The War March! (R Rated)

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The War March! (R Rated)

Postby Ahreeman X » Tue Feb 22, 2005 2:21 pm

The War March! (R Rated)
March 5, 2003

Oldies but Goodies
Old IPC Files

Warning: R Rated
The Under Age Persons, do not even open document! Hey Kido, Kidney Beans, go away, shoo, shoo child!

Pacifists, Anarchists, Anti Americans, Liberals, Feme Nazis, Feme Tazis, Islamists, Muslim Activists, Nation of Islam, Environmentalist Wacos, Other Bleeding Hearts, do not bother reading this one, cause you will get more pissed off @ me than you already are!

This is the only place that we could find around the net to publish this proposal! Ain't IPC Great?!
* * *

The War March! (R Rated)

A Proposal for the WAR MARCH!

In The name of Star Spangled Banner, The Old Glory

The War March in San Diego

Ain't War Hell?!

As long as the faculty/staff/students of some SD High Schools thrown a Peace March today & next will be the University Peace Rallies, I figured why not throw a WAR MARCH, ye baby ye...............!

Boom Chaka laka laka, Boom chaka laka laka..........

This is still in planing phase, so don't start pulling each other's shorts down & having wet dreams yet!

We the San Diegans are famous for running The Finest City in America, "San Diego" with Conservative Values. We shall not let this glorious city to yet turn to another San Francisco, Oakland, or any other Bang & Cheers Sissy Wus Town nor shall we let it be out of control like Los Angeles!

The Proposal:

The War March will start @ 2 points:

SDSU (San Diego State University)
UCSD (University of California San Diego)

I shall host this starting point @ College Avenue. We will gather in front of Aztec Center in Quad & start from there marching outside the campus into College Ave.

Q will host this one starting @ La Jolla from UCSD Information Center, & Quad, then marching to La Jolla Village Drive.

Both sections will meet @ Hill Crest (French Neighborhood).


We shall have many activities along the way.

6 parts Satanic Festivities:

Slam Dancing
Head Banging
Wine/Perfume Bottles Urination
Flag Burning
Urination on Posters/Automobiles
Flashing on Restaurant Fronts

Slam Dancing
We will start the protests on both campuses with Slam Dancing to show our support for the use of necessary Violence. We will have our own Boom Boxes blasting heavy Punk Rock Tunes from Sex Pistols, The Clash, The Ramons, The Television, Plasmatics & other Hard Core Classic Punk Bands. We will slam dance slamming to one another energetically & cheer for the spirit of WAR.

Head Banging
At this point we will bring on the Jacque Chirac & Gerhard Schroeder Puppets (Piñata) stuffed with Brown Confetties representing Shiite! Then we will blind fold the March Queen (Most Energetic Female Marcher), give her a Baseball Bat to bang on the Puppets hanging from the trees by the neck! She will keep on Bating until the puppets break (Mexican Style) & the Shiite confetties will be thrown all over the place. We will make sure to crack Jacque & Gerhard's Skulls wide open!

Wine/Perfume Bottles Urination
Next we shall bring around all the pre gathered French Wine/Perfume Bottles to the center of the Quads, take our trousers/skirts down & Urinate all over them!

Flag Burning
On with the show, we will open up a few extra large size French Flags, rise them high in the skies of San Diego & Torch them up to make Château-Brian out of them Sissy Banners! Then we do the Yankee Dance on top of them burning them Fairy Wus Flags O Fags!

Urination on Posters/Automobiles
Once we finish with paying our respects to the French Flag, we move on to outside the campus in the nearby locations where we prepared some Foreign Job, French Cars found in American Junk Yards or Back Yards, cause there is no way in hell that we can find French Cars in operating conditions & in the streets of San Diego! The cars will be toed to both campus! We will prepare some Peugeot, Citroen, Renault, other ala Junk near the campus. Each protester will get to go on the roof top & urinate all over the Fine French Automotive Ala Garbage Product! Next they get to have a favorite "Pee-on photo" of Chirac or Shroeder from us to Pee on them!

Flashing on Restaurant Fronts
Next we march the streets of San Diego from both SDSU & UCSD locations all the way to Sissy Fairy Neighborhood of Hill Crest. Along the way we will carry caricature posters of Chirac & Schroeder & sing Pro War Songs. We will sing everything from Star Spangled Banner to Wagner Operas, to American Indian Waha Kane War Songs! Once we will get to the front of the French Restaurant Quarter in Hill Crest, we will gather around every single French Restaurant, Foreign Movie Theater, French Play Theaters & we will do these three actions:

A) We sing the American Indian War Song while Doing the War Dance (similar to Indian Rain Dance).
B) Afterward we will Flash the French!
Guys will take down their pants & shorts & show the French/French Culture Lovers, their Schlong!
Gals will take down their skirts/hot shorts & shirts & flash the French with their Golden Gzoongaz & Taboulis!
C) Third act would be, all together everybody will harmonize, turn around & take off their pants/shorts & Moon The Intellectual Sissies @ The French Quarter.

After we all show our "Saddom Husseins" to The French; we will all step all over Chirac & Schroeder's faces (Posters) in front of the restaurants & then leave French Quarter while singing America The Beautiful.

Yes, lets do it The American Way:

Show your Saddom Hussein to The French
Show your Schlong to The Schroeder
Show your Zahak to Chirac
Show your Shambalileh to German
Show your Tabouli to Axis of Whores (Franco_Germano_Belgian)
Show your Habibi to United Nation
Show your Bird of Paradise to French Culture
Show your American Pride to sissy, Cigarette Smokin, Wine Drinkin, Fairy Intellectuals
Show your Shombool to Pacifists
Show your Yankee Tools to The Parisians
Show your Assets to The World

Don't you feel better now?!

Thats what I'm talkin about baby. Who needs UN? This is US of A, kicking ASS!
The Damn Yankees are taking over baby, The God Damn Yankees are back in town baby!

Amen & Hale Luya

Now we need to work out a few minor details & then arrange the WAR MARCH. Don't worry, we will send you the invitation in your E-mails, you won't miss out!

Also, any persons who might not like to hear about my WAR MARCH plans, they can always:

Shine my Shamrock
Caress my Leprechaun
Blow me Lucky Charms
or shall we say:
Kiss my Iranian American Aztec! (in tradition of SDSU Mascot!)
Kiss My Aztec!

This time we will spare the German Car Owners, because all the God Damn Persians own German Cars, they think its class to drive a German Car! But next time I promise you that from La Jolla & College Area to Hill Crest, if we see German Cars, we will PeePee & Shiite all over your Beemer or Benz! You want class, go buy a Cadillac or if you must drive a foreign job then buy a Jag (like I have one). I will also sell my Porsche & never again buy a German Car. Any member of Operations or Movement driving a God Damn German Car like a Typical Persian, listen up, I cannot guarantee the safety of your German Car while attending the WAR MARCH! So you might want to leave the Beemer or Benz @ home! Our people are passionate & they tend to Shiite all over Frencho_German Automotive Engineerings! Sieg Hail! So either trade your automobile for a Cadillac or a Jaguar or just leave the damn thing @ home before you come to the WAR MARCH.

For WAR Spirited Folks:
We will provide extra French Flags, Pictures of Chirac, French Wine Bottles to use, Urinate, Doodoo or burn! But you must pay for Chirac's pictures or posters! what do you think, its free?! We will sell Chirac like a French Whore!

Also, once in Hill Crest, there will be many French Sissy Boys & Touchi Feely Gals available for your bashing. Up to your preference, you are also welcomed to Bang The French Whores or French Fags! For men who do not want to get their Schlong dirty or Gals who do not have the proper tools, we shall also provide empty Coke Bottles to insert in the French! (Riot!)

"Banging The French" Activity of The Festivities is Optional!

Lets help us to show how we really feel about Frencho_German issues!

Question: How many French men it takes to defend Paris?
Answer: Non! Because they be all drunk on French Wine hiding under French whore's skirts!

Well, all good things must come to an end, so is this proposal! Again I thank you for lending me your ears to preach & for those who do not like my proposal,

Bless my boots & spank my balls with the paddles of Political Correctness until I sing Cumbaya! Oh I almost forgot, To all bleeding Heart Liberals, Haji Kuchikeh sends his regards! :D

To all Iranian Americans:
France & Germany have been number one & two trade partners with Islamic Republic of Iran for 24 years! They have helped IRI to grow & they have never participated in any sanction led by USA against IRI. To Boycott all Franco_German Products is your National Duty to United States of America & Mother Persia.

Ahreeman Bless


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