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Low Humming Machine Sound in San Diego Dark!

Postby Ahreeman X » Sat Oct 28, 2023 1:50 pm

Low Humming Machine Sound in San Diego Dark!

Man reaches out for the sun, the truth, the Universal Intelligence ……

Universal Intelligence vs. God
Philosophy + Photo Gallery ... /index.htm

Brother Nicholas and Dearly Beloved IPC Readers

Do you want to hear something weird? It was weird enough for me to write this! Have you heard it too? The Early Morning Low Humming Machine Sound in San Diego North County Dark!? This is one of those things which makes you go Hmmmmmmmmm! I assure you that I am not crazy, paranoid, schizophrenic, earrings, tinnitus, or delusional!

Early this morning from 5AM to 6:30AM when it was dark, a “Low Humming Machine Sound” sounding like a continuous nonstop low-pitch industrial Whooooooo, got my attention. I usually wake up at 5AM but sometimes like this morning (even on weekend) I was up 4:30AM; however, the sound did not let me sleep further! Finally I got out of the bed and searched for the root cause. I went over every inch of the house, backyard, front courtyard, pool deck, patio, garage, you name it and zilch!

First I assumed it could be the pool pump, water heater, furnace heater, pipeline broken but it wasn’t. Then I thought it could be one of the neighbors’ pumps broken but it wasn’t. I walked all around the house; neighbors’ houses and I could not find the source. I am an obsessive-compulsive neat freak and once I get fixated on something, I must figure it out! Like when I am looking for a word and cannot remember it, right away I must search it on the net to find out! I simply could not let it go!

Then I thought maybe it is my ears ringing, maybe some ear problem! Hell no, I blow my eardrums by holding my nose and blow air to open them because I get swimmers’ ears! Eardrums popped out open and no it wasn’t the ears! Then I was talking to myself: Am I going crazy, am I hearing things? Do I have ear problem? Am I going deaf? There were famous conductors and philosophers who could not get a note, a melody or a sound out of their heads! Earworms which become brainworms! Am I getting the Beethoven syndrome? Am I going insane? Am I hearing things? Hearing Schizophrenia?! What the hell is going on over here?

I searched the net to see if anyone else heard this sound? I found out that on 2016 in San Diego North Country someone heard something like it and it was documented in the city forums. Many explained it as San Diego is a military town with many bases. Marine Corps Air Station Miramar, Miramar, CA (near me) could be a source for the sound. Miramar Lake (near me) could also be the source for the sound. Miramar Reservoir (near me) could also be the source. I live in a suburb of San Diego, the Rancho Penasquitos which is near the neighboring Miramar.

There was also this site which mentioned various similar sounds have been heard by many not only in San Diego but around the world. Sources could be Military Facilities, Water Reservoirs, Lakes and even aliens!

We have over 30 military bases in San Diego, In case of WWIII, San Diego will be a prime target to blow. San Diego was also a prime target by Iran Lobby to turn from Republican to Democrat, so to control. That’s why George Soros, Mark Zuckerberg and crew stole the San Diego City, County, California and National election to turn the tide for the Democrats. Iran Lobby and Agents are very interested in San Diego Military Facilities! Let’s not forget that San Diego is also the IPC headquarter and the IPC is the largest Iranian website and network in the globe and the backbone of the Iranian Opposition to IRI!

Iran Lobby Infiltrates San Diego Persian Cultural Center PCC

Iran Lobby Billion Dollar Industry in USA ... /index.htm

San Diego County Military Bases


San Diego County Military Bases

US Army anti-aircraft artillery replacement training center, La Jolla, CA
US Army Camp Lawrence J. Hearn, Palm City, CA
US Army Camp Lockett, Campo, CA
Marine Corps Base Camp Pendleton, Oceanside, CA
Marine Corps Air Station Camp Pendleton, Oceanside, CA
Camp Horno, Camp Pendleton Marine Corps Base, Oceanside, CA
Camp Las Pulgas, Camp Pendleton Marine Corps Base, Oceanside, CA
Marine Corps Air Station Miramar, Miramar, CA
Marine Corps Recruit Depot, San Diego, CA
Naval Base Coronado, Coronado, CA
Camp Morena Training Facility, Naval Base, Coronado, CA
Naval Amphibious Base Coronado, Coronado, CA
Naval Air Station North Island, Coronado, CA
Mountain Warfare Naval Special Warfare Center Training Camp Michael Monsoor, Campo, CA
Naval Base Point Loma, San Diego, CA
Naval Base San Diego, San Diego, CA
Naval Outlying Landing Field, Imperial Beach, CA
Silver Strand Training Complex South, Imperial Beach, CA
Naval Training Center San Diego Bay, San Diego, CA
Navy Broadway Complex, San Diego, CA
Naval Information Warfare Center Pacific, San Diego, CA
Coast Guard
U.S. Coast Guard Air Station San Diego, San Diego, CA

So Miramar which is a neighbor of Rancho Penasquitos could be the 3 different possible source of the suspicious sound!

No way I could let this go! I actually went outside to the source of the sound! It was a very low humming machine sound, like an industrial mechanical sound, very low at the background heard from the distance! By the time I searched the net, went outside to investigate and checked the neighborhood, Brunettey was still sleep but Blondie was up. By the time she was up, it was the final minutes of the sound. The quiet of the neighborhood was fading away with the neighborhood sprinklers, air conditions and noise. I still could hear it but she couldn’t! Afterwards when Brunettey woke up, I told her the story but the smart ass told me: you cannot hear me from upstairs but you can hear the weird sound coming from a city away in Miramar?! For God’s sake, you are deaf! I told her how small children, dogs and certain folks are sensitive to seeing spirits, hearing sounds while others can’t, also when children grow up, they lose their sensitivities of seeing spirits and visions!

But then again I had so many strange adventures and expeditions in the past and some of them are right here in this thread! Remember the Bermuda Triangle Expedition searching for Time-Lapse of losing time?!

Debate Nicholas Ginex vs. Ahreeman X: Philosophy of Existence

Blondie and Brunettey are almost always taking parts in my global X Diaries adventures!

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Ahreeman X Diaries: Russian and Scandinavian Cruise ... /index.htm

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IPC Founder Index

I finally came to the conclusion that the source of the sound was Miramar, whether it was the Miramar Airbase (Marine Corps Air Station Miramar, Miramar, CA), Miramar Lake or Miramar Reservoir, I don’t know! The sound was heavy but still low from 5AM to 6AM, yet fading away from 6AM to 6:30AM. I did not get a chance to locate the exact source yet most likely it was the Miramar Lake!

They could be working at night and early hours in Miramar Airbase building some secret aircraft. They could be filtering the reservoir in these hours or was it something going on at the lake? Most likely the direction was the lake. What is going on in those hours at the lake? What is at the bottom of the lake?

Could it be continuous filters? That loud?! Could it be Aliens doing activity at the bottom of the lake? Could it be they are finally coming for Nicholas to abduct him? Inquiring minds want to know?

My investigation in the early dark hours of the morning did not end because the sound stopped! What was going on with the strange sound? No way it was construction anywhere around because I investigated! Will it occur tomorrow? Is it the Airbase? Should I go near the base? I don’t think I should sneak in and get arrested! I don’t think it is the base! Is it the lake? Will I get a chance to go closer to the lake? The lake is closed in those hours, I think! Will I be able to sneak in? So many questions?

This whole ordeal is like a mystery from the George Noory Show! So bizarre, so bizarre!

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Re: Nicholas Ginex vs. Ahreeman X: Philosophy of Existence

Postby Nicholas Ginex » Tue Nov 14, 2023 3:48 pm

Dear Dr. X,

As of today, my website,, has been down for about one month due to malware since I posted the controversial topic, "Public Impeachment of President Biden Before the 2024 Election."

That means, all of the references to my website, in the debates we have had, will show the Forbidden Warning. Therefore, my references are not accessible.

However, I am now working with the software company that I built my website on. It is WordPress via the link:
WP Website Help Support HUB <>. I will let you know of the success or failure.

Good News!! WordPress was able to update my website but also, I will be obtaining a new version of WordPress with backup capability. There is a yearly fee and my previous version was free. Since I have only ten years to live it will be acceptable. More importantly, the IPC website does serve to preserve my legacy as a writer and perhaps a philosopher that has given others the incentive to further investigate and understand ourselves and the many wonderful entities in our universe.

Below is an article that deals with philosophy of religion. Hopefully, it will be posted on the IPC Homepage. :lol:

However, before introducing the philosophy by Deana Jensen, I will quickly answer your post where you indicated a low humming sound deprived you of sound sleep and caused you to venture around San Diago to find where its source was. As you already know, I am a profound believer that aliens have visited our earth, and the disreputable CIA has shot down many unidentifiable flying objects (UFOs). Within a few months, the CIA shot six UFOs and one made the news headlines near Area 51 in Arizona. The humming sound may be due to the vast number of underground highways built throughout the United States and San Diago. It is very likely that near where you were awakened, there is a centralized station where CIA operations are conceived and managed. :wow:

I liked the many references you provided to learn more about alien landings and issues. But I have already absorbed much information about Extraterrestrials from our star investigator, Dr. Steven Greer. He is presently getting a host of lawyers together to reveal in court next year the many laws broken, and deaths coordinated to continue use of biofuels and hold-back the use of anti-gravity and zero-point energy. It is these highly futuristic inventions that once provided to our innovative and manufacturing systems, will improve the lives of millions of people. :-k

Just one thing regarding the many links to learn more about Extraterrestrials, the many investigators you provided where deficient in not being able to obtain what are their favorite mind absorbing interests? Do they enjoy sports, that challenges physical and mental competition? How about their philosophical findings about the beginning of the universe? Do they share emotional feelings of laughter, sadness, and introspection? Do they play any musical instruments, like to dance and sing? Funny, that we earthlings have not really found out much about the worldly travelers in the universe. =P~

Instead of answering your interesting article, I have elected to present the philosophy of Deana Jensen below. :hug:

GodWho: Why I am Not a Mormon

On November 19, 2012, I read a written article posted on OpEdNews, and was so impressed that I felt it should be shared with readers who have various thoughts about the existence of God. First, I have decided to introduce you to the author who recommended the article. The article, posted by Daniel Geery, resides on: ... 1-339.html =D>

He started his article by stating: This article was written by a friend of mine, Deana Jensen, who died recently in her early nineties. She wrote the piece in her early seventies and published it as a pamphlet, titled "Godwho: Why I am Not a Mormon." I promised Deana I'd try to keep the story "out there," since I agreed with her as to its importance….

Deana wrote three sections that are available with the link shown above. I was moved by the last few thoughts she provided in the last section of her writing, they are provided at the end of this article.

Below are the comments I provided to Daniel Geery in the OpEdNews. I enjoyed what Deana set down in words to share a philosophy that took many years of searching for the Truth.

Dear Daniel,

I found the article by Deana Jensen titled, "The Foundation of Religion: Fractured, Wobbly, & Exposed" a highly worthwhile read. It was so full of perceptive observations about human nature in her quest to obtain the truth about the development of religions. The article was quite long but so impressed was I with her knowledge acquired by reading books written by philosophers, historians, and religious prophets that I have taken some notes; they are provided for readers so they may be enticed to read the article for themselves. The website link provided by Daniel Geery in his comment to my article is obtained by Clicking Here (this click goes to the link provided above).

Deana was brought up being indoctrinated into the Mormon religion. At the age of 73, she shared how she was able to break away from the beliefs inculcated into her being as a young girl and gradually, through extensive reading became knowledgeable about how mankind developed the beliefs in a god. As such, I learned more about the Mormon religion that was established by Joseph Smith with the use of two gold tablets he claimed to have found in America. As with most religions, he taught "Mormons are God's special people." She became enlightened to search for the truth after admitting that, "I was a snob. I was one of the uninformed being led by the misinformed."

A memorable statement by Deana Jensen was, "As my intellect broadened, I fought a deep sense of guilt that I was looking into secret places that were forbidden me. I could feel the chains breaking which had been confining me, holding me back from new things which should have been given to me freely. I couldn't blame my parents nor my teachers. They had been imprisoned in the same chains which held me." There was a statement that Deana Jensen made about Joseph Smith that could apply equally well to the President of the United States, "At last I was impelled to admit that Joseph Smith had been a fraud and a tyrant no matter how charismatic, personally charming, and occasionally sympathetic he could be."

I especially liked the quotation by Socrates: "Philosophy begins when one learns to doubt-particularly to doubt one's own beliefs, one's dogmas, one's axioms. Who knows how these cherished beliefs became certainties, with ease, as if some secret wish did them, clothing desire in the dress of thought? There is no real philosophy until the mind turns around and examines itself."

Another astute observation by Deana Jensen was, "When writing came into being those rules were written down and the written rules became scripture. As each generation grew up and studied the old scriptures some of the more creative of the scholars’ made changes and new interpretations. Therefore, almost all writing was done to reinforce laws and beliefs that already existed, or to revise them, put new interpretations on them or to introduce new laws."

Particularly humorous, was Deana's account of the revelations by a prophet, "As we travel through those biblical times, we find accounts of prophets speaking with God. All we have as proof that those messages from God were valid is the say-so of the so-called prophet. When Moses saw God in the burning bush there was no other witness. God never revealed himself to more than one person at a time. In reality the only "evidence" we have of the existence of such an important being is hearsay and you know how much validity hearsay carries in a court of law. If a man sees what no other person sees, and if he hears what no other person hears, then we must speak of a derangement of the senses." She paraphrased the words of Voltaire that we should ponder seriously, "All gods are man-made and that's why the workmanship is so shoddy that it can't stand investigation."

Deana makes another conclusion that deserves respect, "Religion is humiliating for human intelligence, yet humanity clings to its absurdity and error. It is bewildering that for most cases, superstitions have long been regarded as a universal fact. Man is the only creature endowed with reason yet he is also the only creature who pins his devotion and hopes on things unreasonable." This astute woman goes on to write, "The Bible also says: "Lean not unto thine own understanding." Thus, giving the death blow to curiosity and debate, putting the responsibility of one’s behavior on the authority, thereby taking one’s destiny out of one’s own hands and putting it into the hands of someone else. That's a very dangerous thing to do if one values his freedoms. Religion an opiate? Definitely. But like all opiates it threatens to enslave its user."

All of us can gain a better understanding about religion by reading Deana's words," When a child is trained to think in the mystical modus that God is watching over him, directing him and will punish in some nether world all who disobey him, or reward him for good things done, then he begins to regard the world as down a long corridor. He thus falls prey to all sorts of holy excesses, fanaticism, self-torment, prudery, gullibility and a morbid inability to meet the world. The healthy mind, the one which is free of all fetters of mysticism doesn't need to be born again. He sees life for what it is and can accept it. It is only the warped mind, the sick soul who needs to be born again to be happy."

Finally, with your indulgence (I know this reply has been much too long), I leave the reader with Deana's beliefs about life:

"I do not need the idea of God to help me identify the world in which I live. I believe that life is its own greatest reward. Just to be aware of the world around me gives life all the meaning it needs. I am comfortable with my philosophy. I seek no converts. I need no converts. I challenge all who disagree with my philosophy to seek his own philosophy with as much candor and honesty that has gone into my research. Search for the truth. It will make you free. If you are afraid to look at the truth then you will always be a slave.

It is the obligation of every good citizen to dissent when individual rights and freedoms are being destroyed or endangered. The greatest of these freedoms and rights is to know, to know who he/she is and how she/he fits into this world, and how the world in which we all live fits into the universe. When that knowledge is denied anyone, when that knowledge is twisted and distorted deliberately through fear and/or mysticism then the freedoms and rights of that person have been abused.

Unless organized religions can openly promote the rights of everyone to KNOW without fetters and without limits then religions are the abusers of human freedom." \:D/

It is remarkable, the final words Deana set down to share a philosophy that took many years of searching for the Truth are what I have been earnestly revealing to people that have an open mind. It takes courage and the will to seek Truth in the facts, knowledge and experiences that enter your life. To deny this honest appraisal of what you accept into your philosophy is to forever be a slave by those who claim to know if all. Except nobodies’ knowledge or beliefs into your precious being without doing what a true philosopher stated below:

Socrates: "Philosophy begins when one learns to doubt--particularly to doubt one's own beliefs, one's dogmas, one's axioms. Who knows how these cherished beliefs became certainties, with ease, as if some secret wish did them, clothing desire in the dress of thought? There is no real philosophy until the mind turns around and examines itself."

This philosophy is reflected in a legacy constructed with the many articles and books written in the later part of my life. Hopefully, many people, around the world, will possess the energy to seek the Truth about God and religion. Your daring, courage, honesty, and intellect will confirm when you have found it. :jump:

Author of Philosophy
Student of Science
Writer of Untold
Seeker of Truth
Lover of Life

Future of God Amen
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Ancient Aliens 2023: Top 10 UFO Encounters

Postby Ahreeman X » Sun Feb 18, 2024 8:05 pm

Ancient Aliens 2023: Top 10 UFO Encounters

Debate: Nicholas Ginex vs. Ahreeman X (Philosophy)
Philosophy of Existence: How Everything Came to Existence?
3 Parts: Micro Aspects, Macro Aspects & General Aspects

CIA Coverups, Pentagon Lies, Government Murders!
Are 4 Alien Races Working with the US & Global Governments?
Does CIA Own Zero Energy, Anti-Gravity & Alien Technology?

Very Popular & Followed Online Philosophy Debate
10 Year Long Online Philosophy Debate Continues …


Our Solar System’s position (Red Dot) in our Milky Way Galaxy Astronomy Map
Our Planet Earth is one of the many Planets in our Solar System
Our Solar System is only one of the many Systems in our Milky Way Galaxy
Our Milky Way Galaxy is only one of the many Galaxies in our Universe
Our Universe is only one of the many universes in the Multiverse
That is how small and microscopic we are compare to the Multiverse!
We are so arrogant and ignorant to believe that we are the only species in the Multiverse!

Brother Ginex:

Let’s get back to our 10 years long online philosophy debate.

As recently your article “Understanding the Alien Extraterrestrial Mind” is being read by a massive number of our readers globally:

Understanding the Alien Extraterrestrial Mind ... /index.htm

Kindly watch both below clips thoroughly and then inform us about your inputs and comments:

Ancient Aliens: Top 10 Alien Encounters of 2023 – Part 1 ... 4I4uOcEb_8

Ancient Aliens: Top 10 Alien Encounters of 2023 – Part 2 ... 4I4uOcEb_8

Also inform us about your future book project?

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