Sex Change Operation by Dr. Haji Kuchike!

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Sex Change Operation by Dr. Haji Kuchike!

Postby Ahreeman X » Fri Mar 31, 2006 9:07 pm

Sex Change Operation by Dr. Haji Kuchike!
March 31, 2006

From the Desk of Dr. X

Dr. X's New Prescription
Medical Supervisor: Dr. X
Medical Surgeon: Dr. Haji Kuchike
Medical Assistant 1: Imam Hassan
Medical Assistant 2: Imam Hussein
Medical Nurse: RN Lori Forouzandeh
Disease: Bood-Boodak
Patient: Bache Kuni / Bache Kunis
Needed Operation: Sex Change
Operation Method: Bang Operation
Clinic: "Ahreemanic Institute of Advanced Medical Studies"

Who Needs Our Help?

Dear fed-up parents, educators, social workers & other constructive members of the society:

Do you need our help?
How would you know?
Why don't you answer these questions & decide for yourselves:

Do you have or know a Teenager from Hell?!
Has your Teen turned life into Hell for you?!
Do you see no solution out of your situation?!
Has your Teenager exhausted All options to become a useful member of the society?!
Have you tried counselors, psychologists, psychiatrists, other scholars & nothing worked?!
Have you tried everything & yet everything had failed?!

Is your Teen, a wild, crazy, sociopath, psychopath, sadist, insane brat who tortures the family pet, has piercings all over her/his eyebrows, nose, ears, tong, lips, naval, nipples, genitals, & tattoos on all other parts of the body?!

Does your brat:
Dresses up like Marilyn Manson,
Looks like Charles Manson,
And sounds like Boy George?!
Does your sweet child looks like a creature from a cheap Dracula B Horror Movie?
:gene: :psychoClown: :cheerpom:

Does your sweet monster child, voluntarily goes to these concerts & even willing to pay to see:

Shahram-e Gay (Shahram K)
Kir-dust & Fahesheh (Bamboos & Banafsheh)
Kir-avash (Siavash)
Kuniye Pir (Zia Atabay)
DJ Ali Gay-tor (DJ Aligator)

and comes home late @ night, stoned, with a "Persian 6/8 Shaky Ass Syndrome" plus a new "Lip Piercing" & asks you for money to get her/his 3rd Lip Ring?!

Have you woke up this morning & you do not know if your sweet child is either a Mass Murderer or Adolf Eichmann on crack?!

Dear fed-up parents, educators, social workers & other constructive members of the society:

Is your sweet heart, beginning to form a sexual, mental, psychological & a political identity?
Sexual as AC/DC?
Mental as Demented Igore?
Psychological as Psycho?
Political as a cross over between Hitler & Stalin?
Is he a Born Again Muslim, Christian or Both?!
Is he a Born Again Monarchist, Mosadeqist or Both?!
Has he just graduated from Highschool & got accepted by a Madrasah in Pakistan?!
Is he moving to Islam-abad for higher education?!
Is your youngen changing her/his name to Fatimah or Abu Musa?!
Or maybe from Jahanshah (Javid) to Mohammad (Javid)?!
Does she/he crashes, puts the pieces in the bong & smokes your old 45s & Record Albums, when she/he runs out of Hashish?!

The last time, you looked @ your teen, have you asked yourselves:

:psychoClown: :inqeyes:
Is It a She?
Is It a He?
Is It a HeShe?
Is It In Between?
Is It a Trans?
Is It Human?
What is IT?!

Are you giving up?
Are you about to shoot the Little Monster?
:shooting: :psychoClown:

Don't do it!
Don't send them to the Zoo either!
We are here for you!

Well thanks to "Ahreemanic Institute of Advanced Medical Studies"!

Well, thanks to our new scientific discoveries, it is possible that your youngen is suffering from a disease named "Bood-Boodak"!

So this means, you & your Teen obviously need our help!

Symptoms of Bood-Boodak

Sometimes, "Small cheeky, cocky, bold, illiterate, mentally challenged, intellectually bankrupt, politically ignorant, persistent little bastards", do enter IPC & the Ahreemanic Domains! They have too much time on their hands & nothing to do but to cause Chaos in IPC! Like little Bache Kunis, their little anuses screams:

"bood bood, bood-boodak,
bood bood, bood-boodak!"

Their anuses opens & closes with the Persian 6/8 Disco Beat, sending air kisses while asking to be Fragged:

"bood bood, bood-boodak,
bood bood, bood-boodak!"

And it aches & seeks to be Fragged into discipline! This is when some Fractures due to Fragging is needed!

Frag Therapy

"Frag-Therapy" is an Ancient Persian Method of recovery, recommended by many famous Persian & Median Physicians from Qazvin & Qom Area!

System of Down via Bang Operation

This system is only for Teenage patients. The patients must be young & tender; therefore, their genitals are also tender (elastic) & not completely formed; therefore, the operation will set them straight & form a permanent genital & gender for them!

This system is for patients with severe gender & identity crisis! Patients are often extremely Cheeky, Bold, Cocky, Back Talking little bastards! When All options are exhausted & the parents & society are hopelessly despaired into depression & clueless on what to do?

Then Haji Kuchike (Ahreemanic Schlong), comes forward & takes the stage as a knight in shining armor, wearing his white uniform, riding the white horse, & starts operation as:

Dr. Haji Kuchike! :discobanana:

Of course Haji will be aided by his faithful & qualified assistants:

Imam Hassan (Ahreemanic Right Wing Testicle) :egg:
Imam Hussein (Ahreemanic Leftist Testicle) :egg:

What a medical team! :egg: :discobanana: :egg:

Haji Kuchike to Rescue!

When patients are absolutely out of control & a menace to society, then they need to be Fragged into submission, civilization & a specific gender! This is when Haji Kuchike comes to the Rescue!

Bang Operation
:vdance: :namaz:

"Bang Operation" is the latest state of the art medical operation method! This new method requires no open surgery, laser surgery, acupuncture or other old fashion methods! It requires only a couple of Mighty Blows! And that is why we call it, the "Bang Operation"!

Bang Operation requires 2 Bangs:
I. Head Bang (Head Blow)
II. Big Bang (Low Blow)

One on the head & One up the Shiiter or Boobool!

Head Bang
(Head Blow)
:discobanana: :hammerhead:

It only takes one mighty blow "head bang" by Haji Kuchike to patient's head, yet it serves 2 purposes:

1st, it knocks some sense into patient's head; therefore, after the patient regains her/his consciousness, she/he will find her/his sexual identity, desired gender behavior, even political identity! It surely brings political stability to youngen's mind!

2nd, it will work as a natural anesthetics to knock the patient out, the natural way; therefore, the patient can get ready for the 2nd part of the Bang Operation!

Big Bang
(Low Blow)
:discobanana: :doctorF:

Serves 2 Types:

Low Bang serves different purpose in different patients:

Condition a)
:gay: :gfight:
SheBoys (Gender Benders) who want to become a He

Patient has an abomination genital area. It is neither a penis nor a vagina! It is in between & basically a little hole with a over grown choochool (Clitoris)!

Operation Type
In this case, Haji bangs the patient, up the Shiiter, deep, hard & firm; therefore, Haji will go in so deep from behind, that the patient pops out a new little Shambool from the front of her/his genital area! In other words, due to extreme pressure, a little penis will pop out of patient's clit!


Haji Bangs from the back
Pressure from behind => Growth of a baby shambool from the front

Condition b)
:cheer: :gfight:
SheBoys (Gender Benders) who want to become a She

Patient has an abomination genital area. It is neither a penis nor a vagina! It is in between & basically a little Boobool (needle prick) with a couple of Hasteh Khorma (Date Seeds)!

Operation Type
In this case, Haji puts his head on top of the patient's Boobool (needle prick) & bangs the patient in the front! So the direction of the banging will be from the front to the back! Haji will bang very deep, hard & firm; therefore, Haji will go in so deep from the front, that he drills a hole in patient's genital area! The patient's little Boobool & Hasteh Khormas will shrink inside the new cavity & a vagina hole will be created! In other words, due to the action of Shambool on Boobool, & much pressure, a new vagina hole will pop inside the patient's genital area!

In this case, Haji must operate very gently & with much craft, or else, due to his mighty blow, instead of a little vagina, a "Giant Cave" will be created!


Haji Bangs from the front
Pressure from front => Growth of a vagina hole in the front


Even though Bang Operation is still in academical study stage & experimental period, yet due to much demands from the fed-up parents, educators, social workers & other constructive members of the society, we are taking applications from a select number of patients which have exhausted any other type of therapy! The only way to create useful members of society out of these menace Teens from Hell, is simply to Frag them straight!

After two simple Mighty Bangs: Head Blow & Low Blow, these youngens will learn to become civilized, gain manners, become useful members of society, gain a specific gender, gain political stability, & re-join the human society!

This is called:

Miracle of "The Bang Operation"! :scared: :balls:
Miracle of Shambool! :discobanana:

:discobanana: :champ:

Now I would like to give credit to my colleague, Dr, Haji Kuchike, for his vast efforts in practical operations of my theories. Haji is the one who needs to get the credit for actually Banging these Brats from Hell, these Children in States O Mind, these Abomination Rats, into actual "State O Homeostasis" & "Harmony" with rest of the functioning society!

Act Now!

For more information or appointments for operation, please contact The IPC Office & ask for:

Dr. Haji Kuchike's Secretariat


The Key is Fragture via Fragging!
We will Fragture your teens into discipline & return them back to civilization.
We will create an either stable shambool or nanaz.
We will create an stable identity, gender, mental state, political ideology & general behavior.
We will teach your teens how to dress, look & act like Human again!
We will return your teens back to the society, and
We will bring stability back to your lives,
Or your money back is guaranteed!

Important Note

:Pacifier: [-X
Proof of age for the Teen patients are needed! Unlike the Islamic Nations, which children as young as 9 years old (Mohammed cheated, because Ayishah was only 6) can be cured via this therapy, United States has strict laws; therefore, Haji Kuchike does not seek to be prosecuted for Jail Bait! All patients must be 18 or over!

Political Correctness!

"Ahreemanic Institute of Advanced Medical Studies" & its staff are an:
"Equal Opportunity Frag Banging Organization".
All nationalities, ethnicities, races, legal age groups, genders & in betweens are welcomed!

Ahreeman Bless :devgrin:

Dr. X
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