Little Bit of This and Too Much of That!

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Little Bit of This and Too Much of That!

Postby Ahreeman X » Tue Feb 22, 2005 1:24 pm

Little Bit of This and Too Much of That!

Oldies but Goodies
Old IPC Files

So lets discuss a few different issues amongst us, the elite of Persian Cyber Community, the bright of the Cyber world & the misfits of the globe!

Kim il Jung
Whats up with this guy?! Check it out, Kim il Jung was a wanna be play boy in North Korea during his father's region Kim il Sung! He graduated with all kinds of degrees from The University of Kim il Sung his father in Economy! What a riot! Thats why North Korea has such great economy, blooming in the globe! I am sure he had earned all his grades @ his dads university! so in this great republic, Kim il Sung his dad staid in power until he got crippled & rotted & died so next he crowned himself as the new King, sorry I meant Fuhrer, oopsi doopsi I mean new president! Like father like son, he carried the torch of Proletariat Bull-Shevism (like Bull Shiite) through the years until this day that he practically canceled all prior agreements between US & N. Korea & practically told us (Americans) Frag You in our faces with his middle finger sticking in our face! What a guy! Now UN (United Neuters) & its president Koofte Ani (Shitty Meatball in Persian aka Kofi Anan) emphasizes on us (USA) to start a dialogue with Kim il Jung! Its like they expect President Bush to go to Piong Yang (N. Korean Capital) & kiss Kim's hand for disregarding:

1. No military zone between two Koreas & rushing in that zone with his troops.
2. Building Nuclear Bombs by disregarding the prior armistic agreement with USA not to build Nukes.
3. Creation of a 1 million ready to battle storm troopers army ready to invade south

So They expect Bush to start a dialogue with Kim to persuade him to slow down & come to an agreement!

Bush is the same as Regan, a cowboy & you know what cowboys do, dont you? They do not take Shit from anyone. The reason USSR has collapsed is because Reagan did not take any Shiite from anyone & dragged the cold war & armament until USSR collapsed. Bush is no President Clitoris. The reason people like me voted for him is for him to be a stubborn right wing bastard. People like me are waiting anxious for him to blow Axis of Evil: Saddam_Khamenei_Jung sky high. Shiite, I did not vote for Bush to see him diddley da waiting for UN (United Neuters) to take order from EU (Euro Pee on Union) to tell us what to do & what not to do! Bush needs to answer to us American Tax Payers, to provide our safety & security & make sure we are satisfy with him as president!

Hell, I do not feel safe until I see Baas Party in Iraq, Hezbollah in IRI & Communist Party in North Korea to be blown sky high! I want my money's worth. If for one second I see Bush is behaving like a God damn faggy sissy liberal democrat or like Carters or Clitorises of the world, we will stop our support.

For Allahs sake, the other day I went to Costco Wholesale & purchased cases of Ginger Ale & Microwave popcorn! I ordered a new leather couch all comfy & cosey so I can grab my popcorn & soda while watching some real war on Teli! God Damit, I don't wanna see some sissy faggy crap on CNN or FOX, I wanna see guts & intestines flying high! I wanna see blood gushes everywhere on the TV screen. I wanna see our boys slaughter Saddams Republican Guards & next going to prepare agitations in Iran. Unlike Reza Pahlavi, I do not care if America interferes or not, I want Mullahs blood & Heads on the dinner table so I can make Abgoosht with their blood & dip my Barbari bread as "Tilit" Dizi Dish Persian style in their Guts & Blood & taste that Holy blood in my mouth! I don't care to remain a pacifist face & flirt with Bushes Government undercover like Reza Pahlavi or not! I do not care to remain Vajih ol Mele like whores of The opposition like Jebhe Meli Baboons or not! I want blood, I want Abgoosht of blood & I do not care who makes it! shall it be opposition, students, youth, US Military, Mojahedin, CIA, KGB, Yadollah Neqresi or Abdol Kos Khar Neh! I do not care, just give me Mullahs heads for Goosht Kubideh (Meat Paste Dish) smooshed by Goosht Kub (Meat Smasher) & some Tilit of Mullah Blood to dip my bread in. Give me some Mullah Balls to make Donbalan Kabob with by the dozens, just give me some Holy Rank's Balls & some Cut Heads with the Turbans & I will be happy as a $20 Whore in Bangcock Thailand banging an American GI for new $20 bill!

Hell, I dont care who, how, when or where, I could not even give a Frag or a Fandango! Just help us cause a change cause if we were worthy or organized we would have done it ourselves (Iranians) during the last 24 years! Frag, its almost quart a century that IRI is in power! I am sick & tired of all these Sissy Faggy Nationalist Iranians Wanna be Pure, clean, vajih ol Meleh by not asking US Government for help! Frag that Shiite! You don't want America to interfere in Iranian affairs? you don't want America to do Nation Building? You don't want CIA to stick their nose in Iran?

Then what the Frag have you been doing yourselves? You did not unite as a solid opposition to blow IRI sky high, you did not create a powerful new party to crush IRI, you did not even support the students fully pledged! What have you been doing? You been jerking off on the Internet like Jebhe Meli or you been filling partitions like Leftist Wus Ball Stalinists or pretend you are Nationalists by not accepting military support of US Government like Certain wanna be Monarchists or Future Kings!

What have you done for 24 years? You jerked your meat, thats what you been doing! If you cant find the courage to do something, then by Allah's Right Ball, let America to interfere by all means! You need help & the help is United States of America because you are useless baboons wasting our time while our comrades in Iran are rotting in jails or rotting in their homes. Our comrades & our youth been living in their homes for 24 years. They are tired of Dual lives. They are tired of throwing parties in their houses, they wanna dress up any way they like to & they want to walk in the streets butt naked if they want. They cannot wait on your bull Shiite Opposition Leadership Rhetorics for another 24 years! If you wanted to do something, you would have done it during the last 24 years! So Frag all of you from The King to The President, from Monarchist to Mojahed, from DC to Baghdad, Frag you all! Just shut the hell up, we are tired of your bull Shiite for 24 years. By all means let USA Interfere all the way, maybe only maybe by then we can accomplish something & change the Mullah Regime!

You sit in your comfy office in Los Angeles behind your large desk & sing Nationalism & preach non interference from USA. What the hell do you know about waiting in long lines of bread or meat in Down Town Tehran by the Lower Classes? They are fed up & they want change now & they do not give a Frag if USA helps us or not! They are the ones who suffered in Tehran for 24 years not your Wide Ass Leaders of Jebhe Meli in North Tehran banging away Mullahs for 24 years & having 4 wives each! They are the ones who suffered for 24 years not your presidents in Paris & her Chief of Armed Forces, Maryam & Massoud Joon Rajavi! They are the ones who lowered themselves for prostitution, drugs, addiction, theft in Tehran, not King of Kings, Crown Prince of Pahlavi in DC, NY, Paris or Egypt!

Who the Frag cares what does this opposition want? Frag this opposition & all their plans in Exile! Like we will be sitting here for another 24 years preaching a United Opposition for these bastard leadership or Arrogant Asses to join or not to join! Frag them all.

Frag them all with their Mercedes Benzes, Large Offices, & Leather Desks & Touchy Feely sensitive souls! Frag their feelings & souls, my concern is the poor thug in Darvazeh Qar or Shoosh Street, in Shahre Rey or Islam Shahr with no hope for the future. My concern is not these baboons in Exile. They can jerk each other off & have bad blood between themselves until eternity, Fandango them all!

I will take & accept any ones help as long as they do not interfere with internal Iranian affairs but whats wrong with you scratch my back & I scratch yours? IPC Revolutionary Movement specifically in Europe & Iran must understand this. You in Zaferaniye, Tehran or Mashhad Uptown are not feeling the same as the poor thug in Kapars of Abadan blowing fart bubbles for fun & eating meatless Abgoosht for dinner one meal a day. Think about the underclass while singing Vajih ol Mele Rhetorics!

As an Iranian, I would commit Alliance with any person who wants to take a step ahead for our freedom.

As an American, I want Axis of Evils blood on the dinner table.

I want a good war, a cool war, some bloody entertainment to watch. I got my soda & popcorn & leather sofa, wheres the blood? Wheres the Iraqi War? I want to see Blood & guts flying across the screen, I wanna see Heraldo Rivera's Ass being shot on FOX News Live, I wanna see Camera Mans Head's blown up, I wanna see Saddams Balls Fly across the TV Screen, for Allah's sake give me some good entertainment, I already paid up the butt for my cable bill, wheres my entertainment? Wheres the beef? Whats the deal?

North Korea has 2 nukes & adding, Iran will have its first nuke soon, I want some action before our water source in San Diego is contaminated! I want blood before they shed ours! So do something about it sissy boys & Pansies or Fruit Cakes, or forever keep silence with your pacifist Rhetorics. Pansy Ass Liberal Faggots in Congress or outside singing Armistice Songs, Frag them all! Give me my daily dose of Blood & War & I will be happy!

So the other day I call Mom on the phone & the damn answering machine comes on.................
First in English
Then in Persian
Next in German! (new addition)

For Allah's sake, for Prophet's Camel's sake, Mom whats the deal? By the time you speak in three languages on the answering machine's message, the person on the line will pass away due to malfunction, waiting so long & mal nutrition! Ma.............give it a break!

So I wait a while until Ma speaks in three languages & finally asks for the third time in three languages for the person to leave a message after the tone!

X: Mom? Pick it up, I know your there? C'mon Ma?........hey Mom? Mom?
After waiting a while............wait........wait.......wait............
M: Yeeeeeeeees?
X: Ma?
M: aha?
X: Whatse Matter you? (thats Italian)
M: Now you speak with an accent? Your Don Carleone?
X: Ma.....why do you have to speak in three languages in your message?
M: There are people that I know who are speaking in one of those languages but not too good in others so I must put a message in all three!
X: But by the time the person listens to all 3 lingos, he will be dead of exhaustion!
M: Stop exaggerating!
X: Ma....I was a year younger when I called first, but after listening to your message I am old now!
M: The comedian.......
X: No Ma, its true!
M: so what is it? Dont you have anything to do today over there in your office? What are you doing?
X: A little bit of this & too much of that..........! So Ma?
M: Aha, spit it out child?
X: Why do you screen your phone? You have the damn message on but you still screen the phone to see who is it & if you feel like you wanna talk to the person or not!?
M: Na, I was watering my roses outside & I got to the phone late....
X: lie! You screen the phone, I know you! What are you SAVAK or Ex SAVAK?
M: Listen you are so silly
X: I am silly! You make me wait for 10 minutes with your United Nation message & then wait & screen the phone to see if you wanna talk to me or not & you call me silly? The nerves?
M: dont you have anything else to say? Are you done? anything else? got to go now!
X: Of course I have something to say, that why I have called @ the first place! Do you think Im crazy or something?
M: What is it?
X: How are you Mom?
M: Thank you fine & you?
X: I'm good, how is everything?
M: Well, my head hurts, my back hurts, my sinus hurts, I have stomach pain, Ulcer maybe, intestine problem, need to go to eye Dr., need to check my blood sugar................
X: Ma?
M: What?
X: Enough Ma, Im not a doctor!
M: Then why the hell are you asking?
X: Sorry Ma!
M: OK then........
X: Ma, do you know when you speak English, you sound like Frauline Gubels on Morphine or a Feme Hitler on Crack?!
M: You are so crazy, ha ha ha.......
X: Ma, you been here for a century, when will you drop the German accent mixed with FOP (Fresh Out of Plane) Persian Accent mix?!
M: When will you start behaving like a normal human being, a concern son & not an Animal?
X: Ma, human being is only an Animal, I can never change........
M: Then the German accent will never drop........
X: Does this mean you be speaking like Her Eischman in his concentration camp speech @ Dakhaoe for rest of your life?
M: Until you behave like a decent Persian Boy, a traditional Iranian, I am afraid so...........
X: Oh Mom have mercy...........
M: Listen, do you have something to say or you are just interrupting me....I have things to do, you know?
X: Ye Ma, wait a second.....I wanted to ask you if Saddam killed Hassan ol Bakr the Ex President of Iraq or did he die naturally?
M: I think you have lost your marbles, see a psychiatrist, ok?
X: No really........because you have that Iraqi lady, your friend in Exile, will ya ask her?
M: I already know.......... yes Saddam planed the murder & no Al Bakr did not die of natural causes.
X: Are you sure?
M: The hell with Bakr, Saddam & your nonsense, I must go, the water is on, my roses............
X: Ma, I'm your loving son, wait a sec........
M: You are the pain in my ............
X: But ma dont hang up, I swear if you hang up I never talk to you.........
M: What is this? Are you @ work? Dont you have anything to do? Is that why you bother me?
X: Ma I lovse lovse love ya.......
M: OK, let go, I call you later........
X: Ma?
M: What now?
X: I was kidding, I love your Germano_Persian Accent when speaking English! It sounds like Elke Sommer & Maximillian Schell combine on cocaine!
M: I am hanging up & you better go find work to do or a hobby or get a life......
X: Ma, I love you dont hang up................
M: Bye.......Aufiderzehn..... Gutten Nacht.............Khoda Hafez crazy one.........
X: Ma, wait........will you be having the answering machine message in Spanish too? I can do it for you? I speak Spanish? Ma ................wait..............
M: Got to go child, later..........
X: Ok love you, later Mom
M: Later troubled one
X:.............sigh......My mommy, I loves my mommy.............

whats the relevant between Axis of Evil & My Conversation with Mom? You asked?
Beats me! Just wanted to drop this on here in IPC..............too much time on my hand today........ nothing to do in my office.........behind my large desk.......on my large leather chair..............damn that sounds like a typical opposition leader in Exile playing Arshimalalan with his Shambool behind his desk, writing crap on Internet! Boyyyeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.......................

Wait a sec? What does that make you for reading this? Ya baby ya, you must be really weird to read this written by me on this day with too much time on my hand in my office @ work! It takes a weirdo to know a weirdo!

Ok gots to go, whatse matter you, you thinke Im a Salami here with nothing to do? Things to do & people to see...........Chao (Thats Italian)!

By the way:
First there was.................................Kim il Sung (Suck)
Next came.......................................Kim il Jung (Junk)
Does this mean next will be ..............Kim il Schlung?! Hmmmmmmmmmm? (Schlong)


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