I Just Lite three Red Candles! (Memory of 9/11)

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I Just Lite three Red Candles! (Memory of 9/11)

Postby Ahreeman X » Thu Mar 03, 2005 1:22 pm

I Just Lite three Red Candles!
Memory of 9/11

Old IPC files

(Written on The Night of September 14th, 2001)

I just lite three thick Red candles in a plate & set it outside the porch in front of the main entrance door of my house with an American flag next to it stuck in the ground, another American flag raised half way down, near the gate of my house. then I walked back from the gate to my porch & sat down on the steps near the candles @ my door & stared & squat on the floor. Tears began to form in my eyes. so many feelings & amotion formed in my brain.

Fellow citizens rest in peace, may your spirits fly high. Your death will be avenged. I was deep in thoughts & then suddenly the daughter of the owner of the house left to me, walked in my front garden with her friend & sat next to me, so did her friend. a minute later the wife of the guy living in the house on my right side came over & joined us. then the college girls cross the street saw us from their upstairs window, they grabbed their Mom & walked all the way from their door into their garden towards their house gate, each with a candle in their hands & in their night gals to my house, they sat around made a circle on the floor on my porch. The neighbor girl on the left side started mumbling a song, soon everybody started participating together, & then we were really loud, the whole neighborhood could hear us! We were singing, America The Beautiful.........

When the song finished, & everybody was so tense with tears in their eyes & choking feeling in their throats, we walked towards the front of my garden, we walked to the front of the street. when we got to the street, we saw what happened! Every single house had @ least one candle & one flag next to it sitting infront of their property, lights were everywhere & when they saw us walking out of my front garden, the whole street started yelling:

USA......USA......USA........ on & on

My neighbor's girl turned to me & said: you see what you started?!
I told her: United we stand, divided we fall!

By the time we said good night to each other & everybody left, I could hear other people from other streets down the corner & intersection were lighting candles & I could hear them singing America The Beautiful...............

One can kill the thousands of people but one can never kill the idea & what this glorious nation stands for.

I just looked outside my office window on the second floor into the street. Candles are still burning........

In the memory of all the innocent who lost their lives.

More power to all,

Dr. X
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