For every rose there is a prick!

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For every rose there is a prick!

Postby Ahreeman X » Mon May 16, 2005 7:00 pm


Don't take this badly, but at Renaissance Faire, staged in the time of
William Shakespeare, the common phrase is,

"for every rose there is a prick"

- prick being a common term for thorn. This has resulted in a
naughty song that is a catch, meaning when all 3 verses are sung at
once, there is a naughty message:

Whene'er my dame a-hedging goes,
She gets a little prick between her toes
A little prick between, a little prick between
She gets a little prick between her toes

And then, alas, she loudly sighs
For the anguish spreads above her thighs
Her thighs... her thighs
Above her thighs, above her thighs!

While every I can obtain
Is not enough to ease her pain
Is not enough, is not enough
To ease her pain, to ease her pain!

Look to the third (red) line in each verse and see the naughty message.

It's not as lovely as romantic poems, but it's a good laugh and
sometimes a good laugh in bed is better than any amount of passionate

Cheers! :badgrin:
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