A Day @ a Jebhei Liberal's Office!

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A Day @ a Jebhei Liberal's Office!

Postby Ahreeman X » Fri Dec 17, 2004 3:35 pm

A Day @ a Jebhei Liberal's Office!
Decemeber 16, 2004

Hello Boys & Ghouls!
Sit down, relax & welcome to yet another episode of:
Ahreeman's Chronicles in....


Episode Three ....


75 degrees & Sunny, ......... Sunny San Diego in the middle of, oh is it winter yet?!

Quite a riot indeed! What an episode! Do I have a good one for yous or what?! Sometimes, I kill myself Cracking up! What a riot! Killer Episode!..... Today I have spent one of my last days on the university campus. As you know I have been teaching in the university for many years & despite the sever hatred of the administration towards me, they had to tolerate me for so many years, simply because:

a) Unlike the typical university professor, I am uptodate on my information (Computer Science). In other words, I know my left hand from the right!

b) They have a hard time replacing me with someone qualified!

c) I teach a various number of courses in various odd schedules, which are very hard for them to replace the Instructor!

d) For the 5th year in a row I have been voted the highest rated, most qualified & most popular professor in my field by the popular vote of the student body (Online Surveys)!

However, despite all the above factors, the university administration, a typical useless bureaucratic liberal hierarchical university organization, have decided to give an ultimatum! The time was right & my contract would be over soon & they have made a decission to lay it on the line, so they gave me two choices:

a) To obey their policy & instructions on how to teach my classes & what is allowed for me to speak or not to speak in my lectures or in the labs!

b) To ship out!

Their line of reasoning & excuse was in this manner:

Department is out of budget & we have come to this understanding that we shall renew the contracts of only those instructors whom have no conflict with proper academic agenda for the higher education in our fine establishment which is one of the nation's highest academic environments existing ........

Of course all the above are just an excuse to find a way for the Liberal President, Dean, Head of Department & our Organization Director to finally find an opportunity to get rid of a popular, no nonsense conservative instructor who been giving them hell for so many years!

After much thoughts, I have decided to choose option (b), simply because I rather not to teach than to teach as a mouth piece controlled by a group of hypocrite bureaucrats! Actually they are doing me a great favor, because working in private sector as a contractor or consultant pays @ least a time & a half more than what they pay in government (State University)! So I have decided to go unemployed & take a vacation which has been way over due! Soon I will be taking a Sea Cruise in Pacifics to Acapulco, Mexico. The perfect New Years Eve on the ship in Acapulco, couldn't be better planned! Thanks to Blondie & Bruneti my official planners! Who knows, maybe afterwards, I yet, add another chapter to the X Diaries! Check:

X Diaries Series

Back to what happened today! As long as I have decided to leave the university, then obviously, my boldness, controversial behavior & outrageous conducts have been on the rise, & specifically during these last few weeks of my contract! However, today I crossed the line & I have crossed it all the way & as far as I could push! But hell, it was fun. I just love to push people as far as I can to see how far I can push & what would be the reaction on their faces! I love social experimentations!

Let me tell you about today's episode in the university (What a riot)! This time, I have really outdone myself & broke my own record for being obnoctious! Sometimes, I even crack myself up! OK lets roll:

Today I was walking back to my office that suddenly our administrative assistant ran to me & said, my instructional assistant needs to see me but she is wraped up in the lab, assisting students with their final projects. As you know, I teach my classes in a state of the art computer lab with desktops for each student, a station for my assistant, a station for myself, a ceiling projector, white boards & a giant screen used for instructional purposes. I have designed this lab & I have been teaching all my classes in this lab (my agreement with the university). So I rushed to the lab to satisfy her desires (My Instructional Assistant)! She is quite a character! What would I have done without her! She does all my grading & assisting students with their computer projects. This Hot Mexican Mama with pale face & Jed black Hair, an Elvira Look alike, has been my faithful aid for many years! I just lovse lovse loves her! So I went in the lab:

X: What's The Deal Woman?
Maricruise: Hee Hee Hee, you scared me!
(she was working on a project)
X: Have no fear woman, Your Family Doctor is in The House!
M: you kill me!
X: Allah forbid, I dare to kill a fine Gothic Child such as yourself!
M: I'm not Gothic!
X: Well Daaaaaaaang, you been so pale lately, kind o remind me of that gal in Vampiress or Vampirella!
M: That's just my gig!
X: Oh baby baby, baby baby....... hit me with that gig! Get jiggy with it!
M: LOL .....Ha Ha Ha.... oh stop
X: So whats the deal?
M: Department Head wants to see you in his office in about 10 minutes.
X: Now?
M: Yeeeeeeeeeeeeees!
X: Dang woman, what kind o yes was that? Oh behave!
M: Get moving Doc
X:Oki Doki

Off to see the Department's Head I went .............

In to the office I went. Kamyar was sitting behind his desk, a picture of Mosadeq on top left side of the wall & a picture of Carter on top right side of the wall, behind him! A flag of Iran with an amputated Lion (without the sword) on his desk next to an American Flag! A tipical Iranian American Jebhei Liberal Baldheaded, short, fat & round hair-ball with an eggplant nose sticking out, sitting on his large size rolling office leather chair behind his large size oak desk spending much time behind his desk playing Arshimalalan with his Shambool all day long! You know, the type with not much gray matter upstairs to teach, so he is bounded to play Zanburak with his Zanburche, all day long!

X: Salamon Alaykom Brother Kamy .....
K: He He, This is not a Mosque & I'm not your brother!
X: Mulsim, Jebhei, Liberal, Brother, ....... all the same, whats the difference?
K: I asked you here for a reason. I don't need an argument.
X: No argument Brother, how are you Brother?
K: Fine, how are you today?
X: Well, I was OK, but now that I have seen you, I am great!
K: Really?
X: Oh yes, you have that special kind o glow around your head full of hair, a shiny glow like Brother Mosadeq had!
(Kamyar is bald!)
K: This tong of yours always has worked against you. Thats why you are always in trouble.
X: But Brother Kamy, your head shines like a Holy man! Let me see .....
(I moved towards his head)
K: Get the hell out of here, get off of me ......
X: But brother let me feel it, please, I want to feel your head, its so round, and shiny .....
(I grabbed his head with my right arm & started to rub the shiny bald spot on top of his hair!)
K: Get off of me you insane man .........
X: The legend says if one rubs Jinn's lamp or shiny head, 3 wishes come true...
K: Get off...
(@ this point Kamy was pushing me off with two hands on my chest & two feet on my legs!)
X: But Kamyar jan, why so stingy? I want my 3 wishes!
K: Get off of me you sick son of a bitch! You are crazy! would you get off & sit down, I want to talk to you.
X: But Hows about my 3 wishes?
K: I'll grant your wishes, I have an offer for you!
X: Would I get my 3 wishes?
K: I swear if you don't let go, I scream out loud. Get off!
X: OK OK, relax, you gonna get a heart attack! Man your age, high blood pressure, cholesterol, blood sugar, clogged arteries, Greasy Kabob everyday, Polo Chelo, Joojoo Kabob, Pastries, ....
K: I get the picture .........
X: I'm concerned about your health Baba Jan! Don't get so worked up!
K: Then get off of me & sit down like a human being if you can?!
X: OK OK, bad Ahreeman, bad bad Ahreeman, Down Satan, Down Satan .........
(I started spanking myself on the butt while downing myself!)
K: Stop it!
(Kamy's office has one wall of window, towards the corridor. Anyone passing by, can see inside the office. In addition, a hall across his office can also view what's going on in there. His secretary & another admin assistant often sit there!)
X: OK tell me all about your problems my son?
K: Stop acting insane, people are watching & they think we are crazy! Everyone thinks Persians are weired!
X: You mean we're not?!
K: Do you want to hear me out or not?
X: Yes sir, Yassir, Yasir Arafat that is........... Oh I forgot ...
K:......Yes I know & I heard it a thousand times from you. ..........
X & K (together): Oh I forgot he is dead .............
K: Why don't you get a new joke or a comedy routine, this is getting old!
X: You don't loves it no more (baby talk)?
K: Stop it, stop it now. You drive a sane person to insanity!
X: Yes sir, please proceed?
K: I am trying to do you a favor because we are both Iranian....
X: (I interrupted him) we are?
K: Well I am .......
X: You are?
K: Am I speaking Arabic to you?
X: Well you sound a kind o funny...... let me see, do you have something in your throat...
(I got up to check his throat)
K: I am telling you, one step closer to me & I get the bat!
(Kamy has a Baseball Bat @ the back of his desk. Its his lucky autographed bat by ......)
X: No violence please! Aren't you folks preaching tolerance, no violence, "Changing the system from within the IRI"?!
K: Don't go there...
X: You are so violent for a Jebhei Liberal Reformist!
K: Do you want to hear me?
X: Yes sir...
K: I spoke with the administration & everything is fine. You can stay here but there is a little issue.
K: What it is, what it is?
K: You must behave professionally, follow guidelines, administration must OK your curriculum, you must promise not to go out of line, you must follow instructions & stick with memos.
X: Thats what it is!
K: What do you say?
X: Anything else? Hows about if I bend over & for you, director, dean & president to jump me bones?
(I turned around, bent over, started to open my belt ....)
K: I swear to you, if you don't stop, I kick you out of my office...
(I opened the belt, took off my trousers half way & bent over, with my butt facing Kamy!)
K: Pull your pants up & get out of here now......
X: But isn't this what you are telling me to do?
(@ this point Kamy's secretary, Jane, and the admin girl, Jennifer, were both staring @ us with eyes popped out of their heads!)
K: Stop it & get out.
X: what, what? Don't you like my buns? Is it because its hairy? Are you prejudice against me because I am black (Anxious Eyes)?! :anxious:
(Jane is familiar with my episodes but Jennifer was shocked!) :shocking:
K: Get out
X: OK relax, I put it back on, don't get so excited. I know you Tolab Boys are all homos & get excited so fast!
K: I am not a Talabe (Religious Study Student), never was one & never will be.
X: Then how do you explain all of those pictures, we just published on the net, with Imam caressing your hair & shoulders in Hozat al Elmiyat al Qom (I was Shiiting him)?
K: What pictures? I swear if you make a mockery of me in that stupid website of yours, I will sue you!?
X: But how can you deny it?! Theres one with Imam having his finger fully up your.....
K: (interrupted me).........Shut up, shut up, just shut up...
(@ this point Kamy fell backward on his leather office chair, exhausted, in faint-like position)
K: Ahhhhhhh, my heart. Ohhhh, my chest, Ahhhhhhh my right hand hurts......
X: Kamy I was just joking, are you OK? Sorry!
K: Ahhhhhhhhhhhh, I am getting a heart attack...... Ahhhhhhh
X: You look bad, let me rub your shoulders.......
(I got up to massage his shoulders)
K: Get off of me.........
(Suddenly Kamy jumped up, sat straight in perfect position, like there was nothing wrong with him!)
X: Damn! I thought you were getting an heart attack? What happened?
K: You would like that, wouldn't you? You will bring the end of me...........
X: The Bam Eggplant, doesn't have any diseases (Persian Expression)!
K:So what do you say?
X: Kamy jan, lets be honest, you really do not care for me to stay here, but the only reason, you want to patch things up between the administration & me, is because you have nobody to take over my classes, do you now?!
K: As an Iranian, I am trying to do you a favor ..........
X: You wanna do me a favor? Why don't you pay off my new Beemer which I have just bought?
K: Be serious!
X: I am!
K: Do you want to cooperate or not?
X: The truth is that you don't have a literate & high tech person to take over, do you?
K: Your hours are odd!
X: So more likely, you need more than one person to teach my classes, don't you? You don't even have one faculty, do you?
K: Arrogant bastard!
X: I'm not arrogant, I'm just a mammal! Remember that song:
Doing me, doing you,
We're just like mammals,
I want to do it like they do it in Discovery Channels!
C'mon Kamy, do it again,
Doing me, doing you,
We're just like mammals,
I want to do you like they do it in discovery channels!
lala la lala la lala la lalalalalalalla lala la lala la ......... :-:
K: You are so gay!
X:So whats the deal?
K: I am trying to save your balls from being crushed in this university. no one will hire you again. no one anywhere in the state will.......
X: My balls?
K: Oh no...............stop.........
(I started to take off my trousers again.....!)
K: I will call the security, I swear...
X: Whats wrong with my balls? Are you talking about my balls? I got good, firm, round, large size balls! No?
(@ this point I took off my trousers half way & started with my shorts...!)
K: This is ridiculous! Ladies are watching!
X: Let them enjoy.... actually let me call Jane in here to witness & be the judge, if there is something wrong with my balls......
(I started shouting to call Jane in the office. I raised my right hand, looking @ Jane across the window, across the hall, with my facial expression, calling her.....)
X: Oh Jane dear, hey Jane..... would you come in here........
(pointing my right finger @ her, while holding my trousers with my left hand, half way to my knees!)
K: Stop it you bastard. Have you no shame at all?
(@ this point, Jane confirmed my facial language across the window wall & got on the intercom with Kamy!)
J: Dr. Kamyar, do you gentlemen need me to come over there?
X: Yes Jane dear, we need you to come in here & bring your measurment tape to measure my........
K: No Jane, nothing, we are fine, Ahreeman is acting up again..... nothing out of ordinary, please don't come in here......... it is embarrassing.
X: Oh Jane.... (Shouting in to the intercom), would you also bring Jennifer to help you with my b...
(Interrupted by Kamy)
K: No thanks, we are fine, don't bring anyone in........ Dr. X is just leaving back to his lab.......and I am not Gay......just for the record....
J: Sir, are you sure, you gentlemen do not need me to........... (Jane is trying hard not to laugh out loud)?
K: No we don't, just take off for a break, take Jennifer with you.......... you ladies don't need to witness the show........ go for a break......... He is leaving too!
(Jane is cracking up & Jeniffer's eyes are poped out, focusing on my private areas, stretching her neck to get a better look to hopefuly see something!)
K: Just leave & Ahreeman is leaving too..........
X: No I'm not! I just got started! We have a dispute about my b.........
K: No we don't..........thank you, take a break Jane..........
(Kamy got off the intercom & Jane & Jeniffer got up to leave)
X: Now check it out, there is nothing wrong with my Imam Hassan & Imam Hussein.......... look here, take a better look, ........... Haji Kuchike is also OK, let me grab him out of there, ehhhhhh ahhhhh, ...........ye, there he is, let me get a good hold of him, right there, ye, .........
(With one hand holding my trousers half way to my knee & pulling my shorts down & with my other hand pulling everything out, I started walking towards Kamy holding Haji Kuchike very firm in my hand.....)
K: Get that thing out of my face.........Oh god, you left us no prestige, now everyone thinks we are gay!
X: Do you have something against gay people? I thought Bache Akhunds are all gay?! Whats wrong with that?
(@ this point I was standing above Kamy's head, with one hand protecting my apples, just in case Kamy decided to punch them, & with other hand pulling Haji closer to Kamy's head!)
X: No seriously, you have insulted Haji Kuchike! There is nothing wrong with him! Check for yourself, here...........touch it.............get a good grip.............let me show you....
(I was getting very close to Kamy's head, with my hand pulling Hajj towards Kamy & Kamy was moving back, sitting on his office chair, rolling back towards the wall........, so funny, I think I was actully getting a hard on! Public moments of exhibitions such as this, actually turns me on! Is that perverted or what?! What a riot!) :lol:
K: Get the hell out of my office, you exhibitionist pervert, let me call security.........
X: touch it...........feel it................ spank me monkey........Kamy touch it..........
K: I'll kick you in the balls you bastard, get out.........
(I almost banged Kamy on the head with Haji's head!)
K: someone's coming in...........stop it
X: Its OK, relax, give it a chance........... we are all friends here (Killer)!
(Door opened, Head of IDS Department, Dr. Joan B..... walked in. @ this point, picture that my back is towards her, so all she sees is my back with my trousers pulled down, both my hands holding my privates, right above Kamy's head, with his head hiding right where my privates are, & his both hands around my waste, tring to push me away. It really looked like, Kamy had a great load, & he bitten more than he could chew, so he was choking on the Deal ........... trying to push me away.......! I even had my knees bent a little, so from behind (Dr. B....'s angle) it really looked like Kamy was acting like a Head Nurse!)
JB: Gentlemen please do not let me interrupt!
K: This is not what it seems to be Joan!
(@ this point, Jane & Jeniffer are almost rolling on the floor laughing, right near Dr. Kamy's office window glass door, while Dr. Joan B..... is standing in the doorway witnessing this bizaar position. Kamy has his head stretched from behind my waste talking to her & I am pulling up my trousers, getting my Moameleh out of Kamy's face, turning around with a stupid grin on my face, blushing!)
JB: Is this what Iranian Professors do in their offices?!
(I'm all decent now, facing Joan)
X: Actually theres more......
K: No no more, I mean nothing @ all! (Kamy's face is red & about to get a cardiac!)
(I moved towards Kamy)
K: This is not what it seems to be. I am not Gay & neither is this crazy psychotic man. Jane can testify that this man has many women around him. He has women around him all the times & I am a married man with children! We are not gay or perverts or........ (I interrupted him)!
X: Speak for yourself Kamy! (I grabbed him, hugged him & pulled him between my arms & tried to kiss his cheek)
K: Get off of me you pervert.......
JB: Gentlemen, I don't mind if you keep your private lives in your off campus timeshare & be professional over here........ (Kamy interrupted her)
(Joan's face was very cool, calm & she was much in control of her emotions like the sceenery was pretty normal!)
K: What private lives? Joan, I am telling you, we are not gay! I was not .........
X: Yes he was Dr. B......! He just could not help himself! He just had to pull my trousers down & start fondeling my fancy....
K: Joan, he lies, he is ill, he is sick, can't you see he is ill? Everyone knows he is ill & crazy!?
X: Crazy like a fox that is!
JB: Professors, it is shameful enough to behave such as so in academic environment, not to mention doing such in front of ladies!
K: This man needs professional help! He wants to ruin my reputation in this university! I am not gay, I swear I am not gay!
X: Come now dear, Dr. B.... is on to us! No use hiding it anymore, just come out of the closet! It is time for you to come out of the closet dear!
K: I have a wife & children, now can I be gay?
X: (trying to hug Kamy again) That doesn't mean jack!
K: But I am married........
X: So are Rod Stewart, David Bowie, Mick Jagger, ...........its just a front!
K: It is not a front & I am not gay......
X: Well, maybe a bit Bi then
K: I am not Bisexual, I swear.......
X: But Dr. B....... caught you red handed trying to forcefully take advantage of me by pulling my pants down & forcing an oral sex ..........
K: Shut up, just shut up & tell the truth.
(@ this point, others were walking towards Kamy's office to see whats all the commotion!)
JB: Gentlemen, enough. I seen enough...... pack it up & we slide this one under the door. Don't let it happen again. You are very fortunate that I have very liberal views or gossip spreading around, would be the least of your concerns!
X: Yes Dr. B...., I will not allow Kamyar to get a hold of my ......... anymore
K: Get out of my office, you are sick.
(JB left the office & girls went to their stations still cracking up, while others were seeking & questioning the girls on what was going on........... Girls started to tell others that .........)
K: (Shouting) I am not gay. I swear I am not!
X: Oh Kamy, palease............
(I shut the door & faced Kamy)
K: Ahhhhhhh no...... (Kamy lied back on his office chair, in faint-like position like he is getting a cardiac arrest!)
X: Kamy relax, whats wrong with being gay? Aren't you liberals preach rainbow coalition & Gay marriages? Theres nothing wrong with coming out of the closet, is there?!
K: I hate you, I hate you with all my heart & passion. You are a twisted sick & evil man.
X: Hey, this reminds me of something......hmmmmmmmm hmmm, yes, I think I will be writing an article about this experience!
K: If you write one word about this disaster in that stupid website of yours, I will sue you to the last cent....
X: Oh relax, then maybe I write a play.....
K: No you don't.
X: Don't worry, I use fictitious names, I won't mention last names, I use alias, I use.....
K: I hate you, I hate you, get out of my office & never come back. You ruined my reputation in this university!
X: Na, being a Gay Liberal Iranian can work for your benefits & it can even promote you! Affirmative Action can even come to your rescue,...... what is it that you guys say, minority status due to sexual preferences?!!!
K: Get out...... (Shout), you ruined yourself.
X: Kamy jan, I had no intention of working here anymore. I would never go for your conditions. You should have known me better?
K: You planned this, you sick man .........
X: I have to admit that it was instantaneous. I just came up with it..........that was fun! I am enjoying my last days here! Dear Me!
K: I don't want to see you again.
X: No more office romance (Googly Eyes)?! :googly:
K: GET OUT, GET OUT og ogg...(Choking on words, Kamy started to cough badly) out a here.......
X: Kamy don't choke on it! Take the bone out!
K: Gogog ogo ogg og...oho oho oho.... (coughing badly)! :cough:
(I left Kamy's office with a large grin on my office, walking towards the secretaries while closing his door. Kamy felt really bad, still choking & coughing bad .........)

(@ Secretary's Desk)
J: Oh Doc..
X: Oh dear!
J: You are dispeakable! We will miss you around here....
X: Thats OK, maybe I drop you a card from Acapulco!
J: Bye Doc
X: Bye love
J: Keep in touch
X: I will, love......

(Went back to the lab)
X: La didi da......
Maricruise: You sound happy! Are you staying?
X: Naaaa
M: Then What? What can be better than staying?
X: Its all elementary darling! Soon you will hear rumors about Department Head!
M: Kamyar?
X: Yeeeeeeeeeeeeees (Beady Eyes)! :beadyeyes:
M: You evil man you!
X: Yeeeeeeeeeeees (Evil Eyes)! :devbrowed:
M: See you later
X: Later dear
M: Have fun in my place. You are lucky, New Years Eve on the ship in Acapulco! Sounds romantic!
X: Ooh Yeee (Rolling Eyes)! :roll:
M: Bye
X: Now remember to always be bad & never sellout to the system. Remain a rebel forever. Love you!
M: But of course Doc! Take care...
X: Cheers Love.

(.....and I walked away from the campus of the university to face my future adventures on the cruise.... business, politics, & pleasure south of the border in waters of pacifics. Accapulco, here we come)!

And there goes another chapter of the Ahreeman Chronicles in "The Dark Corner"!

Youha haha haha HAHA HAHA Haaaaaa..... (Mad Scientist Laugh)! :devgrin:

Until future adventures, off we go..........
OK Boys & Ghouls, stay put, remain as BAD as you can be, keep safe & don't let the zombies bite!

Hee Hee Hee Hee How How Howling, Howl (Howling Laugh)! :devlaugh:


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Postby iranazadbad » Sun Jan 16, 2005 9:56 pm

Mr. X,
Sorry, no disrespect intended. How in the world of sport did you remember your conversation with the guy word by word? For god's sake I can not remmeber a one minute conversation word by word.
Either you are a genious or you are just teasing us.
Are you serious? Did you remmebr all that word by word ? :-)
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Postby Ahreeman X » Thu Jan 27, 2005 3:55 pm

My Friend:

"Mr. X,
Sorry, no disrespect intended. How in the world of sport did you remember your conversation with the guy word by word?"

Well it is not exactly word by word as it had happened but I done my best to capture the conversation.

" For god's sake I can not remember a one minute conversation word by word."

That's simply because,

I am Ahreeman and You're not!

Ahreeman has a digital memory!

"Either you are a genious"

I would not go that far! But many call me a Renaissance Man. Meaning I am a Multi Tasker and can do many things @ once.

" or you are just teasing us."

No I'm not. Everything you read in The Dark Corner is basically:

Times and Life of Ahreeman, inspired or based on true events.

"Are you serious?"

Well, I am never serious, cause I believe life is a Game and we are Chess Pieces on the Chess Board of Life! But we do not want to get philosophical here! This is not the Philosophy Hall!

" Did you remember all that word by word ? :-)"

Why is it so hard for you to believe that some people have digital memories?

Maybe if I practice with you & coach you, then you will develop one too!

Let me tell you a trick

The trick is that, you must right away write it down!

For example, when you have a nightmare or a dream, as soon as you wake up (@ the end or middle of it), you must write the events down, so later on you will remember.

When I come back from a trip or a cruise, either business, politics or pleasure or mixture of all, shortly afterwards, I must write it down or of course it will be hard to remember!

When something interesting happens to me or when I attend a meeting or when I want to remember something later and spend deep thoughts on it (later on), then I try to write down the highlights.

At first you put down a shorthand of highlights on the paper or type it on computer. No one except you, would be able to understand this gibberish! Later you can form the text & your thoughts! When you really become a pro, you can just go ahead & off the bat write the whole thing as an article or play or a column like I done and you can do it @ a glance without any first or second drafts.

Now if you really practice your memory & of course both short term & long term memory, then eventually you will develop the power to register the whole event or @ least highlights of it in your storage area of your brain.

To register & store important events in your memory, you must empty the useless memory storage. most of us have a tons of useless memory stored in our storage area. These could be useless short term or long term memories stored for no reason! We must clean it up so we open room for important stuff or even non important stuff to remember.

Later we clean up the unimportant stuff & store & compress the important stuff.

Our brain works the same as a computer system.

Think about what I told you and you will understand why some people get introduced to new people and a minute later they forget the names of the people that they just got introduced to them!

It takes practice, delete, compress & save memories and also try to listen to people more (while they are talking) and stop thinking about what you gonna say next to them (during their speech)! Listen to them when they talk, so you understand them & remember their words. Usually people do not listen when others talk! Instead, they are thinking of what to say next!

It takes practice.

Now let me try something and give it a shot:

You are from North Iran, precisely from State of Gilan, City of Lahijan or Bandar Pahlavi. You have 2 children. You are so disgusted with Iranians for what they done @ 1979, that you used to not even think or talk about Iran for a long time! You gave up on Iranians to the point that you did not even want your children to speak Persian! You clinged to American Culture. You like Bush, you support GOP and just recently, you are beginning to lighten up on Iranians because deep inside you love Iran and you are a True Nationalist. Anything Arabic discusses you and you hate it when people mistaken Iran, Iranians or you with Arabs! You are pro old Persian Values and revival of them in our people. IPC was a breath of fresh air for you to once again, redirect your attention towards the Iranian affairs.

How close am I?


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Postby iranazadbad » Sat Jan 29, 2005 4:53 pm

Mr X,
Man you are good,
you describe me as [You are from North Iran, precisely from State of Gilan, City of Lahijan or Bandar Pahlavi. You have 2 children. You are so disgusted with Iranians for what they done @ 1979, that you used to not even think or talk about Iran for a long time! You gave up on Iranians to the point that you did not even want your children to speak Persian! You clinged to American Culture. You like Bush, you support GOP and just recently, you are beginning to lighten up on Iranians because deep inside you love Iran and you are a True Nationalist. Anything Arabic discusses you and you hate it when people mistaken Iran, Iranians or you with Arabs! You are pro old Persian Values and revival of them in our people. IPC was a breath of fresh air for you to once again, redirect your attention towards the Iranian affairsquote]
With the exception of the birth place (I love Gilan and Mazanderan and believe they are the true and ultimate Iranians), you are absolutely right on. I am not kidding, you are right on,
Thanks for the reply, and thanks again for creating this web site.[/quote]
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