..........!

Did you say "IPC Public Clinic"??!! :surprised:

:pirate: Aaaarrrrrgh!

Oh yas! :drlove:

:preach: Dearly Beloved:

There's an idea for yous! Free Public Clinic for Patients of the globe!

:question: Why?

:anxhi: Because we care!

We, IPC Members have gigantic hearts :heart:

& we love to cure "All" Disease!

Mental :hizboansar: or Physical :hezboz: indeed!

Did you know Lori is a Nurse? :nurse: :surprised:

Oh ye, She has special methods & the patient will immediately see the light of Allah or some kind of light!

Oh yes, she is practically a Nurse Practitioner or she practices Nursing on her private patients or........... well either way she is a Nurse! Why not taking advantage of this situation & assign her to the New Room of the "IPC Public Clinic"?! I bet with yous, patients will arrive from 5 corners of the globe cause its free!
:wow: :cripple: :kohezboii: :hazardeous: :banghead:

:moo: Moooslem, mooooooo Moooooooo
Oy Brother Gusaleh, Oy,??
Calm down brother, Shhhhhh :-$

....and No Fingering please :fingering:

Just relax, patient and wait your turns, :yeees:

we will attend to everyone! :bozo:

This will be our public service for humanity! :preach:

Send us your ill, disturbed, melancholic and needy............. & we shall cure them!

:preach: Amen to that!

So Lori was once a "Head" Nurse in the hospital, alongside 101 other jobs that she had..........
She was a great "Head" Nurse......... No no I did not mean it like that! You perverts! Your minds are in the gutter! I did not mean that she was a "Head" Nurse as of a Nurse specifically for the "Head" of the .........., as a "Head" Specialist,........ Not @ all! I meant she was assigned as the "Head" of the Nurses, as an Head Nurse. Got it? You people are sick! You always interpret my words to the most perverted aspect!
So hypothetically if we open up the IPC Public Clinic Room and Ass-Sign, I mean Assign Lori to be the Head Nurse in charge, then the first visit will go something like this:

:nurse: LuLu

:intellectual: SuSul

LuLu: What can I "Do" you for?
SuSul: Dear Lady, I am a Liberal with an Erectal Dysfunction!
L: Which disorder are you seeking help for?
S: What do you mean?
L: Liberalism or Dysfunctional Penile?!
S: Well I need something.....(Interrupted by Lori)
L: For Penile Dysfunction I recommend Viagra (4 hours) or Cialis (32 hours), but for Liberalism which is a Mental Disorder, I recommend sending you to a specialist in the field, Dr. X!!!!!!!!
S: I see.......(Interrupted by Lori)
L: Here's a prescription for both Viagra & Cialis depending on the Mrs. mood and to get an appointment from Dr. X's secretariat, go to:

IPC Website => IPC Club => and read some Bits O Wisdom, if you may!

We shall cure all "ism" diseases including

:suicidebomber: Islamism,

:westox: Liberalism,

:intellectual: Marxism,

& we shall also cure all "Allahi" diseases including

:basij: Hizbollahi,

:prince: Shahollahi,

:monkey: Mosadeqollahi,

:ovweight: Penile Malfunctions!


And Lori will be the perfect candidate for the job because she is already in the medical field. However, due to the facts that Lori has both Islamist & Liberalist tendensies, then maybe I have to "Do" a job on her first, as a preventive operation, so the Tendensies will not become Epidemics!
:drlove: :tempt:

Afterwards I can issue her a licence to kill,,,,,,,,,,,, :oops: Oops, I mean a license to cure! So she can become the official Head Nurse for the clinic!

Remind me to also open Special Wards in the clinic, for the

:CS: Criminally Insane,

:hezboz: Intellectually Challenged,

:lolbang: Multiple Personalities Schizophrenics,

:swing: Nymphomaniac Swingers and

:samur: Homicidal Artists, will ya?!

That was my thoughts on the issue, :idea1:

What say yous?! :question:

Always thinking of the Masses! :jesus:

I am the public servant for the masses!
:namaz2: :namaz: :moo: :namaz2: :preach:

Zip a Dee Doo Da De!

OK, Now, lets Rave!
:DJ: :Rockon: :discobanana:

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