Good and Bad Points about Islam!

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Good and Bad Points about Islam!

Postby Ahreeman X » Sat Feb 19, 2005 12:54 pm

Good and Bad Points about Islam!

Q: Whats the worst part about Islam?

A: Taking shoes off @ the door of the Mosque before going in, so once you're in for Namaz, you have to smell the heavenly, week old smell O Sox mixed in the air & specially belonging to the fellow praying ahead of you!

Q: Whats the best part about Islam?

A: 4 wives for every man & if your Shiite, as many Siqah temporary wives as you can handle, & even if you're Sunni, who says you can't have unlimited concubines on the side, Muhammad did?! You be banging away until Judgment Day when you meet Mahdi, even then you be banging 72 Houri Virgins promised to you in Heavens by Muhammad & the good thing is that you are doing it according to
Sharia' & Religious Laws!

Ain't Islam Great?!
Ahhh, but for women, well ........ its a different story, ey?!

Ya Allah


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