Please Tear Blood, When Reading My Humor!

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Please Tear Blood, When Reading My Humor!

Postby Ahreeman X » Sat Feb 19, 2005 12:45 pm

Please Tear Blood, When Reading My Humor!

An Oldies but Goodies!
Old IPC Files


I want you to go to this link, but only after you read my little post here:

(Ya Husain)

On your right there are different links to different:

Aza Dari of Moharam Majles-e Aza around the world!

(Ashura Mourning Mob Gatherings by Mullahs)

On the table on your right, you will find Majles-e Aza from Washington, DC to Bangalore India!

Look @ the links on your left!

Check out the links:

Upcoming Events (Possibly Rozeh Khani, Aza Dari, Zajeh Zani, Shivan Zani) [Sing Mourning/Crying]

Majalis (All kinds of Majles-e Aza) [Mourning Banquets]

Nauhas & Marsias (Nohe Khani/Marsiyeh Khani) [Mourning Songs]

Duas & Ziyarats (Worship & Pilgrimage)

Other Events (Possibly involves Chains/Daggers/Blades & a Quran!)

Contact Info (this one is good! Possibly E-mail to Imam Jumaa')

Support (Possibly Religious Support of Shiia' on how to Scream while Crying for Hussein!)

Site Terms (riot, killer! I dig this one! Terms: Must obey from Shiite Laws like a Cattle to enter!)

Remembering Karballah once again!

Then go to each link on your right side table & take a look @ the Downloads of Rozeh (Shiite Mourning Songs) & check it out, you have two choices (so high tech), to download or to listen online to Rozeh Khani! (riot!)

Now, you can Mourn solo in the comfort of your home! Ain't Technology great?!

On each link's top page, you will also find the picture of Your Favorite Imam Jumma' of your favorite Mosque in the city near you!

Shiite Islam Gone High Tech!


C'mon Folks, lets do an IPC session of :

Ashura Mourning Majlis! I be the "Saheb-e Aza", you be the "Aza Daran!"

Tonight @ IPC Mosque we will have:


Zajeh Zani for orderves
Aza Dari for Appetizer
Gerye Zari for Soup
Shivan Zani for Main Course
& lets save
Tu Sar Zani for the End of Majles-e Waaz!

Let the Rozeh & Waaz Begin:

Ok, everyone together, lets sing along:
(sing rhythmic with 6/8 rhythm)

Vay Hussein-o Kardan!
Khak tu saram, khak tu saram
Vay Dul-e Moslem-o Boridan!
Khak tu saram, khak tu saram
Vay Tokhm-e Hazrat-e Abbas-o kandan!
Khak tu saram, khak tu saram
Vay Dulesh-o boridan!
Khak tu saram, khak tu saram
Vay inqadr gerye kardim, Ab-e Hussein ham umad!
Khak to saram, khak tu saram
Vay Ab-e Hussein-o Avordan!
Khak tu saram, khak tu saram..........

Dar Mazar-e Karballah Hussein Hussein Guyam, Hussein Hussein Guyam.........
Ya Hussein, Ya Hussein.............


I want all of you to think for a minute & think about the Depth & Sadness of our Cultural Poverty!
It is Sad, isn't it? It can make you cry, couldn't it?

Now, I want you to think about, how in four years, we were preaching Persian Pride & preaching about our rich 8000 years of Persian Civilization!

Now I want you to look, take a very good look @ this site, & observe about, what really our Every Day Culture is about, will you?

(Ya Husain)

Now, I would love to see your face, your Aryan Persian Proud Nationalist Face, after observing this site & after pondering a bit about what has become of the children of Cyrus today! Do you have tears in your eyes yet? Are the tears for Iran, for Iranians, or for Destruction of your Pure Persian Pride? Are you crying for yourself or for Iran?

Look what has happened to our nation from 1979 until today, will ya?

All I have to say, is that, this is so funny that I do not know to laugh or to cry. With all the humor in this site & my post, we cannot hesitate not to Bleed Tears for our Motherland & how the Cattle-Like illiteracy of our masses has caused our glorious nation to become the Shiite Hole that it is now!

Take a Moment & Laugh outloud to my humor post

and then,

Take a Moment of silence and,

Bleed for Iran!

Now, you are ready to pick up the gun & go shoot every person who contributed to the creation of the Islamic Republic of Iran, please start with members of Jebhe Meli Iran! Go to Jebhe .org, hold them down, & violently shoot them in the rectum so they can bleed to Death! Did it feel good? Hee Hee Hee Ho Ho Howw.....(Evil Smile!)

Would be nice, but lets hold on to that thought, I do not want IPC Liberals to panic! (Killer!)
There will be plenty of times for our future Fun! (Wink,Wink!)

But for now,

Bleed in silence,
and let your anger to pile up in your throat,
"pressure hold" your anger,
let it pile up,
for the future Explosion!

Our Day will repay the Fathers of 1979 for The,

"Sins of The Fathers"


In Hope For The Better Days,

Dr. X
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