Lori Forouzandeh vs. Ahreeman X: Philosophy

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Postby Aurioles » Wed Oct 03, 2007 1:34 pm

BTW, Where did you learn such fine spelling codes? Where you in the army sending morse messages, now forgot half of them? Do you think understanding your writing is more important than reading it?

sorry for my spelling, eanglish is not my first language, and i am not carefull at writing.

the difernence between the two postures is that the first is the posture of the agnostic the postur in which you dont now, mine is a more firm postire, were i beleve(o is it belive) ther is no god.
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Summarization of the Factors So Far

Postby Ahreeman X » Sat Oct 06, 2007 2:09 pm

Summarization of the Factors So Far


I have just finished my weekend gardening (Cutting tree stems, trimming tree branches, pulling weeds, trimming rose bushes, feeding, ironing and watering my gardens). Quite a workout but I need to take care of my babies (Plants). As you know my plants are my life!

Why I prefer Plant over Human? A Manifestation and My Will
http://iranpoliticsclub.net/founder/pla ... /index.htm

:B Now I am ready to write philosophy.

I believe we must establish some kind of Summarization and conclusion so far. Many do follow this thread and we owe them an itemized conclusion of what we have so far.

The best that Creationists could do was Lori, and we all know that Lori’s sanity is clinging on a thread. The woman is not a philosophical giant, which she used to be!

:restpeace: Allah bless her brave soul!
She had finally got her wings! :angel:

So as long as Lori’s last post was a mixture of Retro Gibberish and Neo Frantic Dodge the ball essay, then it is only logical for us to assume that the “Creationist Front” simply does not have any philosopher, debater or new ideas to challenge this debate or even post a semi logical answer to my question! This here is the question:

Why must you or anyone else in that manner see the need to worship a metaphysical invisible myth in the sky, named God and remain slave to God’s will as if her destiny is pre planed by God?

The answers we have came up with so far:

Why Human Worships God?

I. Owning a Weak Mind
II. Lack of Education
III. Lack of trust in fellow man; therefore, escape to Supernatural Factor
IV. To serve is easier than to think
V. Ignorance and Myth Creation
VI. Genetic DNA which may cause over reaction of sensations in the 5 senses

This is what we have so far.

Also for more reference, please read:

Famous Atheist Expressions and Idioms
http://iranpoliticsclub.net/philosophy/ ... /index.htm

Famous Atheist Quotes and Wisdom
http://iranpoliticsclub.net/philosophy/ ... /index.htm

Brain and Mind
http://iranpoliticsclub.net/philosophy/ ... /index.htm

Evolution vs. Creation thread
http://www.iranpoliticsclub.net/club/vi ... .php?t=118

IPC Philosophy

Now, in a meanwhile, does anyone else here have any other factor to contribute to the above factors?

Is there any Creationist :namaz: here who can challenge our Summarization so far?

:scream: Speak up or forever hold your silence?

We shall settle with this conclusion unless a brave new Creationist Soul with the backing of Allah, Jesus, Yahweh and Mighty Lord, comes here to challenge this debate!
Until then,

No Gods
No Shahs
No Imams
No Masters
No Prophets
I bow to no Gods.
I serve no Masters.
I control my own destiny.
I am a Thinking Man.
I am a Free Man.

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Postby Lawrence Of Persia » Wed Nov 23, 2011 8:22 am

Dear :watcher:,

I think that we should clarify something here.

When we say "religion", do we mean:
  1. a spiritual philosophy or set of personal spiritual beliefs, e.g.
    1. the teachings of Zarathustra
    2. the teachings of Jesus Christ
    3. the teachings of Mohammed :mad1:
    4. the teachings of L. Ron Hubbard, or
  2. an organized priesthood/church whose purpose of existence is to extort money from people and to control them socially and politically, e.g.
    1. Persian State Religion of mobeds
    2. Roman state religion of Catholic Church
    3. Islamic State Religion of Caliphate or IRI mullah "Government of God" :mad1:
    4. Church of Scientology
If we mean (b) above then I think that most of us have no admiration (or money) for such villains, whereas
if we mean (a) above then then that is a basic human right that everyone is entitled to and should not be disrespected. (Except in the special case of the teachings of Mohammed, which in themselves deny people personal liberty and other human rights. :mad1: )

I think that many troubles in the world are caused by people's inability to differentiate between (a) and (b) above, i.e. to think that (a) = (b).
(a) does NOT = (b)! :mad1:

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Postby Lawrence Of Persia » Wed Mar 14, 2012 3:01 pm

Hello, hello . . . anybody here? Image
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Re: Lori Forouzandeh vs. Ahreeman X (Philosophy)

Postby Nicholas Ginex » Thu Jul 21, 2016 1:29 pm

Dear Lori,

I am thankful that Atusa Qajar has given you a better perspective of who I am and that I am a stanuch supporter of Dr. Ahreeman’s efforts to preserve the culture of Persia.

Atusa was astute enough to provide the dialog between you and Dr. X. I had to read it to learn more about you. I was impressed with your sensitivity and ability to think. But first I apologize for not getting your initials right. The good thing is that you have the same name, Lori, as my daughter number three. Like you, she is pretty and smart enough to have become a lawyer; one of the jewels of my life.

Now, I will take the liberty to exchange some of my thoughts and impressions of what you expressed in your dialog with the great Dr. X.

Your dialog with Dr. X began with the opening quote below,

"Regarding Iranian situation:
Revolution is a Change Forward,
Reaction is a Change Backward,
Reform is Stagnation in one place,
Creation is a sweet Children's Story,
Evolution is a map for an Evolved Brain,
Religion is a Contagious Infection of the Mind!"

I believe KojaX must be our famous and colorful leader Dr. X because the thoughts all reflect his thinking. But I must admit, he is correct.

Lori, your responses to Dr. X philosophy were, for the most part logical and shows you are a thoughtful thinker. For example, noting reaction is not necessarily a step backward.

I will not critique your responses and the rebuttals of Dr. X for in the first place, I was not asked to provide my thoughts and in the second place, I would be displaying an arrogant position to challenge your beliefs as if I am a know-it-all.

In my books and articles, I have only one mission, to expose lies and dogma that has twisted the minds of people to become dopes, misled to teach others to be misled. I am not a know-it-all, because I am constantly receiving ideas from others to comprehend and distill into what appears to make sense from a logical point of view that is based upon facts and findings that verify conclusions.

When I can be proven wrong, I readily admit it and move on to strive for the truth.

Lori, I liked your analyses between creation and evolution. You showed some very good distinctions between creation and evolution. The only thing I would like to say is that there is a difference between a creative mind and the idea of creation. Sure, it takes a creative mind to imagine the idea of creation by some supreme entity. But Dr. X is correct in that it is a wonderful concept but an illusion developed within a creative mind. An illusion that has many nice views of the afterlife but, nevertheless, a figment of the imagination.

But this is not all bad when we acknowledge that some of the greatest inventions, cures, and ideas started with creative thoughts; thoughts that build upon ever increasing developments that lead to a theory of electricity, the atom and its revolving electrons. It was such creative thoughts that led to inventions that allow us to view each other’s faces on computer screens and got us to the moon.

So I agree with you that creative thinking can be highly constructive and that is why philosophy is such an important exercise of the mind to perceive things that might and can be. But to say creation, an outcome of creative thought is true, as a viable reality, would be false. The idea of a creator God, and that by living a righteous life one can live forever in a heaven with their God is a man-made concept and has made fools of many people. But, we forgive the religious institutions for advocating a myth because it offers hope for the down-trodden, the depressed, and the weak who have no options to make a better life. That is the basic reason why Islam is so popular. It offers a lie for unthinking, indoctrinated Muslims who will always be slaves because their education has been limited to only two books, the Qur’an and Sharia law.

Lori, enough of my tendency to teach and inform others of what I have learned in life. I did so, so that you can have a better appreciation for who I am and how I think. We all learn from each other as long as we are willing to take the time to think about what we are saying and try to arrive at a better thought, idea, or conclusion.

By the way, you may be interested in reading an article I wrote that is philosophical and deals with the idea of creation in a different way; basically, as an evolutionary process over trillions of years. Go to my personal website, http://www.nicholasginex.com and there you will see an article titled, Does Consciousness Pervade the Universe?

Lori, I hope we become friends, for you have a wonderful disposition and the ability to think.

Author of Philosophy
Student of Science
Writer of Untold
Seeker of Truth
Lover of Life

Future of God Amen
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